Scary TikToks You SHOULDN'T Watch Alone

We found creepy tiktoks that will probably keep you up at night. Sorry
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    250k likes and I take my Tesla through a cemetery

  • RobotShanks

    Hey Faze Rug, I currently have a kidney infection so I'm not feeling too well. However, your videos cheer me up a lot! I appreciate how much work you and noah put into these very entertaining videos <3

  • Newfie •
    Newfie •

    Imagine going through a dark road in the woods alone in a Tesla and seeing that 😂😂

  • ASP

    This kind of content is what I absolutely love but regret watching when I'm trying to sleep 😅. Definitely want more

  • Squirmy Da Wormy
    Squirmy Da Wormy

    May Xxx rest in piece, it was just a painting of him and people are still trying to believe he’s there. Just let him rest in piece guys

  • Nina E
    Nina E

    Love this video! Love that you have such a diverse range of videos for us all the time! Love you rug and kaelyn

  • Kittysmeowsalot_yt

    I’m only watching faze rugs scary vids at day cause before I sleep I’m gonna keep looking outside and under my bed to make sure nothing is there lol

  • ItzPip :D
    ItzPip :D

    Rug: Don't watch by yourself!

  • illxsion

    you should do more reaction videos Rug. we all love them❤️

  • kora

    i dont claim any negative energy from this video ❤️

  • Eman Sohail Khan
    Eman Sohail Khan

    FaZe Rug never fails to impress me

  • Stephani Guzman
    Stephani Guzman

    Rug never fails to entertain us with his cometery

  • Kelly Trieu
    Kelly Trieu

    we need a part two of this!

  • Lara Hot Vlogs
    Lara Hot Vlogs

    Rug never fails to entertain me

  • BomB ContenT
    BomB ContenT

    Rug never disappoints us with his content

  • Roblox Spider-Playz
    Roblox Spider-Playz


  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez

    Love your videos Faze Rug. Thank you for entertaining us and your videos are lit 🔥. You always make my day every day when ever you upload a video

  • Arlyne ramales
    Arlyne ramales

    Kaitlyn: have u checked attic recently?

  • G FUEL
    G FUEL

    Why did I watch this, knowing I can't handle horror content.

  • Random

    Rug always brightens my day. He is so inspiring, positive, and just a great person in all. You don’t know me, or aren’t going to see this comment, but just know that you inspire me very mich