Food Theory: Chuck E Cheese Pizza, Should You Be Scared?

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Chuck E. Cheese pizza is a modern age folktale all on its own. From the infamous docuseries, to all of the other theories spread across ALthe and the internet at large, we ALL know what this theory is going to be about. Is Chuck E Cheese pizza recycled? Do the employees use uneaten pizza slices from previous patrons to build "new" pizzas that they then serve to other customers? Food Theorists, our team is out to prove whether that is true or just a piece of hot, cheese fiction!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Shadow Angel-killer
    Shadow Angel-killer55 minuta më parë

    Some reason I think Chuck E cheese is a Walmart version of five nights at freddy's 😆

  • J0k3rfan400
    J0k3rfan400Orë më parë

    If I was the manager of Chuck E. Cheese this would be my Story Police: is ur pizza recycled?! Me: I’LL NEVER SNITCH Police: IS UR PIZZA RECYCLED?! Me: IDK IM NOT THE COOK!!

  • Kevin Off
    Kevin Off2 orë më parë

    Pasqually its a name from a chuck's friend. Pasqually its a chef and play with others animatronics, i always suspect that "pasqually pizza and wings" are "chuck e cheese" and that makes a lot of lore sense cause pasqually wants to cook too.

  • 2SavageBlaze
    2SavageBlaze3 orë më parë


  • miniroll17
    miniroll176 orë më parë

    But no one is allowed to eat in there so where did they get the "recycled" pizza slices? MYTH DISSPROVENT

  • Just Hooni
    Just Hooni7 orë më parë

    still the slices are uneven in size so that doesnt make sense unless they’re cutting them individually but like why would anyone do that its much quicker to cut even lines

  • Nichole Yordt
    Nichole Yordt8 orë më parë


  • Jacob Briggs
    Jacob Briggs8 orë më parë

    Make a fun theorychannel

  • Jacob Briggs

    Jacob Briggs

    8 orë më parë


  • Oh no
    Oh no9 orë më parë

    Grubub ad now

  • popcorn bros
    popcorn bros10 orë më parë

    I'm not gonna lie I seem to have a childhood memory of them taking the pizza back to the kitchen I remember this bc I'm pretty sure I asked them why (I was a curious child) and they told me they were taking it to the back to throw it out but my child brain was satisfied with that but now I'm wondering...

  • BugDug Girl
    BugDug Girl10 orë më parë

    Gives everybody the chills

  • Lynn N
    Lynn N10 orë më parë

    Not sure why you're defending this company. You're literally turning yourself into a pretzel to excuse these disgusting looking abominations they call pizza. Unsub

  • Dem0


    47 minuta më parë

    OMg I kNoW RiGHT itS NoT lIKE tHERES nO cUSTuMerS tO ReUSE piZZaS unSUb

  • LazyAyden
    LazyAyden11 orë më parë

    I have a theory why do you think the kitchen camera and when you here chica in the kitchen she put the old pizzas together

  • Riff Silver
    Riff Silver11 orë më parë

    Amy is having a good time to the music

  • Mason Daane
    Mason Daane12 orë më parë

    Oh thank god mat pat when I saw this videos title i thought it was being recycled

  • Joseph Ford
    Joseph Ford17 orë më parë

    Discovery Zone was SO much better than Chucky Cheese! Ironically, the local Chucky Cheese is in the same building that Discovery Zone used to be in.

  • Exoticbreadbuns
    Exoticbreadbuns22 orë më parë

    Make a meme theorist

  • Jennifer Neff
    Jennifer NeffDitë më parë

    Is anyone else on the ad

  • Jennifer Neff
    Jennifer NeffDitë më parë


  • aaroniwthplants
    aaroniwthplantsDitë më parë

    MUSIC THEORY MUSIC THEORY MUSIC THEOY. and also patmat if u decide to do it do one about metallica

  • Lexy Starwatcher
    Lexy StarwatcherDitë më parë

    OMG! I love your outfit Amy!! < 3< 3

  • M. M.
    M. M.Ditë më parë

    Little Me: "When I grow up, I'll be like Amy from food theory!" Older me: "She's so out of my grade... sigh..."

  • King Zenith
    King ZenithDitë më parë

    I went to chuck a cheese every year and the were aways normal

  • Lola Zeigler
    Lola ZeiglerDitë më parë

    in the games in fnaf ses help wanted scot was hinting help wanted

  • Lion and Redhoods channel
    Lion and Redhoods channelDitë më parë

    If there were using used pizza wont it smell bad? I don't know also the the mascot is a rat.You get what you pay for I guess..

