Funko Halloween Celebrity Pop Swap | Gabriel Iglesias


Thanks @Original Funko and Elvira, Happy Halloween!

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  • Vinnie P.B.
    Vinnie P.B.14 ditë më parë

    simply G.I.L.F.

  • Sheila Briese
    Sheila Briese22 ditë më parë

    Love gaberial

  • stacy fabiszewski
    stacy fabiszewski26 ditë më parë

    Pop swap ! So friggin Cool!

  • Booped Nose
    Booped Nose26 ditë më parë

    She definitely still has it!

  • PhalenAtLife
    PhalenAtLife27 ditë më parë

    Elvira is ALWAYS fun, every time I see here lol

  • Stacy Large
    Stacy Large28 ditë më parë

    Elvira my Queen you never age but...of course you are make me look forward to death jk..Lady Liberty🗽❤ never dies

    TILZ POPS!28 ditë më parë

    Good stuff brother 🔥🔥🔥 can’t wait to get one of your pops one day 🕺🏻

  • Viking Shaman
    Viking Shaman28 ditë më parë

    I'm 100% sure that the only thing going through Fluffy's head right there was - "Don't look at her boobs, don't look at her boobs, don't look at her boobs", LOL!!!

  • Kami no Za Warudo
    Kami no Za Warudo29 ditë më parë

    I fear this sounds offensive but she reminds me of boobarella from the simpsons

  • Charlie Orellana
    Charlie Orellana29 ditë më parë

    Waht!!? Aaaah yeah!!

  • Jeff Johnston
    Jeff Johnston29 ditë më parë

    Who else besides me would love to sit down with both of these people and eat tacos and just talk for like an hour. That would be cool 😎

  • Simon Hass Nilsson
    Simon Hass Nilsson29 ditë më parë

    Cassandra Peterson, if you told me she actually was a witch like her character i'd believe you, two reasons 1: there is no way a mere mortal can age as well as she does, hot damn she's beautiful as all hell, and 2: if she isent an actual witch...then how come she's enchanted us all for all these years?

  • Trúc Tạ
    Trúc Tạ29 ditë më parë

    me: u r 36 going on 37 U guys will help me as i never heard of heard of her tbh: acutally she's... also me: wait what?

  • Trayolphia
    Trayolphia29 ditë më parë

    The team up we all needed so much but never knew until we received it…

  • Blind Ryan
    Blind RyanMuaj më parë

    My HEART'S on fire, Elvira!

  • Jesse Griswold
    Jesse GriswoldMuaj më parë

    I love elvira

  • Cool Arrow Garage
    Cool Arrow GarageMuaj më parë

    Hey Fluffy, what color are her eyes?! LOL!!

  • Sean Luz de Luna
    Sean Luz de LunaMuaj më parë

    Lucky Fluffy man, almost got to see Elvira's two pops!😏😉Ha ha ha!😄😅😂🤣

  • Matis Daigle Ouellet
    Matis Daigle OuelletMuaj më parë


  • C.M. Cameraman
    C.M. CameramanMuaj më parë

    You lucky dawg! X3

  • javader 332
    javader 332Muaj më parë

    Me: I don’t even know who you are

  • preston Stinson
    preston StinsonMuaj më parë

    Fluffy your face was red lol

  • Metal Detector01
    Metal Detector01Muaj më parë

    ELVIRA !!!!!!!!!!!..... HAPPY "late" HALLOWEEN FLUFFY!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Red T
    Red TMuaj më parë

    Wait... that was ACTUALLY Cassandra Peterson? No te creo.

  • Krnk5
    Krnk5Muaj më parë

    My boy was trying so hard not to look haha

  • Bend-Em Outdoors
    Bend-Em OutdoorsMuaj më parë

    I don’t care how old she is, absolutely gorgeous

  • Luka S.
    Luka S.Muaj më parë

    this video really is for all ages...

