Tesla vs. Rich Rebuilds: What REALLY Happened

Makina dhe automjete

Rich Rebuilds, a popular Tesla aftermarket modification and rebuilding expert, is here to discuss his latest issue with Tesla as well as his video being taken down by the "Tesla fan boy" mob.
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  • TheLambo2
    TheLambo24 muaj më parë

    I cancelled my Tesla order because of the way that Rich was treated. I loathe bullies no matter how untouchable they think they are

  • stjernekikkert


    Muaj më parë

    @James souder thats not the case, I’m having tons of problems with my own Model 3 Performance.... it’s been fixed now for the 8th time.. the cars are complete crap but this fella never bought one

  • James souder

    James souder

    Muaj më parë

    @stjernekikkert you must have been one of the whinney tesla fan boys who got richs videos pulled ,just go back to sniffing your own farts

  • stjernekikkert


    Muaj më parë

    @Seriouskai I’m not the one making fake stories here.

  • Seriouskai


    Muaj më parë

    @stjernekikkert Dude, your head is all kinds of messed up.

  • xLift Nrutasder

    xLift Nrutasder

    Muaj më parë

    There's no company on this planet that wouldnt do the exact same thing. Its nothing personal its just business. And this kind of response is exactly why they cant approve this kind of channel. It gives people a negative view of Tesla while giving rich a free roadster? Please.

  • Bilaal Varachhia
    Bilaal Varachhia16 orë më parë

    I hate tesla

  • sooje nite
    sooje nite3 ditë më parë

    *You can buy a TESLA CAR, but it Will never be yours 100%...🤣*

  • Skull Icon
    Skull Icon4 ditë më parë

    I was going to buy two Tesla Roadster not no more

  • Carlo de Guzman
    Carlo de Guzman9 ditë më parë

    lol aw gawd tesla ppl are slowly but surely turning into apple ppl

  • m3 e92335i
    m3 e92335i13 ditë më parë

    Damn! Words of wisdom from these two dudes.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith24 ditë më parë

    Yesterday my local Scottsdale, AZ plumber who I turned onto Tesla came to my house to replace my hot water heater. He purchased a 2013 Model S 60 about a year ago. I asked how he liked the car. He went on about several issues with the car including the drive train and screen issues. He said Tesla was covering all of this despite being outside of warranty.

  • Hector Keezy
    Hector Keezy24 ditë më parë

    Rich, you have to work on the eye rolling. It makes you look like a zombie. 😊🌞🙋🏻‍♂️

  • kirbyman1kanden7pf
    kirbyman1kanden7pf27 ditë më parë

    Am I right to be skeptical about this? If Rich really did nothing wrong in his mind, he should logically be boiling with rage since Tesla pretty much just robbed him and he'd have every reason to fight them.

  • James Wyatt
    James Wyatt28 ditë më parë

    Love how you seem to think Apple's come around. Take a peek at the latest videos on iPhone 12 repairability...

  • Thomas W
    Thomas WMuaj më parë

    If Tesla truly wants to move the EVs forward (as they say they do) they must listen to people like Rich and yourself concerning constructive criticism and make an attempt to constantly improve that aspect of their business as well. I don't own a Tesla but I'm considering an EV in the future when one of my ice powered cars is due for replacement. I'm concerned about legitimate complaints people have about their vehicles and Tesla's customer service. Good customer service is key to success for any company.

  • Walker Jennings
    Walker JenningsMuaj më parë

    My sons are so pretty most of the time people thought they were girls all I would say is thank you she is almost two, i like pretty things and a tesla will do, don't struggle with the future THEY ALSO ARE FASTER THAN FERRARI"S maybe i'll just buy two ..everyone still wants to own an EV once in their life X 7 billion +.

  • Brilliant Idiot
    Brilliant IdiotMuaj më parë

    Rich will have investors sending money his way helping him start his own car company in future. I’m sure he has 100 ideas that would make an electric car much better than Tesla.

  • Quang Thông Đặng
    Quang Thông ĐặngMuaj më parë

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  • CJ Couch
    CJ CouchMuaj më parë

    tinashe mattyb marvelhq tamilsongs abba

  • Ron Forman
    Ron FormanMuaj më parë

    Rich is naive he should fight Tesla that’s the only way things change Tesla is not the best car made! Poor quality control poor service expensive repairs Tesla is only bought by Hi income consumers in CA!

