Little Nightmares 2 NEW THEORY

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Here is little nightmares 2 new theory. In this video I dissect the little nightmares 2 game and go over theories about what the world of little nightmares is, what the dreams mean, what is the eye, and briefly talk about the comic.
artwork credit to bleedman
0:00 Intro
0:38 Timeline
2:57 The eye
5:01 Sequel or prequel?
7:13 The dreams
8:00 6 drops mono
9:21 Why mono becomes evil?
9:56 Where are the guests?


  • Z E R E F
    Z E R E FMuaj më parë

    It could be those are not dreams but memories

  • CyberRain Official

    CyberRain Official

    Muaj më parë

    In very little nightmares, Six never wears the yellow raincoat, it is floating away in the water so it presumably washes ashore in the pale city where Six later finds it

  • Need A Random Name

    Need A Random Name

    Muaj më parë

    @ChaosLina 5:40

  • Chase the Master

    Chase the Master

    Muaj më parë

    Your pinned good for you😊🥰👍💯

  • ChaosLina


    Muaj më parë

    @Te Cee Boi the girl from little nightmares 2 has longer hair and braided. So far, the only girl we know with short hair is six.

  • Te Cee Boi

    Te Cee Boi

    Muaj më parë

    Also one theory that could be true unless someone has proof of it not being true is that the girl in LN2 isn't six, but its the girl from Very Little Nightmares. It would at least explain how they found the raincoat and reacted to it like it was new. However, for this to be true, the game has to be a prequel rather than a sequel.

  • Sangam Pattamsetty
    Sangam Pattamsetty9 ditë më parë

    My theory is that in Very Little Nightmares we see a photo of the pretender standing next to two grown ups which might be her parents but the one on the left looks a lot like thin mans shoes and pants from a different universe and he finds out about the pretenders power to vanish people so he runs away to pale city to investigate about the disappearance of children

  • Darwisy Naufal
    Darwisy Naufal28 ditë më parë

    Btw...why thin man capture sixbut not mono..hmmmmm

  • Axel Regalario
    Axel RegalarioMuaj më parë

    I was thinking maybe Six dropped Mono because it was the first time Six saw Mono's face. Also, Six kept pulling Mono away from the tv because maybe Six saw the thin man before and that is why she dropped Mono when Six saw Mono's face. Six was like "damn, so your Thin Man after all"

  • Gardener guy 2.0
    Gardener guy 2.0Muaj më parë

    0:50 imagine if in the next little nightmares Six mono and the other kids:were you killed? Raincoat girl:sadly yes BUT I LIVED

  • BakaNekoPanda
    BakaNekoPandaMuaj më parë

    Here's a theory: six let's mono go because she never seen his face until the end which she probably sees he's the thin man

  • P for Princess
    P for PrincessMuaj më parë

    these are good

  • Kelly Dos Reis
    Kelly Dos ReisMuaj më parë

    The viewers are the guests of you read the game cards you know them watching tv fats them up becoming the guest your welcome sault for answering why there are guests in the pale city

  • Sarah grim heart
    Sarah grim heartMuaj më parë

    If 6 is the Lady , then She made the 'Runaway Kid' the Mushroom gnome to be eatened and fueled her to soon kill herself and repleace herself in the end ? (Did 'Runaway kid' give 6 loaf of bread ? )

  • SubForNoReason Plz
    SubForNoReason PlzMuaj më parë

    New theory they showed the raincoat at the end of VLN just to confuse people

  • 1 1
    1 1Muaj më parë

    What if the Yellow Jacket in Littlest Nightmares is Six at the end of the loop returning to the Nest bit out there but it would explain the Jacket.

  • The Evil Dalek
    The Evil DalekMuaj më parë

    1:18 This is fan art/a fan comic. Here is the link

  • RievenJade O. Quibral
    RievenJade O. QuibralMuaj më parë

    Nice 👍 idol

  • Demario McCurry
    Demario McCurryMuaj më parë

    Has nobody considered that six didn't know who he is until the last scene where he doesn't have his bag on?

  • Amarier Lizana
    Amarier LizanaMuaj më parë

    The raincoat thing pisses me off. You see it, so you assume she wears it. But she doesn’t. You saw it. You didn’t see her wear it. You can’t use a fact to say, my assumption is correct and assuming anything else, or even the reality of her never putting it on is completely improbable. I saw it, thus, she wore it.

  • Jade R
    Jade RMuaj më parë

    7:32 The Runaway Kid doesn't become The Granny though, he becomes the Nome that Six eats in LN1. So that being a theory about them becoming the things they kill doesn't make sense entirely.

