USEFUL SCHOOL HACKS THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! || School Supply Crafts by 123 Go! Genius

School’s in session! And you know what that means: our brains are in work-mode!
But with teachers, class and early mornings come major challenges.
And we’re here to help you cut a few corners using nothing but quick thinking and a little craftiness.
What if we told you that you’ve just been doing school wrong this whole time! Take your notebooks and markers, we’re about to drop some absolutely amazing school craft knowledge on you that’ll leave you feeling like the most genius kid in your class!
#funny #comedy #school
00:03 How to pass the test with a pencil, your phone and a simple notebook
02:27 School hack to become the smartest kid in class, awkward moment in school
04:44 Cheat sheet funny fails and how to overcome epic fails
05:34 Math trick to have fun
07:00 Life hack that could save your life
08:49 Genius school trick for friends and classmates
11:29 Funny outtakes with awkward moments
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