  • Ron Forman
    Ron FormanMuaj më parë

    So called hi tech companies don’t care about customers they think thier above consumer laws

  • Space MC
    Space MCMuaj më parë

    I payed 100k for a electric toaster. You Poor guy must recognize my value!

  • Roger Ramjet
    Roger RamjetMuaj më parë

    This guy is definitely a journalist.

  • Brandonalan1212
    Brandonalan1212Muaj më parë

    Looks like there are 428 tesla fan boys as of right now.

  • Najee Films LLC
    Najee Films LLCMuaj më parë

    He owns youtube. I notice how there's alot of videos praising him. Cool guy but he doesn't come off as smart. Just an average dude with ideas.

  • Air Dad
    Air DadMuaj më parë

    Tesla is run by engineers and they don't have feelings. They just scrapped their PR department so I don't expect them to feel sorry for anybody in the near term. Once competition heats up in couple years they will have to revisit customer support.

  • David Crabb
    David CrabbMuaj më parë

    Maybe someone promoted people getting off the books supercharging or something.

  • Know You
    Know YouMuaj më parë


  • Jeremy Cate
    Jeremy CateMuaj më parë

    Tesla says they want to be the future for people but treat them like shit

  • Garry Cole
    Garry ColeMuaj më parë

    If you can't admit your flaws, that will be your the biggest flaw.

  • Telmo Monteiro
    Telmo MonteiroMuaj më parë

    Is there any other place where we can see the video? I'm Tesla and Musk fan, but I place good values above. About those unfortunate Tesla moves, I believe that Musk personally has nothing to do with it. Those seem things any other employees would be responsible to do

  • MegasXaos
    MegasXaosMuaj më parë

    "420" dislikes... it's a sign from above!

  • Paul Dobson
    Paul DobsonMuaj më parë

    Great video. It takes videos like this to help fanboys like me have a more well rounded perspective of Tesla. Rich is top class and authentic.

  • Jack Roman
    Jack RomanMuaj më parë

    This kind of behavior by TESLA is why I'm not a fan. I think they have excellent tech and have really moved EVs forward but ultimately, I just don't believe that this is the right way to treat people.

  • vasantos2171
    vasantos21712 muaj më parë

    Tesla is a God. We must follow Tesla.

  • Alex Kushnir
    Alex Kushnir2 muaj më parë

    Lithium ion batteries last for less then 50k miles and sit in a waste site for 1000 years. Good job saving the world.

  • electrified0


    Muaj më parë

    None of that is true. Their batteries are good for 200-400k miles and can be recycled. You're operating on information that hasn't been true since 2013.

  • Malinkadink
    Malinkadink2 muaj më parë

    After a little over a year with a P3D I'm selling it due to an overwhelming amount of niggling quality issues with the car since day one. I bought the car after it was in production for a couple years already thinking I wouldn't run into these problems but I was blessed with over a dozen of them. I'm sure someone else could overlook or not even notice these things and be happy with the car, and i could too if it was a used car and i got a good deal on it, but buying brand new at 56k and having it be equivalent to a 90s kia in QC is absolutely unacceptable.

  • heavens embasador
    heavens embasador2 muaj më parë

    The green libs movement won't accept different opinion. They say they are the most tolerant until u disagree. Tesla is a tax driven company in it's infancy. Such a bright person that can actually take apart and put it together, the brightest brother in the energy busyness.

  • branet77
    branet772 muaj më parë

    I saw some videos of this guy a while ago and noticed a derogatory tone with the brand, but always being friendly at tesla events. This seems to me false and convenient.

  • Stephen Logsdon
    Stephen Logsdon2 muaj më parë

    “they’re an underdog,” sails mentality.

  • Rohan Lawrence
    Rohan Lawrence2 muaj më parë

    Rich💛. You can't loose what you never had. That was only a promise and you know what that means. It's only a comfort to a fool. Tesla is mostly over rated and will soon come back to reality. Plenty of competition.

