AMONG US vs MINECRAFT 2 RTX CHALLENGE! (Cartoon Minecraft Animation) Imposters & Crewmates

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Among Us in Minecraft. This Minecraft RTX Animation Cartoon about Among Us, a game but this is in Minecraft! The Logic in Among Us Crewmates Vs. Imposters.
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This is AMONG US VS MINECRAFT GAME official Minecraft Animation Game Horror and Fun! Want more Among Us? SONIC THE HEDGEHOG? More Piggy Book? Subscribe! If Among Us was in Minecraft, this is a taste of what you would see. Featuring AMONG US Imposters and Crewmates! Maybe a dash of Sonic and Mario and Spongebob! Who wants more BALDI?


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    I knew it was red( the classic)

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    Steve: take out the trash sondes fun yewoooo

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    Steve is dumb with imposter and sus XD

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    Mars mr 🧀

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    Post and race

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    Play piggy okay

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    I wanted to be me

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    Well the animation and he also the butt is good

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    9:10 lol

    LEE MING TIANG DAY 174 ditë më parë


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    I've been watching all of your videos lately and they're awesome! I've been giving them all thumbs up. Can you please make an Evil Nun video?

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    Go to Wildcraft to see the new videos

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    Ummm FuristucHub logo is gone

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    Why the heck nobody noticed that yellow was in the trash

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    Among us yellow is dead

  • Daniel Moran
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    Among us

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  • Janyi Pizarro
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    When red dress like a black spacesuit he trapped purple in the ejection chamber he runs back and dressed his own color and keep his secret

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    Red sus

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    I love this

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    2:18 remake of darkvader

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    Red: i’m gonna train you to fix this Also red: *JuSt PUnCh iN tHe CoDe*

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    My cousins: SHH LET US READ THE COMMENTS Me: gee sorry My mom: O+O I have weird kids

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    I love among us videos! Make more!

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    Bye-bye Red

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    It’s not steve

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    So red is suspected

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    Red be I want Ruby there for 10 past again

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    Among us more like among u.s.AA

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    Don’t be calling nobody in Teletubby specially you blue Go get thrown out in space

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    when is part 4 coming up

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    I think I know this why I’m like oh yeah I know this word

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    I love among us so much

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    7:50 Did anyone get the reference from don't lyin to me music video

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    2:17 a first try crewmate’s reaction when they mess up a swipe card streak

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  • dan bros 67

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    I feel sorry for red when he got burnd up i feel REALLY sorry😢

  • alba nelly
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    I knew it was red cuz he said he called the meeting at 0:50 but in the beginning he said WHO DIED

  • Debra Dail
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    Red is the imposter

  • Rosy DeLuna
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    Green killed pink and yellow and died in space then red killed the captain and purple and died and steve and blue were alive and no backup

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    crew fighting impostor wait thats illegal

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    So is this a fake futuristicHub or is this the real one

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    Why does orange keep saying the phrase “man” all the time

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    Bruh nobody knows

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    Like oh my God that's what purple said so funny 🤣😂🤣

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    red is very sus in this video

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    Love your videos

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    is that yellow in the trash

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    I Love this show

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    Hi guys I'm the creator of among us

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    blue sus

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    75*. Xjhgjugiuyjgh

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    More sonic E.X.E

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  • hi hello
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    I hate you and I love Among Us

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    Why is your profile a pink f

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    What if green killed pink and yellow then got ejected and red said he killed purple and blue then who killed white?

  • William Morley

    William Morley

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    Also in the first meeting y was there no seat for pink when pink died?

  • Zeiadakdy Akady
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    When lime was the impostor blue and red I thought it was three impostors Blue was the impostor but then he was friendly now I thought it was two impostors

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    It,s red is the impostor

  • Mohammed Haifa
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    This is my writing My brother and I always do something special on fridays like getting a party, or celebration, and all those fun Stuff. We always go to school try our best on work we always get an A+ we are so smart that our parents decided Of this! One Thursday we were so excited! And on that Friday it was New Years and my dads birthday! So that time We went to à among us restaurant. It was very fun there we got play among us in real life and eat some delicious Foods. But one Friday we never ate our carrots and played video games for the rest of our lives!!!! Edit: 👍 LIKE THIS COMMENT!!! 👍

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    This is a bad writing lol

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    This is just junk I don’t actually do writings like this

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    I’m amberresed

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    Warmongers it

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    8:38 Red Called You A Stupid Fat Colorful Poopie That Was The Funniest Name He Called You!!

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    Red said what the meeting for? Then he purple sus and he call meeting so sus?

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    Ruined Minecraft now among us

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    Can you may sum us videyoo

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  • Amongusteddys teddys
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    I. Love you

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    Son: I hate carrots can I just watch some among us furturistichub Mom: NO FIRST EAT YOUR CARROTS THEN WATCH THE STUPID FIGHT!!! Dad: I’m sad Mom: now eat your carrots!!! Son: fine....... IM OUTTA HERE!!! Edit: 👍 REMEMBER TO LIKE THIS COMMENT!!! 👍

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    Rad. Orang. Yellow. Green. Blu. Perpel. Pink

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    i think he should fly to piggy book 2 alleys and then start piggy book 2 :)

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    I laugh so hard when blue sad im voting you out tinky winky

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    Each other and then

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    It’s blue orange had fetch up hands

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    It was red and green

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    This don't make sense red said wats the meetin and then he said I called the meeting

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    But purple

  • Mohammed Haifa

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    Or red is just trying to not act sus

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    It might be a mistake

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    i ove this show

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  • hi hello

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    Desiree Carroll Buffalo boo who is actress Raines last time I saw him walking to never and I'm so sorry I'm suing someone I know you supposed

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    Haha i love among us

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