Build a Electric Bike Big Wheel 60v 1500W 55km/h At Home

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How to Build a Electric Bike Big Wheel 60v 1500W 55km/h At Home
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    Hi friend, Part 2 I will upgrade lights, chargers and horn...Thank you !!!

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    Add mud gard with solar panels also to charge battery with sun

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  • Bronto Maximus
    Bronto Maximus16 orë më parë

    At 60V and 20Ah, that's 1.2Kw / h battery capacity ... of which about 50% can be used, i.e. 600Wh. With 1500W power of the motor you can expect a journey time of approx. Max. Go out for 20min. At a maximum average speed of approx. 45 km / h and a 20-minute journey, the range is approx. 15 km? Correct?

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    Where can we buy these parts?

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    u did a mistake in back suspension

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    Wow..what a excellent job congrats

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    HI MY FRIEND, can you build me a frame for a e-scooter similar to that

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    What is the range km on full charge ?

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    El motor donde esta??

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    Why not include a description of all tools used, link if where to buy some of the equipments you used..that will help us to try out ours

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    Sir please diy bmx moter saycal

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    Info on the rear tire n hub assembly put one on the front also awd

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    this bike need a damper

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    You make it look so easy!

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    Você sabe falar português ?

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    Wouldn't it be more comfortable if the footrests were long and the whole foot was on top?

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    The battery is not secured. Danger! No shock absorption in the rear, just shock absorption by the butt seat cushion, definitely not very good, and when you hit an uneven road, it's still there.

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    parts list and where you buy. please put it in description. i want to make one for my wife service to work.

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    part 2 put a rear shock absorber...

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    Good evening, best regards from Colombia. I wanted to ask you a favor. It will be possible for you to build two Bike Big Wheel 60v 1500W 55km / h At Home with mud guards and front and rear lights, as well as the directional lights. And you ship them to Colombia. I pay the costs. It looks good?

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