  • basem zabaneh
    basem zabaneh2 muaj më parë

    am a fan boy of tesla but both of u make a lot money from tesla stop ur bs

  • Noah Bird
    Noah Bird2 muaj më parë

    As Elon's pompous ass said, "we coup who we want."

  • Skip Michael
    Skip Michael2 muaj më parë

    Tesla and ALthe... big business that hate the people in the lower rungs of the population

  • Skip Michael
    Skip Michael2 muaj më parë

    Kill the messenger??? Not a good program..

  • Nuwan De Silva
    Nuwan De Silva2 muaj më parë

    Tesla did the right thing. Rich always trying to screw up Tesla brand. Probably doing marketing campaign for gasoline powered car companies. Rich thinks the cars he tampering should have the approval for from Tesla.

  • George Stone
    George Stone2 muaj më parë

    It's a religious cult. Whether they're Musk cultists or Allah cultists or Jesus cultists or Trump cultists they're all the same - the messiah is PERFECT - any criticism is HERESY, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!! Welcome to the youtube economy - they have you by the lug nuts - there is no union, you have no recourse, there is no appeal, there is no arbitration, you are at their mercy.

  • R.J. Jones
    R.J. Jones2 muaj më parë

    Well, this was 22 minutes that I'll never get back.

  • Guan Sim Teh
    Guan Sim Teh2 muaj më parë

    Didn't know Tesla community was this toxic. But then again all fanboys are toxic about anything outside their niche.

  • mshotz1
    mshotz12 muaj më parë

    This kind of "customer care" is why the Big 3 lost 60% of the market to Japan.

  • Yusuf Abdallah
    Yusuf Abdallah2 muaj më parë

    great friendship for a common cause....rich you got heart....live on someday your dreams will come...dont fear to dream......a child of the .....experience...hang tight @yusufmagan

  • Chr1stLike
    Chr1stLike2 muaj më parë

    Hi I’m not a fan boy but I am a Tesla sim. Yes I said it. 🤩

  • Diamanté Lomax
    Diamanté Lomax2 muaj më parë

    Well tesla is the greatest you guys must live in your moms basement and cant afford a tesla and thats why you dont like elon -musketeers

  • Sewan & Sawen Creations
    Sewan & Sawen Creations2 muaj më parë

    Tesla needs to have a better business bureau lawsuit made on them...everyday, all day...Tesla is violating consumers rights, human rights, ethical and moral issues...there should be mass boycotting of terrible teslas. They aren't real cars either...gerbil mobiles. I had an electric power wheels when I was a kid, then I grew up and bought superior ways to drive using advanced internal combustion engine. Combustion engines are superior in almost every way to an electric giant big wheels car. Electric cars just Don't offer freedom and true mobility. They're really just for a small select group of highly self centered people who are pompous, abusive, hurtful and antihuman. They Don't even look good. Did you see eons cybertruck? Tesla is for children and gerbils

  • Werner Engel
    Werner Engel2 muaj më parë

    I’m a Tesla fanboy and still love your show and Rich. All the best for the future.

  • Aaron Wonder
    Aaron Wonder2 muaj më parë

    not cool 2 call urself a fanboi lol

  • ComputerJohn
    ComputerJohn2 muaj më parë

    I lost respect for Tesla for what they did to Rich.

  • xLift Nrutasder
    xLift Nrutasder2 muaj më parë

    Was youtube also at false for the takedowns?

  • Seabee JB
    Seabee JB2 muaj më parë

    I love seeing two of my favorite You Tubers together.

  • wrangler Dave
    wrangler Dave2 muaj më parë

    Oh yea lets trade air pollution for destruction of rare earth minerals battery's that are extremely TOXIC TO THE EARTH. AND CAN START FIRES ONCE THEY DETERIORATE. TESLA JUST TAKES TRADES ONE POLLUTION FOR ANOTHER × 200

  • c D
    c D2 muaj më parë

    Brilliant at Business? Cant speak one normal line of english?

  • David Daniel
    David Daniel2 muaj më parë

    Not very illuminating about the history of this controversy. I am brand new to the issue and would like to know more about how Tesla is screwing up their own reputation. But will I go digging through the past videos? Probably not. How about fleshing out your reporting in this area?