  • Alrica Neshama
    Alrica NeshamaMuaj më parë

    LUCKY! I so wanna meet you both.

  • Son Bra
    Son BraMuaj më parë

    Pretty sure this just confirms Elvira is a vampire!

  • laura barreda
    laura barredaMuaj më parë

    Señor Gabriel, Elvira debería de salir en Mr. Iglesias!!! Both are so Great! 😁

  • JawsLoves production
    JawsLoves productionMuaj më parë

    Wow does anybody else think that Gabriel Iglesias Mike the LGBTQ? And I've never seen anybody that nervous with a young lady that has double D's. Well Elvira oh my God I would love to see you in person? She's been doing her Elvira gig for over 40 years and she looks as if she hasn't aged at all. She is so beautiful

  • Nitish Goel
    Nitish GoelMuaj më parë

    The only 2 things stopping me here is 1. No nut november 2. She is older than my grandmom

  • 1StyLo8 GriMm6
    1StyLo8 GriMm6Muaj më parë

    God Elvira❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️❤️

  • Nitish Goel
    Nitish GoelMuaj më parë

    Gabriel’s wife was the first person to dislike this video

  • Lorienzo De Garcia
    Lorienzo De GarciaMuaj më parë

    I am unhealthily obsessed with Elvira. Hollywood or the entertainment industry has failed us by not making her uber famous back in the day. I LOVE how she still puts up this illusion for us. She's so seductive and wonderful without trying. I wish I can see more and more and more of her. It's not fair she's not as famous as I want her to be. Her character has SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. I remember that comedy TV pilot episode too. That was a shame they didn't expand on it. ARGH.

  • TN veeras

    TN veeras

    Muaj më parë

  • Princess Cimorene
    Princess CimoreneMuaj më parë

    This is like the only Pop I would actually get

  • scorpio hurley
    scorpio hurleyMuaj më parë

    DAMN FOR 70 yrs old Elvira is still SMOKING HOTT!!!! 😍💞

  • Ahmad Albab
    Ahmad AlbabMuaj më parë

    Wow. Lucky fluffy....

  • J ASH
    J ASHMuaj më parë

    You lucky ...... I have to live vicariously through your eye's 👁️👁️

  • Karen Ritter
    Karen RitterMuaj më parë

    How awesome is that

  • SlimeBoy76
    SlimeBoy76Muaj më parë

    Hmm She looks...let's say..smaller than I remember

  • Gray Fox
    Gray FoxMuaj më parë

    Is that really Cassandra? Not a young cosplayer?

  • SnowdoniaHoneythorn
    SnowdoniaHoneythornMuaj më parë

    OK, didn't know she had a purple outfit one, gotta find that and get it!

  • LONEWOLF brokeneagle
    LONEWOLF brokeneagleMuaj më parë

    Happy Halloween fluffy

  • Squirrelsongs
    SquirrelsongsMuaj më parë

    Omg I love Elvira! She's just an absolute icon! I got to meet her once at a con back when I was a college student. It was my first con and it's been difficult to top that con experience ever since.

  • tallaussiebloke
    tallaussieblokeMuaj më parë

    Fluffy really wishes he was Cassie's wife. 😂

  • Grape_Drank_25
    Grape_Drank_25Muaj më parë

    I think she's worth risking it all gabriel

  • Michelle Diaz
    Michelle DiazMuaj më parë

    Love this!

  • El FŁAŃ
    El FŁAŃMuaj më parë

    Bro he not tryna look so hard😭😭my boi aint lackin

  • Andromeda
    AndromedaMuaj më parë

    My mom showed me elvira and I loved her movies and might I say that Gabriel was nervous sitting next to the legend elvire 😂

  • Krystle Cague
    Krystle CagueMuaj më parë

    This was Awesome 🎃

  • Mike Lee
    Mike LeeMuaj më parë

    Lol, gotta watch out for her, she's got all the double entendres for double entendres, shall we say, lol.