  • ingrid santos
    ingrid santosMuaj më parë

    I think that six dropped mono becouse she saw his face and it was the same as the thin man she is trying to break the cicle by killing mono without knowing that she played a role in its continuation

  • ファントムp
    ファントムpMuaj më parë

    What I think is very little nightmares takes place first then little nightmares 1 because of the suitcase in the boss battle then 2

  • fluff puff
    fluff puffMuaj më parë

    What you suggested in regards to Six is plausible. I think she could have also been angry after he destroyed her music box and was getting revenge. The timeline definitely seems to be weird, though, like not from point A to point B.

  • Winter Lava Gacha
    Winter Lava GachaMuaj më parë

    maybe six saw mono without his mask and realised he was the thin man then she dropped him?

  • AmazingMR Pig
    AmazingMR PigMuaj më parë

    It ends before it even starts...

  • Ruby Russett
    Ruby RussettMuaj më parë

    I think I’ve cracked this. After the events of very little nightmares, six gets on the raft and takes the raincoat travelling to the pale city. Here she looses her raincoat and is taken to the maw. The events of little nightmares 1 happens and six absorbs the ladies powers, (the power to drain the power out of things). She finds herself escaping and when she finds the hunter she hides downstairs boarding herself in. Her safe space. Mono comes and mono takes her from that safe space and they escape together. Six regains her raincoat and little nightmares 2 happens. However when six turns into monster six, the signal tower uses the music box to keep her there as it knows that the music box reminds her of when she was safe in the room. She felt safe. At least that was until mono breaks the music box and takes her out of this safe place once again. The bridge scene can be explained like this: six can’t travel through TVs as shown in the scene when she’s trapped and mono tries to pull her out, and the exit to the signal tower looks a lot like a tv. She didn’t go back to mono because she cares about him, she went back so she could use the power of the lady and absorb some on monos power. By doing this she can escape and she drops him when she’s had enough (this also explains why the thin man is weaker and is killed by mono as he’s had some of his power absorbed by six.) And in the secret cutscene at the end with six, she gets hungry and looks at the maw. The one place filled with food without an owner. That empty slot that could be taken by six, six grows into the lady and destroys every mirror in the house to stop younger six killing her. However this doesn’t work and when she realises its all going to happen again she doesn’t fight knowing that this needs to happen letting younger six kill her. The only hole in this is how six got from the maw to the hunters house but overall I think this fills a couple plot holes. I don’t like it when people say six is evil. Six is a survivor. She does everything to survive. She kept mono around so she can survive. She killed mono so she can survive.

  • Dlow 34
    Dlow 34Muaj më parë

    Gives me berserks causality vibes

  • Foxylp Flp
    Foxylp FlpMuaj më parë

    Yes please more videos about little nightmares ^^ you explain very good

  • UnknownArtist 720
    UnknownArtist 720Muaj më parë

    I somehow didn't even notice let alone consider the pattern in "dreams". If not through more games, I hope we get more comics on this

  • Jeff Ptak
    Jeff PtakMuaj më parë

    The Hunter only shoots at Mono and in no way tries to recapture Six. Almost as if she doesn’t exist.

  • etann payet
    etann payetMuaj më parë

    What if Six was in the school of the city and Very Little Nightmare was her traveling into the hunter's cabine ? That will explain why there is a rope placed in front of the school in a way of escape and why we find the yellow coat of Six on the land of the school. That will explain also why Six want to go to the right and not to the left for escape, she already has go to the left before and failed. Well that's just a theory you may want to look on your free time ^^. Thanks for the video btw, I like how you give elements of your theory.

  • Sly Mufasa
    Sly MufasaMuaj më parë

    I like how people are just assuming that girl from Very Little Nightmares is Six even though in the comics multiple kids with rain coats are shown

  • Vicious Vize
    Vicious VizeMuaj më parë

    I think that Six dropped Mono as she was absorbing his powers. When she had enough, she was able to travel through the TV. She could never do this through the game until the end where she held Mono. Idk, that’s my theory.

  • Vicious Vize

    Vicious Vize

    Muaj më parë

    @L it’s only a theory just calm down

  • L


    Muaj më parë

    @Vicious Vize yeah but try to make a theory Sound more realistic and not plan old Stupid stuff atleast try to puts little work in a theory

  • Vicious Vize

    Vicious Vize

    Muaj më parë

    @L well it’s just my theory calm down man

  • L


    Muaj më parë

    @Vicious Vize no she can’t and if there is a chance she can the video even said She absorbed The lady’s powers by eating her if u actually listen And see It shows no were near mono getting aten by six and if u actually do ur research you could look up her ability’s and it shows nothing About Absorbtion

  • Vicious Vize

    Vicious Vize

    Muaj më parë

    @L She can

  • Henny
    HennyMuaj më parë

    Does anyone know where we can read the comics?

