Fluffy Returns To India | Gabriel Iglesias

Happy Friday!

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  • Shreyash Asane
    Shreyash Asane

    You tricked me into watching old video again, i thought this one was going to be a different one...but again Martin and I ..and didn't even realise how 26 minutes passed by..loads of love!

  • Dave

    I thought he actually returned in India. It would've been cool if he had a different story to tell while he was in India.

  • Vinayak K
    Vinayak K

    Fluffy loves india

  • Shark Dentures
    Shark Dentures

    "You just drove by a dead body 15 minutes ago!"

  • The Blue Collar Kid
    The Blue Collar Kid

    Every good story starts with "Martin and I...."

  • Theodore Roosevelt
    Theodore Roosevelt

    As a Polish man, I can confirm that angering 3 German men is sudden death mode

  • Anmol Golghate
    Anmol Golghate

    Fluffy: I wanna see gta:Indian

  • scartissuefilms

    I'm from the UK. I love India, incredible place. Definitely should be seen by everyone at some point.

  • The Blue Collar Kid
    The Blue Collar Kid

    Uncle Ben- With great power comes great responsibility!

  • The Dark Chocolate
    The Dark Chocolate

    He's gonna ensure every indian has watched this vid atleast twice. For me it's 8th. And always hilarious every time. Come back here fluffy. Let's hear a new story 😂

  • Superman1

    "Don't stay out late. When the sun goes down, you go down" 😂😂😂

  • Jasmin D'Cruz
    Jasmin D'Cruz

    I just can't had enough of this I love it, I keep watching it again and again it's really good , love from India 🇮🇳❤️

  • Banti Ray
    Banti Ray

    As an Indian, can confirm we move our head side to side while talking.

  • Celine Marcellana
    Celine Marcellana

    I once used the cow belief story on my religion/philosophy class, to connect it with the idea of different beliefs, and afterlife and I can say that they were also impressed by it, because noone knew about it, thank you Fluffy :)

  • swagata roy chowdhury
    swagata roy chowdhury

    Lots of love Fluffy… from a proud Indian 🤪 Boy this one never gets old! 🤣 I love how you describe that the world really knows so less about the culture… thanks for busting the myths with humour! 😉 it’s hilarious.. can’t wait for you to come back here again!

  • Robert Patzner
    Robert Patzner

    I watched this so many times I don’t even know how many. It always makes me laugh and changes my mood. I am German. Lol cheers 🍻

  • Kamran Fayaz
    Kamran Fayaz

    We all have watched this before but this never gets old

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar

    In India, There is different believes about cows but real reason is that people used to drink cows milk a lot and the cows were compared as second mothers as they were second living beings children drink milk from. Hence, all the respect which also occurs in the epic of Krishna. but unfortunately, People don't even try to find their own traditional reason. Hence, the miscommunication.

  • clericofchaos1

    Why "returns to india"? That feels very misleading. It's like you did a second tour over there no one knew about.

  • Jensen George
    Jensen George

    I have watched this video an unhealthy amount of times 😂 it still cracks me out... too fucking good and accurate 😂 also the title made me think did he come back again but then it's a repeat