The Illusion of MONEY, TIME & EGO - Alan Watts

Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 - 16 November 1973) was a well-known British philosopher, writer and speaker, best known for his interpretation of Eastern philosophy for Western audiences. He left behind more than 25 books and an audio library of nearly 400 talks, which are still in great demand.
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    @PJ 🤣

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    Lord Rothschild

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    @PJ 🤔

  • PJ


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    So you’re saying money can’t make a good difference either ? Money isn’t important at all for safety ?

  • Lord Rothschild

    Lord Rothschild

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    @Reuben Taylor 🤔 We do not claim truth.. We only seek it 🌞👍

  • Reuben Taylor

    Reuben Taylor

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    What about the illusion of 2020. Most People don't even understand 2020 yet. Once it makes sense then you will be able to understand 2021. Full series explains it all.

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    so wait what is reality?

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    You know what, this might’ve just changed my life.

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    I just had a old "acid trip."That was awesome! Felt like i went back twenty years.

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    Thank you.

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    Thank you for video

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    That was great!!! I really enjoyed your drawings! Especially the hourglass :)

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    Yaaassss!!!! Love it!!! I'm inspired!!!❤❤❤

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    World is spinning and the cross is standing.

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    animations in this are incredible

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    Amazing artwork! Beautiful

  • Anat Brener
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    It's all nicely said, but at the end of the day- if you don't have money to pay the bills and buy food for your kids- then what are you gonna do??? Show them this video? Will that put a roof over their heads and fill their tummys with food???

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    Awesome artwork!

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    Thoughts create things. Built thought upon thought then the thought begins to think.

  • Dominik Živčec
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    After thesee kind of videos i just wohnt to buy a horse and a bow and arrow and go out and live in the wildreness to see what its like (sorry for bad english)

  • VitoVega
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    Am i the only one thinks this Video is pretty senseless? I agree with most of the statements but its stil totaly useless because all these Problems this man explained to us very deep going are just problems we all know about its nothing new. To handle you re Life is obviously not easy but just take the challenge and do the best out of it. I mean for example yes Money just shows your wealth but he ignores the fact that Money is an exelent Way to trade things Money is used by our System to make it Work. So yes we use the rational best working System for us thats just how Humans do and Yes we re consumimg way to much and we re not even close to actually share our recources but man we live in a fast world. Its hard to handle our Problems if it is a personal a national or a global Problem but after all we re Human we re born to solve Problems. We must try to change things in this very complex System if they re not functional anymore. Philozofize about a deeper meaning or a generell sense is not leading us to a goal. What i just said locate problems and wipe them out the less Problems we re facing the better is that little moment between birth and death

  • Neil Collins
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    This made me happy... for once I felt no pressure

  • Looots 13
    Looots 13Ditë më parë

    I always hear in movies when the protagonists say " I just want the world know I existed" Me - the hell with what other people think, if you gonna do it? Just do it for you

  • Gau
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    2:11 scared the shit out of me

  • 369 369
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    so what I learned is the reality is just no illusions it is not set to one thing it is set to everything like thoughts I feel so enlightened lmao.

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    watching this on shrooms was the best

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    Absolutely amazing

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    5:55 great quote

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  • Reuben Taylor
    Reuben Taylor2 ditë më parë

    What about the illusion of 2020. Once it makes sense then you will be able to understand 2021. Full series explains it all.

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    Does ANYONE know what lecture this came from?

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    this is genius 😻

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    Thank you for this One Love!!

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    Wow .... this was great...

  • lee way
    lee way3 ditë më parë

    This life is a test of self.....the next will be a resurrection to a judgement or the promised reward....the only power we have the same as the gods is the power of choice.

  • Joni Kujala
    Joni Kujala3 ditë më parë

    About money - Ever since humans stopped being hunter-gatherers we have used currency of some sort. "Money" is easy to carry around and gives access to broad spectrum of consumables through common agreement that money has value X in closed or open market. Money isn't just stack of bills. Money is any object that can be used as a trade instrument. All this philosophical wanna be intellectualism that modern authors seem to practice works on individual level. Thing is humans didn't evolve to this point as individuals. Humans as species don't work as individuals. Someone will always depend on someone and for the sake of practicality we will find new ways to continue trading. In stable economy money saves us from a lot of trouble. About Ego - Ego is just the version of you that interacts with other individuals; the version that gets affected by ideas and actions of other people. You can isolate yourself from every single person on this planet and become "egoless" and it will work just fine. What happens when 9 billion other people do the same? There is no way to avoid others for the rest of your life. As soon as you lay your eyes on another person your "ego" kicks in. Like with money this ego nonsense works on individual level but is not practical and cannot be applied on humans as a species. About time - "Not having time" in this context is the phenomenon caused by the lack of either or both subjects mentioned above. All living organisms aim for the future i.e reproduction and money/ego are tools that increase or decrease our success in that matter. On macro level we do things in specific ways no matter what our race or culture is because in the end our bodies and brains function in the same way. Truth to be told - We haven’t evolved any further from our hunter-gatherer times even though we carry phones on paved roads and flashy lights around us.

