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Mario Judah’s “Die Very Rough” quickly became a viral hit after he dropped the track in September. The song, which is produced by Mario Judah himself and features his signature producer tag, has more than 16 million Spotify plays to date and has spawned countless TikTok memes. On the latest episode of 'Verified,' the beatmaker turned rapper-singer explained how the song came together and broke down its lyrics.
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  • Mr I love Fortnite Ballards
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    0:05 The first line "im a big dog" is literally a metaphor 😂

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    Rock never dies kids 🤘🔥🔥🔥

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    He would lowkey sound good doing scremo!

  • Charles the king10
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    I be on the same vibe, and One day I will make a mixtape with him... I’m speaking it into existence 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    this nigga really weird bro cant be real

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    Can y'all do WHITEBOIJAY. He's a underground soundcloud rapper that needs more recognition

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    1:01 1:35 I came for this partt

  • Gidione Ikiraneza
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  • Professional Disappointment
    Professional DisappointmentDitë më parë

    Meh legit ab him and Playboi carti shootin shots at him

  • TCT
    TCTDitë më parë

    Didn't expect the dude to sound down to earth

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    Tc Thompson

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    “All that racist shit pretty funny” 😂 I guess that’s one way to look at it

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    This mo fo scares me but the song goes hard

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    Instant fan

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    How did you find Mario judah

  • Marvin M
    Marvin MDitë më parë

    Die Very Rough should be used in an anime intro. It's the hood equivalent of "omae wa mou shindeiru."

  • Mattlexic
    MattlexicDitë më parë

    For the last time...where is Luigi Judah?!

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    Rod wave on xgames mode

  • Duncan Campbell
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    everyone says tho thiss song is racist someone help

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    Mario judah = evil rod wave

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    Hearing Mario Judah talk is the weirdest feeling.

  • chris kurtz
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    he’s so well spoken. everyone makes fun of him but he’s got honest potential

  • Charles Lee-Ray
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    This shit so ass u can tell we all just bored as shit

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    man's dont need auto tune

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    It’s like if Metallica had the n word pass

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    You can be racist if you’re black.... and it can be funny

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    The term “Genius” is being sprinkled around too liberally in this day and age......

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  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo4 ditë më parë

    He should start making actual metal/punk music, he's definitely got the voice for it. I hate how people say your "not black" for liking other genres. Just because your black don't let people put you in a box and say you can only listen to/produce hip hop, trap, etc... It's 2021 time to let go of stereotypes and embrace who you are!

  • Wezzy Bray
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    1:52 CoD lobbies in a nutshell

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    I just don't get how people like this type of music

  • Hisoka's Seduction
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    ok but this song is actually a bop,no cap.



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    Lmao change your profile picture lmao

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