Chlöe - Have Mercy (Official Video)

Official video for “Have Mercy” by Chlöe

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DIRECTOR: Karena Evans
EP: Taj Critchlow
EP/PROD: Fuliane Petikyan
COO: Dean Rosen
HEAD OF PROD: Amir Karimi
OP MGR: Olivia Swayze
DP: Bérénice Eveno, Luis Perez
2ND UNIT DIR: Kat Webber
PROD SUP: Kimberly Barron
PROD MGR: Tina Chuldzhyan
PROD COORD: Laura Goldenstein
1ST AD: Jesse Hays, Joy Hubbard
2ND AD: Nathan Gallie, Arielle Zoletti, Mallory Chevallier
EDITOR: Kat Webber
ASST EDITOR: Leah Lalich
COLOR: Dave Hussey/Company 3
TITLES: Stefan Woronko
SFX: Daenen Bramberger/Oso, Rudy Perez
PROD DES: David Courtemarche V
ART DIR: David Courtemarche VI
CASTING: Chad Ritterbach, Tarek Antoine El Kik
SET DEC: Ashley Zunino, Chris Cranston, Johnny Mendez, Tony Madrigal, Zubin Vidor, Jack Nielsen
PROPS: Tony Madrigal
GAFFER: Brian Hickman, Aram Martirosyan
BB ELEC: Adam Flores, Lawrence Le
ELEC: Matt Hall, Anthony Ortiz, Christian Medina
KEY GRIP: Mynor Priesling, Tyler Johnson
BB GRIP: Bodie Hyman, Mason Malone
GRIP: Jake Koenig, Trip Forgeng, John Lefan, Lafayette Fredrick, Shai Keston-Nix
CAM OP: Ken Fisher
STEADI: Luke Rocheleau
1ST AC: Sean Frisoli, Ben Steen, Erica Chan, Diona Mavis
2ND AC: Jinuk Lee, Duncan Robertson, Edward Guiterezz, Lawrence Montemayor
DIT: Tony Kwan
CRANE OP: Randy Johnson, Joe Fletcher
CRANE TECH: Rodney Sandoval, Jesse Williams
PLAYBACK: Tracy Townsend, Jhonny JJ Roldan
VTR: Darren Bell, Angel Cifuentes
GANG BOSS: Chris Machado
LOC MGR: Tommy Cannon
COVID SAFETY: Gabrielle Gonzalez, Deane Gonzalez, Kenia Gutierrez

GM: Janet Rollé
PUBLICIST: Yvette Noel-Schure
PROD COORD: Leah Takele
A&R: Mariel Gomerez, Teresa LaBarbera
PROJECT MGR: Ricky Lawson
POST PROD: Spencer Patzman
POST SUP Shireen Hinckley
POST COORD: Matthew Allen
VFX ARTIST: Philana Dias
MGR OF HR: Natacha Paul
PARALEGAL: Kylie Gregory

Courtney Bailey, Doug Bailey

Julian Dadouk, Raven B. Varona, Jesse Richmond, Ben Hagerty

CHOREOGRAPHER: Aisha Francis, Cortland Brown

EXEC PROD: Rik Michul
VFX ARTIST: Andrew Dole
ONLINE: Joss Green

STYLIST: Max Ortega, Zerina Akers
ASSTS: Charlie Burke, Jaiin King, Blair Cannon, K.J. Moody, Chris Barberena, Ambre Reed
WARD: Ann-Marie Hoang, Kim Nguyen, Kate Broadrick
TAILOR: Karine Gasparyan

HAIR: Tinisha Meeks, Princess James, Nikko Anthony
MU: Rokael Lizama, Chrissy Cassell

CAMEOS: Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson, Donte Cooley, Rome Flynn, Bree Runway, Murda Beatz
DANCERS: Mariah Hilliard, Kayla Brenda, Mao Kawakami, Haley Messick, Joya Jackson, Morgan Wright, Kat Diaz, Fulani Bahati
FRAT: Arturo Gonzalez, Dion Cardell, Levi Colonel Photenhauer, Michah Flamm, Tyler James White, Simeon Kidd, Mark Young, Qi Gu, Kerry Paige
EXTRAS: Ashley Vasquez, Monica Astacio, Chamirella Coste Payan, Teyler Leigh

GM: Jenifer Mallory
HEAD OF VIDEO: Bryan Younce
HEAD OF MKTG: Erika Alfredson
MKTG: Chris Williams
DIGITAL: Touré Ali Shiver

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  • Mateus Scarr
    Mateus Scarr3 minuta më parë

    this is going to be a BOP of 2020s pop

  • Redeemable soul
    Redeemable soul20 minuta më parë

    Witchcraft written all over it

  • Tiff Rich
    Tiff Rich23 minuta më parë

    Go’head Chloe!

  • Gemima Saintil
    Gemima Saintil29 minuta më parë

    Anyone peep Beyoncé’s mom at 0:48 ? 😁

  • Bib Bebeu
    Bib Bebeu43 minuta më parë

    A HIT

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ44 minuta më parë

    Bruh, I'm about to go turn to stone, nice knowing y'all...

  • Momma Puss
    Momma Puss50 minuta më parë

    She flopped so hard just like Normani

  • dekita morris
    dekita morris50 minuta më parë

    This song 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaden
    JadenOrë më parë

    We are so close too getting her to 1million likes 👍

  • sizo khuzwayo
    sizo khuzwayoOrë më parë


  • Asin Osayi
    Asin OsayiOrë më parë

    This is like the 100th time I have watched this. So dope!

