Jarren Benton - "Anarchy" Official Music Video ft. EarthGang

Please watch: "J. Prince Talks Drake \u0026 Pusha T Beef, Rap-A-Lot Records, \u0026 New Book | Soulful Sundays"
www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcyMS... --~--
A HipHopDX Premiere!
Directed by Jesse Ray Diamond

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  • Justin Velasquez
    Justin Velasquez2 muaj më parë

    Imagine if jid was on this song

  • Justin Velasquez
    Justin Velasquez2 muaj më parë

    Was this made before Cole signed them?

    反社会ANTI-S0CI3TYGXNG5 muaj më parë

    Wanna work for us?

  • Uni-Verse Services
    Uni-Verse ServicesVit më parë

    Who is here 2020

  • Tyler Gabriel
    Tyler GabrielVit më parë


  • Yikes
    YikesVit më parë

    I hate that this is relevant right as of now

  • EastLado Recordz
    EastLado RecordzVit më parë

    2020 shits getting crazy. This song still 🔥🔥🔥

  • КиммИ
    КиммИVit më parë

    Shit really starting to pop of rn, Solidarity with Anarchist and Communist Comrades in America! No Justice, no Peace. Black lives matter, ACAB.

  • Remy Rotten
    Remy RottenVit më parë

    Good time foe this

  • Uni-Verse Services

    Uni-Verse Services

    Vit më parë


  • BlackStar Tv
    BlackStar TvVit më parë

    Who’s here in 2020

  • Soulemn The Great
    Soulemn The GreatVit më parë

    This is so relevant today. Fuck the police. Fuck Minneapolis PD!

  • big-ice- doggie-tron
    big-ice- doggie-tronVit më parë

    maybe after some time in the spotlight, jarren will come out of his shell...............not play it so safe, & tell us how he really feels. i don't usually feel the need to explain an artist's work, but this case is different. this song is so nuanced & subtle, & this is why i want to make sure that everyone grasped the point he was trying to make here. jarren is not fond of the police.

  • John Luyben
    John Luyben2 vjet më parë

    at 2:33 was the moment i realized it was a stunt driver and not Jarren actually driving

  • Dexter Hamman
    Dexter Hamman2 vjet më parë

    Fuck the police!! Love the vid an lyrics!!

  • Adam Apocalypse
    Adam Apocalypse3 vjet më parë

    Jarren came in so strong and left weak af

  • Nolight Modarkness
    Nolight Modarkness3 vjet më parë

    Jarren jacket 🔥🔥 just Like the song

  • Mikklo Corleone
    Mikklo Corleone3 vjet më parë

    My phone is now hot melted rubber in a glass screen in a case,thank u jarren

  • Vortex Official
    Vortex Official3 vjet më parë


  • comradelaowhy86 aka dedgost
    comradelaowhy86 aka dedgost3 vjet më parë

    the war on the police must never end

  • Crowbra D. Crow
    Crowbra D. Crow3 vjet më parë

    Wasn't this guy in Funk Volume?

  • crunch9876


    2 vjet më parë

    Crowbra D. Crow yeah. Until there was no more funk volume

  • Gibs Kimbler
    Gibs Kimbler3 vjet më parë

    Here for Eathgang wasn't disappointed 🔥 🔥🔥

  • Joey T
    Joey T3 vjet më parë

    What happened to appreciating the flow of the master benton. That's the real talent here .

  • Torrian D
    Torrian D3 vjet më parë

    I fucks with EARTHGANG. They are sick.

  • TRW 1998
    TRW 19983 vjet më parë

    fuck 12

  • Star Eye1
    Star Eye13 vjet më parë


  • Aaron Jacobs
    Aaron Jacobs3 vjet më parë


  • comradelaowhy86 aka dedgost

    comradelaowhy86 aka dedgost

    3 vjet më parë

    Aaron Jacobs :)

  • Blood Clot
    Blood Clot4 vjet më parë


  • Star Eye1
    Star Eye14 vjet më parë

    feel this song 100% this video shows what I'm thinking about every time they fuck with me just Cuz they can if you don't like this song then you not real and don't understand Cuz you don't go through this shit

  • J R
    J R4 vjet më parë

    idek what these bustas are talkin about. this is GOLD, this is FIRE. and i STILL fuck with Jarren.

