Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: althe.info
Minx: althe.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: althe.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive


  • Amaris Young
    Amaris Young25 minuta më parë

    Ok that was too clean Tubbo - hey o found corpse where we heading buddy Corpse - Straight to hell buddy XD

  • Amaris Young
    Amaris Young30 minuta më parë

    I hope you are doing good Corpse and having a good day❤

  • Amaris Young
    Amaris Young31 minutë më parë


  • Isabella Womelsdorf
    Isabella Womelsdorf57 minuta më parë


  • X_Boxxe _X
    X_Boxxe _XOrë më parë

    im not gay *B U T*

  • Abbigayle Willis
    Abbigayle WillisOrë më parë

    I keep hearing jacksepticeye in this lol and it was courage3d xD

  • Marley D.
    Marley D.Orë më parë

    Minx is sepsy

  • landin isaksen
    landin isaksenOrë më parë

    Hey man, keep it up bro your doing great. Love the vids

  • Team Chillz
    Team Chillz2 orë më parë


  • Skyshale
    Skyshale2 orë më parë

    i too have tourettes and know how ass it is and how you literally cant control it but also,,,,,,, i m iN l o V e w I T h a f i sH

  • Dil Mac
    Dil Mac2 orë më parë

    “THERE’S A BODY!” *instant kill* XD

  • Dragon Jai
    Dragon Jai3 orë më parë

    ew simp hat

  • Josefina Cole
    Josefina Cole3 orë më parë

    Is anyone gonna ignore the part where Tubbo saw on cams people standing on whites body???

  • soft_ lee
    soft_ lee3 orë më parë


  • Brother Finn
    Brother Finn3 orë më parë

    Music makes it have more suspense

  • Joe Alhani
    Joe Alhani3 orë më parë

    ngl minx looks like her parents were siblings

  • Provoked Cosmic
    Provoked Cosmic4 orë më parë

    How do u get proximity chat

  • Missyy Jayy
    Missyy Jayy4 orë më parë

    This Tubbo guy is a bit much to handle 😅 I don’t wanna sound mean but he’s just a bit too much man

  • Mὶƈħҽɭɭҽ Ƙɪɳçäǐɗ
    Mὶƈħҽɭɭҽ Ƙɪɳçäǐɗ4 orë më parë

    Lol your legit so wholesome😂 I don't understand how anyone could not like you ur so awesome. And I like her whistles it's exactly like a beautiful birds chirp

  • Stubby Bunny
    Stubby Bunny5 orë më parë

    Corpse: oh that was so funny, his voice didn’t even change one single bit he wasn’t even laughing

  • Aunthrone
    Aunthrone5 orë më parë

    4:46 that maniacal evil laugh 😂

  • Fatima Kalash
    Fatima Kalash5 orë më parë

    This was so far the most funniest among us game i ever saw i was LAUGHING SO HARD

  • Aunthrone
    Aunthrone5 orë më parë

    I wish someone from hollywood would get this guy to be a voice actor or something

  • MarissaRose234
    MarissaRose2345 orë më parë

    “straight to hell” is SENDING ME!

  • smack jack
    smack jack6 orë më parë

    that was a smooth last kill

  • Icrem Ibor
    Icrem Ibor6 orë më parë

    I've gotten so used to his voice that it doesn't even sound deep anymore...

  • jason lin
    jason lin6 orë më parë

    The upbeat dessert systemically command because run presently protect upon a male equinox. gleaming, labored drizzle

  • Hunter Timoteo
    Hunter Timoteo6 orë më parë

    4:40 you mean you see a CORPSE!!

  • Soroushy Sam
    Soroushy Sam6 orë më parë

    you know I have the same gameplay stile as tubbo PROTEC

  • Look Sus
    Look Sus7 orë më parë

    This voice... I'm falling in love

  • narrow arrow
    narrow arrow7 orë më parë

    I keep coming back to listen to this lmao 1:57

  • Evan Tigue (Student)
    Evan Tigue (Student)7 orë më parë

    your voice is awesome dude

  • Asylum 747
    Asylum 7477 orë më parë

    i'm not trying to be mean or anything but anita's noises sounds like a notification

  • Robozethi
    Robozethi8 orë më parë

    They made corpse laugh alot ;)

  • Skyler Haynes-Briere Jr
    Skyler Haynes-Briere Jr8 orë më parë

    do a face rivel

  • Lemanightchad
    Lemanightchad8 orë më parë

    5:05 that is amazing

  • Andy Olivier
    Andy Olivier8 orë më parë

    corpses laugh makes my heart so happy

  • Jasper Frost
    Jasper Frost8 orë më parë

    I would die for Tubbo

  • Carey Killam
    Carey Killam8 orë më parë

    Before Tubbo was here I though Jack biggest fan Corpse's here. ouch!

