We Bought TWO Yamaha 2 Stroke 3 Wheelers | Will they Run & Ride??

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We found these early 80s Yamaha Tri Moto 175 three wheelers on Facebook marketplace for $450 while in West Virginia, so we had to pick them up! While the Honda ATC is the most remembered three wheeler from the 1980s, the Yamaha Tri Moto 175 came with a two stroke 175cc 5 speed engine, and was designed for recreation and sport compared to the Honda ATC's utilitarian focus. In today's episode, we buy two of these vintage three wheelers and make one of them run at Ike's place in West Virginia!
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  • Trainman1945 92
    Trainman1945 92Ditë më parë

    My great grandfather had a tri moto 175 1982 model I think. I'd love to see it run one day it still exists hasn't run since 1993 been in the barn since

  • Space Groyper
    Space Groyper4 ditë më parë

    i just found your channel by chance. I'm digging what you guys are doing.

  • Shawn Richards
    Shawn Richards6 ditë më parë

    They look like tri Moto 175

  • Boomer
    Boomer7 ditë më parë

    Fun, fun, fun!

  • Jason Morey
    Jason Morey7 ditë më parë


  • Vaughn Hill
    Vaughn Hill8 ditë më parë

    That threewheeler has one major flaw. They put the motors so far back on them that the front end is superlight and its hard to keep the front tire on the ground. They also put a two pint fuel tank on em for some reason. They and other companies thought they could compete with honda and they all failed pretty bad til the four wheelers came to light. They make some bad ass super powerful ones now

  • uno efx
    uno efx10 ditë më parë

    My first 3 wheeler was a Tri-Moto 175, running the wrong plug almost killed me, ran out of power on a hill climb and flipped it on top of me crushing my collar bone. Went to a Tri-Z 250 and never had that problem again, it was a beast and wish I still had it!

  • Kylin Spadoni
    Kylin Spadoni10 ditë më parë

    Ky t Ariana grande video with

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta11 ditë më parë

    The 3wheelers are cool 😎 ex specially being a Yamaha y’all need to find the giant Kawasaki trike its a monster

  • Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley
    Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley11 ditë më parë

    Wow I really hope that after legit ike probably not sleeping more than 15 mins at a time and freezing his ass off that yas stopped for a couple hrs and let him take a 2-3 hr nap. That's super dangerous making him ride 100s of miles without him sleeping more than like probably 30 mins of sleep all night na mean?

  • Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley
    Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley11 ditë më parë

    Lol oh come on now I thought one of yas was gonna ride one of the three wheelers back? Lol jkjk or should got a mini trailer to pull it with the biggest Honda mini bike lol.

  • James Swain
    James Swain12 ditë më parë

    I hope you goobers put the intake boot, air filter, and lid on it.

  • Jerrett Peterson
    Jerrett Peterson12 ditë më parë

    The sweetest death machine available

  • reuben mgawon
    reuben mgawon12 ditë më parë

    was that meant to be an Australian accent because if it was it was fucking horrid

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith13 ditë më parë

    I’m in Virginia

  • Glen Miller
    Glen Miller14 ditë më parë

    God love steve irwin, he lives in all of us.

  • Onefastdak 47
    Onefastdak 4714 ditë më parë

    Good job gentleman

  • paul pride
    paul pride15 ditë më parë

    I use to have one of those. They are tougher than hell and run for ever

  • South Sask Rancher !!
    South Sask Rancher !!16 ditë më parë

    I actually got a 1984 Yamaha 250 it on my profile picture

  • Mid Nebraska Motorsports
    Mid Nebraska Motorsports17 ditë më parë

    Nice job guys. Let me know if you need parts for the 3 wheelers. I've got all kinds of parts for those ole machine.