  • Aztro Visuals
    Aztro Visuals4 vjet më parë

    Was that Sam King?

  • Daniel Wiesboeck
    Daniel Wiesboeck4 vjet më parë

    this song go hard

  • MCKingJames
    MCKingJames4 vjet më parë

    all cops are bastards

  • EddE Mania
    EddE Mania4 vjet më parë

    Fuck 12. All of em.. Hope they all die.

  • George Patrick Jr
    George Patrick Jr4 vjet më parë

    i have someone else phone their profile pic look gay af

  • Real Rapids
    Real Rapids4 vjet më parë


  • PopeThaGod
    PopeThaGod4 vjet më parë

    ik this view count is stuck

  • dillon mitchell
    dillon mitchell4 vjet më parë

    I am guessing he is a leftie since his watch is on his right wrist LOL

  • Logical Juan
    Logical Juan4 vjet më parë

    Well the video is going to ruffle a few feathers.

  • Roay Morales
    Roay Morales4 vjet më parë

    Too long intro !!

  • Lil Man
    Lil Man4 vjet më parë

    that GTA sound

  • Malik Nova
    Malik Nova4 vjet më parë


  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez4 vjet më parë

    dumb shit showing black people to do hahaha stupid that lost me now he rocks A lot of songs this sucked all in ur mind put it in some ones mind and then who is to blame

  • Brandon Basnett

    Brandon Basnett

    4 vjet më parë

    Jose Lopez your a special kind of stupid

  • Wayne Walker
    Wayne Walker4 vjet më parë

    i wanted to do that a long time ago. its coming though

  • Caligula Jones
    Caligula Jones4 vjet më parë

    jarren Benton tho...

  • Uriel Barrera
    Uriel Barrera4 vjet më parë

    The cop at the beginning got shot twice and no blood?

  • Shmup Head
    Shmup Head4 vjet më parë

    hah the plot twist at the end give me a good laugh lol

  • Daniel Mora
    Daniel Mora4 vjet më parë

    that feat sounds fucking stupid! i loved the song but earth ruined it. they sound like pussies

  • laFlashMakesBeats
    laFlashMakesBeats4 vjet më parë

    I love how at 0:36 blood gets on the black bars

  • Kuuh Reem
    Kuuh Reem4 vjet më parë

    See y'all people stupid it's a trap beat so what everything is a trap beat nowadays and that shit go hard imo but jarren still spittin absolute heat like he always did so tf y'all hatin for

  • Alcatraz Pho3nix_300
    Alcatraz Pho3nix_3004 vjet më parë

    i fuck wit this gang

  • CannabisCultureTechLife
    CannabisCultureTechLife4 vjet më parë

    I recognize that alley haha.

  • lost bbb
    lost bbb4 vjet më parë

    this is dope shiiiiiii

  • Tyler Hugie
    Tyler Hugie4 vjet më parë

    I'm a vegan

  • XSpace7
    XSpace74 vjet më parë

    When dat beat hit doe

  • Connor O'Reilly
    Connor O'Reilly4 vjet më parë

    I'm usually not a fan of these beats but jarren killed it

  • Diluted Mind
    Diluted Mind4 vjet më parë

    Kind of a shitty song. Racist as a mother fucker.

  • laFlashMakesBeats


    4 vjet më parë

    +Zach Werstein you are a special kind of stupid if you are actually serious

  • Zack Werstein

    Zack Werstein

    4 vjet më parë

    The song is shity.... Thats why i reported the video for Promoting Terrorism.

  • Brandon Basnett

    Brandon Basnett

    4 vjet më parë

    Not sure if you are trolling, or if you really are that stupid.

  • KAZ CLEViiiR

    KAZ CLEViiiR

    4 vjet më parë

    Pleeeaaaaase fam😭😭😭 down with 12, racist Deez nuts

  • daniel harnett
    daniel harnett4 vjet më parë

    ph shit this is too dipe

  • Wolf Kid
    Wolf Kid5 vjet më parë

    he knew cops was going to start getting shot at

  • Christian B
    Christian B5 vjet më parë

    This is fake he didn't really shoot the cop because when he fired the gun the slide didn't retract also no shell was ejected

  • Brandon Basnett

    Brandon Basnett

    4 vjet më parë

    Christian Benda wow much intelligence

  • HydraulicsRS
    HydraulicsRS5 vjet më parë

    This becomes more relevant as each day passes on.

  • Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence

    4 vjet më parë

    try shit

  • Luke Rees
    Luke Rees5 vjet më parë

    Wow i never really liked hopsin until i heard this song

    LVCID IS DEAD5 vjet më parë

    jarren killed this shit

  • bill hicks
    bill hicks5 vjet më parë

    First you're robbing banks, now we got cop killin'. You're making your music wack, Jarren. Throwing your whole career in doubt. Anything to make money, eh Jarren?

  • BlackClericNarration
    BlackClericNarration5 vjet më parë

    Anyone else notice the cop shot in the beginning did not have a bullet hole in his back when he was shot

  • InLAweTruss
    InLAweTruss5 vjet më parë

    This what gta for

  • X13 Unlisted
    X13 Unlisted5 vjet më parë

    Y'all are acting like Benton has NEVER utilized a trap beat before. This is ALL he's about. That's why he stood out in FV.

  • FnCey
    FnCey5 vjet më parë

    So does no one notice that the guy who was killing the cops is Sam King (SK4MC)?

  • Real_Figurez


    5 vjet më parë

    He's with him on gimme the loot

  • SkruffyTheHobo
    SkruffyTheHobo5 vjet më parë

    damn man what happened first dizzy and now jarren starting to sound trap. man this Shit is getting bad. cmon jarren is one of my favorites but Dawg not if it's going like this.

  • Chanzeland
    Chanzeland5 vjet më parë

    fuck the police

  • Chanzeland


    4 vjet më parë


  • Zack Werstein

    Zack Werstein

    4 vjet më parë

    Fuck you to

    KING TIM5 vjet më parë

    Can y'all imagine Danny Brown and Jarren Benton making a song together.

  • Janice Minch

    Janice Minch

    7 muaj më parë

    Yes that would be dope!

  • Phillip King

    Phillip King

    Vit më parë

    That be dope

  • laFlashMakesBeats


    4 vjet më parë

    we need this

  • Off the dribble On the court

    Off the dribble On the court

    4 vjet më parë

    +Tin Tizzy 😂same

  • StrayDup
    StrayDup5 vjet më parë

    Jarren is so good. I love that passion in his voice. You should check my channel out. (dont hate) Jarren is a big inspiration to me.

  • Lucid Dreamer
    Lucid Dreamer5 vjet më parë

    "tell me what a savage look like"

  • Rigoberto Ruiz
    Rigoberto Ruiz5 vjet më parë

    hes always been a trapper and a real one he even said funk volume seemed corny

  • Austin Mcdowell
    Austin Mcdowell5 vjet më parë

    Jarren Benton is ass compared to the rest of what used to be Funk Volume

  • Ronnie Johnson
    Ronnie Johnson5 vjet më parë

    This aint even a trap song lol Yall just hating to hard

  • Жека Дальнобойщик
    Жека Дальнобойщик5 vjet më parë

    That's a dope as music and video!!! In my country they would be in prison for that kinda video, FTP

  • Don'tMentionThis
    Don'tMentionThis5 vjet më parë

    walk around with the coppersss!

  • Don'tMentionThis
    Don'tMentionThis5 vjet më parë

    JaaaaaRRReeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn BennnnnnnToNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! Kill EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Presxos Alacalle
    Presxos Alacalle5 vjet më parë

    THIS RIGHT HERE is the best shit out right now by far. More motherfuckers should be talking about exactly this shit that jarren is talking about right HERE!!! WAKE UP!!!

  • Nicolas Oviedo
    Nicolas Oviedo5 vjet më parë

    freakin spectacular super fresh yo

  • soopaballz214
    soopaballz2145 vjet më parë

    cause this shish is dope Benton killing it.

  • soopaballz214
    soopaballz2145 vjet më parë

    I guess people like them posh nigga's.

  • G7JetVision
    G7JetVision5 vjet më parë

    fuckin dope

  • Joey Digrado
    Joey Digrado5 vjet më parë

    fuck this trap music. jarren dog youre better than that, dont sell out. dont piss on a lame saturated market.

