This looks awesome 😂😂 |

This looks awesome 😂😂 (via antny_og/IG)

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  • Hannah

    What kind of Ancient Rome torture punishment is this

  • MollieMollan

    This isn’t every kids dream, at least it wasn’t mine. It was my NIGHTMARE, not kidding.

  • Scooby Dooby Doo
    Scooby Dooby Doo

    I’m petrified of swings for this reason. When I was like five I heard about a girl who broke her arms because she spun all the way around and I’m sure that wasn’t a really story but it stuck with me

  • homura333

    "this is every kid's dream"

  • Lollipop L
    Lollipop L

    This is literally my worst nightmare. I was so scared of going upside down that I would make sure my feet were at most 1 foot off the ground at all times while swinging.

  • Kiro!!

    That was not my dream, that was actually my biggest fear 💀

  • Nolag Bal
    Nolag Bal

    What if: These weren't the people that wrapped him. They just simply found him here.

  • Michael zhbanov
    Michael zhbanov

    Lol I miss the Russian swings, I remember standing on it and going around the world.

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy

    I’ve always dreamed of doing this I guess someone else is living my dream

  • Aoi Sora
    Aoi Sora

    It's either he's bullied or his trust for his friends is immeasurable

  • FakeVideos Hunter
    FakeVideos Hunter

    Can we just appreciate that these shorts save our beautiful smile every day 💙

  • SniperVi

    Yes it is my Dream to be cling wraped to swing I have always wanted to be stuck in a swing 😁

  • SushiRollz

    “Every kids dream”

  • алексей кирилов
    алексей кирилов

    Хорошо когда есть верные друзь))

  • SkillZ

    Great work friend love it keep up, have you seen my new demon slayer edit,😍

  • Steven C
    Steven C

    When I was in 1st grade I started telling kids that if you went all the way around on a swing you would go back in time. This resulted in a bunch of kids ending up in the nurses office with injuries and a sit down with the teacher to explain why lying can be dangerous. The nurse even came to class to tell everyone that you couldn't actually time travel on a swing and to stop trying.

  • Zelith Fang
    Zelith Fang

    I'm sure everyone has at one point swung too hard and nearly got flung off. The moment you feel yourself lift up from the swing give you the biggest "oh shit" moments as a kid.

  • Lucy Bear
    Lucy Bear

    Looks like the idea of a “brilliant” older brother. 😂


    Love how they wrap him so he won’t fall

  • Mark Levesque
    Mark Levesque

    Thank you!!! 👊🤣👊