$120,000 YouTuber Ping Pong Competition!


12 of the biggest creators on the platform compete in the most epic, most intense ping pong tournament EVER. As usual, you guys, the Mafia, have all the control!

Thank you to Current for making this possible! Make sure you all go to www.current.com/pingpong and sign up for a Current account so you can join in future events!

For more information on our event NFTs, head to xpp.madworld.io

0:00 Tour
6:56 - Intro
12:40 - Rules of the game
17:35 - Practice match
----------- Round 1 -----------
20:40 - 1st match
22:30 - (Raze Rug vs. ZHC)
31:00 - 2nd match
33:32 - (Tanner Fox vs. Aaron's Animals)
38:35 - 3rd match
40:35 - (Brent Rivera vs. Ryan Trahan)
47:00 - 4th match
48:15 - (Zach King vs. Bryce Hall)
51:55 - 5th match
54:15 - (Charly Jordan vs. Pierson Wodzynski)
1:03:00 - 6th match
1:05:15 - (Alex Warren vs. Anas)
---------- Quarter Finals ----------
1:14:00 - Distraction of the Game
1:16:15 - Demonstration (practice match)
1:19:30 - Presenting Phase 2 match duels
1:21:20 - Rules of the game
1:22:30 - 1st match
1:25:38 - (Faze Rug vs. Aaron's Animals)
1:36:00 - 2nd match
1:38:40 - (Brent Rivera vs. Zach King)
1:47:00 - 3rd match
1:49:20 - (Charly Jordan vs. Anas)
1:57:20 - 4th match
1:59:40 - (ZHC vs. Ryan Trahan)
---------- SEMI-FINALS ----------
2:22:45 - Rules and The duels of the game
2:24:00 - 1st match
2:26:10 - (Aaron's Animals vs. Zach King)
2:43:15 - 2nd match
2:45:30 - (Anas vs. ZHC)
---------- THE FINALS ----------
2:59:50 - Rules and the duel of the game
3:03:00 - Final Match
3:08:00 - (Zach King vs. Anas)
---------- THE WINNER ----------
3:24:15 - And the winner is...

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    you don't know what you're talking about... they're there to promote ping pong as a sport. If top youtuber influencers play ping pong, the sport grows, and it is good for everyone who is involved in the sport.

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    It was really entertaining, constructive critic: it would have been 10 times more entertaining if there was more order, the dynamics properly explained previously to the viewers and participants. More Separation between players audience and commentators. Make it bit more serious and lastly the crypto nft add-on explained properly before the event.

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