This recipe from grandma stunned everyone ❗ My husband asks for this cake 3 times a week 😋

This recipe from grandma stunned everyone ❗ My husband asks for this cake 3 times a week 😋
My husband asks to cook this cake 3 times a week! 😋The most delicious cake!
The family liked the dish so much that my husband asked me to cook this cake three times a week. This is an incredibly delicious cake recipe. !Cook this delicious cake recipe for the whole family and everyone will thank you for a delicious dessert. Good luck cooking! Cook with love!
Everything is mixed and ready. The tastiest cake! You will bake this cake every day. Delicious! A royal cake that melts in your mouth.
Delicious choux pastry and very satisfying and tasty filling. A very filling and delicious cake for any occasion! A simple cake made from simple ingredients. Follow everything as in the video recipe and you will succeed.
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🧡for cream:
💛2 eggs, 150 grams of sugar.
💙70 grams of corn starch.
💚 500g milk.
🧡 Vanillin, butter 50 gr.
for the test:
💛180 grams of water.
💙 90 grams of butter.
💚 A pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar
💜 130g flour.
💙3-4 eggs.
🧡Bake at 190°C for 30 minutes.
Recipe in cups 👇
🧡for cream:
💙2 eggs, 3/4 cup sugar.
💚3-4 tablespoons of cornstarch.
💜2.5 cups milk.
🧡cook until thickened.
💜3 tablespoons of butter
💚for the test:
💛3-4 eggs.
🧡18 tablespoons of water.
💜5 tbsp butter.
💚a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar.
💛6-7 tablespoons of flour.
💙Bake at 375 F for 30 minutes.
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For an 8'' (20 cm) cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 1.23
For a 22 cm (9'') cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 1.49
For a 24 cm (10'') cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 1.78
For a 10.5'' (26 cm) cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 2.09
For a 28 cm (11'') cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 2.42
For a 30 cm (12'') cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 2.78

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  • Delicias Caseiras da Adi
    Delicias Caseiras da Adi

    Nossa, que receita super top, muito simples e fácil , muito bom, já me preparando pra fazer

  • Joseli Ramos Machado de Araripe
    Joseli Ramos Machado de Araripe

    Estou com a boca cheia d'água, só de ver o passo-a-passo dessa receita maravilhosa! Tenho certeza que é uma delícia!

  • sunfruit

    This looks absolutely AMAZEBALLS!!! You gave a great demonstration so I feel like I can try to make them. The custard looks so creamy and good. The biscuit looks delicious!

  • Maria Do Socorro Sousa
    Maria Do Socorro Sousa

    Muito lindo! Isso é arte de mulher prendada! Nunca tinha visto algo feito com tanto carinho assim...

  • Lourdes gare
    Lourdes gare

    Delícia 😋 fácil de fazer 👏👅

  • luci raquel
    luci raquel

    Que receita maravilhosa! Vou fazer...

  • Ivonete Silva
    Ivonete Silva

    Receita da minha infância é tudo de bom sempre quis aprender

  • Louvores

    Nossa me deu água na boca!

  • Carole St. louis
    Carole St. louis

    Thank you 🙏 so much. This is a perfect Eclair that can be coated with chocolate 🍫. It looks so delicious 😋

  • manuela nogueira
    manuela nogueira

    Deve ser muito bom vou fazer obrigada muito bem explicado ❣️


    Isso é maravilhoso!😋😋😋👍🏼

  • Adriana Fernes
    Adriana Fernes

    É lindo é encantador com certeza é delicioso é divino!a existência de Deus mostrando as mãos abençoadas para executar alimentos cheios de ternura parabéns 😚😋👼

  • Tânia Pimenta
    Tânia Pimenta

    Hum, parece delicioso! 😋👏👏👌

  • Os leões guerreiros
    Os leões guerreiros

    Que delícia esse bolinho maravilhoso 😋😋

  • Ivone de Castro Rühmann
    Ivone de Castro Rühmann

    Aqui no Brasil chamamos essa receita de Bomba. Essa é de creme. Também fazem de creme com chocolate. E como guarnição, mergulham a parte de cima delas em chocolate ou branco ou ao leite. Também se encontra com coberturas de chocolate escuro com frisos brancos ou vice versa.

  • Susan's Ramblings
    Susan's Ramblings

    Thank you so very much for putting the recipe in cups so I don't have too. I have saved the recipe and will add it to my weekly menu

  • Kathleen Stoin
    Kathleen Stoin

    This is a traditional French recipe, choux paste, with a pastry cream filling. It's not hard at all. We were allowed to make these when we were kids. But the puffs need to be baked at a higher temperature than this recipe says. Instead of piping the filling into the puffs, you can just split them and spoon in the filling, then put the top back on.

  • Lifestyle with Syeda
    Lifestyle with Syeda

    The definition of delicious! Looks soo tasty recipe!! Awesome and delicious thanks for sharing the amazing recipe and videos 🌹❤️

  • Evelyn Peterson
    Evelyn Peterson

    Dip the top in chocolate and they are called eclairs. You can also use a sifter and sprinkle powder sugar over them. They are delicious.

  • Hamsiye

    ❤️💙Elinize sağlık,çok lezzetli görünüyor.❤️💙