Pokémon Presents | #Pokemon25

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February 26
7:00 a.m. PDT
Set your alarms now, Trainers. We’ve got some exciting news to share that you won’t want to miss!


  • Joe Lewis
    Joe LewisMinutë më parë

    I’m honestly not expecting much from the gen 4 remakes but... that Arceus game? Absolutely hyped.

  • Ceroseven
    CerosevenMinutë më parë

    No tenía ni idea que había teclados para conectarlos, usb, la cantidad de tarjetas, cables para poder jugar con más gente!!!! ME HE PERDIDO DE TANTOOOOO

  • Bio mewtrix
    Bio mewtrix4 minuta më parë

    Awww, no Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky remake yet?

  • bexstar14
    bexstar145 minuta më parë

    I wish the Pokemon store delivered to Europe 😔 their merchandise are so cool

  • Marco Guzman
    Marco Guzman5 minuta më parë

    Pokémon has been my obsession for about 7 years now and I am so glad to see how much it has grown over time

  • soldier of the sunnah
    soldier of the sunnah5 minuta më parë

    Thumbnail cripsy like pop eyes chiclen

  • Saheed Bah
    Saheed Bah6 minuta më parë

    everyone be talking about smol dawn, but not smol lucas

    CHBUKI8 minuta më parë

    Pokemon Legends Arceus; Horizon Zero Dawn, but pokemon. Lol

  • PITTSBURGH GIRL Lisa Sandoval
    PITTSBURGH GIRL Lisa Sandoval8 minuta më parë

    Real Pokémon fans come watch the new Pokémon EDM song on my Pittsburgh girl channel it's awesome

  • führer reicht
    führer reicht9 minuta më parë

    Wow sinnoh fans are probably gassed, I can’t wait to play these. Gotta save up for a switch first tho.

  • Kimberly Yen
    Kimberly Yen9 minuta më parë

    Thanks Pokémon for making my childhood great! Even now as an adult 💗

  • Theron Turncoat
    Theron Turncoat9 minuta më parë

    But where's dark souls pokemon.

  • Alberto Alegre
    Alberto Alegre10 minuta më parë

    Me waiting for Pokémon star platinum Jotoro gonna pop up after that

  • Fueo
    Fueo11 minuta më parë

    I have utterly no faith because of Sun&Moon and Sword&Shield lmfao. 0 Excitement.

  • The Basketball life
    The Basketball life12 minuta më parë

    Pokémon fans like here 👇

  • Noah Eisner
    Noah Eisner12 minuta më parë

    Great job pokemon on the diamond and Pearl remakes happy birthday!

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo13 minuta më parë

    Goddamn it Nintendo. What's with your obsession with putting "new" in things?

  • bubby cheeks
    bubby cheeks14 minuta më parë

    Pokemon company making good moves

  • Cool Vidz 4 Kidz
    Cool Vidz 4 Kidz15 minuta më parë


  • Rahul Banerjee
    Rahul Banerjee16 minuta më parë

    Never thought I’d see Barry again

  • Broomsticktache
    Broomsticktache17 minuta më parë


  • Vracc Studio
    Vracc Studio18 minuta më parë

    Thought I was going to see another bad attempt on updating the experiences but they’re finally delivering what hardcore fans asked! Thank you Pokemon Company!

  • Jahanara Begum
    Jahanara Begum18 minuta më parë

    Pokemon deserves a good jrpg like breath of the wild with a fresh immersive story

  • Dodogama Plush video
    Dodogama Plush video19 minuta më parë

    I wish you can make the galar fossil Pokémon plush

  • Connor Ó Dubhlaoich
    Connor Ó Dubhlaoich19 minuta më parë

    I stopped being into Pokemon like 15 years ago (when I was 14) but I'd play it again if there was some VR battles lol.

  • 7ThChambers
    7ThChambers20 minuta më parë

    Tf is this ?

  • Doge
    Doge20 minuta më parë


  • Username br0ke
    Username br0ke22 minuta më parë

    Ok yeah kinda makes up for that direct just barely 😤😤😓

  • AttackCrash07
    AttackCrash0722 minuta më parë

    Ok, that's all well and good. So Unova Remakes when?

  • Connor Ó Dubhlaoich
    Connor Ó Dubhlaoich23 minuta më parë

    Didn't know about 99% of this lol. Red, blue, crystal..that's all for me. I do know that Pokemon Go was apparently so big I couldn't even go on a walk in my neighborhood with my phone in my hand to play music without people asking me which Pokemon I was looking for for a little while.

  • Relaxing sounds
    Relaxing sounds23 minuta më parë


  • Isaac Barnett
    Isaac Barnett26 minuta më parë

    Didn’t see rumble...

  • Morgan fan
    Morgan fan26 minuta më parë

    Pokemon is gay y’all are gay smh

  • 건우
    건우28 minuta më parë

    Remake = X Remaster = O

  • Luis Auzeta
    Luis Auzeta29 minuta më parë

    A remastered Pokémon fan releasing this year?!