  • Noah Nofre
    Noah NofreMuaj më parë

    I Think The Reason Six is her name because she's in the sixth loop

  • Need A Random Name
    Need A Random NameMuaj më parë

    I can't help but wonder if thin guy was the guy that was hanging in little nightmares 1, and that the thin man in this game is his 'shadow'.

  • 히나
    히나Muaj më parë

    0:16 : Why are there triangles with eyes on the TV ? I think I have a small theory about that : Six raincoat (makes her head triangle) and the eyes...where are they from? I can’t tell you anything about that...

  • Naydrasnowy
    NaydrasnowyMuaj më parë

    Can you guys stop using very little nightmares and the comics as evidence? The creators literally changed so much. Very little nightmares and the old comics have nothing to do with LN1 and LN2

  • Tenebreate
    TenebreateMuaj më parë

    Actually there is nearly no evidence that LN2 is a sequel. But much evidences that this is a prequel. Because the comics are not canon anymore why do you include them in your theory? And even if the comics are somehow canon it still makes sense, six would still get to the maw from the city. VLN is a prequel to LN2. The raincoat gets to the pale city while six gets to the hunter. There is also a theory about Six escaping the school even before the events of the game. Six knew some traps in the school and there is also a towel for escaping. So LN2 is not a Sequel. The game is but the story is not. I think the Secret Ending made that pretty clear. Six had no powers, no raincoat, no hunger all that until the end

  • GudziGudzi
    GudziGudziMuaj më parë

    maybe in little nightmare 2 she saw her shadow for a brief moment in the ending because she used some of mono's power?

  • Ahmed Feknous
    Ahmed FeknousMuaj më parë

    Is it just me or is he saying “sex” rather than “six”

  • Taaha Muhammed
    Taaha MuhammedMuaj më parë

    I saw video yesterday on which they showed (I think it was on this channel) 5 ladies in little nightmares 1 in the lady house there were 5 lady were on the pic so I think, the girl name is six so I guess the next one after will be named seven

  • Cadmius
    CadmiusMuaj më parë

    Another thing that not so many people noticed: - In little nightmares 1 when u play against the Janitor there is a part were you have to turn on a TV and starts playing and strange music. - This strange music appears in little nightmares 2 as well you can check it when using a TV on LN2 turning it off and on till you find the music. * That means that Mono, while he is getting older, in all that time he is watching Six doing her things till he can get his revenge AND also shows the existence of a portal that connects Pale city and the Maw. ALSO!!! There's a room (in episode 4) with a portraid of the Lady and frames that show the Maw and the Guests. But it seems like a Man's room so.. It's the room of the Lady husband or maybe another next character¿? Also there's a figure like in LN1 the one's u have to break.

  • Matthew Feola
    Matthew FeolaMuaj më parë

    You know those eyes that blob thing at the end of the game make me think of the eldritch horror Yog Sothoth.

  • Land walker000
    Land walker000Muaj më parë

    I think there is no story. I bet the developers do not have a timeline for this series and never will. I believe that are following what David Lynch has been doing with his films and Twin Peaks. He doesn't care about a followable timeline or coherent plot. He just cares about how scenes make you feel. These games are meant to tell an emotional story, not a logical one.

  • kowsik paduchuri
    kowsik paduchuriMuaj më parë

    This a long comment please excuse for that, After watching all the videos, I think very little nightmare is the start and six is one of the failed product from the nest. At the end of very little nightmare we see six in a white one piece. And we see the yellow jacket floating in the drainage Canal, and we can see that six used a raft to escape. And in little nightmare 2, we see six in same white one piece, so I think after she used the raft, she came to forest and was caught by the hunter, from this we can see that nest is on mountain and forest where hunter lives is below it. After mono saves her, he gives her the yellow jacket and escapes. And in the ending we can see that six is hungry and shadow six shows her the next location to go to. Which is where little nightmare 1 comes into play. The pretender is the boss of the nest and is responsible for growing manager candidates for the eye from children that the pretender kidnapped. In very little nightmare it is shown that the pretender can vanish people leaving only their clothes. And little nightmare 2 we see some places in the city that only have clothes but not people. The pretender father is shown hanging in little nightmare 2, it can be assumed that, he father manages the tv’s by sitting on the chair to manipulate the people. But choose to commit suicide because He cannot continue working for the eye. At end of little nightmare 2 mono uses the same chair, as he has no other choice but to use it. In the little nightmare 2 it is also shown that when six is pulled into the tv and mono goes into to tv to save her, we can see that six is turned into a monster, I think that is the reason why the nest thinks six is a failed product. At the end of little nightmare mono kills the masked woman and unleashed her powers (the monster within her ) which to like gluttony. Six is always hungry and eats everything. The reason six betrayed mono is when she was pulled into the tv, the monster within her already started breaking out of her. And she is not herself, that is why in little nightmare we can see that six does not save or try to save anyone. But in very little nightmare and little nightmare 2 she tries to save the protagonist. I think the music box that mono breaks in little nightmare 2 is the point that lets six keep her sanity, but as mono breaks it, the monster in six also breaks of out six control. And also nest should be create children who have different powers, like turning children into noms, vanishing people, or that teacher that can give life to the children puppets. etc. And I also this ln2 might not be a loop, but in the tv world there is no timeline, there is not past, present or future. And the also I think the reason the thinman tried to capture six is because he know that six is a monster, and thinman tried to capture mono as he was trying to save himself from her. Also it might be mono is also from nest and his power to teleport through tv’s I mean if I am not wrong we do have a scene in very little nightmare where in a tv room we have bunch of kids dolls with one empty sit. If am not wrong. So mono might have teleport from nest to the forest below it. And also the reason why six dreams of the lady in mask might be the lady in the mask is from the nest and he works on children to have them awaken powers in them them. And she might have turn a few kids into goems. So my theory no loop, but are in chronological order of very little nightmare, little nightmare 2, little nightmare.