  • Paul S
    Paul S18 ditë më parë

    Whow , that he knows the film frase " Come out and play" He wasn't even born then. I think Charles fits in this team

  • Fred Williams
    Fred Williams19 ditë më parë

    Pop quiz! Did you know these actually illegal in California? 😠

  • Daniel Bluck
    Daniel Bluck19 ditë më parë

    I like charles because he is smart enough to stand back and not say anything and realize that he is a guest. Sometimes new people come on a channel and they try to overdo their character, and people end up not liking them.

  • Daniel Bluck
    Daniel Bluck19 ditë më parë

    a new shirt idea. "We have power!" or "it's got some power!" or "We've got power!"

  • Daniel Bluck
    Daniel Bluck19 ditë më parë

    Those are about the most dangerous vehicles you can purchase

  • Tyler’s Guns and late adventures to come
    Tyler’s Guns and late adventures to come19 ditë më parë

    Yes mevto

  • Randy Garcia
    Randy Garcia19 ditë më parë

    Welp my clutch blew up 2 days of having it

  • Big John D
    Big John D19 ditë më parë

    Oh yea more 2 stroke and Charles 💪🏻👍🏼👊🏼🔥

  • Warner Cottrell
    Warner Cottrell20 ditë më parë

    Not being a Karen but better be carful there fun but dangerous

  • Jerry Rathman
    Jerry Rathman20 ditë më parë

    Tri-moto commercial. althe.info/number/nJTVgo2YhIOJgbY/video

  • Steve Evans
    Steve Evans20 ditë më parë

    Charles is the man.

  • Yonic Cabrera
    Yonic Cabrera20 ditë më parë

    Yooooo can I have it?????

  • Ben B
    Ben B21 ditë më parë

    These are to cool I have always wanted to stick a blaster engine in one

  • fictional25m
    fictional25m21 ditë më parë

    I wish they still made these they was great at hill climbing or going though washouts or maneuvering in trees the honda ones beat you to death with no front shocks but these where the best thing for getting around next to a horse on the ky/wv mountains

  • Jeff Clarno
    Jeff Clarno21 ditë më parë

    Charlie didn't pull the dam clutch lever in !

  • XPNDBLhero
    XPNDBLhero22 ditë më parë


  • tas7107
    tas710722 ditë më parë

    I had one of these Yammy Tri-Motos in the late 80's. Until the piston seized at the bottom of a ravine. Not sure who retrieved it and owns it now. Could still be there...

  • Mr Recliner
    Mr Recliner23 ditë më parë

    A Charles episode

  • Shellshock Gaming and toys
    Shellshock Gaming and toys23 ditë më parë

    these look like so freaking much fun. we soo need to see this nova.

  • You Sad
    You Sad23 ditë më parë

    I have a 86 Honda 200x fresh top end 20 over and a bigger “25” mil mikuni carb and a complete dg exhaust with ambush tires. I would love to rip that 2 stroke thou. Hopefully someday I get that 250r that everyone dreams of.

  • Tom 40
    Tom 4023 ditë më parë

    You have to let it warm up or it will damage the motor

  • Michael Mandryk
    Michael Mandryk23 ditë më parë

    This would be a good unit to turn into a bush bike. Turn it into a factory looking two wheeler and gear it down a hair for tight back woods action ;)

  • tyler burriss
    tyler burriss24 ditë më parë

    Make a mini bike out of the other frame please

  • CBC11 D
    CBC11 D24 ditë më parë

    Your almost to 1 million subscribers keep up the good work I love the videos!

  • Blake Erickson
    Blake Erickson25 ditë më parë

    It’s oil injection don’t need to mix ur gas and oil

  • TheUnendingVids
    TheUnendingVids27 ditë më parë

    Ike seems to inherit a lot of property. Must have some interesting relatives.

  • Gavin Barham
    Gavin Barham27 ditë më parë

    Those old trail pros must be like tough skins, they never wear out.

