Chaos: The Science of the Butterfly Effect

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Animations by Prof. Robert Ghrist:
Want to know more about chaos theory and non-linear dynamical systems? Check out:
Butterfly footage courtesy of Phil Torres and The Jungle Diaries:
Solar system, 3-body and printout animations by Jonny Hyman
Some animations made with Universe Sandbox:
Special thanks to Prof. Mason Porter at UCLA who I interviewed for this video.
I have long wanted to make a video about chaos, ever since reading James Gleick's fantastic book, Chaos. I hope this video gives an idea of phase space - a picture of dynamical systems in which each point completely represents the state of the system. For a pendulum, phase space is only 2-dimensional and you can get orbits (in the case of an undamped pendulum) or an inward spiral (in the case of a pendulum with friction). For the Lorenz equations we need three dimensions to show the phase space. The attractor you find for these equations is said to be strange and chaotic because there is no loop, only infinite curves that never intersect. This explains why the motion is so unpredictable - two different initial conditions that are very close together can end up arbitrarily far apart.
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  • Christopher Harrison
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    Monarch= Man hole air see hydrolic pump Oil rig water pump left uncovered /// know something else to say Leroy?

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    Time to ask Nostradamus he must have had a hack.

  • EveryTimeV2
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    You can actually predict the outcome of a coin flipping machine pretty accurately given you know the starting conditions of the coin, it might not be completely perfect but if it works 99% of the time it's still useful.

  • Edward Joyner
    Edward JoynerDitë më parë

    This seems to be a case against global warming models.

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    Plot Twist: The pendulums synchronise and the whole system is destroyed

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  • László Péter
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    My story of the real butterfly effect: When I was at University I made the choice: "..not to become a scientist, but a teacher instead.." Just because of the lesson I picked up, named "Chaos" (was optional). I had to create a computer model, for a 3 variable (+ the time) system (a simplyfied model of the Gold flow) and my teacher wanted me to find the saddle set of it. Find what makes it work? Find the particle that never leaves the system! Of course now I know I had really no chance to find it. It cost me money and lot's of work. My teacher told me that he won't give me any grade and later I had to beg for a 1 (=fail), so I didn't have to pay even more money. At last I lost enthusiasm and that was the point I didn't want to be scientist anymore. Don't worry here comes the good part! But I became a teacher, still loving physics, teaching it like it's magic! Children loves it! I would never meet my wife, not even watching this video, that is posted 1 day difference of my birthday. I am thinking of now, was it a coincidence or .... ?

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    What happens when you have two pendulum but no friction it has to be periodic at some point?

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    The chaos theory

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    wouldn't the lorenz attractor given enough time have a chance to return to its initial conditions in the case that all values are discrete ?

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    I say that yes, the future is already "written". The demon of laplace would be able to predict what is going to happen in the future if he took in accountability the unverse and all that has ever happened in it. sadly humans will never posses that amount of information or the capacity to take in consideration every single aspect of the universe and it's direction. Taking in accounability every human's brain and every living thing's that has a "will". and if we copy-pasted a universe and played them both at the exact same time, the outcome would be exactly the same. if we took a single element out of one of these universes, (A plant or a human, or even an atom) The outcome will never be precisely the same. it may take a huge ammount of time for them to show substancial differences, but they will eventually become more and more noticeable, until we end up with very different results. (This may take time tho)

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    Steins;Gate makes a whole lot of more sense now.

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    Thanks for the informative video. What is the background music being used at the end of your video? The seaweed music files plays different.

  • Eden Atlas
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    I believe in Laplace's Demon. The problem with the butterfly effect is that there are no ways to redo your life, so for all intents and purposes, we only have one experience, Choices are just decisions happening one after another, that do not change anything with the flow of time. We do not choose between versions of reality, we are a part of one of them.

  • Andrew Wright
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    So what's it mean if one can just look at things and predic the weather ?

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  • Lovely Gacha_UWU_
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    if we had infinite or every variable down to the plank length we would be able to make these calculations.those examples were predictable just not with wrong variables. if we map varibles at a margin wider than the plank length then it is unpredictable. This is only true if the plank length exists, In my opinion i dont think it does exist and there is an infinite set of variables. therefore wed need infinite variables. even though chaos does show up it doesnt ruin simulations completely. if we had a simulation on how variables reacted on earth we could still steal information from the future even though that future wasn't the exact product of our present.

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    Thanks for the videos - another beautiful example of rheostatic order which includes states of variability in relation to higher order predictable potential action. :)

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    The double pendulum is unique as for explaining alternative histories, just as there is chaos sometimes the paths may align closely with each other but not for long.

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  • programming With Logic
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    the butterfly effect just describes the law of nature no, where there is a positive, there is a negative... when you come down to plain term speaking. "anything and everything causes something and nothing. But nothing will only be nothing, when there is something" ;) enjoy

  • The Priest Pucci
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    Let's see if I understood this video correctly. So determinism is both valid and impossible? Numbers being infinite along with infinite decimals of information in regards to observed measurements in CHAOTIC systems creates a trend that causes the difficulty of predicting certain events to increase with the progression of time from the original measurement. Sound about right? If I have this correct, it still falls in line with the way I view the universe. Chaos fits into my deterministic view. I never said determinism would be easy or even possible. Just that it could be done given basically infinite knowledge and energy. Pointless, but in theory possible. My main goal in my thinking was to destroy the idea of randomness. True randomness. Randomness separate from chaotic results. An event or observed state with absolutely no reason for being. Even on a quantum level, the universe is cause and effect. We're just beginning to understand the quantum level of the universe. It will be a long time until we have that figured out. It is more likely we have gaps in our knowledge and understanding of quantum mechanics than there is a chance of true randomness.

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    My favorite thugh on the matter is: Chaos is not anti-order. It has its own rules, secred to common eye, but quantificated, mesurable and predictable. we may not know the sequence, but we can know the rules it must obey.

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