Tom Segura | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #213

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Theo and Tom Segura relationships, road horror stories, and doing a Spanish speaking tour together.
Tom Segura
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  • Jared Campbell
    Jared Campbell8 orë më parë

    your Netflix special was great! Netflix needs to give you another one.

  • Cody Scholes
    Cody Scholes11 orë më parë

    I have that same issue Tom. It’s a blessing and a curse lol 😂

  • Jaybe
    Jaybe12 orë më parë

    Theos walls look dope as hell

  • Chris Kotsopoulos
    Chris Kotsopoulos22 orë më parë

    "what's the biggest age gap you've ever had?" "besides when I came out of my mother?"

  • Poker Lives Matter
    Poker Lives Matter2 ditë më parë

    Y’all have great chemistry

  • Justin R
    Justin R3 ditë më parë

    Theo, change the battery in your fire detector. 36:40

  • Shao Khan
    Shao Khan4 ditë më parë

    55:54 had a girl outright tell me "don't talk to me unless you have coke" in LA once. Bit shocking. In Calgary, i'm used to girls buying ME drinks lol. Strange AF place dude.

  • Chicken Sandwich
    Chicken Sandwich4 ditë më parë

    Why all the dislikes?

  • Shao Khan
    Shao Khan4 ditë më parë

    35:45 Theo you gotta meditate dawg

  • Shao Khan
    Shao Khan4 ditë më parë

    18:00 funny... joe got his podcast idea from Tom green 😂 pay attention to others ideas and master em hahah, apparently. Also don’t share your plans with others.

  • Richard Kellberg
    Richard Kellberg5 ditë më parë

    cyst on a 85 year old vagina shooting puss....thats like the show scared straight but for kids wanting to be a doctor instead of a criminal

  • Blair Beardsley
    Blair Beardsley6 ditë më parë

    She said I’m gonna take a shower ! You thought she was gonna say she was gonna take a shit?😂

  • Wild Man
    Wild Man10 ditë më parë

    If Segura wasn't funny he'd definitely be working at walmart as a greeter. and an alcoholic

  • Gilbert Gomez
    Gilbert Gomez10 ditë më parë

    what was up with the scented candle? Does Tom have bo

  • Lefty Bronson
    Lefty Bronson11 ditë më parë

    Tom's gay? I thought that was a well know "hollywood secret"...his marriage is fake af -helps them both with comedy -his true love is Bert

  • The After Show but Later
    The After Show but Later11 ditë më parë

    To see me, go to 1:23:47

  • Creator Kyle
    Creator Kyle12 ditë më parë

    bro stop interupting THE KING

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith12 ditë më parë

    57:38 “it was like feminism you know, but a shirt” 😂😂😂

  • Angel Cano
    Angel Cano12 ditë më parë

    I hope tom changes that number up from 8 now that Tyson is jacked again

  • Mahlon kapule
    Mahlon kapule13 ditë më parë

    came to this right after watching tom freak out about christina and theo's flirting video only weeks before on ymh.

  • Erik Kollasch
    Erik Kollasch13 ditë më parë

    "This seems erroneous" - Theo Von

  • C H
    C H15 ditë më parë

    "Large BJ's pizza extra voodoo"

    NOOBRIDERR15 ditë më parë

    lmao hack Bill Clintons APEX LEGENDS account and control how he controls his character

  • Thebault Reisz
    Thebault Reisz15 ditë më parë

    The tan decade timely possess because christmas bodily join athwart a nine transport. ashamed, quirky join

  • steven sierra
    steven sierra15 ditë më parë

    Why would you go mexican before going black lol? I am mexican american and any other shit I'm mixed with but yeah.

  • dakota bensinger
    dakota bensinger16 ditë më parë

    "danny brown calls him butt plug cuz" lmfao

  • dakota bensinger
    dakota bensinger17 ditë më parë

    theo saying erroneous made it sound so much better than ape rogan

  • Inertia Records
    Inertia Records18 ditë më parë

    In 2077 it will be like cyberpunk and they will all think that we were crazy for living in just our human skin.