  • Torro Creates

    Torro Creates

    5 vjet më parë

    @SkruffyTheHobo have you listened to My Grandma's Basement. Have you listened to Freebasing With Kevin Bacon. Have you listened to Huffing Glue With Hasselhoff. Have you listened to Slow Motion. Clearly not if you don't think that most of Jarren's music isn't trap. He's from Atlanta. That's the sound of his city. Why wouldn't a huge chunk of his music be trap. Yet I'm the moron? You clearly don't know anything about Jarren. You're hating on his new shit because he's going in a different direction than normal. He said himself that he's not the Skitzo nigga all the time, that's a part of him. How about you listen to his whole catalogue before coming after me for speaking the truth

  • SkruffyTheHobo


    5 vjet më parë

    +Torro Creates fuck are you on? most of his music is normal good rap. not trap you fat moron.

  • Torro Creates

    Torro Creates

    5 vjet më parë

    you did take in that most of jarren's music is trap, right?

  • Mr. Savoury
    Mr. Savoury5 vjet më parë

    Lmao All funk volume artists trash im deas

  • aceyace11


    5 vjet më parë

    Nah the only thing trash here is your comments

  • Mr. Savoury

    Mr. Savoury

    5 vjet më parë


  • Mr. Savoury
    Mr. Savoury5 vjet më parë

    White people scared of trap beats, oh and this is hot garbage

  • Cole Rozyla
    Cole Rozyla5 vjet më parë

    I dont think jarren should start making trap beat songs like hopsin. That would be gay as fuck honestly

  • Alex Kehrli
    Alex Kehrli5 vjet më parë

    Titling this Anarchy puts a bad spin on a peaceful philosophy. disliked.

  • zaizuba
    zaizuba5 vjet më parë

    the lyrics are great, the beat slaps tho tbh

  • Morgan Dulaney
    Morgan Dulaney5 vjet më parë

    I may be nerding out too hard, but he's using Killing Floor 2 sound effects in this beat.

  • james s

    james s

    4 vjet më parë

    +Morgan Dulaney your too white

  • Morgan Dulaney

    Morgan Dulaney

    4 vjet më parë

    may have heard wrong

  • Jay King

    Jay King

    5 vjet më parë

    no hes not

  • Savage Beast

    Savage Beast

    5 vjet më parë


  • Ricky Acord
    Ricky Acord5 vjet më parë

    Jarren is turning trap, Hop is too, I think, I like that, with his his song "built to destroy ?" i forgot the name

  • Ricky Acord

    Ricky Acord

    5 vjet më parë

    bout the business

  • Jared Svenson420
    Jared Svenson4205 vjet më parë

    Low key earth gang sounds like lil Wayne

  • Poetik mind
    Poetik mind5 vjet më parë

    check my music out real hip hop from a nobody ALthe channel poetik mindd

  • Zone IN
    Zone IN5 vjet më parë

    people are so dumb start listening to lyrics we all know the beats go hard what about the lyrics and yes he went hard. Hopsin, J Cole , Swizz They all go hard. Tiller heck yeah. Idk what these pthwr rappers doing. Kevin Gates sometimes.

  • BlackSn0wz
    BlackSn0wz5 vjet më parë

    "Yo dawg u tripping this shit fire doe." "This beat fire." "This shit bangs u trippin." Yeah, just like every single trap beat in existence. The lyrics are dumbed down heavily in this, and the beat is generic at best. If this is the level of 'rap' to be expected from Jerren, I probably won't be listening to much of his new shit. this may be a little better than some of the rappers like Fetty Crap, and Future, but he is setting the bar very low compared to what he is capable of. Just listen to some of his freestyles, and his verses on FV, no comparison.

  • K


    5 vjet më parë

    +Xunatic Iv'e gotta agree with you. I think this may be the exception though because Slow Motion Vol 1 was pretty great.

  • KarlAKarl
    KarlAKarl5 vjet më parë

    im waiting for this album, shits gonna be fire... he and kato is a fucking dream team.

  • Indy sb
    Indy sb5 vjet më parë

    deserves so much more recognition

    S†EPFΔM STUDiO5 vjet më parë


  • Austin Stevens
    Austin Stevens5 vjet më parë

    I really wish jarren did this song by himself, he absolutely kills it but earth gang ruins it

    S3V3N1BEATS5 vjet më parë

    This nigga got on spandex sweatpants killin cops... bruh.... wtf 0:43

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