  • PatrickBateman47


    Muaj më parë

    Best and more coherent theory I have ever read. I definitely agree.

  • Raine LCM
    Raine LCMMuaj më parë

    Theory: Six is trying to stop the cycle by stopping Mono from releasing the thin man, so she wont get captured and betray mono. Notice how many times she pulled him out of the T.V? She tried pulling him out but mono's curiosity led him to releasing the thin man and let the cycle repeat again. Six gets captured, Mono saves Six, Six betrays Mono, Mono becomes thin man. She goes to the maw With the curse of uncontrollable hunger Eats the lady and becomes her Thennn repeat

  • Limitless Range
    Limitless RangeMuaj më parë

    My theory: Six is not evil, She is not in control of herself that's why she seems evil, she really does care for mono, she lost part of her soul (shadow six) and has an evil force inside of her body ever since the beginning of little nightmare 1. That's why she seems to have split personality. Six still has what remains of her soul and is cursed by the eye. Remember her music box has the eye sign, the music box is the reason of her curse. I cant believe how some missed the fact that six rescued and pulled mono from the tv screen multiple times ,and blame her for something she didn't even do like letting go of mono at the end. Six might be possessed by a dark entity, The evil was in her ever since the beginning of little nightmare 1, the evil spirit is what causing her stomach to growl, its inside of her. Like some sort of spirit possession she is not in total control of her body. That's why its hard to understand six cause sometimes she is nice at times and at other times evil as if she has has two distinctive personalities. Mono knew that he had to destroy the music box to end this curse. People need to ask themselves Why would six drop mono when she is the one who pulled him from the TV like 3 times. If she wanted to get rid of him and imprison him with the Eye she could have done it before. This doesn't add up that's why I know for sure the real six would not let go of mono. In addition to that its not normal for a kid(even in little nightmares world) to eat a dead rat, a kid, and a women. its not six who did it, its the evil force inside of her forcing her to do it. The stomach growling is a sign that the evil is taking control of her, another sign remember the shadow six appearing before she ate the run away kid. Remember the secret ending the same stomach growling sound and shadow appeared after she dropped mono.

  • Zhap Craft

    Zhap Craft

    Muaj më parë

    I also thought about that , and noticed that mono which is the thin man himself is tryng to separate shadow six from her body , thats why the thin man captured her in order to save her from the evil shadow six but the little mono had no idea and still try to get six out on the tv transmission realm , and i think the thin man told six that little mono is the thin man himself when mono and six running for their escape from the realm of tv transmission that where mono jump and six holds heS Hand , six knew that shell be reunited with her Shadow the evil entity if she try to bring mono out with her she might lose control of her body cus shadow six will possess six's body and the evil will take control of her body and eat what living she sees cus the evils hunger feeds on a living , the reason why she chose to drop mono and left him behind because She is scared that mono will be eatin alive by her spirit's hunger. Thats my own theory tho

  • FbI WiTh ClOrOxX

    FbI WiTh ClOrOxX

    Muaj më parë

    Congrats ur theories makes sense and i read all of it

  • Sarj
    SarjMuaj më parë

    What if Little nightmares 1 happens in the middle of Little nightmares 2? When Six was taken into the tv! Also when she is a big monster..maybe that was the climax of her powers acquired in the end of first part Just my theory

  • 123janot
    123janotMuaj më parë

    I already wrote that I think that is not a cycle thing. But I want to detail a little bit. Choosing my theory, somebody can ask a question. What about the thin man and Mono? I think that the thin man and Mono aren't the same person. Yes, they have the same powers and the same looks( i mean the same clothes), But are that worthy evidences? We don't have much information about how kids get their powers. I have a hypothesis about that. Maybe, the get powers when they expierence a strong fear. At this moment every kid gets a power related with feelings, thoughts at the moment( Six gets hunger because she felt anger at the moment when her last thing that she carried about was broken, Mono got his power when he was in a TV, maybe at this moment he wanted to teleport somewhere). According to this hypothesis, come kids might have the same powers because similar situations and thoughts,feelings they have expeirenced. Than it does make sense if the thin man and Mono are not the same person. Speaking about the clothes, maybe its a special clothes for a who in the tower. Mono had different clothe when he was younger but with growing he got the clothes from the tower. it offered it for him, inviting to be the next.

