My Dad vs My Stepdad! Family Struggles!

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Me vs Braces! Funny and Embarrassing Moments!
It seems to us that a teenager's life is very fun. But Elly is not very lucky with her family. Her dad and stepfather cannot make peace with each other.
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  • Buffet Slayer
    Buffet Slayer

    I can feel my brain cells deteriorating the longer I watch this.

  • AdamBall 6
    AdamBall 6

    "Ellie, say bye to your dad!"

  • Zoe Lazzaro
    Zoe Lazzaro

    I love how at the end the dads are like best friends!

  • Ricky P.
    Ricky P.

    I'm gonna need some whisky, wine, and bleach in order to watch the entire video

  • Sarah Madewell
    Sarah Madewell

    i loved the ending! it was so happy

  • OGWalter

    I was expecting way more comments memeing on this lmao, this is a weird ass video


    this video kills more brain cells than huffing gasoline, letting your kids watch this should be considered abuse.

  • Nancy SONG
    Nancy SONG

    I think I will vote both of them because they make a great happy and big family

  • baby yoda 445
    baby yoda 445

    I liked the real dad he tride so hard to see his real daughter it was so sweet i almost cried😿

  • Go Broly Go Go
    Go Broly Go Go


  • Julia

    I vote dad and stepdad because the were both friends in the ending 🥰

  • Folby

    This is the content that i would watch while im high xD. Came from Muta btw.

  • dr.leelaranganatha

    Finally the step father changed himself 🥺

  • Acex_*PubgM

    Alex is so cute 🥰 dad

  • Quiz Friend
    Quiz Friend

    No one can replace a true father

  • Yusuf Caglar
    Yusuf Caglar

    Awww so cute at the end

  • Vivian darkloom
    Vivian darkloom

    A real dad.

  • Thulethu Mofokeng
    Thulethu Mofokeng

    I love both of them because this was so funny and fun I will subscribe♥♥♡♡!!!!

  • Mustafa Al-obaidi
    Mustafa Al-obaidi

    I lost brain cells watching this.