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Your new MOM and DAD - SQUID GAME FAMILY!😲 But worse is that your NANNY is a real DOLL! She watches your every step, plays dangerous games with you and does not allow you to enjoy candies🍭 Will you be able to win sweets in an even battle? Check it out in our new FUNNY video!

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00:00 Squid Game House
00:33 Mom and Dad
01:27 FOOD
02:14 Cookies
02:58 Weird Nanny
03:44 Trying to ESCAPE
04:47 Secret Exit
05:43 A DOLL
06:19 Games
07:47 Hide and Seek
08:31 Candies
09:44 Red Light
11:12 Lucky VS Unlucky
12:01 Morning routine
13:09 Contest
14:25 Party
15:20 Minecraft

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