  • Stalk -Mato
    Stalk -MatoDitë më parë

    why is there chuck e cheese on mats fnaf theory

  • Tsp CPR
    Tsp CPRDitë më parë

    POV: you trying to look for someone who worked at Chuck E. Cheese

  • Comedy tall gamer lol
    Comedy tall gamer lolDitë më parë

    When went to chuck E cheese my pizza looked fine then again this was 7 years ago.

  • K4L
    K4LDitë më parë

    What’s more Scarier than FNAF is eating a used Pizza

  • Jari Prijn
    Jari PrijnDitë më parë

    Formet employee its the purple guy wht learn fnaf1

  • Blues ia Angel!
    Blues ia Angel!Ditë më parë

    Hey umm 5 kids got kidnapped so likeee ummmmmmmm you may want to ummm check that ummm ummmm out

  • Bella2692 L
    Bella2692 LDitë më parë

    Me doing a test while my parents watch :[ Me secretly listening to this theory :)

  • Yezpahr
    YezpahrDitë më parë

    Easy fix, always go for calzone pizzas....

  • Boudy
    BoudyDitë më parë

    i like this new channel

  • Air Snipper
    Air SnipperDitë më parë

    congrats on hitting 6900000 views

  • chara from Dreamtale
    chara from DreamtaleDitë më parë

    I LOVE CHKEY CHINESE and I am a girl and I am 8

  • Greentoes B status
    Greentoes B statusDitë më parë

    6:30 BOOGIE-

  • Annie Eventing SSO
    Annie Eventing SSO2 ditë më parë

    chuck-E-cheese pizza is better than any other pizza that exists

  • YTIvanTheGamer
    YTIvanTheGamer2 ditë më parë


  • Caleb Greene
    Caleb Greene2 ditë më parë

    3:22 rnd

  • Christian
    Christian2 ditë më parë

    is is is IS THAT GRUBHUB

  • Jane Chaffins
    Jane Chaffins2 ditë më parë

    Maybe it’s not the pizza that’s recycled but the salads. Me and my granddaughter went to Chuck E. Cheese when she was like six or something.I got a salad from the salad bar. My granddaughter watched one of the employees pick a part my salad and put it back in to the sections that they belong for the salad bar.

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune2 ditë më parë

    Me after watching this video meh I want some pizza

  • Wesley Bennett
    Wesley Bennett2 ditë më parë

    Were you in Raleigh

  • Madeofcottoncandy
    Madeofcottoncandy2 ditë më parë

    That employees explanation for why the pizzas look Frankenstein-ish is exactly what my friend who worked there told me years ago. She said they’re hard to cut, and that makes it look funky.

    ITAI LESHCHINSKY2 ditë më parë

    yeah, i never went to chuck e cheese because i have never seen the actual place in my entire life.

    WWE FAN MB2 ditë më parë

    He forgot to mention the germs and diseases at Chucky Cheeses

  • Demonkong and Ripjaw
    Demonkong and Ripjaw2 ditë më parë

    You should actually do a music theory 👇🏾

  • Meoiswa
    Meoiswa2 ditë më parë

    The answer is very simple: they transfer slices of pizza from a cutting surface, to the pizza box / serving tray, without being careful to reassemble the pizza in the exact same configuration, leading to the jagged slices look, as it is of little importance to the average customer. This is probably a consequence of raising the output volume of pizzas to satisfy demand during peak times (specially during large birthday parties), which is probably the reason why they use dull cutters, to prevent injuries during fast paced use. Extra care is must be put to preserve the neat look for the alternative storefront pizzas, as adults would be more likely to judge the product by its looks, and the profit margins are much higher. They may even use a sharp implement for these as they are prepared with more time available. I bet if you put the time, you could reassemble the pizzas back to a neat configuration, sans the eventual stuck-to-the-cutting-implement pepperoni slice.

  • Guest
    Guest2 ditë më parë

    I thought we were done with FNaF

  • LordofFullmetal
    LordofFullmetal2 ditë më parë

    I strongly disagree that the blade is causing it. I've used some janky blades to cut pizzas - including a rocking one - and they've never done THAT to a pizza. The slices are sometimes noticeably longer or shorter than each other; how does the blade magically add and remove pizza in areas that it wasn't even touching? I think the most believable theory is that they're recycling fresh slices. If they sell single slices, speaking as someone who works at a pizzeria that DOESN'T for this exact reason, you're gonna have leftover slices. Why not just chuck those slices together to make a whole new pizza?