  • Nice-oscar
    Nice-oscar2 muaj më parë

    What happened to Rich's eyes 👀? Seems to be rolling backwards a lot!

  • J RS
    J RS2 muaj më parë

    Kcf Corp media. Rich you a brave man 🤟🏾

  • Paskal Kotey
    Paskal Kotey2 muaj më parë


  • Randy A
    Randy A2 muaj më parë

    isnt this video just as personal, as the tsla fanboys to Elon as the ppl are fanboys to Rich. NO one is perfect, Ford has F'd over customers for almost 100 years, so has BMW and so one. I dont think this is anything new that car companies do. I think the blame for this is not with Tsla but with youtube for cancelling your video. Tsla is just defending themselves no matter what, they are not just gonna let you say bad stuff about them regardless if its the truth or not. by the way Rich is the only reason why i want a tsla, or even cared to look

  • woolfel
    woolfel2 muaj më parë

    tesla cultboys are kind of nutty. They have lost all sense of reason and like to drink redbull with meth and pcp.

  • satchie01
    satchie012 muaj më parë

    Everybody are praising Musk, just hype, but they never stopped to think on the ethics on his developments, what about the brain implant? What’s under the hood? Let me tell you a couple of ideas. Soldiers that won’t feel fear or pain, tireless, the other idea is tireless workers, with no place for reflection or free will, automats, Tesla media sell the idea of a better life, no further info, that’s obscure! The real danger is under the hood and Musk is being very careful to not show it.

  • K. McDonnell
    K. McDonnell2 muaj më parë

    12:45 mark. Have we not seen the damage what producing lithium batteries does? When fan boy joe plugs his car in at home, where’s the electricity come from? Unless he has solar or a kick ass windmill, it’s probably coming from fossil fuels

  • pennysmurf
    pennysmurf2 muaj më parë

    So for me I wouldn't be interested in Tesla if it wasn't for Rich Rebuilds. The guy is a genius and cared enough about Tesla enough to repurpose the damaged ones. Now you would think that Tesla would work with the dude to make a better product, but instead they have been doing the petty crap to frustrate the guy and even troll the guy. Here is my take on it 1. There is a bit of a colour issue going on here. The content Rich has put out when he was strictly dealing with Tesla was some of the best on ALthe. He wasn't doing dumb crap with the car like other channels and that was the problem, it was a how dare he kind of moment for them. Then he had the audacity to deal with the elephant(s) in the room: the poor customer service, even when purchasing a brand new car. The building quality to a lesser extent. The tech issues and how Tesla can punish you if you have "wronged" them in any way and hide behind the law. 2. The second thing which was abundantly clear to me, was Rich, in discussing the issues with each product that Tesla had with each vehicle, was messing with their money and the money of the investors. Rich in opening up the electrified garage and offering enhancement modifications to their existing products with better customer service is a huge problem to them, because if Rich decided to go to the stock market to raise funds to open several electrified garages around America before Tesla could get their act together, Tesla would have no choice but to partner with Rich. So it's a very messy situation for Tesla. Rich is a thorn in their flesh with the possibility of becoming a festering wound. Just think , Tesla employees looking just to do a stint at Tesla to ultimately work at an electrified garage. How very interesting this could play out. Big up to you both on your channels. And to Rich, dont let them frustrate you through attacks on your channel. This is a chess game. Be patient and purposeful in your moves.

  • SKarea51
    SKarea512 muaj më parë

    Elon is in the first place investor, marketer and hustler. If you look at history of his ventures, he has been so many times wrong.... He invested 100 mil into tesla and he wants to make sure he gets billions back. Everything else is secondary...

