Picture Perfect Moments | Gabriel Iglesias

Happy Friday!


    HOLYGOKUKAGE17 orë më parë

    Lol 😆

    HOLYGOKUKAGE17 orë më parë

    Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Betty Moser
    Betty Moser2 ditë më parë

    That was funny and so heart touching, no that was not a tear you saw, okay it was.

  • Jimm Hughey
    Jimm Hughey3 ditë më parë

    So wonderful, what a tribute to your Mom. Bless her soul and yours

  • CESAR CASTRO Jarochelo
    CESAR CASTRO Jarochelo20 ditë më parë

    Ay wey, vaya inesperado final

  • Boyd Merriman
    Boyd Merriman21 ditë më parë

    Wow! What can I say? You find one thing your mother always wanted, you have won the world.

  • Lawrence Anderson
    Lawrence Anderson26 ditë më parë

    Que buen hijo eres. Felicidades.

  • rosecturner
    rosecturner26 ditë më parë

    Thank you for sharing that story. I lost my mom 3 weeks ago and re-watching this reminded me of the time she met her Italian singing idol Albano a couple of years ago. After the concert, the singer remained on stage as dozens of people lined up on the floor to shake his hand. My mom was hesitant to go to the stage so I grabbed her ticket and got in line to get it autographed. She eventually made her way over to join me in line and I'm really glad that she did. I have a picture of her too, smiling from ear to ear as Albano leaned down from the stage, autographed her ticket and shook her hand. Also, truly a priceless mom memory we can remember and smile about. God bless you, Fluffy, thank you for making our lives better. Hope to see you again in Hamburg, NY.

  • Matterian
    Matterian27 ditë më parë

    I am getting to the point were I am going to lose my mom. And that scares me. Not going to lie I teared up when he talked about this. I would love to make my Mom happy before she goes.

  • Splunkmastah
    Splunkmastah29 ditë më parë

    I love this story so much.

  • Ri-Jaluit 😎
    Ri-Jaluit 😎Muaj më parë

    Respect your story 🙏💗🙏

  • Debrah Singer
    Debrah SingerMuaj më parë

    What a treasure you were to your Mother.

  • Sophie Kerslake-Smith
    Sophie Kerslake-SmithMuaj më parë

    I love fluffy he always makes me laugh and he's a very good comedian

  • Mario Henriquez
    Mario HenriquezMuaj më parë

    Of all American comedians, you are one of the greatest in My lifetime. God bless you so much Fluffy. ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, I MEAN JULIO... GABRIEL, GABRIEL IGLESIAS. GABRIEL CHURCHES.

  • Mario Henriquez
    Mario HenriquezMuaj më parë

    Fluffy, amazing you are as a comedian. But, after this story with your Mom having a good time, I think, your Mom must be so happy to have you, like her son, even She is not in this world anymore, She is still there, waiting for you and all people she loved in this world. Thank you for your beautiful story.

  • Antoine Papelier
    Antoine PapelierMuaj më parë


  • Michael B Perry
    Michael B PerryMuaj më parë

    What a beautiful story. Thank you.

  • Ernesto Gonzalez
    Ernesto GonzalezMuaj më parë

    What a sweet-hearted guy. My grandma loved Vicente and I still sneak a little into my hip hop mix when I’m drinking. Nothing makes you feel for manly and MEXICANO then Vincent and some Ramona Ayala.. Cheers to your AMA Fluffy! A true woman makes a Man! And there’s no one truer than Mom.

    ASMR DRAWINGMuaj më parë

    what a sweet stoery..... thank's for sharing

  • Ecks Gaming Benchmark
    Ecks Gaming BenchmarkMuaj më parë

    Fluffy when are you making another special again?

  • Julia Blue
    Julia BlueMuaj më parë

    Awww When Fluffy said it was the last pic he had of his mom.. goosebumps and chills up my spine! I love you Fluffy. Your mom is flying around loving on you too.