  • 123janot
    123janotMuaj më parë

    I don't think that this is a cycle. And I think that the actual timeline is like that. - Very little nightmares - little nightmares 2 - The comics - little nightmares 1. Let me explain it. In very little nightmares Six goes away from the fly house( I don't know how this location is named officially) without taking the jacket( or what it is). The jacket goes to the pale city by the sea. In the pale city a kid finds it and wears for a while. Than the kid is taken by the thin man and without the jacket like other people in little nightmares 2. Six finds it and wears. In the end of the second part of the franchise she decides to go to the Maw( I am sorry I don't know its right name, but in Russian it is called " Чрево(Chrevo"). She doesn't know how and because of this stays for a while the city. She meets other kids, hangs out with them( for some reasons, maybe because it is more possibly to survive if you aren't alone). Then the man who takes kids to the Chrevo appears and takes Six( others maybe could escape him). And then Six wakes up in the Chrevo.( As you can guess I am Russian. So my English might be not very good. But I hope that you understand what I want to stay.)

  • BananaQuack
    BananaQuackMuaj më parë

    Six could have seen the resemblance of Mono and the thin man and dropped him to prevent the cycle from repeating and Mono could have turned into the thin man because of Sixes betrayal.

  • Arxels
    ArxelsMuaj më parë

    Ima just wait for the 3rd game lol.. this is confusing.

  • crystal paez
    crystal paezMuaj më parë

    You’re saying mom ma it’s mall

  • S UP
    S UPMuaj më parë

    Little Nightmares 2 = Izanami

  • MY 2 CENTS
    MY 2 CENTSMuaj më parë

    It is 300% a prequel Must've been changed during development Cuz we see Six powerless, shadow Six be created, the coat found again, the hunger appear for the 1st time, and the tease of six going to the Maw Also, this may be a reach...but the hunter's den is reachable via raft...guess what game ends with Six in a raft? Timeline goes VLN, LN2 and LN And there is enrichment for it!! Cuz now we know Thin Man freed himself again after the secret ending of LN

  • Alissa
    AlissaMuaj më parë

    You guys the rain coat comes from 6 past self. The time line is on loop meaning 6 future self is trying to persuade her present self into doing something different.

  • Light Yagami
    Light YagamiMuaj më parë

    how could six swim to a forest???? if anything she would drawn before she could get there unless shes good at swimming

  • Connor Hofmann
    Connor HofmannMuaj më parë

    Six is the daughter of the lady, who used to be good, until the signal tower changed and twisted everyone. She left the maw to take down the tower, but got caught. At the end six saw mono without a mask on and saw he was the thin man and that she couldn't save him. After her time in the tower she knew there was no saving the lady, but a chance to save mono from his fate. She then travels to the maw to kill the lady and take her power. With witch she seeks to destroy the tower and end the loop.

  • Hypocrite Troll Bot
    Hypocrite Troll BotMuaj më parë

    Theory: Mono is the next Thin Man and killed the previous one. Therefore, Mono Thin Man is still alive and will hunt Six in LN3 (he found her at the end of LN1).

  • T W A B
    T W A BMuaj më parë

    We need moooooree

  • RevoPadawan
    RevoPadawanMuaj më parë

    You missed a big theory. At the end when six drops mono is the only time we see him without his hat. Did six drop him because she saw his face and recognized him as the thin man? Seems like she was a pawn in this not realizing she was key to creating the thin man.

  • Rezone
    RezoneMuaj më parë


  • EverWild Art
    EverWild ArtMuaj më parë

    There's definitely a bigger power here, someone is controlling the nightmare. Maybe in the next game, we get to see who the real villain of this world and finally, stop this monster and ends the nightmare once and for all.

  • chilin chillin
    chilin chillinMuaj më parë

    What if little nightmares 1 was the future of six and little nightmares 2 is actually the past

  • MyLatin1
    MyLatin1Muaj më parë

    Did six drop mono or did mono let go by himself after all the games description implies that mono was trying to save six from a terrible fate.