  • Linh Huynh
    Linh Huynh29 minuta më parë

    I got so emotional 😭

  • xBlaster
    xBlaster30 minuta më parë

    POV: Your video had a lot of buffering so you're rewatching it

  • Just an average Grizzly Bear
    Just an average Grizzly Bear30 minuta më parë

    I bet they’re going to make Cynthia easier

  • Gavin Halvorsen
    Gavin Halvorsen31 minutë më parë

    Why don't Sword and Shield look as good as New Pokemon Snap?

  • GSRGaming115
    GSRGaming11532 minuta më parë

    No one: GameFreak: Here's your 3 starter choices Literally had to pick the worst ones as a starter options

  • Marcod Sebastian
    Marcod Sebastian32 minuta më parë

    Pokemon Been Falling Apart since sun and moon😐

  • Sevu Vidramus
    Sevu Vidramus33 minuta më parë

    I’m so excited, thank you so much for working hard to make this 🙇‍♂️

  • Tarro
    Tarro34 minuta më parë

    I’m so glad it’s coming out next year.

  • ChagerManLouiie


    33 minuta më parë


  • Nahan_Boker
    Nahan_Boker34 minuta më parë

    I just hope niantic trust how bad my country stability instead accusing most of them are cheater or living in rural jungle bcs google maps rarely updates the roads or new residences...

  • ChagerManLouiie


    33 minuta më parë


  • Marcod Sebastian
    Marcod Sebastian34 minuta më parë

    Hands Down Pearl , And Black And White Are Some Of The Best

  • ChagerManLouiie


    33 minuta më parë


  • Patrick Choi
    Patrick Choi35 minuta më parë

    The remakes look weird, especially the chibi-like characters, but Pokémon Arceus!! Dang, they are finally stepping up the game!!

  • ChagerManLouiie


    33 minuta më parë


  • Blue808 ;-;
    Blue808 ;-;35 minuta më parë

    For my 10 years on this earth this has to make me the happiest I've ever been

  • ChagerManLouiie


    33 minuta më parë


  • Tito Cuba
    Tito Cuba36 minuta më parë

    Wtf is this?

  • Owen Shaw

    Owen Shaw

    11 minuta më parë

    Pokémon prick

  • ChagerManLouiie


    32 minuta më parë


    ZEBRA36 minuta më parë

    We love Pokemon! 🥰👏🎉

  • ChagerManLouiie


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  • ROB .-.
    ROB .-.37 minuta më parë

    People wake up ! Buy now ! They will make a 50 year event and the 100 event will be crazy Everything that u buy now will cost 100,000 in future money

  • ROB .-.

    ROB .-.

    30 minuta më parë

    Facts like Pokémon cards 🤣 that cost 10,000 now buy it n it will cost 70,000 in the 50 year one

  • ChagerManLouiie


    32 minuta më parë


  • TinT LosT
    TinT LosT37 minuta më parë

    pokemon arceus, great about time, we've beeen wanting this for years, but please! more vibrance, looks hella gloomy and looks like ur demo was dropping frames,

  • ChagerManLouiie


    32 minuta më parë


  • Joel Bunn
    Joel Bunn38 minuta më parë

    wow, I sure cant wait for my credit card to decline!

  • Patrick Martinez
    Patrick Martinez39 minuta më parë

    They can’t remake yellow red green or blue??? If they really wanted to make money that’s where it’s at

  • Ryaplayer of Doom
    Ryaplayer of Doom40 minuta më parë

    Pokemon diamond and perl looks like trash. Back to nintendo ds

  • StonedMason
    StonedMason40 minuta më parë

    That intro gave me chills

  • ROB .-.
    ROB .-.41 minutë më parë

    I bet you a like . Your said oh I remember this oh I had that ‘ Pay up with a like if u said some like that

  • RedLogic
    RedLogic41 minutë më parë

    Bro the N64 era and fire red era was 🔥

  • Cornethy
    Cornethy42 minuta më parë

    It’s finally happening it’s finally happening it’s finahlhapening guys wait it’s final th apening

  • Evan Sumner
    Evan Sumner42 minuta më parë

    Ok so everybody is talking about the games we got... but can we just appreciate how good the intro song slaps?

  • Bruce Adams

    Bruce Adams

    13 minuta më parë


  • Bruce Adams

    Bruce Adams

    14 minuta më parë


  • Iwannaplayssbb
    Iwannaplayssbb42 minuta më parë

    Wait a minute.....I remember that book “Sinnoh Folk Story 3” "There once were people who married Pokémon, This was a normal thing because long ago people and Pokémon were the same." will this be addressed in Pokemon legends? CAN WE FINALLY HAVE A CUTE GARDEVOIR WIFE?!?!