  • TheCbrdriver
    TheCbrdriver27 ditë më parë

    Nice bikes or trikes ..... but you are every Mechanics nightmare

  • Daniel Fossland
    Daniel Fossland28 ditë më parë

    Plz find a tri z you will love it plus the Yamahas are balanced way better than the Hondas

  • Boot repair man
    Boot repair man29 ditë më parë

    Open that puppy up lol

    TIMMY NEELEY29 ditë më parë

    That brings back good memories

  • Matt HH
    Matt HHMuaj më parë

    I wouldn’t mess with those three wheelers those things are legit death traps and have been banned pretty much at all major off-road parks, but I am a big two stroke guy so def save those engines

  • Mike Emmons
    Mike EmmonsMuaj më parë

    Great channel and videos! Love Yamaha 3 wheelers and ATV's. I have a 84 Tri-moto 125 and it's a blast to ride around. Only trouble is I'm missing the pull starter. Since you got a parts bike & the 125/175 engines share the same pull starts. Can we work out a deal for that spare one you got?

  • mrstuartp1
    mrstuartp1Muaj më parë

    I wish that I never sold mine.

  • country boys 4 life
    country boys 4 lifeMuaj më parë

    I had one just like yours but I got ripped off by my so called friend ricky all I got was a go cart that had a big hole on the bottom of motor and he got a good running three wheeler. I sure do miss her

  • Rick Lang
    Rick LangMuaj më parë

    I had one , great machine

  • ReluctantProphet
    ReluctantProphetMuaj më parë

    Which one will be first to have their leg eaten by the back tire lol...? It pretty much a rite of passage riding atc’s...

    KEVIN MASTERSMuaj më parë

    I had a brand new Yamaha 125 trimoto back in the day

  • Stellatecar7634
    Stellatecar7634Muaj më parë

    When he crossed his fingers that’s me trying to start my atc 200

  • Super Ron
    Super RonMuaj më parë

    Ike's got ANOTHER house? #secretmillionaire

  • camcarb3
    camcarb3Muaj më parë

    Love it. I just sold my go kart a got an old Banshee. Took a little doing to get it running but it was worth it. I love love the smell of two stroke in the morning.

  • Wyatt Mohrmann
    Wyatt MohrmannMuaj më parë

    When you want the smell to be 2stroke but it’s really 6:14

    UN-EPICMuaj më parë

    Charles needs to stay. and it is funny because a injury accident ad popped up when you showed the 3 wheelers.

  • BWX
    BWXMuaj më parë

    I learned to ride on a1982 ATC110 when I was a kid. Good times!!

  • WARLOK813
    WARLOK813Muaj më parë

    Id be interested to know what part of wild wonderful. Might be near me

  • Cooper
    CooperMuaj më parë

    You guys should get a tao tao moped from amazon and make it as fast and good as possible maybe even 150 swap it

  • y Bro
    y BroMuaj më parë

    I want to by somting from u Please say in yur next video Thank u

  • Joshua Scoggins
    Joshua ScogginsMuaj më parë

    Charles should lay off the meth a little.. lol

  • Brock McSheridan
    Brock McSheridanMuaj më parë

    Every 5 episodes: "that issac just inherited"

  • bob
    bobMuaj më parë

    I wish i could smell that 2 stroke 🥰

  • Jay R
    Jay RMuaj më parë

    I had one and wow it was the reason I used up all my luck.. survived all the crazy shit with only a few scars so I call that a win

  • IrnMaiden304
    IrnMaiden304Muaj më parë

    The YT175 .... I miss mine, it's basically a blaster engine in a trike frame just a little less CC's. I should have never sold mine, still have a few parts from it not much though

  • IrnMaiden304


    Muaj më parë

    Also, they use to race these YT's back in the day along side the the honda ATC's

  • IrnMaiden304


    Muaj më parë

    The Blaster / DT / YT series are all the same engine .... And they are all oil injected but can be deleted.

  • DerrickConner Productions
    DerrickConner ProductionsMuaj më parë

    John ALWAYS rides sketchy lmao I always say before he gets on ANYTHING “he’s gonna break it”

  • Brandon Pittman
    Brandon PittmanMuaj më parë

    90 thumbs down equalls 90 dorks.