  • sm
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    This was great! You captured my attention well!

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    Awesome video and great drawings 👍🏼👍🏼

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    Your animations are always on point.

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    Awesome... Loved this xxx

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    This is one video I believe EVEYONE should listen to. Such a great perspective change. Love it!!

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    I admire what your channel does. Keep up the good fight.

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    Thank you! Will do!

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    Our politicians should heed this

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    Thank you so much for all your content!! Illuminating

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  • JoeyAlex Del Rosario
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    ego and money always play contention, not unless you have partner in life, shelter, and kids. These video can help to twist somebody's perspective.

  • Leona Bastet
    Leona Bastet4 ditë më parë

    Mr Watts didn't know the answers any more than anyone else does. He was an alcoholic, married three times and a heavy smoker dying at only 58. Doesn't sound like it had it all together to me. You kind of expect someone who thinks and talks like he did to have life down to a fine art, to be perfect. Of course no such person can ever exist.

  • Standard nnn
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    Wasted 10min of my life listening to this nonsense

  • Deez Nuts
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    This man’s intelligence rivals that of Carl Jung’s

  • Tom Taylor-Short
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    This is mad and true

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    I like it!

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    this was amazing.

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    This is beautiful

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    Not an illusion bud ... unfortunately it’s reality

  • Emily Russo
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    This is a very beautiful channel, the audio and the art is just so beautiful, thank you for that. And truthfully, your purpose here is just to exist. Go! Experience life! Be present and alive and love every second of it because it's magical

  • After Skool

    After Skool

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    100! Thank you for the beautiful comment!

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    Who would you be, if they didn't tell you who you are?

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    They are hypnotising

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    He's Voice is Very similar to Andrew Ryan of Bioshock.

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    I don't understand shit

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    I enjoy your illustrations☀

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    Thank you so much! Can someone explain why i am not the person from my past? I have a dream, i want to sail instead of work, but i dont trust myself to much to see that through, in the past i had some crazy idea's like becomming a guitarplayer, or earn more money then i spend, but halfway through i see that i am not good enough and others are doing it much better and faster, how can i trust myself to sell everything and go sailing, while earning money along they way instead of bankrupting myself to the point that i salvage my boat to the point thats worthless and die alone on an island where noone understands me?

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    These videos are so wonderful.

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    Thank you for this video. I really wanna thanks. Its helps me a lot. Zazak Allah

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    The illustrator is a real gem here. Totally illuminates his points on a more visceral level

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    Hold up how do y’all get those colors with the same marker

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    Great video, allot of work really has been done

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    Loved this one! Great job!

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    🙏🏾Guys Discover Africa through this amazing kid Magasco 🔥🔥🔥😭

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    Gert, not Gurt. It's short for Gertrude.

  • Phuk Hyutoob
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    Ego is all that we as individuals are. The notion of destroying your ego is subversive and an attempt to get you to destroy yourself.

    QUWEEXIN6 ditë më parë

    This is a very dangerous philosophy, coz damn, you'd be homeless if you're already poor. But i see his point :) it feels liberating to just live in the present without thinking. Drugs give this illusion too, that must be why it feels good.

  • jed papa
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    If youre reading this, were on the same energy wave. What up.

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    i love this

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    Person coughing in the back got me like 🤔😑 I'm watching you.

  • That Girl Vonnii
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    this is so true, most people are upset because they are walking around with all these skeletons in their closets & putting the blame on others..when honestly the future is in your hands! you can steer the ship however you want it..the mind is so limiting & powerful. wow. i love this.

  • David
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    What a genius... really makes you think

  • Murat Harman
    Murat Harman7 ditë më parë

    7:15 Adam and Eve went against God's commandment by "eating" from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is not a literal interpretation. We are the descendants of the first couple and since we are born into a world of "good and evil", we must make that 180 degree turn back to God. This world is Lucifer's dominion and he wants you to live in the pride and ego mind just like himself. The New Age doctrine that Mr Watts is talking about here is just one of the Devil's deceptions... "you are a god so go out there and feed your ego mind by seeking self-empowerment." This is a trap and I don't wish for anyone to fall into it because it will lead them down the broad path. (Matthew 7:13) Christ did not try to awaken us to our godlike power... He wanted people to follow Him back to God because He is the Alpha and Omega... the creator of everything you see and don't see. If you are living in sin, you are currently under God's grace to be forgiven by accepting Christ into your life. Repent (change your heart) of any sins you may have and put your faith in God to lead you down the narrow path to eternal life. This is the ONLY way to salvation from this dying world. God bless you all.

