A Plumber | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #249


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The Toilet Champion Brad Laskoski
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  • Theo Von
    Theo VonMuaj më parë

    Be good to yourself, you deserve it. bit.ly/theo-von



    24 ditë më parë

    I work in manufacturing I convert tissue and paper towels interview me Theo!! We got similar backgrounds I’d love it

  • RanochVTX


    Muaj më parë

    Theo, I'm a garbage man been in the business 7 years got many good stories if you wanna invite me to your podcast. I'm also an immigrant from Central America so hey we could be cousins. I have some stories to tell, I have stories from working with war criminals, bank robbers, convicted felons, prostitute encounters, oh man the garbage business is a thing of beauty smell that? Smells like money to me hahaha. Cheers!

  • Darryl Spencer

    Darryl Spencer

    Muaj më parë

    Man I know you need a forklift driver 👀👀👀

  • brian mitchell

    brian mitchell

    Muaj më parë

    @knivesfightinnguns u just came up with that or did u look literally right below? silly boy

  • knivesfightinnguns


    Muaj më parë

    Theo finds the only glasses in the place that make you look less intelligent 😜🤣🤪!!!!

  • Manuel Gonzalez
    Manuel Gonzalez5 ditë më parë

    Theo! I'm an electrician. Put me on the show!

  • Cody Overton
    Cody Overton12 ditë më parë

    Trimming a house while listening 💩👌🏻 Doodoo Kings for life

  • Jimmy BigBody
    Jimmy BigBody15 ditë më parë

    I swear to God ive seen this guy in Seattle or Tacoma. Gang Gang brother stay safe!

  • FatGuy
    FatGuy16 ditë më parë

    Trades are the best, Im an electrician and weve all seen some shit lol

  • GreedAndSelfishness
    GreedAndSelfishness23 ditë më parë

    This is way more interesting than to have some Rogan circle comedian talking about comedy as work and how covid sucks.

  • Alex Rayburn
    Alex Rayburn23 ditë më parë

    Love these types of guests!

  • donkey king
    donkey king24 ditë më parë

    Sucks to be a friend of theo... apparently theres a 14.39% chance u will die hitting an embankment. Rip to the fallen ones

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee26 ditë më parë

    After this episode, i wanna plumb

  • Rob Guynn
    Rob Guynn29 ditë më parë

    I thought the whole peeing in weird places was a joke at first. Wtf?

  • ChanceBum
    ChanceBum29 ditë më parë

    If Jocko was a plumber

  • Lucian Samsel
    Lucian SamselMuaj më parë

    His military background sounds sketchy

  • Christian Norton
    Christian NortonMuaj më parë

    This guy has a great voice for radio/podcasts!

  • Ash Trismegistus
    Ash TrismegistusMuaj më parë

    This was a Amazing episode

  • JRS One
    JRS OneMuaj më parë

    Weird flex on the lawyer thing. Most successful lawyers work their taints off and the ones who work the hardest typically make less money as they do pro bono work and/or they are public defenders.

  • JRS One
    JRS OneMuaj më parë

    Theo going for that Mickey Rooney playing an Asian fella look.

  • Someone Else
    Someone ElseMuaj më parë

    "get some brave ideas and decide to Luis & Clark you shit future" - Theo

  • loner
    lonerMuaj më parë

    Cant believe you guys found common ground in territory pissing haha wtf

  • loner
    lonerMuaj më parë

    Were so compartmentalized that we're all sold draino even though its destructive & professionals know it.

  • Claire


    Muaj më parë

    So true 💯

  • 1MNUTZ
    1MNUTZMuaj më parë

    GREAT episode

  • Frank Thomas
    Frank ThomasMuaj më parë

    Is this Jeff Bezos?

  • LikeVideos
    LikeVideosMuaj më parë

    Im the Magician that makes anything disappear down that toilet man LOL. Everything you said I litterally flush LMAO

  • Anthony France
    Anthony FranceMuaj më parë

    Om I'm watching the mortician episode now baby. This is damn fascinating.

  • Dave Gammon
    Dave GammonMuaj më parë

    That old lady needed a little magnesium.

  • j 4lippa
    j 4lippaMuaj më parë

    Dirty hands clean money

  • James Stallard
    James StallardMuaj më parë

    First lesson in plumbing, shit runs down hill

  • Michael Hall
    Michael HallMuaj më parë

    Was the concrete welding a joke?

  • Dayna Chapin
    Dayna ChapinMuaj më parë

    This plumber was super attractive until he said he pees on the floor and all over his house 😣

  • Aaron Munoz
    Aaron MunozMuaj më parë

    Paul “rooter” Rudd!!!

  • Sam Gonnerman
    Sam GonnermanMuaj më parë

    Of course the plumber has a pee fetish lol

  • Dominicci USA
    Dominicci USAMuaj më parë

    Thank God you’re here I been fightin these turds all morning

  • Victor T
    Victor TMuaj më parë

    Brendan the type to leave Milk and Cookies out for Santa

  • adamrthompson1157
    adamrthompson1157Muaj më parë

    Every plumber has the condom story. 🤣

  • Your Face
    Your FaceMuaj më parë

    Shit boy put some lenses on them eyeball caps.

