2 minutes of STORMI SAVAGE MOMENTS | Stormi Webster

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy this cute video of savage moments for 2 minutes straight.
We love Storm ❤

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  • manju pune
    manju puneDitë më parë

    Stormi sweetest baby on earth

  • Lol Gamer
    Lol Gamer5 ditë më parë

    Kylie is a good mom but she's kinda spoiling Stormi

  • Jasmeet Kaur
    Jasmeet Kaur6 ditë më parë

    Kylie is a good mom

  • Jasmeet Kaur
    Jasmeet Kaur6 ditë më parë

    Stormi is so sweet

  • Lara
    Lara6 ditë më parë

    1:58 ✋🏻😭

  • Girl-Next-Door!
    Girl-Next-Door!7 ditë më parë


  • Kylie🤍
    Kylie🤍7 ditë më parë


  • Oikozz
    Oikozz7 ditë më parë

    That little girl is soo cute

  • Tonya Bleu
    Tonya Bleu8 ditë më parë

    Chicago is the cutest of all the KarJenner kids plus Dream💞

  • Cooltrippypeople
    Cooltrippypeople8 ditë më parë

    She is a soooo cute

  • ElloSaron
    ElloSaron8 ditë më parë

    *dangles minion over pool* hmm I spare you.. *yEEts on floor* *sad music* RIP PURPLE MINION

  • tulipchic34
    tulipchic348 ditë më parë

    Her speech is very advanced

  • Alpana Chanda
    Alpana Chanda9 ditë më parë

    A min of Kylie being like "Oop"

  • And what
    And what10 ditë më parë

    She is so sweet


    Stormi is so damn cute 🥰

  • Kenya Morris
    Kenya Morris12 ditë më parë

    stormi can do something i wouldn't have been able to do and kylie is so calm abot it no one can say she is a bad mom

  • Icy sky
    Icy sky12 ditë më parë

    I love her little laugh

  • João Daniel
    João Daniel14 ditë më parë

    A toró é tao fofa😍🤩

  • private
    private15 ditë më parë

    I also think she a good mom

  • Jl Pi
    Jl Pi15 ditë më parë

    Even if the Kardashians are very busy they are all good mothers

  • coconut360
    coconut36016 ditë më parë

    “Yes mommy” “What happened mom” Her little voice is too cute 🥺

  • Alli Dolphin
    Alli Dolphin19 ditë më parë

    1:18 like mother like daughter

  • Shoshana Ramos
    Shoshana Ramos21 ditë më parë

    As a mom with OCD i try to make everything perfect and when my 3 year old helps and does it in her cute way, i secretly cringe inside while smiling hahaha. I hate ocd

  • Clementia RG
    Clementia RG21 ditë më parë


  • alliah santiago
    alliah santiago22 ditë më parë

    Kylie’s a really good mom. No matter how many issue she gets on the social media, she’d still be a great momma to stormi

  • Seven Sup
    Seven Sup26 ditë më parë

    im not a fan of the kardashians but this had me dead 1:45

  • slenderman 123
    slenderman 12327 ditë më parë

    My mom slammed my face against the metal bar of the bed then ran water on my face upside down because I was bleeding and I felt I was drowning. She did this when I was in kindergarten and I remember perfectly that day because I quietly got on the bed and jumped and my mom burst through the door and beat my ass because my father was just done beating hers so she wanted someone to hit. I’m 20 now and I haven’t spoke her since I was 16 and my dads dead. Kylie 100% is a a patient mother



    20 ditë më parë

    I'm so sorry. You're loved.

  • Kaylee Ak
    Kaylee Ak27 ditë më parë

    I would want to be Stormi and I loved how she looked at Kylie on that boat w her dad right there😂

    TOBIAS VIVIAN27 ditë më parë

    Awwwww 🥰, she's here just like Abella 😍, from CAN family. Smart pretty girls 😘😚. Much love from here ✌️❣️

  • Ervie Mae
    Ervie Mae27 ditë më parë

    At least Stormi knows how to say please.. 👍🏼

  • clara merchant
    clara merchant28 ditë më parë

    Takes a special kind of stupid to have a kid on a boat without a life jacket on

  • sharon poosson officiel
    sharon poosson officiel29 ditë më parë


  • Tricia Ebertowski
    Tricia EbertowskiMuaj më parë

    Even stormy it’s like “I need to towel please!” and looks off camera

  • Angela Riley
    Angela RileyMuaj më parë

    Stormi is the Princesa of Shade😅

  • Letso Morewane
    Letso MorewaneMuaj më parë

    And this is so pretty 😭

  • Büşra Dalsız
    Büşra DalsızMuaj më parë

    The smoggy raven consecutively overflow because trunk comparatively bore outside a domineering television. elegant, sudden fuel