  • R K
    R KMuaj më parë

    Elvira still is the best!

  • SDA
    SDAMuaj më parë

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN GABE ! 🎃 i met cassandra / elvira - she's awesome

  • Yannis Gouras
    Yannis GourasMuaj më parë

    You had me at Elvira! ❤🖤❤🖤

  • Grammy Bear
    Grammy BearMuaj më parë

    🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 68 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 ❤️ 🎀 ❤️ 🎀

  • Yummy Food Secrets
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  • GomlxSquid YT
    GomlxSquid YTMuaj më parë

    Join team Seas

  • GlennMorganFan
    GlennMorganFanMuaj më parë

    Can you guys PLEASE STOP SIGNING THE WINDOW?!?!?!?! Some of us like to keep our Pops IN the box.....and when you sign on the plastic it eventually wears off and disappears.

  • redgreen09
    redgreen09Muaj më parë

    yes thoes elvira POPs look realy good ho thows toys whel if have to yes best song two big pumkins she not bad just drown that whay LOL

  • Mexican Spec
    Mexican SpecMuaj më parë

    Damn, 70 years old and still looks great.

  • larry saenz
    larry saenzMuaj më parë

    Happy Halloween elvira and fluff 🦇👻🦇🎃🦇🖤🦇🎉

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The NetMuaj më parë

    Wow! Two stars I would be star struck for! EPIC! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  • Mayhem x
    Mayhem xMuaj më parë


  • Gizmo
    GizmoMuaj më parë

    👻Happy Halloween 👻

  • ahmad55
    ahmad55Muaj më parë

    You two should have live streamed b horror movies together to day.

  • Snoy Fly
    Snoy FlyMuaj më parë

    She does not age, wtf.

  • npenick66
    npenick66Muaj më parë

    I've loved watching Elvira since the 80's. Every weekend it was must see TV. Didn't matter what cheesy movie she played, she always made it great entertainment. Although, given how great she still looks someone might want to check her attic for a scary portrait. Fluffy's ok too ;-)

  • Robert Beining
    Robert BeiningMuaj më parë

    Now that was cool!

  • Grizz Axxemann
    Grizz AxxemannMuaj më parë

    Elvira is still looking amazing after all these years... I think she's the reason (and Morticia Addams) I'm into goth girls

  • Superman1
    Superman1Muaj më parë

    Fluffy's face says it all he definitely feels like the luckiest man on earth sitting next to the mistress of darkness Cassandra Peterson A.K.A Elvira. Dreams really do come true .

  • TN veeras

    TN veeras

    Muaj më parë

  • olaf Gunnerson
    olaf GunnersonMuaj më parë

    Elvira (Casandra Peterson) is a hell of a woman .

  • Stephen Gregory
    Stephen GregoryMuaj më parë

    who's pops are bigger

  • Pau Berrymon
    Pau BerrymonMuaj më parë

    Did you all forget the format??? Vamps do not show age.

  • Elias Reyes
    Elias ReyesMuaj më parë


  • Pau Berrymon
    Pau BerrymonMuaj më parë

    Ever man and some women want to see them pops😂

  • Frankie Chileman
    Frankie ChilemanMuaj më parë

    Cold shower time

  • Matthew Nachel
    Matthew NachelMuaj më parë

    Hey Gabriel Iglesias fluffy guy hi want you to be Stone Cold Steve Austin for Halloween oh hell yeah if you want fluffy Gabriel Iglesias fluffy guy to be Stone Cold Steve Austin for Halloween give me a oh hell yeah

  • Boldr Bangr
    Boldr BangrMuaj më parë

    Now that's a pairing I wouldn't 't have thought of. Way cool!

  • VicelikeGold


    29 ditë më parë

    Yeah! What a great pair!