  • The666VampireGirl
    The666VampireGirlMuaj më parë

    Fluffy the most wholesome and pure guy there is, i love him so so much

  • More Life
    More LifeMuaj më parë

    Puta means friendly…..bwwwwwaaaaaahahahaahahahaahahahahah

  • John Okamoto
    John OkamotoMuaj më parë

    I learned a new Spanish word! "Puta"! I can't wait to use it on the next friendly Latina I meet!

  • Joseph Gitani
    Joseph GitaniMuaj më parë

    may she rest in peace gabe

  • Ulrich Von Stomp
    Ulrich Von StompMuaj më parë

    Daaaamn Gabriel! You made me choke up at the end!!

  • John Crain
    John CrainMuaj më parë

    At the very least you were able to give your Mama that moment of happiness, Gabriel. So many of us have to struggle to get our own mothers to that particular level of happiness. May all the moms out there who have passed away (including my own) Rest In Peace and with our love. ♥️💔✝️☪️✡️☸️

  • Elijah el buff Sanchez
    Elijah el buff SanchezMuaj më parë

    It’s all repetitive now 🤦🏻‍♂️ anything new?

  • Daniel Gibej
    Daniel GibejMuaj më parë

    What's mi chente

  • Ira Carew
    Ira CarewMuaj më parë

    omg i didnt know his mum passed, I saw her in a video not that long ago, my condolences gabe

  • Carlos Garza
    Carlos GarzaMuaj më parë

    The greatest story he's ever said

  • keith imel
    keith imelMuaj më parë

    Sounds like your Ma raised up a good son. Here's to keepin' it humble, Fluffy.

  • redwingofsorrow
    redwingofsorrowMuaj më parë

    Fluffy, shout out to you and your team for embedding subtitles into the video itself so that auto-captions aren't required.

  • Michael Adrian Estrella
    Michael Adrian EstrellaMuaj më parë

    "Puta means Friendly" Boy i was stabbed 12 times coz of this sh*t

  • Cheshire Kat
    Cheshire KatMuaj më parë

    Ah the good old days... When you could go up to a compete stranger, hug them, scream for joy, and not worry about dropping dead within three weeks, from it.

  • Sigit Sea
    Sigit SeaMuaj më parë

    And I’m googling Vincente Fernandez 😅

  • Senad Plays
    Senad PlaysMuaj më parë

    Why you keep reposting

  • VHTesla
    VHTeslaMuaj më parë

    7:24 _"...it's what you do that defines you."_ -- Rachel Dawes, "Batman Begins"

  • Gold Roger
    Gold RogerMuaj më parë

    Fluffy's mom has left the chat.

  • Gold Roger
    Gold RogerMuaj më parë

    Vicente Fernandez has entered the chat.

    REX'S GAMING WORLDMuaj më parë

    Happy Birthday Enrique Iglesias

  • Marko Vincek
    Marko VincekMuaj më parë

    Yes, Me and Bruce Springsteen. Same as his Lovely mother. My reaction would be The same. Identical. ❤️

  • dvid McDonald
    dvid McDonaldMuaj më parë

    what would be funny lavell crawford and gabriel iglesias in a movie together

  • Carol Madrid
    Carol MadridMuaj më parë

    Precioso amor 😻

  • Amalia Contreras
    Amalia ContrerasMuaj më parë

    SALUDOS Y BENDICIONS ! DES DE ! R.G.V. TX.🤩🙋‍♀️🌻❤✌💋🤠🐴😷🙏

  • Estela Herrera
    Estela HerreraMuaj më parë

    God bless you, Gabriel. Rest In Peace. To your Mom. 🌿☦️🙏🏽👑🌟🦋🎆💓💞💕💖💜🕊️💗😇💐🌺🌼

    VIDYMAEMuaj më parë

    Bless Mom !!

  • Fesho
    FeshoMuaj më parë

    3:52 how did he even make that sound effect

  • jose nunez
    jose nunezMuaj më parë

    this foo used to be funny, but at least he got a kind heart

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh NguyenMuaj më parë

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  • David Boyd
    David BoydMuaj më parë

    You make me laugh

  • MariaTsinopolou
    MariaTsinopolouMuaj më parë

    Ah man i just listened to 'Chente, he is EPIC

  • Tech Lume
    Tech LumeMuaj më parë

    Man you killed me at the end with the last comment about your mom looked so happy in the photo.. that’s life right there

  • Fred Hoffman
    Fred HoffmanMuaj më parë

    good stuff :)

  • Thomas Joseph
    Thomas JosephMuaj më parë

    Fluffy,... We would love to see another special... Can you soon? Please!?