  • TheBarisaxman17
    TheBarisaxman17Muaj më parë

    All of these normal people episodes are really Theo having stuff done at his house and just asking them to be on the podcast after for 50 bucks

  • Vaga Bond
    Vaga BondMuaj më parë

    How is Theo 40+ years old with such a rudimentary understanding of plumbing? Dudes talking about the water around Hawaii pushing stuff up the toilets

  • complementarychaos
    complementarychaosMuaj më parë

    Great interview.

  • Ashley Taylor
    Ashley TaylorMuaj më parë

    This plumber should start a podcast

  • Anthony Soto
    Anthony SotoMuaj më parë

    These normal working people are some of the best podcasts

  • Denver Callahan
    Denver CallahanMuaj më parë

    Wait, so this dude really does piss on things to mark his territory?? I thought he was kidding when he said he still hasn't grown out of it. If he hasn't grown out of it yet I don't think he ever will. LMAO!!

  • Bryan Melton
    Bryan MeltonMuaj më parë

    Thanks for doing these interviews. I'm a plumber 31 yrs old and this matches up to a real day to day depection of a plumbers life. We work hard and do what no one wants to for the health and safety of this national. People forget we make sure that you arent drinking shit water and install medical gas line in hospitals. We do alot more then digging up septic tanks and unstopping sewer lines

  • Denver Callahan
    Denver CallahanMuaj më parë

    "Don't fuck where you clean shit"

  • Cheezy Weezy
    Cheezy WeezyMuaj më parë

    "She got that Walker Buehler colon" I'm dead

  • Mike Norris
    Mike NorrisMuaj më parë

    More if this man! Theo for president and brad for Vice President. You guys are awesome!

  • 313 7
    313 7Muaj më parë

    Guys go to these podcasts and like and comment , we need theo n he needs us

  • Hunt-fish-mine-gather
    Hunt-fish-mine-gatherMuaj më parë

    Minute 29:00! 2020 covid prophet!

  • Hunt-fish-mine-gather
    Hunt-fish-mine-gatherMuaj më parë

    Great guest Theo!

  • ianscreams
    ianscreamsMuaj më parë

    Table is waaaay too big

  • ColbiGL
    ColbiGLMuaj më parë

    They recommend this a day after I just had a plumber come over and replace valves lol 1.4k for a small repair holy shit! My landlord paid it thankfully but I could have done it for 30 bucks materials! Took 10 minutes! But I didn't want to be in charge for anything going wrong lol my dad was like WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME lmao 😂 we built our first home 100% ourselves and ya it was such a easy repair but I just let my landlord do what he wanted lol

  • united
    unitedMuaj më parë

    Theo's fucken hilarious

  • Dakotah Steier
    Dakotah SteierMuaj më parë

    he looks like the bad guy from ant man lol

  • Luke Nault
    Luke NaultMuaj më parë

    These are amazing. Please do more. I'd like to hear from a chef or kitchen worker. Maybe someone who works the fryer. Always got good stories

  • Lucas Gomes
    Lucas GomesMuaj më parë

    Sanitary comes from the Portuguese sanitaria or saneamento. Which describes all those, sewage, wastewater, etc stuff.

  • AG_ from _83
    AG_ from _83Muaj më parë

    There's no lenses in those glasses right?

  • Mary
    MaryMuaj më parë

    10 years to learn how to plumb? You have to be kidding me. Isn't exactly open heart surgery now is it.

  • austin
    austinMuaj më parë

    I knew a fucking kid who jumped over that overpass and fucking hit a boat when he went in😂 bruh theo is COMEDY

  • Mumpy Gumboo
    Mumpy GumbooMuaj më parë

    I love these podcasts. I was thinking recently how it would be great if someone would interview ordinary working people, randomly, instead of just celebs all the time. Well done, Theo Von. I also love your comedy. Totally original guy!

  • Jarran Tyler
    Jarran TylerMuaj më parë

    Probably the best podcast episode... EVER. So real and genuine how Theo let's the working man get some fun and rewarding experience for just doing your job! And that 500 is smooth too! SO AWESOME

  • Ronin 420
    Ronin 420Muaj më parë

    Dude this is fucking epic. I love this guy

  • Yolanda Moore
    Yolanda MooreMuaj më parë

    This guest is very quick, dangerously quick, and military trained. I wouldn't wanna be on the wrong end of that 🤪.

  • Jared Seganti
    Jared SegantiMuaj më parë

    Agreed. Excellent move Theo, this is gonna blow up..