  • Mickey Newsome
    Mickey NewsomeMuaj më parë

    That's two more of those that I have to get with the one of Debbie Harry

  • Dan Garbacz
    Dan GarbaczMuaj më parë

    Greatest part of Halloween One word Elvira

  • Bobby Lashley's Headband
    Bobby Lashley's HeadbandMuaj më parë

    I would love a signed Elvira Pop! I already have one of her well protected

  • Paloma F.
    Paloma F.Muaj më parë

    Cool! I was just watching Night of the Living Dead on Elvira. Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻

  • Jay Sartori
    Jay SartoriMuaj më parë

    Jaw-dropping awesome!

  • Christopher Jacobs
    Christopher JacobsMuaj më parë

    Way out of the loop on this one . What in God's name is a POP ? 🤔

  • Jason Tanner
    Jason TannerMuaj më parë

    I had a big crush on Elvira wants a kid okay I still do

  • Animation Sage
    Animation SageMuaj më parë

    I swear I saw her on Scooby-Doo Doo and The Halloween Mystery, they look so damn alike

  • Jason Duke 360
    Jason Duke 360Muaj më parë

    Cassandra is a freaking miracle. She's been doing her Elvira gig for over 40 years and she looks as if she hasn't aged at all. She is so beautiful, I have'nt had the chance to meet her but a few of my friends did. They said she was really easy to talk to and really generous with her time with them. Wow I been in love with her for over 40 years!

  • Brandy Roberts

    Brandy Roberts

    27 ditë më parë

    Boy did in my iPad mess what I said! Elvira was my idol growing up and I still love her! She rocks everything she does, and really does seem to be a genuinely good person. Yes her name is Cassandra Peterson. She has a son oh, unfortunately she doesn't have a daughter which means when she passes which I hope it's not for at least 30 more years or so there won't ever be another Elvira, you can't replace perfection! For anybody's interested there was a special on her and her actual breast size is 34 D I thought it was bigger than that but it actually fits her body size perfectly and they are her natural breast. Even without all the makeup and her regular red hair she still does not look her age she's still beautiful! She is a Wonder Woman in and of herself! ☺️

  • Brandy Roberts

    Brandy Roberts

    27 ditë më parë

    I absolutely love Elvira oh, she was not idle growing up a close tie with Wonder Woman but Elvira always wound up being my favorite in the end every time haha! doesn't seem to age a day in her life!

  • Stacy Large

    Stacy Large

    28 ditë më parë

    @RialVestro WRONG It IS HER I TELL YA

  • gle tube

    gle tube

    29 ditë më parë

    @Simon Hass Nilsson good one...she was born in 1951... she is 70!!! AMAZING!!

  • Simon Hass Nilsson

    Simon Hass Nilsson

    29 ditë më parë

    @gle tube or a real witch cause she's beWITCHIN!

  • AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnapp
    AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnappMuaj më parë

    So when is Haunted House 3 comes out with Elvira DAMN

  • AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnapp
    AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnappMuaj më parë

    Gabriel you wanna 👀 those popping out huh ✌😎

  • Greet Bout
    Greet BoutMuaj më parë

    Because of Elvira there is Halloween everyday for me.

  • Russell Robinson
    Russell RobinsonMuaj më parë

    Had a cardboard of Elvira!!!💕💋 Woohoo!!!

    HVAC GUYMuaj më parë

    She looks like she hasn’t aged a day since the release of “Elvira, Princess of the dark” in 1988

  • Gabriel ranch Cook
    Gabriel ranch CookMuaj më parë

    Send me my money 💲💰 Gabriel

  • Chuck S
    Chuck SMuaj më parë

    i love her (elvira)

  • Richard Beckett
    Richard BeckettMuaj më parë

    My two favorite people in one short video!! That awesome!!

  • Damien Cross
    Damien CrossMuaj më parë


  • Thomas Casillo
    Thomas CasilloMuaj më parë

    I see Fluffy and the Mistress of the Dark, I click. Happy Halloween people

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