Utah businesses deciding whether to require masks

Utah businesses deciding whether to require masks


  • Tracy Beverly
    Tracy Beverly10 ditë më parë

    Places such as this said we are just following the state mandate then State mandate eliminates The Mask wearing so now places are like okay we are not going to follow the states guidelines we're just going to do whatever we want to.

  • Egon Pax
    Egon Pax13 ditë më parë

    Yet if I decide to not do business with a place requiring a mask I’m called a Neanderthal by the tolerant leftists and sheep. Go figure

  • Tropic-Al
    Tropic-Al13 ditë më parë

    Don't worry. Covid and it's deadly variants are very cordial when it comes to you eating in a restaurant. Thanks Covid !!!!

  • sam1953
    sam195313 ditë më parë

    If a business wants you to wear a mask and you don't, they can have you trespassed but they have to have law enforcement do it. They cannot grab you and haul you off of their premises, that would be assault.

  • Egon Pax

    Egon Pax

    13 ditë më parë

    Any place requiring a mask is a scared sheep filled place of ignorance. Not one scientific peer reviewed tested set of data exists that support masks doing anything beyond small virtue signaling.

  • Tonya Stinson
    Tonya Stinson13 ditë më parë

    There’s no reason to wear a mask outdoors if you keep a social distance. Won’t be going to the Zoo.

  • Estefania Doniz
    Estefania Doniz13 ditë më parë

    Yes!! No mask

  • Ruth Salvador
    Ruth Salvador13 ditë më parë


  • Conspiracy Media
    Conspiracy Media13 ditë më parë

    No need for masks ,ask the W.H.O. 👍.Quit falling for the narrative and quit believing everything the media tells you

  • Egon Pax

    Egon Pax

    13 ditë më parë

    @Stella Kitty doctors and scientists have not published one peer reviewed scientific piece of evidence that supports mandates and masks used in the context they are as being effective to a level that supports the level of obsession from the covid Karen’s. Go back to your scared obsessive covid videos.

  • Stella Kitty

    Stella Kitty

    13 ditë më parë

    Definitely not falling for your narrative. Quit not believing in doctors and scientists. Go back to watching your conspiracy videos.

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