  • Matuev khavaj
    Matuev khavajMuaj më parë

    Tarsier Studio confirmed that Six and the lady are not related and mean that six is the runaway girl. It says on internet

  • natex gaming
    natex gamingMuaj më parë

    Maybe the guests are just not in that particular area as if there somewhere else in the pale city like different location on the continent 😕

  • Bmore Bread
    Bmore BreadMuaj më parë

    That little girl in lnm2 might not b six

  • Ridire Oíche
    Ridire OícheMuaj më parë

    The streets being full of guests could be because for the moment the signal tower is down and the TVs don't hold their same power. Six's memory loss could be a gradual side effect from her brief monstafacation. If Six went from the nest washing up near the forest then got captured by the puppet hunter under orders from the thin man who does not want a paradox (explaining six's being kept alive by the hunter, the bullies and the doctor) he could have as you said set every detail of the adventure as a trap from memory playing director and unwitting star (he had a lot of time to stew over the events of LN2 in that chair). So the thin man wanted revenge but not in a way that cause him to cease to exist. As Mono and Six continue to thwart the thin man he gets more and more desperate being so close and so far from his revenge (making Six suffer as the monster he sees her as forever) he makes a risky move thinking he has the benefit of knowing how the events played out last time but underestimates Mono and pays for it. So Six's adventure goes: the nest> the forest> captured> LN2> spat out secret ending in pale city> comic: the pale city (free of the signal towers control)> plagued by the hollow static remnant of being phased into a monster(shadow six) six goes with the Ferryman to the Maw but escapes into the ducts suffering another bout of memory loss where because Six is not complete her hunger has become attuned to the lady's power(being the strongest thing nearby) before waking up in LN. The reason Six is the only child in the series (the girl in the yellow raincoat, Mono, Bread girl, Runaway Kid, the nomes) that doesn't bother to help others when the opportunity arises is because six is hollowed emotionally there is nothing left of Six but hunger no longer capable of caring as the hunger to fill the growing void of being something that shouldn't exist grows Six must consume more to sustain herself (and where can you get your fill? the Maw). Mono is doomed to an endless rerun of his life in a hell-loop(LN2) and Six is doomed to fade or feed.

    ༄TΞCHNICAL SŴORD༄Muaj më parë

    Yes make more videos , or i will unsubscribe , because i subscribe you for this game atleast make 10 more v

  • Fredy CP
    Fredy CPMuaj më parë

    in 4.03, i just realise there is a thin man drawing on the wall when six is taken, so weird, the room looks like a kid room cus many toys around.

  • John Paul Espiel
    John Paul EspielMuaj më parë

    this hurtz my brainnn

  • Leah Miller
    Leah MillerMuaj më parë

    What if it goes little nightmare 2 (where she first find the rain coat), very little nightmares (she losses the rain coat to seven and gets it back in the end), and then little nightmares where she keeps the rain coat on through the whole thing. This would also support the ending of little nightmares 1of the thin man (AKA the eye scene). During this part of the game six has to hid from the eye or shell get evaporated. And the ending credits might be the plot of little nightmares 3 where mono finally gets back at six

  • SketchPet Animation
    SketchPet AnimationMuaj më parë

    Six only hated mono cuz mono is destroying the music box

  • kylruby
    kylrubyMuaj më parë

    six changes the loop from many attempts and saves mon in time before he becomes the thin man

  • Marko Zec
    Marko ZecMuaj më parë

    I adore Little Nightmares universe in general and consider Six best of characters and do hope we will play as her again. But trying to fill up full context of this lore makes my head get burned, chopped up, exploded and forced to listen mooing of cows for eternity!!!

  • Donald Trahan
    Donald TrahanMuaj më parë

    I think she dropped him because after getting captured by the thin man, she realized the connection between the two, she saw who he really was. Maybe that why when mono freed her from being monster, she stared at him, a strange odd stare

  • Ramon Cruz
    Ramon CruzMuaj më parë

    The timeloop theory really falls short. Mono’s consciousness is singular, which means that if he is seeing himself, he is still himself, meaning that their are two of himself. There’s no focal point to work with. The only indication anyone gives for their being a time loop is six’s hunger, and the fact that mono become the new thin man. Yet what if the thin man is just a form? Like a type of office or title that automatically changes anyone captured into that thin man? Also, what if six satisfied her hunger during that last killing of all the guests, doesn’t have the hunger, and only has to periodically feed similar to the geisha? Just some thought to consider.

  • Ender bunny
    Ender bunnyMuaj më parë

    When i beat the game i assumed that the thin man was a title not a specific person and mono is just the new thin man

  • daniel da creator
    daniel da creatorMuaj më parë

    i think the viewers became the guests would make sense because no one in the pale city seem to be wearing masks but everyone in the maw wears masks this might be because the viewers litterally dont have a face but they do seem to have a mouth or atleast a hole in their face to put food into and even if they dont eat if you see the discription of viewers on the bandai namco sight it says something along the lines of "the tv gives them all they need fattening them up" it is possible that in the comics six entered a later part of the pale city with the viewers evolved into guests

  • Brozen Fall739
    Brozen Fall739Muaj më parë

    It could be that the signal tower may need a "host" to help it take the live energy it needs to help it stay in the world and that's were Mono comes in. That he is the "right host" for the signal tower.