  • Sophie Shin
    Sophie Shin9 orë më parë

    Corpse have a thing for anita. and tubbo ho ho ho ho

  • MyMy Cutie
    MyMy Cutie9 orë më parë

    This is describing personality

  • Chrisete Leath
    Chrisete Leath9 orë më parë

    Tubbo :where we headed Corpes: Straight to hell buddy 10-10 best reply would use

  • Hugh Tran
    Hugh Tran9 orë më parë

    We all thought Jack was Corpse's biggest fan but then Tubbo came along.

  • Domagoj Vragolovic
    Domagoj Vragolovic9 orë më parë

    Corpse is all ways geting imposter

  • Karl Is Handsome
    Karl Is Handsome10 orë më parë

    So are we all gonna ignore that CouRage accidentally made fun of Anita's Teret's Syndrome?

  • Jerky Jazz
    Jerky Jazz10 orë më parë

    HEAR ME OUT, HEAR ME OUT CORPSE AND WOLFIECHU MEET Don’t even tell me that’s not fucking genius.

  • bballbaa gaming
    bballbaa gaming10 orë më parë

    5:00 is what your lookin for

  • Celine Che
    Celine Che10 orë më parë

    Fun fact: You rewatched this multiple times Well I did

  • nobody at all
    nobody at all11 orë më parë

    Nobody is like "corpse is sus" 😂😂

  • nobody at all
    nobody at all11 orë më parë

    How is he always imposter😔✋

  • Gizmo Asuwa
    Gizmo Asuwa11 orë më parë

    It was great playing with you a couple days ago,thank you.

  • J Hans
    J Hans11 orë më parë

    Do you want to go somewhere? me: no but u can. strait to hell

  • J Hans
    J Hans11 orë më parë

    I heard a cute little korok

  • •Plūtø•
    •Plūtø•11 orë më parë

    Corpse really enjoys killing his friends.

  • yeet kid
    yeet kid12 orë më parë

    negative thing sbout corpse husaband

  • Kato uwu
    Kato uwu12 orë më parë

    Did anyone else see Anita stick up her middle finger 7:01

  • Michael-Mathew Badea
    Michael-Mathew Badea12 orë më parë

    He should play doom 2016 or doom eternal

  • Mimi Plays_Games
    Mimi Plays_Games12 orë më parë

    I wanna play among us with Tubbo he seems so kind 🥺 and yet you killed him 👁👄👁 😂

  • Sweatclan23
    Sweatclan2312 orë më parë

    play fortnite plsss!!!

  • Sofia Vazquez
    Sofia Vazquez12 orë më parë


  • Ismael Eescobar
    Ismael Eescobar12 orë më parë

    Tubbo:so where we heading buddy? Corpse:strait to hell buddy

  • Tu Quy
    Tu Quy13 orë më parë


  • xx_Black_Mist_xx
    xx_Black_Mist_xx13 orë më parë

    11:59 That is all I have to say.

  • ꧁Skylar Love꧂
    ꧁Skylar Love꧂13 orë më parë

    Am i the only one that sometimes find Corpse's voice scary =w='

  • Michael Berra
    Michael Berra14 orë më parë

    The AGP theme song!! :D

  • Jennifer Lemus
    Jennifer Lemus14 orë më parë

    Corpse plz show ur face we don’t care how u look like but we want to see ur face plz