  • Greeninja38
    Greeninja38Muaj më parë


  • Jerome Nestor
    Jerome NestorMuaj më parë

    Ayy I passed these guys

  • Melissa Isreallybi
    Melissa IsreallybiMuaj më parë

    My little brother had the same 3 wheeler, the Yamaha tri moto 175 2stroke and that was a little rocket ship

  • Homemade Vehicles
    Homemade VehiclesMuaj më parë


  • racingking22j
    racingking22jMuaj më parë

    i love my old 2stroke wheelah.

  • adrockey
    adrockeyMuaj më parë

    Next purchase for the time period. A early 80's Honda 250R. Scary fast for it's time.

  • Cant Just Exist
    Cant Just ExistMuaj më parë

    We had that exact three wheeler growing up and we spent more time trying to start it then we did riding it.

  • Richard Kemp
    Richard KempMuaj më parë

    You guys need to build a bar stool

  • The Windows 95 Guy
    The Windows 95 GuyMuaj më parë

    What is that first song called you played at 1:40? I love that!

  • Dave Allen
    Dave AllenMuaj më parë

    Seems like it has plenty of power for itself even looks like it might just have a little too much for what it is

  • Solicitors
    SolicitorsMuaj më parë

    i have a late 80s yamaha tri moto ytm200 4 stroke

  • glock31ca
    glock31caMuaj më parë

    Are they Philips heads or really JIS heads?

  • net-rioter
    net-rioterMuaj më parë

    I had the 60cc. Lol. Even that tiny thing was fast. If you want fast though, you gotta go Honda ATC250R or Kawasaki Tecate 3. Yamahas are rare because they all died within the first few years..everybody ran them out of oil

  • Kurt his royal fattness
    Kurt his royal fattnessMuaj më parë

    1971 Rupp roadster for trade or sale. Issac message me

  • Kurt his royal fattness

    Kurt his royal fattness

    Muaj më parë

    And I have a airstream for sale.

  • shelly sowers
    shelly sowersMuaj më parë

    Impact philips really helpful on those frozen screws. 3 wheelers rock! Had a Honda’s atc 90 a 110 a 200 big red a 250r and my fave a Kawasaki 250 Takatie

  • Thomas Fiedler
    Thomas FiedlerMuaj më parë

    Wow so awesome see another one those. I had one when I was a kid. Loved it. 1983 yt175k. Many years of hammering on that old girl as well as all my buddies. Fun times for sure. I bought mine in 1993 off a good buddy it was mint an paid 300 bucks

  • Loren Danielson
    Loren DanielsonMuaj më parë

    Build a rotary engine cart!

  • Justin Kady
    Justin KadyMuaj më parë

    In the process of building a YT175 out of boxes of parts myself, getting to hear one run is great motivation, thank you.

  • standup4somptin
    standup4somptinMuaj më parë

    I had the exact trike when I was 14-15 years old. My buddies and I would tear up the trails all day long. The sound of that motor brought back so many fun memories. I can still smell the 2-stroke exhaust. They were a hand full to drive but I lived to tell about it. Thanks for making my day. Good times!

  • MiSt twist
    MiSt twistMuaj më parë

    You should keep that guy on the show

  • Josh Beeching
    Josh BeechingMuaj më parë

    A wild Isaac in his natural habitat 🤣😂

  • Jacob Mattes
    Jacob MattesMuaj më parë

    You should do a build on the parts one and do a high power gokart engine kn the parts bike and keep the stock one the same

  • Mike C
    Mike CMuaj më parë

    I see Wooly Booger tires on the parts trike. Had them on my 85 Suzuki 230quadsport. Great in the mud and snow.

  • dano
    danoMuaj më parë

    theses things WILL hurt you!

  • kshepthedrummer
    kshepthedrummerMuaj më parë

    "so we're here at Ike's west va property" Lol how many properties does Ike own?

  • Jim Miller
    Jim MillerMuaj më parë

    My dad bought me one brand new in 1982 that 175 was a blast.

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