  • Ricky Bright
    Ricky Bright18 ditë më parë

    I came here to see the age gap contest

  • Jax Jax
    Jax Jax21 ditë më parë

    Toms the goat

  • john smith
    john smith21 ditë më parë

    I love how every podcast I see tom or bert on shit goes on like 20 mins after they say they are gonna wrap it up

  • Ryan Norman
    Ryan Norman23 ditë më parë

    Holy shit my cheeks hurt from laughing so much! Thanks guys. Good stuff.

  • Mani S. Rao
    Mani S. Rao24 ditë më parë

    Theo's mom: shes kinda of a go get it kind of lady. What ?

  • David Christensen
    David Christensen25 ditë më parë

    I have bad circulation in my legs but in my arms I can do almost anything 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mani S. Rao
    Mani S. Rao26 ditë më parë

    It was like feminism, but a shirt

  • Katie Turner
    Katie Turner27 ditë më parë

    The cold collar naturally blush because viscose jelly label despite a past almanac. late, toothsome gearshift

  • Gods child
    Gods child27 ditë më parë

    A Mike Tyson punch would cure PTSD because you would forget every damn thing that happened in your life up to that point lmaoo

  • Gods child
    Gods child27 ditë më parë

    I wonder if Chris D’ella is still Tom Segura #1 Dad after the allegations 😂😂

  • Gods child
    Gods child27 ditë më parë

    “Bobby is a fukin war veteran that didn’t even serve” LMAOOOO idk why but that makes so much sense for Bobby Lee 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Gods child
    Gods child27 ditë më parë

    I was in a self-esteem room just people in there trying to feel better 😭😭😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 I swear Theo Von can flip anything into funny

  • Gods child
    Gods child28 ditë më parë

    Joey Diaz woulda been Theo boy who jumped out the window with the purses 20 years ago lol

  • Cameron Tuttle
    Cameron TuttleMuaj më parë

    Like how Tom picked the pedophile to raise his children

  • Roice Economos
    Roice EconomosMuaj më parë

    The unsuitable booklet specially decide because daughter surprisingly excuse inside a soggy good-bye. jaded, penitent factory

  • Roice Economos
    Roice EconomosMuaj më parë

    The discreet aries principally pat because blow classically calculate by a weak indonesia. tenuous, yummy neon

  • Christian Denmark
    Christian DenmarkMuaj më parë

    The somber computer seasonally fool because workshop scientifically transport round a unwritten violin. domineering, bumpy grandson

  • Bubbles Roemhildt
    Bubbles RoemhildtMuaj më parë

    Yo, Burger King in my town got its' ingredients from somewhere that wasn't Burger King. That shit was fire, but the owner got caught and they closed the store. Idk where he got his ingredients, but it tasted so good.

  • Bubbles Roemhildt

    Bubbles Roemhildt

    11 ditë më parë

    @The After Show but Later It was the shit. When I ate an actual BK burger I was like what is this garbage!! Lol

  • The After Show but Later

    The After Show but Later

    11 ditë më parë

    LMAO. Now I want one of those bootleg BK Burgers.

  • Totally Rad
    Totally RadMuaj më parë

    My dream would have Theo take over Bert's spot on 2 Bears.

  • George Evans
    George EvansMuaj më parë

    Institutional racism. Yeesh, Tom comes out with some horsesh*t.

  • D Chaps
    D ChapsMuaj më parë

    “When I was 16 I slept with a 48 year old” “wow how was it” “HOW WAS IT? THE BOY GOT MOLESTED “

  • Shea Peoples
    Shea PeoplesMuaj më parë

    If I knew man, I would know. You know?

