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    Trucks look good bro.

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    V10 swap it bro, that'd be badass

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    He swapped the sierra with an ls2?

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  • zay_ext 54
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    Say bro what’s up with the seats at the warehouse r u using them ? Interested in selling them ? The light grey leather seats

    EL COMPA MITO 7929 ditë më parë


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    Both are nice trucks, can't wait to see the Ram.

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    10:50 pause , these niggas strapped up the ass Ik y’all see that glock on top the center console 😂

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    Only 5 grand wow

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    I swear bro when you put 2 or 3 big guys together it’s always a fun time seeing them talk. (12:49) on this video. They make fun of anything. Much Respect Bro!

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    6.0 from a truck ? and what year

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    They should call it big body builds tbh 😤

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