Wibmer's Law - Fabio Wibmer


Witness my escape from the daily life, a busy life. Traffic, chaos, commuters. Follow me on a journey through the streets of Austria where the city with all it's daily situations becomes my Playground.
Wibmer's Law.
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Sean Koch - Lift You Up
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Sounds of Red Bull - Come Alive
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Directed and produced by Sick Cinema in Cooperation with Red Bull.
Thanks Jabra and Continental for supporting this video project.
Thanks to my whole team who made this video happen!
Elias Schwärzler, Hannes Berger, Marius Prell, Daniel Kriesl, Max Strametz & Philip Platzer.


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    Fabio you are amazing technically! Of course Danny will always be above you, he created this style, he´s the legend. But thank you for keeping this bicycle genre alive!

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    Super bro

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    Beautiful video

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    Bor I am you r fan

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    Are You A Devil?

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    This is sooooo amazing !!!!!! Thank you for awesome video !💯🔥

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    oh man i love the song

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    what is the song name

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    0:38 okay that guy almost could've injured him and I know it's staged but if that was a random person sue them for attempted murder or injury

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    I know that's all planned

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    I was most impressed by the skateboard move

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    He drunk a RED BULL!

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    I just wanna hope that he will always be safe and get to do what he wants through out his life.

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    Come Alive from RedBull

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