Why I Got Banned On My School's Minecraft Server...

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Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server... This was insane!

In this minecraft video, I explain Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server. I did not do this on the Lifesteal SMP, also known as the deadliest minecraft server to exist, rather I did this on my school’s minecraft server / SMP. This is similar to Parrot or ParrotX2 on the school SMP series where he started a war or ended a war or when I was Clutching my school’s unfair bedwars tournament

Recently my school started a Minecraft Server / SMP. Today I decided to pull a Linus Studios / Leowook and started a war

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    You put althe.info/number/sHjMfZ5wlaCgYKo/video that eze was chating

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    I never knew a block game could be so dramatic

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    All This To Find Out *Something*... Wow. Very intense!

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    I love your video And u keep up the good work love you

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    but if yr opped , cant they just check your in game dm ?

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    I loved the way you told this story can’t wait for part 2

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    eze build is really cool even tho he admin abused

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    People who knew him before he blew up please comments because i think im alone

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    Hey Ro , next you should use harming arrows with instant damage 2 to kill. Set something like the harming potion setup. For some reason harming arrows does not work on totems , meaning a totem can’t save you from damage arrows .Like so he can see.❤️

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    Instant damage 2 arrows are so OP.

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    Bro this video its epicc its better than dream i hope you make part 2🤓

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    3:41 my dude just killed a full enchanted diamond armour dude......with a stone axe and a shield

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    Sometimes... a great hero comes with a great punishment.

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    Are you in high school because I play minecraft education edition at school or are you in boarding school

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    Even if it wasn’t his school and was staged, it would be lit for a school Minecraft server besides it going to disaster eventually peeps would have fun.

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    does anyone noticed that the subtitled said ebtter instead of better

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    i have a question... how do you die from your schools server but literally very strong in the lifesteal smp? please comment

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    I'm glad you un oped him but I'm sad u got ban you seem like a good person

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    Against gear like that, u gotta just spam instant damage pots, they ignore armour

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    4:13 "even ebtter than before" nice english

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    Even with proof being in spec, getting an illegal elytra They didnmt deop him You had to FRAME him so that he gets deoped

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    4:13 ebtter

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    I love this story

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    at the end i was kinda sad that he got banned, but then i remembered he had alts

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    fully enchanted diamond armor got beaten by a no armored stone axe with a shield god that was legendary

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    he got banned because he was "hacking"(i mean you are really good)

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    From the thumbnail i believe your classmates are 7 years old with cheats and keep inventory, and the only rule is to let them kill you 24/7

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    2:16 “eze was chating”

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