19 Secret Minecraft Features You’ll Use Right Away

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19 Secret Minecraft Features You’ll Use Right Away! Minecraft doesn't tell you much about what to do in the game, so sometimes the best features can pass you by. In that case, let's go over some of the best 'hidden' or untold features in Minecraft 1.16 that you'll start using right away. From the sneaky F3 debug commands to the fastest way to grow your crops and more, let's see what features exist in minecraft that you maybe didn't know about in this Skip the Tutorial minecraft list video!
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Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
Research and map by Jonah Walters
Edited by www.haleyascharf.com
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
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How to Properly Use an Anvil and Apply more than 30 Enchantments to an Item.


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