#227 - Sober Up | The Tim Dillon Show


After a series of unfortunate events in the desert, Tim and Ben are forced to record outside in the dark. Tim relives his days at Nassau Community College, explains why Trump will not be building a media empire, why Quarantine friendships will end, and a froyo shop in Palm Springs that pushed him over the edge this week.
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  • The Tim Dillon Show
    The Tim Dillon Show2 muaj më parë

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  • Random Salmon

    Random Salmon

    Muaj më parë

    @The Tim Dillon Show your housekeeper needs to get a steam cleaner; no chemicals needed to sterilize and clean your house.

  • loafy


    Muaj më parë

    Imagine doing audio only podcasts.

  • Snake Pissken

    Snake Pissken

    Muaj më parë

    The Brendan Schaub Bundle of Sponsors,. Do these guys all share sponsors? W WTF



    Muaj më parë


  • House of Flambeau

    House of Flambeau

    Muaj më parë

    Hopefully I do still get my suboxone. 10 years now. If they cut that off I’m going to quickly turn to crime. I hope your right about shit tim. I like the positivity here. It’s 🔥

  • Thoughts and Feelings
    Thoughts and Feelings23 ditë më parë

    I personally cannot wait until all the q anon documentaries come out and they have actual testimonies and they talk abt it all. 🍿 🥤

  • Brometheus
    Brometheus23 ditë më parë

    “He’s just a pimp of a dude” TD 2020

  • Austin
    AustinMuaj më parë

    52:00 LOL

  • Blaine
    BlaineMuaj më parë


  • Tommy Sullivan
    Tommy SullivanMuaj më parë

    54:38 - 54:43 Ben sounding like Mario 😂

  • Globalist Shmobilist
    Globalist ShmobilistMuaj më parë

    You know better than anyone Tim this is not the time of year to sober up this is the time of year to load up on Xanax and Suboxone and booze!! Stay away from the dope there's too much fentanyl in it and it's killing all of our friends but if you can maintain with that right amount ..... You can do things you would never believe or I should say you'll do things you'll never believe your friends say you did

  • Rocketship Films
    Rocketship FilmsMuaj më parë

    Not seeing family retroactively 5yrs? Lol...those are rookie numbers. ha

  • JS
    JSMuaj më parë

    I'm sure Nancy Pelosi got some help getting re-elected. Just like Joe Biden got help being elected.

  • Jon P
    Jon PMuaj më parë

    "Q is over!" Lol no

  • Jim Patrick
    Jim PatrickMuaj më parë

    It’s better without video Tim

  • Azlorn Magus
    Azlorn MagusMuaj më parë

    no video...you don't have a phone?

  • Alex A
    Alex AMuaj më parë

    It's hard to find good help.

  • The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri
    The God of Hentai - Guy FieriMuaj më parë

    The new studio is in Abu Grabe!

  • kanifala m
    kanifala mMuaj më parë

    The new cartoon should be a potato with great hair and a cigarette and a celery stalk with glasses

  • Solomo
    SolomoMuaj më parë

    Keep ripp'n Tim! Respect to you and what you're doing. I also don't have a problem letting people know what's going on "upstairs" either. I get it!

  • Steve Phillips
    Steve PhillipsMuaj më parë

    We need more podcasts Tim!

  • Nordic Elite
    Nordic EliteMuaj më parë

    If there ever was South Park live action version, Tim Dillon should be Cartman (and Tim Pool as Stan)

  • Chef Rick
    Chef RickMuaj më parë

    Hillarious! Very unique takes on life. It felt like a very organic hour long rant. Even the add reads are done well. My only problem...why the laugh track? Why is that guy dying with laughter at the slightest smell of a joke? The host is a natural, please stop with the constant laughter! Let us - the listener - decide when to laugh. Thank you xxx

  • Elite Highlights Club
    Elite Highlights ClubMuaj më parë

    I know I’m not the first one to say this but we have to get Tim his on radio station in gta v

  • Tremayne Douglas
    Tremayne DouglasMuaj më parë

    Jim Dillon is the best!