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    I absolutely love that song

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    Yea if he was so smart why is he dead? Point one... me

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    wish I was this competent

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    We need more like this

  • urmoms boyfriend
    urmoms boyfriend7 ditë më parë

    I agree with everything he's saying, but I don't feel like I have a choice to break out from illusions of thinking about future and accumulating wealth. If I stop worrying and just live in the present doesn't that mean that my present will just keep getting worse and worse since I have no money and no plans? Figuring out your stuck isn't that hard, but I have no idea how to get out.

  • Dante H
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    Could you please like this comment, my ego is dying..

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    Kobe was a r4pist

  • retep eyahaled
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    Want to talk about illusion? The majority of people only want to believe what pleases them. Like "there is no climate crisis" or "fat people are beautiful and healthy" or "smoking is healthy" or "Covid 19 will never get here from China" or "Trump makes America great again". Not so long ago people thought it normal to have food in store for half a year, to get through the winter or to get through a financial crisis. Now you are concidered mad if you open your eyes to the world, let your common sense prevail and store food and water for some period of time. What does it take for people to open their eyes, when an impending GLOBAL climate catastrophe AND a pandemic AND an insane president leading the biggest military force in the world is not enough - to start taking REAL precautions?

  • just the messengers
    just the messengers8 ditë më parë

    After Skool 🙏 In november 2019 I had overwhelmingly powerful Holy Communions with the Holy Angel 5-MeO-DMT (the pure crystal) of the Psychedelic’s Heavenly Realm where They were showing me tens of millions? hundreds of millions? of humans across this entire planet dying from drowning in the flood waters and from being poisoned. I was screaming/moaning out in horror as 5-MeO-DMT was showing me this. Mary was with me during these Holy Communions. I couldn’t believe how many humans were dying and I am still unsure if it was tens of millions or hundreds of millions; could it be billions? The faces of all these people as they were crying out and dying and there were so many of them that they covered the whole planet, humans across the entire planet were drowning and dying from poison also, this was horrible. Besides my screaming outloud in utter horror I’ve spent a lot of time crying about this, and trying to warn humans for over a year now (all documented) about what is about to happen across this entire planet, but almost nobody believes me and/or nobody wants to believe me. I had these visions from the Psychedelics before any talk of the covid-19 virus. Later, while researching viruses I discovered that the etymology of virus is poison & that dying from corona virus is literally like drowning, your lungs fill with fluid and you drown. In November of 2019 5-MeO-DMT were clearly showing us that this virus was coming and was going to kill many millions; how many millions is still unknown, but it was more than tens of million for sure. I still believe that the earth is going to flood over now and millions will drown because other Holy Angels of God’s Heavenly Realm have clearly shown me this. I have been shown things before they happen by the Psychedelics dating back over 30 years now, I see before things happen. And my dreams? several down to the smallest details have come true. All True Psychedelics will confirm this to any human who inquires respectfully. I have other Revelations to share but this one and the fact that there is about to be a global food shortage that the USA will also be gravely affected by are the most pressing, I believe an unprecedented number of humans starve to death in a very little while - this is what I am seeing. In the hopes that more humans take the necessary steps to prepare immediately, -vincent “I wouldn’t recommend ingesting toad venom. Besides the Bufotenine (5-OH-DMT) and the 5-MeO-DMT it also has epinephrine (adrenaline) and bufagins which mimic digoxin overdose. I wouldn’t want to ingest something that could kill me if I ingested it orally, and smoking is a more direct route to the blood. Also the alkaloids that the toad produces is controlled by the food that it is able to eat. Toads that are not eating their regular diets will produce a different type of venom. Having been very familiar with 5-MeO-DMT as the pure crystal, we certainly accept Them as a part of God’s Body - which is all Psychedelics” (Kia)

  • Alejandro Contreras
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    Too bad this isn’t in Spanish. I would love to show this to my mom. Poor lady stuck in her head all day I want to show her the true beauty in life

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    Record yourself saying everything in the video in spanish

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    @Qwwvy only in English sadly or else I would of

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    I think you can put captions on

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    Web search ROM 10:9

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    after skool: hey you wanna know why the color purple isn't used of flags?! also after skool: society is a lie money is a lie your life and everything else you've ever lived is a coke dream after skool ads: bro the drugs are like the route to god n stuff maann and like the aliens use them to signal us

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    u can get*** $$$ nd still not hav to be up ur own ass💯

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    This is beautiful, this is how I feel and can relate to. Thank you.

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