These Pools Help Support Half The People On Earth


What are these electric blue ponds in the middle of the Utah desert? And why do they keep changing color?
Join Derek Muller (Veritasium) as he looks into the weird, bizarre, and seemingly inexplicable images found on Google Earth to discover what on Earth they actually are. It’s a travel vlog, documentary, and science show wrapped into one. It’s Pindrop.


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    Oh here we go again now American are going to make potassium cannons

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    So, it means once it will finish one day... then what it will happen with the demmand?

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    okay but is this gonna help you make nitroglycerin and take control of the miracle cave?

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    Thank you for subtitling your video, I assume you used Aegisub since it features formatting.

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    Reminds me of Dr. Stone

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    12:28 Therapist: Derek Washington isn't real, he can't hurt you Derek Washington:

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    what about a video on how genetically modified crops have become less nutritious

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    Your video just burned a few houses.

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    And now he showed us how to build a bomb

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    You are such a scientist. "I didn't expect it to blow up that big" *Puzzles* "I think it was because I weighed it down"

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    this sounds like something i would dream about. suddenly learning about something thats really weird and somehow caused everything to happen.

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    Great, now if aliens want to take out half of the population of the world they know where to nuke.

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    As someone who grew up in moab, this is pretty interesting. Parts of this I've never heard before. Did somewhat fascinating that the two biggest mineral extraction industries that put Moab on the map, we're both caused by Germany. The first being as described in the video the demand for potassium around world war I. The second mineral boom was the search for uranium following the development of the atomic industry during and following world war II. People think of Moab for some of the best of four wheeling anywhere to be found as well as some of the best bicycling, but they don't think about how years before any of this happened uranium and potash developed and sustained a pretty awesome community. And this doesn't even mention the national parks and monuments on each side of town plus the state parks and lands in the area. Arches national Park in canyonlands national Park are a couple of the most photographed places in the world.

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    one thing I can say, every time I watch this channel I learn something new. 🙌

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    man that part at the end where he's talking about how ag freed us up... slavery didn't exist before we got "freed up". It didn't need to because we worked gathering about 4 hours a day lol. Neither did famine and infectious disease. Settlement was a disaster for the human race from which we only recently "recovered", which is funny to say because it's increasingly clear we the final result of settlement is that we are going to eliminate the possibility for mass, organized human life on the planet while wiping out several other species in the process. And that's not even considering nukes, robots, pandemics or other biotech based threats. Pretty amazing what potassium has wrought.

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    I dropped a piece of potassium the size of a stick of butter off a high bridge once. The results were MASSIVE!!

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    In fact, before agriculture people spent less than half a day to find food. With agriculture we managed to increase the amount of people, but none of them happines (remember all of the time before 20 century)

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    Looyk,s Elon musk son

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    Hunter Gatherers had more free time than early agriculturalists. The people growing crops had to take care of them everyday. The people foraging and hunting nomadicly could be sustained off a good kill or haul of foraged goods for a few days or even upwards of a week before having to worry about food again.

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    *HUNTER GATHERERS* did not spend all day every day hunting and gathering. It is estimated they spent 20 to 30 hours a week doing that.

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    This is much better than just googling what the pools are

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    So we frack potash? What is the geological impact? What about the impact on the Indigenous Tribes of the area? Do they have a say?

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    I love the little model setups, great job!

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    Imagine all that wood burned on an industrial scale, just for the ash. Uhg. I hope they used the heat too. Poor trees

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    Rode next to the ponds with a buddy on Honda Grom motorcycles while going to White Rim trail

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    Ye but why they make us put fluoride in the water from the production of fertilizer? Can't they find any better and money producing way of using all that fluoride instead of making us ingest it for free against our will?

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    Once he started mentioning explosives I thought they were going to be some kind of sulfer farm or something similar. Guess I wasn't too far off...

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    Your conclusion is false

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    Why can't they use waste water? The Colorado River is the only significant water source in the American southwest.

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    Saltpeter and sugar make excellent smoke bombs. and also saltpeter was given to military troops to keep them from getting horny and boning each other. No lie!

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    Why do they just use sunlight if they can use burners and heaters to evaporate water?

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    So if potassium is so volatile could it be the reason for spontaneous human combustion? Extreme amounts of potassium? Its crazy to me that someone thought, "what if I burn hardwood down to ash then mix it with pig fat?" Amazing minds!

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    Me and this guy would get along great man! I react the same way to chemical reactions. I noticed another Alkaline style metal is sodium and it has a similar reaction to hydrogen

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    Title content starts at 14:00 minutes. I spaced out a little during all the history of potash. Once the title content started & I realized he was finally getting to the point, I had to skip back a minute & pay closer attention.

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    When Germany cut off the world from potassium...... sounds like what china is doing with its rare earth metals. History sounds like it will repeat.

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    You think this ponds are beautiful now? Well they're even more cool if you leave Moab early in the morning, go along the Colorado to Long Canyon Road, then travel up and over to Schaefer Switchbacks Road, take in all the breath taking view as you drive all the way down and meander over to Potash Road, which takes you right by these ponds, and then back in to Moab for lunch! 😁

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    @; and the quality of his youtube channel is impressive

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    @Dr. Nightmare If he did not expect that, then he is really a moron. My chemistry teacher used about half a gram. And there was a pop, a flame and lots of fog. Now, if you took any further schooling and learned about exothermic reactions like thermite you also have tables and algorithms to know how much energy is put out and what to expect in a reaction. I was in the engineers corps in the army and had some schooling on explosives and security distances depending on mass of explosive, which kind and what was around. Hint: Water is not compressible. But I think he is just a jerk and used a lot of potassium cause he got lots of cash from his million view videos and wanted as big an explosion as he could manage in the studio. I hope he had a team from the local firedepartment on standby, but hope often fails, so yeah.

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    Very interesting. But one mistake. Many, if not all tribal cultures of the past, spent only a small amount of their time looking for food. They had a good amount of time off. Modern industrialized man spends far more time “ making a living“. ,

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