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In this new episode of Mark Angel Comedy titled, End SARS, Mark Angel the Caretaker realizes on the police to put an end to "What you ordered vs what you get"
Mark Angel is sad as the landlord is mounting pressure on him to get a wife soon or loses his Caretakership position in the compound.
Baze 10 seems concerned about this as he questions Mark Angel about why he is looking worried. Mark Angel explains how hard it is for him to find a wife despite the pressure that the landlord is mounting on him to get a wife. He complains that the bride's price is too high for him. But he needs to get a wife very soon to avoid losing his Caretakership to Mr. Azu, Baze 10 seems in support of the idea as he praises Mark Angel for being the best Caretaker and says he would never want anyone else to take that position from him, but Mark Angel does not trust him and calls him a snitch, Baze 10 is not happy about this as he angrily walks out on Mark Angel.
Mark Angel then comes up with an idea to get a wife at a cheaper bride price.
The next morning everyone is gathered in the compound as Mark Angel comes out screaming "I have been scammed by online sellers". Everyone in the compound is shocked and asks to know how it happened. Mark Angel explains that he ordered something online, but the online store delivers the wrong item to him, a woman's bra. Mr. Azu is not happy about what happened to Mark Angel and declares his support to him as he promises to help contact SAR officers to arrest those online sellers for scamming him, the Caretaker. Mark Angel is shocked hearing Mr. Azu who never supports him on anything say this. He then asks Mr. Azu to call the normal police and not SARS as they have disbanded SARS in the country. He then placed another other so the online store delivery agent could come to the compound and be arrested as they arrive at the yard.
A few minutes later the delivery agents arrive at the compound and Mark Angel engages them on why they would deliver the wrong item, a bra to him when he ordered for something else, Mark is then Asked to show a picture of the item he ordered for and he shows a picture of a girl wearing a bra and says he ordered for the girl, not the bra, but they delivered to him the bra instead of the girl(wife) he wanted to marry. Everyone is disappointed in Mark Angel at this point as they all address him as a fool and a stupid man.
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