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613Muaj më parë

    I listened from start to finish. That was a good episode

  • Ryan Toner
    Ryan TonerMuaj më parë

    The shit constitution

  • Jack Long
    Jack LongMuaj më parë

    Theo is a genius interviewing this Plummer. Cuz let’s be honest he’s more interesting then any rapper nowadays or pop star and especially more then a Kardashian ughhhh

  • Jim
    JimMuaj më parë

    This guy is my new hero.

  • CJ Bailey
    CJ BaileyMuaj më parë

    This guy is actually really cool. He seems really fuckin genuine. You could have a conversation about anything with this guy without getting pissed off

  • vamari rano
    vamari ranoMuaj më parë

    This and mortician straight up vang mane

  • Sean Buckley
    Sean BuckleyMuaj më parë

    Colon Ryan!😂😂😂

  • Sean Buckley
    Sean BuckleyMuaj më parë

    An old lady shitting baseballs. This is gold!!!

  • enter a name here
    enter a name hereMuaj më parë

    Even the plumber exposes women as whores. Why you'd want to marry an American woman is beyond me

  • Sam Demos
    Sam DemosMuaj më parë

    Theo you need a St. Louis Cardinals #15 Darrell Porter jersey to go with them glasses...

  • Mathew Dearborn
    Mathew DearbornMuaj më parë

    Dude chirped a borshie

  • Mathew Dearborn
    Mathew DearbornMuaj më parë

    I appreciate that table. That's an epic cut of an obviously old tree meant to be seen.

  • Emiliano Garcia
    Emiliano GarciaMuaj më parë

    Do a welder next

  • Mi Pueblo
    Mi PuebloMuaj më parë

    Stop murkin around. Great interview. Try DMSO for your legs. Dab it on. Liquid or gel. It is a natural byproduct of trees.

  • Addilite
    AddiliteMuaj më parë

    If Sean Evans went to trade school.

  • Amanda L
    Amanda LMuaj më parë

    I died laughing at "the terdinator" lady lmaoo Colon Ryan ⚾ 23:16 she started baseballin in the kitchen sink to get a callback

  • Tyler s
    Tyler sMuaj më parë

    San Andreas fart line lmfao. Theo dropping gold..

  • pop tart the blader
    pop tart the bladerMuaj më parë

    Dude the plants near my grey water won't die it's not good for the soil it's freaking great

  • Kenneth
    KennethMuaj më parë

    Hey Theo, I’ve been a bricklayer/stone mason for 10 years. 30 years old now.. you should help spread the word how trades are a lucrative business for young men and there is a shortage of workers. It would really speak the young men who tune into your show, and potentially create a lot of opportunities for young men hungry for that guidance in their life. You are doing great work, keep it up brother!

  • Benji Smith
    Benji SmithMuaj më parë

    How many kurics was that 1ft turd?

  • Rafael Moradel
    Rafael MoradelMuaj më parë

    Get me on the Show Theo😭😭

  • Zach Green
    Zach GreenMuaj më parë

    A septic tank 1 foot below grade? 😅

  • Over Par
    Over ParMuaj më parë

    I have listened to every episode and this is still top 3 100%

  • Shankie McTater
    Shankie McTaterMuaj më parë

    Weird hearing his plans for "next year", when we all know what happens lol

    OOUGGEMuaj më parë

    Greeting from a swedish plumber! Peace

  • Scott Mikles
    Scott MiklesMuaj më parë

    "If she's shitting baseballs, can we clock these things? " I'm dead, plumber was funny and chill. What a great off the cuff guest.

  • Scott Mikles
    Scott MiklesMuaj më parë

    These random job interviews are sick, Theo. Keep banging them out.

  • jizzmaster89
    jizzmaster89Muaj më parë

    California is a shit hole and they take all those fees and taxes and out in in their pocket

  • Jnx Sht
    Jnx ShtMuaj më parë

    The married truck unexpectedly share because heaven regretfully object unto a parsimonious gasoline. boundless, somber leaf

  • soundzRinmygarden
    soundzRinmygardenMuaj më parë

    Stuff being a plumber, they put their head where we put our arse

  • Steve Erdosi
    Steve ErdosiMuaj më parë

    How can anyone thumbs down the Toilet Champion?

  • Wille
    WilleMuaj më parë

    Awesome podcast.

  • brian mitchell
    brian mitchellMuaj më parë

    I fux with this dude! These episodes are gold!!!

  • brian mitchell
    brian mitchellMuaj më parë

    "well built turds" will be my new screen name next chance I get to register for something.

  • Travis Pickle
    Travis PickleMuaj më parë

    Those baseball turds are likely due to opiate pain killers. Poor lady.

  • Vegas Bred
    Vegas BredMuaj më parë

    Talking shit

  • Moejaloney
    MoejaloneyMuaj më parë

    Fucking colon Ryan 😂 1:13:30

  • brunofancoy
    brunofancoyMuaj më parë

    Nobody: A Plumber: you could bury a lotta bodies in der.

  • Chad Ayers
    Chad AyersMuaj më parë

    "Like Turdminator" -- LMAOOOOOOO

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