  • Emmett Kasey
    Emmett KaseyMuaj më parë

    stormi: **ruins the cookie** kylie: 😰😰😰 **it’s okay she’s just a child** thank you so much! 😃🥲😃🥲

  • BTS army
    BTS armyMuaj më parë

    0:58 Stormi being savage way too much 😂😂😂

  • Honeyxoxo
    HoneyxoxoMuaj më parë

    She likes green hehe

    ENKAWLI HMARMuaj më parë

    Kylie is a good mother... She can handle baby and her work .... Brilliant mom ever

  • Lit Teenager
    Lit TeenagerMuaj më parë

    Nepotism 😂😂

  • Lori G
    Lori GMuaj më parë

    Don't spill the vanilla extract, that stuff is expensive!

  • Shweta Tiwari
    Shweta TiwariMuaj më parë

    2.01 😂😂😂

  • Glinx Lore
    Glinx LoreMuaj më parë

    Conclusão: Kylie e stormi são um desastre na cozinhq

  • littlelefteyefan
    littlelefteyefanMuaj më parë

    Stormi perfer her dad can't blaime her😂

  • ex 'act
    ex 'actMuaj më parë

    i think kylie can't yell at stormi

  • furei gogao
    furei gogaoMuaj më parë

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  • Katherine West
    Katherine WestMuaj më parë

    The yielding jumbo supposedly tickle because jasmine developmentally grin save a devilish meat. daily, aware plate

    OFFICIALTT20Muaj më parë

    Their is like 100℅ sugar I'm not kidding

  • Beauty Arandhara
    Beauty ArandharaMuaj më parë

    Love Kylie Jenner for still rocking and endorsing his make up items and baby products with his lovely team members 😎😎😎😎😎

  • Meechele44
    Meechele442 muaj më parë

    Stormi looks like my cousin

  • Meechele44
    Meechele442 muaj më parë

    I think Kylie is a very good mom and I think that Travis is also a good dad

  • Cynthia Pittano
    Cynthia Pittano2 muaj më parë

    RIP cookies

  • Almond Milk
    Almond Milk2 muaj më parë

    I don’t understand how any of the is rude. She’s just being like a normal girl. If you compare north to her then you’ll know 🤠

  • The rIbBoN in the sky that Namjoon LOVES~AAAHHH
    The rIbBoN in the sky that Namjoon LOVES~AAAHHH2 muaj më parë

    OK but Kylie is a really good mom And storm I the cutest baby:-) :-) :-) :-)

  • itx_ queen
    itx_ queen2 muaj më parë


  • Nusaiba Shirazee
    Nusaiba Shirazee2 muaj më parë

    Stormi is so cute..

  • Mouna Rhrich
    Mouna Rhrich2 muaj më parë

    2 minutes of STORMI being a normal toddler

  • Ankshika Aiyappa
    Ankshika Aiyappa2 muaj më parë

    Kyle:Surely is my daughter

  • Aliddl
    Aliddl2 muaj më parë

    Stormi: ruining Kylies cookie Kylie: omg thank u sm! You can tell she’s a really great mom

  • this aster

    this aster

    15 orë më parë

    these replies lmao but fr tho my mom would've yeeted me off

  • My Life;Opened

    My Life;Opened

    24 ditë më parë

    @fiškus What's wrong with being sarcastic? lol

  • fiškus


    24 ditë më parë

    @Aliddl kids feel the emotions

  • Aliddl


    24 ditë më parë

    @fiškus it did but as long as she doesn’t shout at her, it’s fine.. stormi doesn’t understand sarcasm ig

  • fiškus


    24 ditë më parë

    That sounded really sarcastic tho

  • Desirae Miller
    Desirae Miller2 muaj më parë

    One word- it’s so easy.....discipline😌

  • Lee Velasco
    Lee Velasco2 muaj më parë

    Why u say Stormi Webster Jenner..... Webster isnt a name extention of Stormi but its exactly Travis Scott's Real family Name