  • Dj Novales
    Dj Novales2 ditë më parë

    This is stupid

  • Octogamer
    Octogamer3 ditë më parë

    Dear theorist, umm. So what is the 4th channel we need to know plzz tell me , From octo a.k.a william

  • Kranti Singh
    Kranti Singh3 ditë më parë


  • Yodi Cage
    Yodi Cage3 ditë më parë

    Man I feel better

  • Joshua Quinn
    Joshua Quinn3 ditë më parë

    3:37 O M G W H E R E I S T H E O R Y T H E O R Y

  • Kristen Thorsten
    Kristen Thorsten3 ditë më parë

    2:24 Is nobody noticing that one half of the Evidence #3 pizza is pepperoni and the other half is cheese? Thank you to SonicGirlZ for throwing my comment out the window.

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy3 ditë më parë

    I’ve never been to Chuck E. Cheese

  • thehappy camper
    thehappy camper3 ditë më parë

    I want pizza now

  • Grant LeBaron
    Grant LeBaron3 ditë më parë

    Grill theory

  • Chet’s Trains
    Chet’s Trains3 ditë më parë

    Where I am from chuck e cheese is not a thing but this is still interesting

  • Phạm Hà
    Phạm Hà3 ditë më parë


  • Ikram Bafqir
    Ikram Bafqir3 ditë më parë


  • Trevor Moseley
    Trevor Moseley3 ditë më parë

    Putting it out there. I came back to this video after watching the subway no tuna theory because of my curiosity concerning the idea that recycling the pizza slices could actually save them money. If we lived in an alternate universe where Chuck E. Cheese was actually the dark and troubled Freddy Fazbears under the leadership of the corner cutting, cheapskate of F.B entertainment how much, if any money would be saved by doing this. I mean the tuna thing would supposedly have been a few cents and there was the whole weight=pizza thing from the delivery episode. All I want to know is “Could you actually hypothesize based on number of pizzas per day, probability of there being leftovers, across the locations (etc.) What amount of money would (again if at all) be saved?” All my love and support to this channel. ~Cheers

  • Flux_ImBack
    Flux_ImBack4 ditë më parë

    I love how pat is more concerned about eating other people,s pizza rather than murderous animatronics

  • Mauricio Reyes
    Mauricio Reyes4 ditë më parë

    man im really thinking about when i went to chuck e. cheese with my family

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore4 ditë më parë

    I enjoyed the fnaf beginning

  • Perez Hein
    Perez Hein4 ditë më parë

    and i do not eat it an why?!

  • Jen's World
    Jen's World4 ditë më parë

    I was never aloud to go to chuck e cheese because I got super sick from their pizza, so we went there a year later and I got sick again. There is definitely something off with their pizza, dont know if its necessarily from different pizza slices from different pizza but still got sick from their pizza

  • Melissa Cruz
    Melissa Cruz4 ditë më parë


  • Grace Abbott
    Grace Abbott4 ditë më parë

    I loved it

  • Grace Abbott
    Grace Abbott4 ditë më parë

    One time me and my family ate someones leftover pizza after a party.

  • Andrew Barrow
    Andrew Barrow4 ditë më parë

    cake is lie

  • AJ Cortes
    AJ Cortes4 ditë më parë

    did anyone notice the fnaf animatronic mat put in?

  • Reece Dickinson
    Reece Dickinson4 ditë më parë

    The pizza joint I work at used the rocking dull blade as well, our pizzas don’t look like that.

  • han dler

    han dler

    3 ditë më parë

    Maybe thicker dough

  • The Dum Dum Show
    The Dum Dum Show4 ditë më parë

    looking back here, from both game theory film theory and food theory, i see it as this, I loved Chuck E Cheese as a kid, seeming im going to be 17 soon, i see Chuck E Cheese as a staple of fun as a kid, note that chuck and his crew always looked janky, but that's because NC just retro fitted them from the Rock-A-Fire Explosion band, never changed them once, but the one in Harford Connecticut had better animatronics so im going to use that one, they always had junked up pizza, bad looking, but good to the taste, i see it as, the pizza cutters fault, if it was dull like you said, then it would be hard to cut, ive worked with dull pizza cutters and it does look like that after some time, but i also see it as the fact of, kids, some kids, ok most kids, cant hold that much food in them as a result of no being fully grown, the employees could have taken this into consideration and cut it that way, so that the grown ups and teens who were dragged there by their families could get the bigger slices, and the kids get the small slices, but taking this into consideration, if they were to be reheating the pizza, and just sticking it all together, then we would know that because one of the slices would be over cooked, almost burnt, making it bluntly obvious, but we never do see that, its all evenly cooked, and seems almost the same golden brown. But hey that's just a theory- A FOOD THEORY!!

