Donuts vs. Go Next - Rive Cup - Heroes of the Storm 2021

Këndi i lojërave

The Rive: Love HotS Tournament is a European Heroes of the Storm / HotS 2021 Tournament with European Heroes of the Storm teams fighting for a prizepool of 2000 EUROS. The match shown in today's Heroes of the Storm video shows the match between the The Donuts and the Go Next
HotS Patch 53.1
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  • none done
    none doneMuaj më parë

    dumm gelaufen xD

  • Roberto Corsini
    Roberto CorsiniMuaj më parë


  • Ryan Cuddy
    Ryan CuddyMuaj më parë

    Are we going to tell Khaldor that sudoko is the math game? seppuku is the suicide thingy lol. but seriously ty for casting still, we super appreciate you!

  • Ryan Cuddy

    Ryan Cuddy

    Muaj më parë

    @balabatan i see that now i just hyper focused on this one lol

  • balabatan


    Muaj më parë

    its just another meme of khaldor, like... hot butter through cheese german soccer (that one is my favourite)

  • Ryan Cuddy

    Ryan Cuddy

    Muaj më parë

    @KhaldorTV i thought it was strange haha

  • KhaldorTV


    Muaj më parë

    You must be German 😛 What do you think the chances are that I don't know that? ;)

  • Toea
    ToeaMuaj më parë

    Dat Stiches plays !

  • Marcus Lobo
    Marcus LoboMuaj më parë

    Awesome match with wunderbar builds by the donuts. Feel bad for Laubrrs boy's always end up 3rd. I mean first they were neck to neck with washed up and then feel the heat came in at no. 2 N now chilli mountain took 2nd with wash the heat at no. 1

  • TimothyLemon1237
    TimothyLemon1237Muaj më parë

    yay khaldor!

  • Chris Mckimmey
    Chris MckimmeyMuaj më parë

    I’ll smash these players .

  • Travis Peterson
    Travis PetersonMuaj më parë

    Did AYNONE see that kill with Junkrat against the hearthing Xul?!? hahaha omg Khlador i love your work! watch 39:50

  • Earth Grumble
    Earth GrumbleMuaj më parë

    Time to ban Stitches against Lauber....he only died fun time.

  • Geon CR
    Geon CRMuaj më parë

    I immediately clicked when I saw Stitches on the thumbnail.

  • James Blackwood

    James Blackwood

    21 ditë më parë

    @KhaldorTV STITCHES WANT TO BAIT okay sorry ...

  • KhaldorTV


    Muaj më parë

    Which is why I put him there 😁

  • Tatt Fei Ho
    Tatt Fei HoMuaj më parë

    Very fun to watch Donuts trolling around in both matches. Thanks for the upload

  • Roozbeh Moeini

    Roozbeh Moeini

    Muaj më parë

    Spoiler alert dude :D

  • KhaldorTV


    Muaj më parë

    Early rounds of tournaments are often a bit like that. But I thought it was still an interesting match and also shows the skill gap to the top 4 pretty well

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