  • You'll be Okay
    You'll be OkayMuaj më parë

    " Puta means friendly " LMAO 😂😂😂

  • Crazy B!
    Crazy B!Muaj më parë

    You know, Fluffy,. You make me dream that maybe I could be a comedian. I love your stuff. You inspire me.

  • Madelyn Vazquez
    Madelyn VazquezMuaj më parë


  • Dogs Rule
    Dogs RuleMuaj më parë

    When did Fluffy lose his Mom? Why did she pass? Wasn't she in her 60's?

  • Dogs Rule

    Dogs Rule

    Muaj më parë

    @Menno Berg Oh! I discovered Gabriel Iglesias within the last year or so. I remember he came to my area & had a sold out appearance. I had no idea who he was. My nephew introduced his videos to me. I felt so mad I didn't know who he was b/c I had the chance to see him in person & missed out. Since I have been following him, I was sure his Mom was alive b/c of the way he talks about her. So I was SHOCKED to hear she died.

  • KaraokeDuov2
    KaraokeDuov2Muaj më parë

    Yet no one called out Gabriel for lying about what "Puta" means. No translation exist in Spanish for "puta" meaning "friendly." I truly lost all respect for Gabriel for lying when he said in his special "I will translate anything I say in Spanish." Don't lie bro. Don't lie. And you did. I couldn't even finish this video. #1 top English translation for puta is "Bitch." Alternate translations are: Whore Slut Hooker Prostitute Tart Tramp Hustler Dyke Dike Not one single translation as "Friendly." Lying 101.

  • Andre Landry
    Andre LandryMuaj më parë

    May she rip because of u

  • Tyreek Munroe
    Tyreek MunroeMuaj më parë

    The feeble feigned cook only discover because bassoon yearly stop atop a bite-sized hall. milky, spiteful country

  • Donna Lang
    Donna LangMuaj më parë

    This story is the perfect balance of hilarious and sweet. You and your mom were lucky to have each other, Fluffy - that's the definition of my image of true family love.

  • Jatym Keller
    Jatym KellerMuaj më parë

    I was at your show in Bethlehem as a birthday gift yesterday! You are my favorite comedian of all time 😁😁

  • Augus Zimm
    Augus ZimmMuaj më parë

    I can't be crying right now after hearing the end. You had the best mom ever fluffy, so proud of you for making her happy one last time

  • JA Scott
    JA ScottMuaj më parë


  • Noiela
    NoielaMuaj më parë

    “Puta is friendly” 😂

  • Jennifer Abudi
    Jennifer AbudiMuaj më parë

    What a lovely man!

  • Oscar Espinoza
    Oscar EspinozaMuaj më parë

    I would like to see the Monday mini Cartoons with this sketch

  • * Mako *
    * Mako *Muaj më parë

    As a non-Mexican I know that 'puta' means friendly my foot.

  • Judi Clayton
    Judi ClaytonMuaj më parë

    Fluffy even I know puta doesn't mean friendly ! ! ! And so he had a Tammy Feye look alike visit him. You are the best.

  • Subham Boroo
    Subham BorooMuaj më parë

    Re-upload 🙄

  • Jessica Gonzalescr4
    Jessica Gonzalescr4Muaj më parë

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  • Dewani90
    Dewani90Muaj më parë

    This goes on two of "my favorite" video watchlists, "funny stuff" and "heartwarming stuff" as this is a funny thing that happened but ended warming that frozen excuse of a heart I have with how warmly you remember your mom, stay awesome Mr. Fluffy. and it gets funnier if you learned spanish, not from the US's education system, those lessons suck, but from your family and friends... and yeah "Puta" means "Friendly", they get friendly with whoever pays for the service and the motel room.