  • Tomato sauce
    Tomato sauce4 ditë më parë

    I'm still sus about it

  • MattyB93 Plays
    MattyB93 Plays4 ditë më parë

    This was uploaded on my bday

  • veronica villegas
    veronica villegas4 ditë më parë


  • Turtle Things
    Turtle Things4 ditë më parë

    Put a camera in the thank you box

    ABDULAZIZS WORLD4 ditë më parë

    If You Want Pizza Then Don't Eat Pizza At chucky Cheeses, Eat Pizza From Pizza Hut Instead

  • Thrakerzad
    Thrakerzad4 ditë më parë

    I don't understanding how not wanting to waste perfectly good pizza slices is such a crime against humanity

  • It's No Longer November

    It's No Longer November

    4 ditë më parë

    It isn’t, but it’s pizza someone else’s kid could have poked, sneezed on or been left on the side for a while

  • -CandyClubGacha-
    -CandyClubGacha-5 ditë më parë

    They might look like that because they bake each slice separately idk that sounds weird though 😳

  • yaixa cruz
    yaixa cruz5 ditë më parë

    Mat pat said he should not say the name but it was Shane Dawson

  • Emma Smh
    Emma Smh5 ditë më parë

    Good to know I wasn't food poisoned 9 years ago

  • Phantom
    Phantom5 ditë më parë

    Maybe they make them look misshapen on purpose some more people go there for pizza.

  • Estele Roemmich
    Estele Roemmich5 ditë më parë

    The big baboon selectively obey because position pharmacodynamically like amongst a outrageous cousin. bite-sized, macho march

  • Not Not
    Not Not5 ditë më parë

    if anyone wants to know the mystery youtuber that went to chuck e cheese i'm pretty sure it's shane dawson

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez5 ditë më parë

    I have never seen weird pizzas

  • Devon Kaeden
    Devon Kaeden5 ditë më parë

    The deafening page phylogentically fear because dew principally snow next a abusive willow. simple, clean lake

  • Rachel Brandy
    Rachel Brandy5 ditë më parë

    If there's one thing I can say I'm welsh and I think chuck-E-cheese pizzas are disgusting not that I've tried one but after watching this video I'll pass on one.

  • Remy Peewee
    Remy Peewee5 ditë më parë

    I'm gonna gag bc I went to chucky cheese ONCE now I'm gonna have nightmares and never go to chucky cheese again,thanks food theory

  • apchistuz
    apchistuz5 ditë më parë

    Chuck'e cheese is a entertainment center

  • Nylon[GD]
    Nylon[GD]5 ditë më parë

    9:10 Springtrap is there but at 9:14 he is gone after MatPat moves his head. Probably not the first one to notice.

  • Sophy Kitten
    Sophy Kitten6 ditë më parë

    A few years back, I had to attend a kid's birthday at CEC. I planned to just blend in and hope no one notice I wasn't eating the pizza. It's a crowd I'm not always around and I didn't want to make a thing out of the fact I'm allergic to wheat. But to my surprise, the person that invited me ordered a gluten free pizza. Those were actually available at the CEC, and it was surprisingly good. I think they always got a bad rap because of adults judging the marketing targeting kids.

  • Ahvra
    Ahvra6 ditë më parë

    Me: *looking for something to watch and sees this video* huh, I wonder how long it will take for him to reference FNaF *clicks on video* *ad ends an I see MatPat walking down the FNaF hallway* no that long then

  • Rodolfo Ramos
    Rodolfo Ramos6 ditë më parë

    the part with chuclke cheese employes recyling pizza is just dumb i mean you ever have a pizza and then done and went to play some games or watch tv or stuff and when you go back to grab a slice it was cold and some just taste like it was like super dried out or it's little cissors it's kinda good but recycling food they are lazy just to make another pizza pie that they just used another pizza pie parts like this lazy ever have that moment when you just don't wanna go to school so you just like faked out to not go to school and do a bunch of random stuff and every one at school is just like yeah he is probably faking it again or just like faking your own body damage and just go into a hospital and just have to go through a spine reset and then relizing how stupid that plan was just for some stuff he or she wanted

  • Coconut and Bella
    Coconut and Bella6 ditë më parë

    oh yeah remember that time that the animatronic was staring at me? *specifically me?* out of all the people, i was just a small little girl trying to retrieve my little brother's shoes on the playset and then it just *STARES.* Yeah i still have trauma from that.

  • Craig Farrier
    Craig Farrier6 ditë më parë

    Im British so the first time I went to America I went to the 'holy grail' that is chuck-e-chees. I was honestly droping bricks in my trousers , the night before me and my friends played fnaf I found c.e.c really creepy. Don't know why you take kids there ,no offence just my opinion

  • Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres6 ditë më parë

    We are tottaly getting real life fnaf

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