  • David Spotts
    David SpottsMuaj më parë

    You’re the bin laden of pod casts

  • David Spotts
    David SpottsMuaj më parë

    Fake news. Your back yard doesn’t have video? Yikes 🤣

  • No No
    No NoMuaj më parë

    This episode is hilarious. I think this is the third time I'm listening

  • Unknown Ripples
    Unknown RipplesMuaj më parë

    Post another podcast before I die

  • cosmic threader
    cosmic threaderMuaj më parë

    Best Episode Yet! LOVE LOVE LOVE this channel with no video. A m a z i n g!

  • oni the demon lord
    oni the demon lordMuaj më parë

    Damn dude that sucks I hate that super bad chemical smell

  • Scott Will
    Scott WillMuaj më parë

    I love how people defend Iran these days

  • Brandon Glassock
    Brandon GlassockMuaj më parë

    Sober up? I love the joy you've brought to my... existence. But buddy, there's no chance.

  • harshlight7
    harshlight7Muaj më parë

    Tim started his Fake Business with the money he got from also being Lonny Redenbacher.

  • dally TM
    dally TMMuaj më parë

    Chucky really has some shitty opinions

  • Kevin Meyer
    Kevin MeyerMuaj më parë

    28:00 tiktok

  • Juiceboxkids23
    Juiceboxkids23Muaj më parë

    "I think the media is gonna chill out" Fuck I hope so, I know it can be better- but I'm not sure the tribe-teams going away.... Over here scrapbooking till my fingers bleed...

  • Gary B
    Gary BMuaj më parë

    This podcast is going to age well... 6:00

  • Scotty Endzel
    Scotty EndzelMuaj më parë

    “Y’all Wanna see my Face.”

  • jay blair
    jay blairMuaj më parë

    TRUMP 410 BIDDEN 128 ?

  • Nick Georgiou
    Nick GeorgiouMuaj më parë

    Tim is right it’s no shadier than any other election but it’s now exposed. We all get it

  • bmotzartthepianist
    bmotzartthepianistMuaj më parë

    Talk about the great reset how about that

  • Austin Kuipers
    Austin KuipersMuaj më parë

    Buy a ridge wallet knockoff and send the difference to podcaster tim dillon. You may, but probably won't, receive the finest synthetic jewels.

  • Supreme
    SupremeMuaj më parë


  • Good Bad
    Good BadMuaj më parë

    Tim shouldn't be talking about politics or facts, he is more of a fake business owner

  • Patrick Carpenter
    Patrick CarpenterMuaj më parë

    If the dog food company was Chewy, thats definitely a worthy investment. Very good upside potential. This is a big one. Buy a share or two, fuck it. Its going to go up

  • isaacduke
    isaacdukeMuaj më parë

    I’m getting a 404 on that United Harvest link.

  • Christopher Conicella
    Christopher ConicellaMuaj më parë

    Lol Trump withdrawal!😂

  • Christopher Conicella
    Christopher ConicellaMuaj më parë

    Whoa whoa man! Ivanka running for President is as crazy as I dunno...Michelle Obama running for President!!!🤔 Yes, liberals want Michelle to run😳! Bill Burr crushes their dreams on one of his specials lol. To your point, they’re all idiots! Hahahaha

  • clemintide
    clemintideMuaj më parë

    Tim if you go to college now think of all the debt and freshman English is so boring

  • Victoria Morgan
    Victoria MorganMuaj më parë

    You are so gay right now lol. Love you Tim! I live in Palm Springs too. It's getting super cold now.

  • ZW11
    ZW11Muaj më parë

    Magic spoon cereal should come with a Tim Dillon toy inside yes or yes

  • Dan Span
    Dan SpanMuaj më parë

    I got a ridge wallet and still haven't got Rona so dillion you are correct.

  • Seth Morton
    Seth MortonMuaj më parë

    Best pod yet

  • Derby Danger
    Derby DangerMuaj më parë

    Those sycophantic weirdoes make ME about as sick as YOU sound describing them! I'd be just as aggravated if I wasn't so God damn high on the fucking drugs I have to do so I don't lose it around them! ... *bubbling sounds* ... Life has a point, right? ... *bubbling noises* ... OK ANGRY AGAIN! YEOOOW!!!


