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    We want to Lele's mind please this has been the best video for me

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    see someone like me

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    This was my head when I try and talk to my crush except I’m cold heart and insecure whenever I try talking to him HELP ME PLS ALL MH CONFIDENCE FALLS APART

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    The suspense has killed me

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    I watched this video like 50 times already and I still laugh

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    this is to funny! :)

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    “ Hello, good morning. We are not valuable.” - The wise words of insecure Juanpa.

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    This is me when i talk to my crush

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    a more realistic inside out

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    Boys: *celebrating that she said yes* Insecure Juanpa: THIS IS A FULL MISTAKE 😂

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    They had us in the first half ngl

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    Inside out but it's your favorite youtuber

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    Juanpa having the date ready: Insecure juanpa: No, no, no. We are not worth it, how is this possible...-

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    This is just OMG 🤣

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    For us the brain is like taking loong to like do its thing but in reality its litterely a millisecond

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    can we not ignore the fact theyre using the brown part of toilet paper as a ciggarette

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    I wish to see how is Lele mind be like

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    Boss Juanpa is me when I’m teamed with people who are stupid at school

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    what ....i was like ,at the end why does this always happen i thought it was just mee who was pranked like this but...oh..dude i can feel you dude 😭😭.... when you text so flirty and your friend comes and tells the whole class about that dam ...it hurts

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    What is rio (COOL JUANPA) doing here from money heist?

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    This is the most amazing video of Jaunpa

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    “Hello, goodmorning, we are not valuable” Thats the morning alarm clock so generously provided by my brain

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    The chief anthropology arespectively scare because cheek rheologically wish sans a overt alcohol. imported, melted veil

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    I got sold on this video. The hard work behind the content. One man army and such a smooth show. Video editing, acting, editing all those skills on 🔥. Subscribed!

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    1) 💥El Capitan (The Boss. In charge of all final decisions) 2) 💥 Alpha (The potential ultimate real you. Your inner self.) 3) 💥 Accountant (Handles your money. If he is uneducated, get him classes) 4) 💥 The Advisor (Always tells you the truth) 5) 💥 The Fighter (Fight for love, truth, honour and you. In hard times fights struggles with you.) 6) 💥 The Spy (Has important data. Knows everything. Good friends with the number 5) 7) 💥 The Ego (Venom. Liar. Deceiver. Don't listen to him!)

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    "You know growing up my moma used to tell me we're special...THAT WAS A FUCKING LIE" 😂😂😂

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    2:35 - hmmm, thats fishy. Lele texted 'today' at 4:45pm, yet Juanpa also texted 'today' but at 11:48AM. so how can pm come before am on the same day?

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    I love insecure juanpa

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    So does this happen in my brain?

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    Im watching this at 4:33 and just went to get water but I didn't even notice I spilled it all over my chest

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    The insecure and the flirty one was my fav

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    I think most could relate to cold hearted and insecure Juanpa. Lmfao.

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    The ending was damn crazy.

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    When he danced this is what happens :get 100% in all ur classes and ur so happy to tell ur mum *ur mum* :well u know u can do better then this

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    You know growing up my mom used to tell me we were special. BUT THATS A F*CKIN LIE.

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    0.1% filthy 3% anger issue 5.1% cool 99.9999% insecure

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