  • OpraLatis
    OpraLatisMuaj më parë

    Thin man isn't evil, he is trying to break the timeloop

  • zhongli hair product review

    zhongli hair product review

    Muaj më parë

    @Raz Row no i think six arent actually "betray" mono she's trying to save mono from the time loop

  • Raz Row

    Raz Row

    Muaj më parë

    @zhongli hair product review no he is trying to capture six so she can’t betray mono and drop him in the void and he is trying to get his past self not to kill him but to keep him away from six so six can turn to the monster and I’m guessing die

  • zhongli hair product review

    zhongli hair product review

    Muaj më parë

    By killing his past self

  • primwho2008
    primwho2008Muaj më parë

    There are new Little Nightmares comics out which follow Six, Mono and few other kids in various areas of the second game. One even includes Six encountering the Hunter.

  • Eszra 01
    Eszra 01Muaj më parë

    You see the suitcase that she wakes up in Little Nightmares in the finale battle of Little Nightmares 2. She also appears to come violent after being taken by the school children. Waiting for Mono in the Hospital shes seen breaking fingers of a prosthetic arm. There is also the question as to how she is able to pull Mono from the TV and why she doesn't want him to open the door. Note when the door is opened six looks scared as if to say What have you done. She also clearly tries getting out of the TV but it fails. Then when Mono tries to save six in the TV world one of the first things he does is break through a broken door just like the start of the game. We find Six a giant monster version of herself obsessed with the music box and after its gone she comes back. My theory is that Six is in fact The Ladies daughter and there is a connection to her and the Hunter. Six was sent there and not until Mono sets her free does she go from a weak child to the tainted fearless girl driven by revenge. To destroy the woman that made her go through it all in the first place.

  • OneK Gaming
    OneK GamingMuaj më parë

    This doesn’t completely make sense tho. There is also the things that happen in the Little nightmares comic app. Mono was already in the forest and saw six as she was kidnapped by the hunter.

  • Sly Mufasa

    Sly Mufasa

    Muaj më parë

    Right it’s like he’s picking and choosing what info he wants from the comics

  • Sky lie
    Sky lieMuaj më parë


  • OneK Gaming
    OneK GamingMuaj më parë

    The senior narrative designer Dave Mervik for little nightmares 2 told Polygon that this is a true “sequel”. He said that it’s “following up after the events of Six escaping the Maw and she joins Mono on a journey to the signal tower”.

  • OneK Gaming

    OneK Gaming

    Muaj më parë

    @Blappeture. CO First off: no need to get upset. We are having a civil debate so calm down. Second: they want us to dig through the game find the answers ourselves. They’ve even said as much. They said we might not get the answer we are looking for unless dig after them. So just getting the secret ending wouldn’t be enough to give us the answer to this question. Look through the game, the connections to the maw, the nest, the supply lines, six’s powers. They are all there. I’ve found a lot of them and that’s why I think it’s a sequel still.

  • Balor The Dreamer

    Balor The Dreamer

    Muaj më parë

    @Blappeture. CO Let me not lie, I think both your points are valid. Honestly, it may be a prequel and only described as sequel because of the loop theory. But if you ask me, I think the loop is too predictable for the devs. If the whole community can think of this answer I'm sure they have something different and more shocking. So I'm kinda inclined to believe that it's a "true sequel" but we just have no idea how yet.

  • Blappeture. CO

    Blappeture. CO

    Muaj më parë

    @OneK Gaming and yet when asked about when in the timeline it is set, they don't give a straight answer. If it's a direct sequel, why don't they just say it takes place after? But you clearly don't intend on reading that exact paragraph I've sent where they've said they don't want to give it away easily.

  • OneK Gaming

    OneK Gaming

    Muaj më parë

    @Blappeture. CO They outright mention that it’s a sequel many times in the article and the LN Twitter page even made a post about a score the got saying it’s a “true sequel”.

  • Blappeture. CO

    Blappeture. CO

    Muaj më parë

    @OneK Gaming The writer got it wrong. They said the dev told Polygon that but if you look at the polygon article linked, there's nothing like that said. They just assumed it was the chronological sequel. Show me something that directly says the devs have said it takes place after. Because all they've said so far is that they don't want to answer that just yet. That paragraph I've sent before is proof of that.

  • caredavez
    caredavezMuaj më parë

    hopefully they have DLC for Six's arch, could be after the main game in getting Into the maw since the comic is cancelled and is not canon.