    “...Jesus is gonna come down and cancel your student loan debt. Take you to Sonic one last time before you ascend to heaven.”

  • Lost Cause
    Lost CauseMuaj më parë

    Tim’s right tho he is the media this is the media

  • LavenderPajamas08
    LavenderPajamas08Muaj më parë

    Yo call Latinx she got that shit right now..

  • Chris Brennan
    Chris BrennanMuaj më parë

    The sad reality is Trump has won. Trump won't be leaving. Waddya gonna do with that,Timmy? Perhaps go back to your roots opposing the deep state.

  • Jose Chaparro
    Jose ChaparroMuaj më parë

    listening a second time. this one is very special.

  • Frito Fresh
    Frito FreshMuaj më parë

    I herd Tim Dillion is going on In fo Wars for father and son day.

  • Jolla Rogerz
    Jolla RogerzMuaj më parë

    We are in a middle of live exercise... good show. My first episode of it.

  • davidxtc
    davidxtcMuaj më parë

    if you play this backward it says "Paul is dead"

  • Shawn Lanham
    Shawn LanhamMuaj më parë

    Trump might start a podcast...

  • Shawn De
    Shawn DeMuaj më parë

    Outstanding! 👍🏼✌🏽🔥❤️❤️❤️

  • Digital-Scratch
    Digital-ScratchMuaj më parë

    Tim we need to see you and your hand gestures to get the full experience.

  • Michael Corrigan
    Michael CorriganMuaj më parë

    America 2020: Stop dying of Covid-19 and start fulfilling your true destiny of dying in a drunken speed boat accident. Lake Havasu must feed!

  • Derek Thompson
    Derek ThompsonMuaj më parë


  • GP
    GPMuaj më parë

    Ridge wallet cured my corona virus

  • NightOwl
    NightOwlMuaj më parë

    DEEP COVID CLEAN!!! I'm talking balls deep. Take it down the throat deep.

  • Kate K
    Kate KMuaj më parë

    I NEED to see video of Tim Dillon's final debate round at Nationals. Please, oh please, who has this?

  • Gia and Papa
    Gia and PapaMuaj më parë

    Love to hear you talk about Dave.P! I was actually one of the first to buy an Ad in his paper when he was first starting out. As a New South Boston Lounge and already knew Dave from the My last Job I was of course down to help him out and back then he was printing and delivering the paper himself. All the Bars Downtown used to get hyped for the BarStool Bar Tender of the Year edition all females from across the area.

  • O Flex
    O FlexMuaj më parë

    This is my new pick me upper podcast, I swear I couldn't crack a smile before watching this.

  • Dug FmJamul
    Dug FmJamulMuaj më parë

    I'm really depressed about the Election being stolen from Trump Tim. In about 30 mins I'm going to my favorite Liquor Store to buy some American made Vodka to make my favorite drink to ease my pain. American Made Vodka over ICE Splash of 7UP with a twist of Lime.. I call it the.. RUSSIAN TROLL.

  • Harrison Mitchell
    Harrison MitchellMuaj më parë

    I know Ben doesn't like it, but when Tim makes Ben sweat real hard during the MagicSpoon commercial, it makes me put the gun down for one more week. Also, subsequently, I buy MagicSpoon because of the absolute horror.

  • Mark Gurnett
    Mark GurnettMuaj më parë

    You, sir, are the BEST.

  • 6 Pack Productions
    6 Pack ProductionsMuaj më parë

    I question whether the restrictions will stay to some extent. Pennsylvania banned selling alcohol the day before thanksgiving. I think a few states are bringing on prohibition 2.0.

  • Levi Harroun
    Levi HarrounMuaj më parë

    The "I can do both" bit killed me 🤣🤣🤮🤮

  • Michael Navoichick
    Michael NavoichickMuaj më parë

    Tim sold out. 1 long ad. Ofc. Smh. Smeh. Pishh.

  • M Pardol
    M PardolMuaj më parë

    Ben laughs like n64 Mario.

  • Mark Goodwill
    Mark GoodwillMuaj më parë

    I haven't heard about "Q" this entire election process. Funny MAGA crowd probably wont even remember Qanon in a month.