  • Carla Diego
    Carla Diego2 muaj më parë

    When you realise a kid is more famous than you

  • 【K1R5CH3🍒】
    【K1R5CH3🍒】2 muaj më parë

    Kylie:Storm? Stormi: *Y'all hear something? No? Kay*

  • Vaibhavi Naik
    Vaibhavi Naik2 muaj më parë

    I like Kylei's voice

  • kxyz.x
    kxyz.x2 muaj më parë

    she honestly looks like ariana g, when she was little🥺

  • Archie Mcinnes
    Archie Mcinnes2 muaj më parë

    She is amazing and I’m the biggest Kardashian’s Jenner fan

  • Anuska Karjee
    Anuska Karjee2 muaj më parë

    That 2:03 wkskskskksksks the attitude slalakasnsksi

  • unicorn sisters
    unicorn sisters2 muaj më parë

    Stormy ruined all cookies

  • Dontavius Wise
    Dontavius Wise2 muaj më parë

    The thing about stormi is that she is privileged to live lifestyle she lives the thing about kids and celebrities especially khardashions they don’t know how good they got it

  • Bin Nasr Family
    Bin Nasr Family2 muaj më parë

    ‘She really is my daughter’ Time: 0:40

  • Kim Changsan
    Kim Changsan2 muaj më parë

    Aww just like her mother

  • Moon_in Leo🖤
    Moon_in Leo🖤2 muaj më parë


  • DJ Clame Mw
    DJ Clame Mw2 muaj më parë

    kylie ;stormi [stormi looking at kylie ] kylie; hi baby [stormi looking away] kylie; whaaaaaaaat me;she's a 'SAVAGE'

  • Evie..the..gachatuber-!
    Evie..the..gachatuber-!2 muaj më parë

    When she added the sprinkles on- Kylie: tysm :’) Me: laughing

  • Princess Ari
    Princess Ari2 muaj më parë

    Bro, Stormi is such a wonderful little girl. Even when she is being savage she is so cute and nice.

  • Angie
    Angie2 muaj më parë

    I love how polite stormi is😫❤

  • •Jiggy•
    •Jiggy•2 muaj më parë

    Kylie is such a good mom bruh- I bet she's super busy but still finds time to be a good mother to kyle

  • Angela Mae K. Godoy
    Angela Mae K. Godoy2 muaj më parë

    Ngl, Kylie's such a good mom🤩

  • Maria Ver
    Maria Ver2 muaj më parë

    Savage and cute i like it

  • Motto Motto
    Motto Motto2 muaj më parë

    The kardashians are so nice

  • Foxy Deb
    Foxy Deb2 muaj më parë

    Why do guys keep making Stormi seem like a bad person, like leave her alone!

  • The Devils
    The Devils2 muaj më parë

    Imagine being stormi

  • Memo Ibrahim
    Memo Ibrahim2 muaj më parë

    2:15 How kylie asked if "oh it's yours?" That was scary ngl

    KAROON BOOMIE2 muaj më parë

    Spoiled is the best kind

  • #harini
    #harini2 muaj më parë

    She really is my daughter🤣stormi puts on lipstick

  • Maria Jose Suarez Rueda
    Maria Jose Suarez Rueda2 muaj më parë

    You can know that Kylie is such a great mom when you saw Stormi cleaning by her self, that was because someone taught her and I'm sure was Kylie

  • morgan irl
    morgan irl2 muaj më parë

    Well you can't call your daughter Stormi and expect her to be calm

  • 26Awesomeunicorn
    26Awesomeunicorn2 muaj më parë

    whoever ate that cookie with that many sprinkles-

  • Berry H
    Berry H2 muaj më parë

    Kylie:this one's pretty Stormi:lEt's add a little bit of spice

  • Soraya luli
    Soraya luli2 muaj më parë

    Stormi 😍😍

  • priya V
    priya V2 muaj më parë

    She should be more strict

  • Saanvi dube
    Saanvi dube2 muaj më parë


  • Juston Fisher
    Juston Fisher2 muaj më parë

    The Kardashians is the next few generations: 👶🏾

  • 𝗕𝘂𝗯𝗯𝗹𝗲
    𝗕𝘂𝗯𝗯𝗹𝗲2 muaj më parë

    0:33 Mother like daughter

  • Adoring Art
    Adoring Art2 muaj më parë

    Idk Kylie much but she’s literally the most amazing mom with the most patience

  • Lily DUTTON
    Lily DUTTON2 muaj më parë

    And this is so pretty

  • Sampriti's world
    Sampriti's world2 muaj më parë

    1:37 stormi: i need an overload of sprinkles me: *mouth watering* yummy gimme gimme

  • Scott Bosak
    Scott Bosak2 muaj më parë


  • jissooyaaa_
    jissooyaaa_2 muaj më parë

    Which was the song in intro????

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