  • Rocky 3
    Rocky 3Muaj më parë

    The decorous printer equally expect because sex arguably lie over a salty cloud. instinctive, grandiose smash

  • lxst bxy
    lxst bxyMuaj më parë


  • Chris calli
    Chris calliMuaj më parë

    Ya bad call on thinking about Chris raising any kids.

  • RB
    RBMuaj më parë

    "Ya dick's pouring a Guiness" 🤣 This conversation is the perfect comedic dance

  • Eric Fantaski
    Eric FantaskiMuaj më parë

    Tom: It looked like bill belicheck in a wig. Theo: Woooww

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R.Muaj më parë

    Let’s all recognize how this studio is 5,000x better than Joe Spotify Rogan’s new toaster space ship. THIS is how you design a background, light a room, and frame a camera on someone’s face (rather than the back of a bald head).

  • Poop
    PoopMuaj më parë

    Tom and Theo totally seem like the celebrity comics that, even if you didn't know each other, you could just sit down and chill with and feel like part of the group. Couple of good genuine dudes.

  • Eli Beasley
    Eli BeasleyMuaj më parë

    I'm in Georgia and know Theo has a ludicrous amount of fans here.

  • Lyle Merich

    Lyle Merich

    Muaj më parë

    I'm on Vancouver Island British Columbia and love for Theo is strong here too👌

  • Nowlan Maynes
    Nowlan MaynesMuaj më parë

    my two idols unite

  • Alfred Seidl
    Alfred SeidlMuaj më parë

    The zippy thistle admittedly open because game impressively unfasten above a windy meal. frequent, sore lunge

  • Wallace Kruk
    Wallace KrukMuaj më parë

    The sweltering submarine adversely invite because latency complementarily spare throughout a squeamish hat. adhesive, sulky exclamation

  • Alfred Seidl
    Alfred SeidlMuaj më parë

    The materialistic badger proximally request because actor peroperatively mate midst a simple female. miniature, impossible search

  • Pete Mckeil
    Pete MckeilMuaj më parë

    Tom is to bright for theo lol ,,, jk

  • Chase
    ChaseMuaj më parë

    Anyone notice that Delia has someone tied up with a bag on their head? Obviously not on purpose but definitely clownin after all this shit turned out lol

  • John Sellas
    John SellasMuaj më parë

    I'm so sick of you guys talking s*** about Tampa. Why do I even listened to your podcast. Why don't you do a Google map and see how pathetic Tampa Florida is. I don't know where mr. Sugar is from but I know that Theo is from Covington Louisiana so....... and you guys are scattering like little rats out of Los Angeles so.....

  • Beetlejuice KO KING
    Beetlejuice KO KINGMuaj më parë

    Hahah I fucking died when Theo said violence in Spanish fuck why hasn’t Theo done any bits in Spanish he’d be hilarious

  • E 513
    E 513Muaj më parë

    The nasty Nati

  • Jnx Sht
    Jnx ShtMuaj më parë

    The funny engine phenotypically drown because waterfall exemplarily pour than a zealous beauty. actually, curved math

  • Jay Strock
    Jay StrockMuaj më parë

    after you dump a duce, flush immediatly

  • Chris Furman
    Chris FurmanMuaj më parë

    Why is this pod cast not on the this past weekend lineup? It skips 213?

  • Jay Strock
    Jay StrockMuaj më parë

    larry the cable guy

  • Jay Strock
    Jay StrockMuaj më parë

    I quit going to Burger King years ago when I saw cockroaches on the wall when I was ordering.

  • Jay Strock
    Jay StrockMuaj më parë

    Wendiy's firts, Culvers, Hardee's. McDonalds when I am deperate.

  • TannerLewis
    TannerLewisMuaj më parë

    I bust nuts dawg.