  • Jack Hannaway
    Jack Hannaway2 muaj më parë

    Found this channel to be very Informative and well balanced, all I can say is well done in a world where this is harder to find you have hit the sweet spot. Just something I would like to add, I was always a huge sceptic of Tesla I remember holding off and investing in BAE about a year ago when Tesla was 700 ish. What I have come to realise post this and unfortunately coming in at the high end - this comment may not age well lol - is that it’s not being valued by investors as a car company. It is essentially a cult, it’s the green movement, it’s Technology, it’s essentially a better tomorrow all wrapped in a shiny new product with an actual leader at the helm who albeit flawed is an incredibly interesting personality and offers hope. It’s why Apple is so successful and Microsoft, Apple probably more so with Steve Jobs than Gates. The automotive industry’s doesn’t have these visionaries at least ones we can see or are active in the community and although they have great products and customer service that just isn’t enough anymore. Until they change this IMO they won’t really ever trend set or have consumer buy in when it comes to investing or consideration. I like to look at it as a proactive vs reactive type scenario the household brands for a long time will always be seen as reactive whereas the Tesla’s will be seen as proactive. It is a shame as it’s stifling creativity and competition where is ‘battery day’ for merc or BMW or even VW?

  • Chuck.U.Farley
    Chuck.U.Farley2 muaj më parë

    Unless you are making bank for ALthe, and then in that case Susan will personally offer to artificially inflate your videos like she is on video offering to do for JuiceWRLD

  • Archie Forde
    Archie Forde2 muaj më parë

    Good. Never did like Rich. Still don't. I 100% understand why Tesla did what they did. Tesla mission is more important of Rich. Sorry man.

  • Lance Millward
    Lance Millward2 muaj më parë

    Tesla losing friends daily. Make a mistake...own up and fix it. Full stop

  • Nathan Hilarides
    Nathan Hilarides2 muaj më parë

    Musk is like stalin, and his fanboys are like hi tech Maoists!

    WHDACV2 muaj më parë

    Amazing. Just watched this video and how you guys say the “fanboys” are not cool because they hate everyone who says bad things about Tesla or musk. Yet I see so many comments here that do the same thing to anyone who says anything even remotely positive looking toward Tesla or musk. And as an ex parts manager at gm dealerships I don’t see how Tesla is any different than gm or the one time I had dealings with Chrysler. I had two srt8’s. I now have none and will never buy a Chrysler anything ever. So I see no difference. Although one thing I do see is the rebuild rich videos always turn me off with just the title or the thumbnail. And I used to work on cars and race them so i think it’s weird I wouldn’t watch them. They may be great but I just get that ahhh I look at it some other time when I’m not into the drama One day I’ll get to them.

  • Benoit Avril
    Benoit Avril2 muaj më parë

    I'm not sure it's legal to cancel an order like that. Imagine a company deciding to sell only to certain people.

  • Richard Moore
    Richard Moore2 muaj më parë

    What a fine interview.

  • Dimitri T.
    Dimitri T.2 muaj më parë

    Until quality of new Tesla cars going to improved at least 100% more, im not even thinking to spend my money on it

  • Danijel Android
    Danijel Android2 muaj më parë

    Rich, when you say your children aren't the most beautiful or smartest kids, at least say that they are beautiful and smart. Kids can have fragile egos and can easy misunderstand adults.

  • Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon2 muaj më parë

    It's worth remembering that many people who are classed as Tesla "fanboys' don't necessarily own Teslas. There are millions of teenagers and internet warriors who have elevated Elon Musk to the level of a demi-god. Nobody can live up to that sort of unreasonable expectation. I recall people being beaten up because they preferred one particular type of music over another. Tribalism is irrational. I love Tesla's ideas for the future, however, I'm all for people criticising corporate overreach, and Tesla is becoming a very big company. There is no problem in customers pointing out shady behaviour and demanding accountability and responsibility, before they become too big to criticise. If Elon claims to listen to his customers, he has to stand by his word, or Tesla will lose credibility.

  • John 1122
    John 11222 muaj më parë

    i really hope more poeple will buy EV's !!!!! there will be more gasoline for me !!! #NOEV4ME

  • Gerhard Kutt
    Gerhard Kutt2 muaj më parë

    You won't own a TESLA because you have never driven one to appreciate what it can do, and because you don't believe that it is the best car out there yet. That is fine. If you don't own one, then your opinion about it does not really count, especially if it is negative, because you don't have the experience. Yes, Tesla is not perfect, but they are new and still constantly learning and that is the important part.