  • alani


    6 orë më parë

    no? respect his boundaries LMFAO

  • Ïñk Døgéy
    Ïñk Døgéy14 orë më parë

    Baby Corpse: *Exists* Corpse's mother: *Is this a man or a baby?*

  • dolfin edgyboi gaming
    dolfin edgyboi gaming14 orë më parë

    My pfp is my face this entire video except the intro

  • n o
    n o14 orë më parë


  • ImNotHappy
    ImNotHappy14 orë më parë

    Tubbo: *Hey corspe im haunting u* Corpse: oh my god- Tubbo: hahaha xD

  • Jolle e
    Jolle e14 orë më parë

    everyone talking about the rly good kill. while nobody's talking about anita pulling the no no finger 7:41

  • jace laframboise
    jace laframboise15 orë më parë

    i really want to play among us with you

  • jace laframboise
    jace laframboise15 orë më parë

    corpse you are the best

  • Cobrax yt
    Cobrax yt15 orë më parë


  • Luffy but fat
    Luffy but fat15 orë më parë

    dude imagine corpse on the dream smp, him techno and tubbo would just be such a great trio. tubbo, big law. techno, blind justice. corpse, corpse. corpse being corpse is enough.

  • LazerBlast #409
    LazerBlast #40915 orë më parë

    Anita legit winks so much’

  • Tomislav Balabanov
    Tomislav Balabanov15 orë më parë

    19:12 min. we got the imposter. (watch minx)

  • Amethyst Dragon
    Amethyst Dragon15 orë më parë

    Antia - *Double Middle Finger*

  • Naomi_cochran._.
    Naomi_cochran._.16 orë më parë

    “Hey corpse I’m haunting you” “Oh my that-“ “Ahhahaha” I love Tubbo so much XD

  • Naomi_cochran._.
    Naomi_cochran._.16 orë më parë

    Every single video the editing NEVER fails to amaze me

  • Catherine Murdock
    Catherine Murdock16 orë më parë

    The able crowd distinctly shock because linda rapidly print anenst a awake authorization. quixotic, meaty toothpaste

  • Jox2k3659
    Jox2k365916 orë më parë

    I love how when she's dead there's no context cuz of no audio and all we see is Anita flipping random things off

  • UltraJack299
    UltraJack29917 orë më parë


  • Julio Jimenez
    Julio Jimenez17 orë më parë

    0:27 Id say your a simp but i respect you too much

  • TruRussianPearson
    TruRussianPearson17 orë më parë

    botoxlive sounds like a teenage boy

  • Kurbon Mirzoaliev
    Kurbon Mirzoaliev17 orë më parë

    Why does Anita constantly make random sounds? I kinda like the whistle ngl, but y?

  • XDcri
    XDcri17 orë më parë


  • Sotoki Gacha
    Sotoki Gacha17 orë më parë


  • noneyabuiessness so yea
    noneyabuiessness so yea18 orë më parë

    I like tubbos accent giving me very much London vibes

  • Lūnār_ Ēclīpsē
    Lūnār_ Ēclīpsē18 orë më parë

    I actually thought Dream was gonna be here instead of Tubbo but that just makes it better if it's tubbo

  • RabidBlueFaerie
    RabidBlueFaerie18 orë më parë

    Corpse: "This is bullshit" * Both their blood still on his knife * 😭

  • Carlo Rojas
    Carlo Rojas18 orë më parë

    Why 5:05

  • GreenLeaf
    GreenLeaf18 orë më parë

    S I M P

  • Skilled Hunter
    Skilled Hunter18 orë më parë

    Man i wish im smart enough to do 999 iq gameplay like corpse

  • Kingplays YTofficial
    Kingplays YTofficial18 orë më parë

    Corpse is that your voice? Its cool hearing it i love it

  • xDemonicShadowx
    xDemonicShadowx18 orë më parë

    i love how 5Up is actually from the Salt Raiders Group XD but plays with Corpse and Tubbo and etc. ^^ i love it xD

  • Idproof Gaming
    Idproof Gaming18 orë më parë

    Anita is cute af 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  • Skilled Hunter

    Skilled Hunter

    18 orë më parë


  • Kayla Poon
    Kayla Poon18 orë më parë

    corpse: talks about how good his friends are also corpse: anyways enjoy me killing my friends in among us

  • Paul Eric Ratilla
    Paul Eric Ratilla18 orë më parë

    Where we headin'? Straight to hell buddy. The most accurate quote ive seen on my life

  • Matthew101 Desimone
    Matthew101 Desimone19 orë më parë

    I now know a streamer who also has turrets

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