  • Huyen Anh
    Huyen AnhMuaj më parë

    Isn't he the cutest and funniest comedian ever? 😳

  • Lord Knightyme
    Lord KnightymeMuaj më parë

    Like many I knew how this was going to end, the longer it went the 'dustier' my room seem to become. Such an awesome experience for your mom. Hope this becomes a 'Fluffy bit' animation.

  • Ga -r7
    Ga -r7Muaj më parë

    لااله الاالله محمد رسول الله

  • King Sevilla
    King SevillaMuaj më parë

    "Puta and putang ina mo" We filipino that's how we greet our friends when they have cool sh*t or when were angry🤣

  • R G
    R GMuaj më parë


  • Tommie Jönsson
    Tommie JönssonMuaj më parë

    You could have put the picture up as a closing shot.

  • Carl
    CarlMuaj më parë

    why do we keep seeing these repeat scenes

  • Kjell Gunnar Trimbo-Forthun
    Kjell Gunnar Trimbo-ForthunMuaj më parë

    In the thumbnail, Fluffy looks like he's from England

  • Frankie Sosa
    Frankie SosaMuaj më parë

    Vicente is the man who can steal your daughter, mother, and grandma and do it all at the same time!!!

  • Isai Gutierrez
    Isai GutierrezMuaj më parë


  • Madogg smulgger run mission inpossble  USA
    Madogg smulgger run mission inpossble USAMuaj më parë

    it mean bicth in spanish

  • Chip Pong
    Chip PongMuaj më parë

    Come on fluffy I just google puta and it doesn't translate into friendly

  • Dustin Greenfield
    Dustin GreenfieldMuaj më parë

    RIP to your mom man and cherish that picture forever. Best things are free. She loves you and misses you. Till yall meet again.💙💙💙

  • Ansgard
    AnsgardMuaj më parë

    I really hope we get this one as fluffy bits too :D

  • K Mie
    K MieMuaj më parë

    I came here for laughs and ended up crying. But it was a good cry. I am so happy that you were able to gift something so special to your mom.

  • AD-HD-Gaming
    AD-HD-GamingMuaj më parë

    One of the best comedians on the world. Thank you for all the stand ups, greeting from The Netherlands.

  • Destiny
    DestinyMuaj më parë

    Awwwww so beautiful and funny

  • Cyan Snowmew
    Cyan SnowmewMuaj më parë

    She's proud of you, Fluffy. Wherever she is, she's extremely proud of who you've become. Bless your soul, man.



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    #privilege_works_gamer #Yaqubbhai youtube.com/shorts/RNdkDxjdYl0?feature=share althe.info/home/ZNAf7tbzWuxp5zo4w5sZ8g.html

  • Denise Boertje
    Denise BoertjeMuaj më parë

    I love Gabriel’s take on what life is really all about. He keeps it so real. Not only is this story hilarious, it’s also so human in that it tells and reminds us what truly is important. ¡Mil gracias, Hermano Fluffy!

  • William Wallace
    William WallaceMuaj më parë

    That's a beautiful story.

  • wolfjazzy
    wolfjazzyMuaj më parë

    I'm ready for Mondays vid

  • Jan Uzzell
    Jan UzzellMuaj më parë

    Bless - that is a beautiful moment to remember - thank you for sharing

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan JohnsonMuaj më parë

    Those moments are rare In anyone's life .For some sadly it never happens .Mr. Iglesias I am so very glad you and your mother got to share that time together ,So you know what I am saying when I wish every one could have that perfect moment in time .Thank you so much for opening your heart to all of us and sharing this moment in your life with all of us .

  • Gerardo Barrera Gonzalez
    Gerardo Barrera GonzalezMuaj më parë

    I have 2 of vicente fernandez song on my phone and I always listen to it. Both my parents are big fans of vicente fernandez

  • faustrocket565
    faustrocket565Muaj më parë

    I hope he's doing better after that terrible fall. Any update on his condition?

  • Lakota Schmidt
    Lakota SchmidtMuaj më parë

    I can't wait to see Fluffy in concert this October 😁

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