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In this episode of Open Door, Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, Avengers) and wife Susan Downey turned a converted windmill into a stylish and charming Hamptons home. In this funny, full-access house tour, the Downeys show off their favorite art, let you into their closets and explain why their cats have full run of the place.

"We wanted something we haven’t seen a million times,” the Iron Man star says, describing the property itself as well as the decorative ministrations of AD100 designer Joe Nahem and the team at New York City-based Fox-Nahem Associates.

The Downeys originally met Nahem two summers ago, when they rented the heavenly Amagansett country house the designer shares with his partner, Jeffrey Fields.

The Downeys said goodbye to Nahem and Fields that summer with a request that the designers alert them to any particularly enticing properties coming onto the market in the Hamptons. Several months later, Nahem found a place that more than fit the bill: a late-19th century windmill folly, originally constructed as a playhouse, that had been transformed into a full-fledged residence by way of structural additions grafted onto the building in the decades following its construction. Among the many attributes of the estate were proximity to the town of East Hampton coupled with the privacy of a secluded location, enchanting gardens conjured by landscape designer Joseph Tyree for the home’s previous owners, and those sublime trees that dot the lawns like masterpieces of sculpture.

Nahem didn’t have much time to revel in the triumph of his matchmaking. As soon as his clients acquired the property, they gave their designer a mere six weeks to transform the home into a Downey-rific sanctuary keyed to the couple’s adventurous aesthetic tastes and the comfort of their children, five-year-old son Exton and three-year-old daughter Avri. (The actor has another son, 24-year-old Indio, with his ex-wife, Deborah Falconer.)

Happily, once the holiday season was over, Nahem and his team were able to return to the home and begin the renovation in earnest. One of the biggest changes was the reconfiguration of the living room that lies just beyond the octagonal entry foyer at the base of the windmill. To give the transitional area a greater sense of place, the designer sunk the living room several feet and anchored it with a massive wraparound fireplace wall by ceramic artist Peter Lane.

Another major component of the renovation involved rethinking the pool area to suit the Downeys’ vision of easy, breezy outdoor leisure. Rather than making the guesthouse do double duty as a swimming cabana, as it had in the previous scheme, Nahem designed a freestanding poolside pavilion, in collaboration with Alveary Architecture, replete with a dining setup centered on a mosaic-topped table by Kelly Behun Studio, an outdoor living room and bar, and a television almost as large as the screens at the local multiplex.

As for the interiors of the house itself, the mix represents an amiable consensus among the Downeys and their designer: pedigreed pieces and unpretentious off-the-rack staples, poppy colors and soothing neutrals, eccentric accents and discreet luxuries. It’s an idiosyncratic assemblage that speaks equally to the actor’s puckish spirit, his wife’s concerns for efficiency and ease, and Nahem’s finesse in crafting eminently livable homes with a touch of otherworldly magic.

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Inside Robert Downey Jr.’s Windmill Home in the Hamptons | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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    We just finished our Kitchen and floor remodel project with IND Construction. Avi and his team did an exceptional job and we are super happy and excited at the final outcome. Our home almost looks like a brand new one now! They exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the project. The company logo says "constructing hearts" and I truly believe that they 100% live by that value. Avi is a true professional and a man of high integrity, honesty and humility. He is very organized and gave us a detailed phase-wise plan at the outset of the project. His team then not only stuck to that plan, but the best part is, they were able to complete the project 3 weeks ahead of schedule. I couldnt have asked for anything more!! Avi told us that he treats every project, how big or small it is, as if it is his own home and at the end of the project he hands over that home to his client. I think thats a great work ethic and I can see the results of that attitude and sincerity in the quality and workmanship of what he and his team have built for us. I must also admit, that I am not a very farsighted and organized homeowner myself which meant that there were several last minute changes I had asked him to do which were not part of the original scope. For instance, all the demolition work was part of the day 1 schedule, but only after 95% of the job was completed, I had a change of mind and wanted a center piece in the family room removed as well :D. Avi not only took care of it within a day but also repainted the wall where the piece was installed. There are several other such big and small instances where he and his team were very patient and accomodatve, went above and beyond their scope and delighted us with great end results. As homeowners, a remodel project when we are living at the property is not easy to handle. We literally had to live out of our upstairs bedroom for 4 weeks, but IND constructions and all their construction staff ensured that the project was as hasslefree as possible. They employ very professional, smart and humble staff and they have a clean-as-you go policy after every work day which is great. I must also give a special shoutout to Ana, our wonderful interior designer who was recommended by Avi to design the kitchen. We have a small-ish kitchen with an awkward nook area. It was Ana's wonderful design that got us hooked to proceed with IND construction. Ana is also super friendly and professional and stayed with us throughout the completion of the project giving us valuable design suggestions at every stage. She has become our go to person for any design recommendations in future! If we ever plan another remodel project for our home, I cant think of any other group than IND and I will highly recommend them for any of your remodel projects too. We are super delighted and we cant wait to make more memories in our dream kitchen now! 888-641-1555

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