  • Nicolas Krinis
    Nicolas Krinis2 muaj më parë

    Tesla, until now, is an experiment. The quality of the cars is getting better but I wouldn't buy one if it were half the price. On the other hand, I would like to thank Tesla because by buying and selling their overweight stock, I was able to retire much earlier than planned. Of course, the fanbois helped pump up the stock and I will forever be grateful. I have no emotions towards them, good or bad so good luck to all of the people that buy them and enjoy them. In my mind, they were just another stock I bought that I sold when the time was right.

  • Andrew Daley
    Andrew Daley2 muaj më parë

    EV's are great on saving the world from dirty emissions but that's where it ends.

  • Ståle Ofte
    Ståle Ofte2 muaj më parë

    Glad I watched this video: My Cybertruck order is now cancelled.

  • Matthew Rehkemper
    Matthew Rehkemper2 muaj më parë

    My brother owns Tesla I always thought he was retarded for spending money on a car that just going to keep losing value and to be honest I don't know very many Tesla owners that are open minded I think it was more of the status symbol it's like having a new iPhone even though Android is better

  • Wes Harris
    Wes Harris2 muaj më parë

    Anyone who isn't able to accept valid criticisms of something they love expose their own ignorance, lack of objectivity, and frankly, their insecurities about that thing. Nothing is perfect. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

  • Dip Image
    Dip Image2 muaj më parë

    I reached to the minute 22, should I unlike now ore after? :)) I understand that the trend is to unlike the video before watching it.

  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford2 muaj më parë

    This guy's statement that he puts in recommendations fro improvement is what America should be all about. The people who still do this are the true American heroes. AF

  • Geoff Geoff
    Geoff Geoff2 muaj më parë

    No need to be a jerky boy virtue signaller about being an early adopter and stoooopid trigger warning. You come off as a pompous POS. Rich is great, though!

  • RayUp
    RayUp2 muaj më parë

    Wow love how you guys came together to put this story out!...##strongertogether💯

  • Cody Patino
    Cody Patino2 muaj më parë

    It’s sad how someone is always trying to destroy a genius because rich rebuilds is a true genius. Change my mind.

  • Cody Patino
    Cody Patino2 muaj më parë

    Damn haters. Rich Rebuilds is a amazing man!

  • william skrainski
    william skrainski2 muaj më parë

    5:45 You should have showed them the fkn door

  • Jarl Inge Sandvik
    Jarl Inge Sandvik2 muaj më parë

    Flying cars next thats the reason.

  • BlagoP
    BlagoP2 muaj më parë

    One big thing you guys didn't mention and perhaps the biggest reason for the massive fanboy attacks is the Tesla stock. Tesla stock is based on hopes and dreams, they cannot allow any bad news or negative criticism affect the stock.

  • Bob Dirt
    Bob Dirt2 muaj më parë

    I think that your basic premise of Tesla owners being having superior intelligence is wrong. I think that Tesla owners basically have more money than brains. The claim that these vehicles are environmentally friendly is incorrect, becuase they do not include the environmental damage done by the nickel or lithium mines that are required for those very necessary metals! Of course these mines will be situated in some far off third world banana republics, so who really cares so long as it is not in the good 'ole US of A.

  • Benjamin Kitaura
    Benjamin Kitaura3 muaj më parë

    Awesome episode.....thank you for getting to the truth.

  • Efrain Rosso
    Efrain Rosso3 muaj më parë

    Elon Musk has nothing to do with Rich’s case. He doesn’t have time for such petty nonsense. Perhaps he may get involved when he sees these videos. Whoever made that decision is responsible and not aWhole company with so many good men and women.

  • Ammo
    Ammo3 muaj më parë

    Rich is not a good person...just saying.

  • 5150gino


    2 muaj më parë


  • Joshua Bokelman
    Joshua Bokelman3 muaj më parë

    Rich has funny videos and his content is good. But honestly what did he expect? You keep bringing negative news towards Tesla of course they would cancel it. Why would they give away something free to someone who just talks bad about them all the time.

  • Victor van Dyke
    Victor van Dyke3 muaj më parë

    Very interesting. I did not know. I am a Fan Boy, have a Power Wall, a deposit on a Performance Model Y, a Semi truck and a Cybertruck. Also born in Pretoria South Africa, and have not heard of this before I watched this.

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