  • Bob Hope
    Bob HopeMuaj më parë

    If you close your eyes and listen close enough you can see the podcast

  • Courtney P
    Courtney PMuaj më parë

    My husband and I love listening to you! I always look forward to Saturday nights! I am so happy that this podcast will still be your main focus!

  • DopeboyVid
    DopeboyVidMuaj më parë

    Can’t believe Tim knows and listened to Beanie Siegel 🤣😂

  • Jon Pynes
    Jon PynesMuaj më parë

    “Are you to good to fail?”

  • Julie Langan
    Julie LanganMuaj më parë

    I'm literally crying. This is the funniest episode I've never seen!

  • Kathy Lewis
    Kathy LewisMuaj më parë

    The most addictive drug is hope.

  • J B
    J BMuaj më parë

    A few hours before this cast, i was talking to my friend about Lethal Weapon 2 when they buy leo Getz a subway sandwich in a drive thru and f@ck it up. I asked if those even exist, and Tim Dillon answered.

  • Private Pyle
    Private PyleMuaj më parë

    The media empire topic was hilariously overblown for a man who got his start with Luis J. Gomez and now has one of the top radio shows in the country. The political capital in the hands of Trump at this point is still spilling out of his small-ish hands like a fountain from every crevice

  • Matityahu
    MatityahuMuaj më parë

    Tim, your mixed persona of being a serious guy yet a joker is immaculate. A perfect mix, and I alike many other's appreciate your hard work, and the facts you speak. Much love, and safety to you my friend.

  • Daniel Bennett
    Daniel BennettMuaj më parë

    I was once one of the homeless drug addicts in Palm Springs. Can tell you stories and how it all works there.

  • Jack Harris
    Jack HarrisMuaj më parë

    Tim Dillon an 9/11 Videos

  • Lost Cause
    Lost CauseMuaj më parë

    I fight urges to join a militia

  • King Rhuts
    King RhutsMuaj më parë

    Don Stuhr was expelled from college for trying to warn people about the future before it happened. People are crazy stupid.

  • Robert Travers
    Robert TraversMuaj më parë

    I love how he throw Ryan Phillippe under the bus in this podcast... because in all honesty 10 years from now, Tim Dillon will be a household name and Ryan Phillippe will just be another washed out “teen heart throb”... From the late 90s and early 2000s who is totally irrelevant now. The guy sucks at acting and was only good for a brief period when he had good looks but 10 years from now he’ll be washed up... in his 50s and bitter because he cannot find any work anymore in Hollywood... Ryan said “ Fish out of water”.... that is such an arrogant Hollywood statement, I am so happy that Tim Dillon is killing it!

  • Golden 'Roy' Boyette
    Golden 'Roy' BoyetteMuaj më parë

    balut juice

  • No Name
    No NameMuaj më parë


  • Meghan Elizabeth Lifsey
    Meghan Elizabeth LifseyMuaj më parë

    Maybe.... open a fucking window???

  • JS
    JSMuaj më parë

    "It's over." That's the truest thing Tim Dillon has ever said. And we should all be resigned to the complete deterioration of the world. Goodbye any remaining freedoms. Goodbye economy. Goodbye western values. We can all just accept this dystopian future existence that we are hurdling towards. Isn't it fucking wonderful!

  • never using this again
    never using this againMuaj më parë

    I just bought 60 $ worth of cereal. This shit better be good.

  • never using this again

    never using this again

    Muaj më parë

    I went to your page but they never Aked for a code.

  • John RidesADV
    John RidesADVMuaj më parë

    Yo Trumptards, listen to Tim, the voice of reason in all the Trump insanity


    There's no video so Tim could charge extra for the advertisers to be on the screen. We know your game, you potato-eater.

  • Political Preamble
    Political PreambleMuaj më parë

    So true about the Scientology movies. Saw a newer one pop on Netflix and I was like "wtfff?? How many movies can Leah Remini make to cash in on this??"

  • Pablo Aldunate Cárdenas
    Pablo Aldunate CárdenasMuaj më parë

    No video, let it be, enjoy life in the big city

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