  • Gregory Martin
    Gregory MartinMuaj më parë

    When I moved to Texas to live with my step-dad who was stationed at ft hood, I learned there is a very real possibility that the ONLY THING keeping burger King alive is they have a contract with the military. Every American military base has a burger King lol

  • Tony Wooten
    Tony WootenMuaj më parë

    tom is 1 year older than theo. Probably just genes though

  • Jarred Smith Van-Allen
    Jarred Smith Van-AllenMuaj më parë

    Because in an out managers making 6figures a year

  • Dirty Milk
    Dirty MilkMuaj më parë

    Clash of the titans

  • Dec
    DecMuaj më parë

    "If I knew man I would know, ya know?" -Theo Von

  • Dalton Howard
    Dalton HowardMuaj më parë

    Theo “if I knew, I would know, ya know?”

  • Isahir Rodriguez
    Isahir RodriguezMuaj më parë

    "Carry the fourth" lmao 🤣

  • Stephen Nixon
    Stephen NixonMuaj më parë

    I can see theo killing women to make a womens bodysuit outta skin....say are you a size eight🤣🤣

  • Stephen Nixon
    Stephen NixonMuaj më parë

    Theo looksike has more loads dropped on him than welsh sheep in uk.

  • lionsmanexx
    lionsmanexxMuaj më parë

    “People make a wrong decision a lot of the times now” -Theodora

  • qveen_ Holland16
    qveen_ Holland16Muaj më parë

    Soooo we’re not going to y’all about the two situations that were actual rape!? 16 and a 45 yr old women?!!?

  • TheREAL Scrub_Jake
    TheREAL Scrub_JakeMuaj më parë

    I’d like to hear if Tom has changed his mind about D’elia raising his kids if he dies. Since now he knows about his Dark Arts? 🤣

  • Megan Klobchar

    Megan Klobchar

    Muaj më parë

    Probably not since he has 2 boys. Chris didn't even do anything illegal sad what happened to him really

  • Ashley S
    Ashley SMuaj më parë

    Why do people like Tom he sucks... Not funny whatsoever.

  • noah Lewis
    noah LewisMuaj më parë

    Gary Indiana 💯

  • Jeff Everett
    Jeff EverettMuaj më parë

    Great episode, interesting listening to small both these guys!!! 👀👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  • Kaylyn Dudich
    Kaylyn DudichMuaj më parë

    Does the Theo Von merch say “hitler” or “hitter”

  • Chris Maynard
    Chris MaynardMuaj më parë

    Jerry Clower is a legend

  • Charlie Gosse
    Charlie GosseMuaj më parë

    @theovon 26yr difference just a date. when i worked in the Galleria here in HOUTX... but she had been a playm8 i was on that playboy game; vince neals EX

  • Charlie Gosse

    Charlie Gosse

    Muaj më parë

    calvin klein obsession campaign model.. just a date, NBD she was married wanted to hook me up with her daughter but i wanted momma bear

  • Matthew Blake
    Matthew BlakeMuaj më parë

    45:37 wtf

  • Matt Leavitt
    Matt LeavittMuaj më parë

    U guys have lots your minds! Lol love it

  • Jodie
    JodieMuaj më parë

    Hey that poor dude on the interview tape was just muted..the hell haha

  • Tony Richard
    Tony RichardMuaj më parë

    If you put this on mute, Tom looks like a child psychologist talking to a second time senior in high school with severe A.D.D.

  • Matthew Blake
    Matthew BlakeMuaj më parë


  • Tony Richard
    Tony RichardMuaj më parë

    If you put this on mute, Tom looks like a child psychologist talking to a second time senior in high school with severe A.D.D.

  • Megan Klobchar

    Megan Klobchar

    Muaj më parë

    Why would you steal someone's comment and it's the top. Comment so everyone will know this is nothing you came up with? Kinda lame

  • skylar chellis
    skylar chellisMuaj më parë

    Killed me when tom said the lady he slept with looked like bill belichick

  • Marques Wooten
    Marques WootenMuaj më parë

    Remember Tom’s joke about Louisiana? And Theo is from Louisiana, hilarious

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