  • Fadel Popo
    Fadel Popo43 minuta më parë


  • Ceci Ng
    Ceci Ng43 minuta më parë

    So excited for Pokemon Snap!

  • Lee
    Lee43 minuta më parë

    No one remember pokemon quest?

  • vega269
    vega26944 minuta më parë

    Why can’t they remake the Pokémon games for the cell phone

  • SwiftyXRD
    SwiftyXRD44 minuta më parë

    Pokemon Emerald was my childhood.

  • Ryksalo
    Ryksalo44 minuta më parë

    Can’t believe black and white was 11 years ago....

  • Ryksalo
    Ryksalo45 minuta më parë

    This makes me so old hbu guys?!?

  • Son Toro25
    Son Toro2545 minuta më parë

    ( ,:

  • Ryuji Kanzaki
    Ryuji Kanzaki45 minuta më parë

    How about Pokemon MOBA ?

  • baxtron 5000
    baxtron 500046 minuta më parë

    Haha they remember pokemon pikachu

  • LeoLegacy
    LeoLegacy49 minuta më parë

    Glad there finally coming but the new diamond and pearl looks ugly

  • RedGold
    RedGold49 minuta më parë

    4:59 make it an anime. Pokemon adventure is amazing.

  • havivi5000
    havivi500049 minuta më parë

    Pokémon one and the Library 📚 📚 🐺🐸🐯🦁🦊

  • Protein Deficiency
    Protein Deficiency51 minutë më parë

    This how u know the fan base is half grown adults

  • ABC Island
    ABC Island55 minuta më parë

    May your Mother live long enough to succeed amen🙏🦋✨

  • Sai Parayan
    Sai Parayan55 minuta më parë

    The richest anime franchise

  • ASebastian Flores
    ASebastian Flores57 minuta më parë


  • TheWutangclan1995
    TheWutangclan199557 minuta më parë

    Who would know that a franchise this gigantic started off with pissing off a bunch of religious Karens. Happy 25 Pokémon and thank you for bringing joy to the new and day one fans.

  • Willaim Dake
    Willaim Dake58 minuta më parë

    The people who disliked this was scared of the lavender town music

  • Wilson Wosnjuk
    Wilson WosnjukOrë më parë

    Ok this is Gameboy SP erasure?

  • Osvaldo Hurtado
    Osvaldo HurtadoOrë më parë

    Grew up with this and now watch with my daughter and damn what a journey it has been😎

  • Tattzz
    TattzzOrë më parë

    We need the switch backwards compatible so we could buy and play old games without having to use old consoles, sun and moon would look so much better on switch

  • newyork vibes
    newyork vibesOrë më parë

    Time really flys

  • Ronnie Rawrr
    Ronnie RawrrOrë më parë

    What happened to all the GameCube pokemon games 😭😭 those were fun too!

  • Areeb Aziz
    Areeb AzizOrë më parë

    Pokémon was a big part of my childhood growing up

  • Biggie Niffo
    Biggie NiffoOrë më parë

    Smiled constantly watching this

  • PloopusProductions 2008
    PloopusProductions 2008Orë më parë

    DP looks like a 3Ds game

  • Michael
    MichaelOrë më parë

    I hope we get more new Pokémon soon

  • Yamin Abdalla
    Yamin AbdallaOrë më parë

    Y’all who are hyped for shining Pearl and brilliant diamond are fake as hell! Nigga you telling me you really gonna spend your money on a lame ass, port looking ass game when you can have the literal god send of a game? Legends is gonna be fire 🔥

  • URi LAF8
    URi LAF8Orë më parë

    Ruby/diamond really took me back to being a kid

  • USMC Anti-Terrorist
    USMC Anti-TerroristOrë më parë

    It literally took them 25 years to make a 3D RPG in the vain of the old ones without a gimmicky thing in it.

  • Strange Chanel1
    Strange Chanel1Orë më parë

    pikacu cuuuu

  • みもMemochan
    みもMemochanOrë më parë


  • Aldor
    AldorOrë më parë

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes is gonna make me remember some bittersweet memories cause that's how I got alot of friend back in middle school, which I currently don't have any contact with.

  • united rooster
    united roosterOrë më parë

    that game looks really cool , being able to travel n see different pokémon ?? LETS GOOO

  • Gaven Heglar
    Gaven HeglarOrë më parë

    I’m so happy but why do this to sinnoh legends is fantastic but damn

  • M. Sarp Bilgin
    M. Sarp BilginOrë më parë

    I think the future of pokemon looks really solid. Also looks like gamefreak listened and made a new game without new pokemon but a lot better everything

  • Jason Podell
    Jason PodellOrë më parë

    I have to say, Legends: Arceus proves that they are still listening to what fans want

  • Wave Dylan
    Wave DylanOrë më parë

    Does this mean that there’ll be other legends games like necrozma, eternatus, zygarde, the original dragon, rayquaza and mew

  • Dakota Mcintosh
    Dakota McintoshOrë më parë


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