  • True Crypto
    True CryptoMuaj më parë

    How can they be stuck in a loop if mono hangs himself in little nightmares 1?

  • GabrielDoesYT


    Muaj më parë

    @True Crypto it was confirmed to be the man in the photo with the pretender in Very Little Nightmares

  • True Crypto

    True Crypto

    Muaj më parë

    @GabrielDoesYT how do we know this?

  • GabrielDoesYT


    Muaj më parë

    Thin man and the man hanged in LN1 are not the same person confirmed

  • WellerJC
    WellerJCMuaj më parë

    It's pretty obvious that it's a prequel, the reason she went to the Maw was to gain the ladys power so that she can recombine her soul that the Thin Man separated when he took her and stop her insatiable hunger.

  • Josiah Perea

    Josiah Perea

    Muaj më parë

    Exactly it’s a prequel period there’s more evidence that states it’s a prequel not a sequel

  • Wyatt Wistrom
    Wyatt WistromMuaj më parë

    Good point. What if Six becomes the lady like in Mono’s predicament

  • K K
    K KMuaj më parë

    What’s weird is that we saw the suitcase she woke up in when she was in the maw, in the final boss fight. The same suitcase is in the room her monstrous form was in, it could mean that this indeed a sequel

  • Mau Vasconcellos
    Mau VasconcellosMuaj më parë

    Here we go. A real "theory" and story explained video, and as promissed, you have my "Thumbs up" this time. Good work, Sault.

  • Muxakara!


    Muaj më parë

    there’s many good theories out there, i just seen a really good break down of one earlier today. but its very rare.

  • Darian Martinez
    Darian MartinezMuaj më parë

    Mabey the eye leads every person towards a path of evil and it shows it self as the shadow of the characters soon to be self along with all the other antagonists Mono = Thin Man, betrayal Six = Unkown, unrelenting hunger and rage, distrust

  • The Xplodenator
    The XplodenatorMuaj më parë

    Little Nightmares 2 is a prequel to the first Little Nightmares

  • Dr. James Denton
    Dr. James DentonMuaj më parë

    is it the over-consumption of soy that lowered your IQ, or were you born with this neurological problem?

  • Angel Matias Torres
    Angel Matias TorresMuaj më parë Here is a mono theory We need to think of Little *Nightmare* lore and not the characters the eyes are that is the interesting one above all, why eyes? If you seen the trailer explaining the nightmares. What is the game built on? Little Nightmares lives up to its name.

  • MemeKinq 75
    MemeKinq 75Muaj më parë

    Just a small theory the eye is an alien mass that crashed into the signal tower , but on impact it made everyone evaporate whoever who was not watching the television, then proceeded to take the minds of the viewers through the signal tower, but the signal would only go so far and create a loop inside it, six however got out and her shadow version is now with her and this is the beginning of her going to the maw. This game is a prequel not a sequel.

  • SweaterPower
    SweaterPowerMuaj më parë

    I have a question regarding the Thin Man time loop theory. Look closely at the chair and the door in a room with a hanged man at the beginning of the first game. This is the same chair and the same door as Thin Man has, and the hanged man's legs also looks like his. So is this a reference, a coincidence, or Thin Man got tired of eternal wait? Maybe its another timeline? Or this is how Thin Man ended the eternal cycle? In general, the game seems to project a very transcendental perception of reality: the world is just an illusion, a projection, a "broadcast", and an "all-seeing eye" is looking upon it from another dimension. All the kids are representing souls trapped in this eternal cycle of life and death, where the time itself is just a part of an illusion. Time after time, they go through their tests, trying to become a better version of themselves in their "next life". But the entity from the outer dimensions, with appearance of "all-seeing eye" and lavkraft-style flesh horror, overtook this system. It created the "Cult of an eye" (a.k.a illuminati) to control more powerful beings, as weak beings (most monsters, viewers, guests, etc) are being trapped in this eternal cycle (by their own obsessions). The eye gets more and more control, devouring all power from poor souls, as they never get a real chance to escape. Of course, this is not what literally happening in the game. But it looks like foundation of game's universe have something in common with this kind of philosophy.

  • Nowhere H
    Nowhere HMuaj më parë

    I get the feeling if you take the comics out of it like the old little nightmares 1 Comics a lot on the series will make sense because of them I think of the developers I knew it would mess up the cannon

  • A bit
    A bitMuaj më parë

    Now I don't think thin man is evil he just trying to stop the loop

  • Madison Arce
    Madison ArceMuaj më parë

    4 hours late yay😀👍🏼

  • Philip Napoli
    Philip NapoliMuaj më parë

    People have said that Six betrayed Mono because she KNEW that he was going to be the Thin Man one way or another.

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