My iPhone Lied To Me | Gabriel Iglesias

Happy throwback Thursday!

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  • Devoted Darius
    Devoted DariusVit më parë

    This the only dude who can have a beard and a baby face at the same time.

  • RickHullShorts
    RickHullShortsVit më parë

    I love this guy , he is rare , an actual funny comedian

  • Hello World!
    Hello World!Vit më parë

    Usually, drunk people don't remember what scene they created, but he remembers it distinctively.🤣🤣🤣

  • RobiePAX
    RobiePAXVit më parë

    "Are you that honest?"

  • Trip Klibert
    Trip KlibertVit më parë

    “Martin I just told my girlfriend I was at the bar with you and she didn’t get mad. What the hell is she doing.” That shit had me rolling around on the ground laughing

  • Yash Mali
    Yash MaliVit më parë

    "15 shots of tequila later" is how every story should start

  • Hasham Ali
    Hasham AliVit më parë

    Legends say the guy in the front row is still depressed to this day

  • Darkshot
    DarkshotVit më parë

    He deserves a lot of credit cause he was willing to tell the truth

  • Maria Maverick
    Maria MaverickVit më parë

    “Blackberry can’t do that” LMFAOOO throwback!

  • Sadad Erlangga
    Sadad ErlanggaVit më parë

    A good story would start with either

  • Ignotus
    IgnotusVit më parë

    Love this guy. He is a perfect example of stand up comedian, that can entertain, make you laugh and tell a good story without saying gross stuff, insulting someone and all this without profanity. What a great guy!

  • Harsh Vardhan Pandey
    Harsh Vardhan PandeyVit më parë

    "What the hell is she doing? "

  • Tios
    TiosVit më parë

    Until one night. I got drunk...

  • Carlos Salgado
    Carlos SalgadoVit më parë

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Fluffy is the VOICE ACTOR FOR SPEEDY GONZALEZ in space jam 2?!!!!

    KOSSAVit më parë

    I've never seen this guy before, just randomly scrolling through ALthe, how have I never come across you, YOU'RE HILARIOUS!! Time to go binge on all your previous vids now:)

  • Stephanie D73
    Stephanie D73Vit më parë

    I thought the iPhone was going to correct "Cinebar" into "cinema" as in Martin and Fluffy went to the movies at 10pm at night. Still believable, but cinnamon buns is funnier.

  • Jared Vincent
    Jared VincentVit më parë

    🤣 Gabe's just too funny!! Whenever I'm having a down day, I just pop open one of his videos and it instantly makes me feel better!

  • Kaptain Kmann
    Kaptain KmannVit më parë

    A lot of comic's will throw in a lot of 4 letter words to get a laugh and make themselves seam edgy . The Pure talent is in a guy who DOSEN'T NEED TO GO THERE. Hat's off Fluffy you da man !

  • SmallGamesPlays
    SmallGamesPlaysVit më parë

    when he said “Martin, check it out. My iPhone lied for me.” I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Superman1
    Superman1Vit më parë

    Fluffy: that's why I decided when I take off on the road no more phone calls