  • LYAR
    LYAROrë më parë

    Adoro ❤️ ❤️

  • Valerie C
    Valerie COrë më parë

    I just saw a ALthe vid of a bunch of dummies talking about Chlöe “losing her way.” So I came here to cleanse my pallet.

  • Isabelle Vasconcelos
    Isabelle VasconcelosOrë më parë

    Loveeee 💕💕

  • Thiago Rodrigues
    Thiago RodriguesOrë më parë


  • Waynes World
    Waynes WorldOrë më parë

    I've no idea why Americans love selling their bodies on screen. Some songs will just do without sex scenes

  • Xid RK
    Xid RKOrë më parë

    50% ass 40% auto-tune 10% highly edited video + ton of make-up + 3 fancy outfits 0% talent

  • cory robinson
    cory robinson2 orë më parë

    Gains a million views every day

  • Jalal Zaoui Chadily
    Jalal Zaoui Chadily2 orë më parë

    lol just lol

  • Jarrett Dillard
    Jarrett Dillard2 orë më parë

    I don’t understand a single word she said .. except “like I do” .. video is straight tho

  • itslynn saweetie
    itslynn saweetie2 orë më parë

    I loved it dance through the whole songs work your black girl magic 🙌🏾💕

  • Ruth Duthie
    Ruth Duthie2 orë më parë

    Is that beyonce mom?

  • Louis S. Chapa MUA
    Louis S. Chapa MUA2 orë më parë

    I saw Sasha Fierce pop thru….GET IT CHLOE!!!

  • Starish 971
    Starish 9712 orë më parë


  • Music is my fave
    Music is my fave2 orë më parë

    this song and “overthinking is the devil” by Somm are definitely my top two favorite tracks!

  • that one whore
    that one whore2 orë më parë

    The Beyonce comments are just too much

  • Smiley Malika
    Smiley Malika2 orë më parë

    beat dont go to the lyrics or video

  • Trishona Gayle
    Trishona Gayle3 orë më parë

    Keep up with the good work

  • Trishona Gayle
    Trishona Gayle3 orë më parë

    I watch this alot of times

    GORGEOUSBAEBEAUTY3 orë më parë

    Who here again after the 100x time!

  • Rocky
    Rocky3 orë më parë

    Lord have mercy

  • Aly Banana
    Aly Banana3 orë më parë

    1:27 am I the only one who hear Beyoncé in the back…

  • Justin Cartledge
    Justin Cartledge3 orë më parë

    I feel like buzz light Year after watching this video

  • Justin Cartledge
    Justin Cartledge3 orë më parë

    I really hate to say this but she passes good looking

  • Prakriti Pou-del
    Prakriti Pou-del3 orë më parë

    Obsessed with this song..... the beats woahhhhh!

  • AidenJpz 
    AidenJpz 3 orë më parë

    Brooooo she copied sub Urbana PATCHWERK video on the Greek god statue bro that litt🔥🔥🔥

  • Savage Hunter
    Savage Hunter3 orë më parë


  • Lilly Moon_Ravenclaw
    Lilly Moon_Ravenclaw3 orë më parë

    I have chills and the giggles in the beginning are everything!!!🥰 And this song is making me feel obsessed with myself 💘💘💘

  • tik tok boss baby
    tik tok boss baby3 orë më parë

    You are the next Beyonce

    BASSADY3 orë më parë

    Fuck cancel culture.....and all the bullshit going on. Color people are offended by so many things, but is ok for them to mock white culture?!?

  • simone jarred
    simone jarred4 orë më parë

    This young lady bout to take off!!!! She really came out her shell its nothing but up from here💯

  • Angel Thomas
    Angel Thomas4 orë më parë

    WoW who is your best

  • Joyce Olly
    Joyce Olly4 orë më parë

    Chloe a filha perdida da Beyoncé👑

  • The Man Blue
    The Man Blue4 orë më parë

    We have another "good girl gone bad!" Yes, ma'am! AND WE LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Justin Cats
    Justin Cats4 orë më parë

    I love the concept of the video, Medusa realness in a whole new level. Plus the way she dance O M G. Ps: her performance at the #VMAs blew my mind. GOSH, her energy on stage is ON FIRE

  • Latoska Pullum

    Latoska Pullum

    4 orë më parë

    Amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shealynn Little
    Shealynn Little4 orë më parë

    This song and music video gives me Beyoncé vibes 🎶

  • TASHANN Panton
    TASHANN Panton4 orë më parë

    The beyonce reference!!!

  • Its Zar
    Its Zar4 orë më parë

    The baphomet head on her black dressed 🤦🏽‍♀️😒 yeah she sold herself.. smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Nativa do mar
    Nativa do mar4 orë më parë

    As danças, o jeito, tudo beyonce.

  • Smios Mira le el lado bueno
    Smios Mira le el lado bueno5 orë më parë

    You Bodied this song!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tarkan Dereboylu
    Tarkan Dereboylu5 orë më parë

    If she releases something similar to this featuring Nicki 😍

  • divaquana
    divaquana5 orë më parë

    Nicki minaj needs to hop on this remix! She would body this beat BODYYYY

  • Kenneth Rubenstein
    Kenneth Rubenstein5 orë më parë

  • Glau Simplicio
    Glau Simplicio5 orë më parë

    Estou eu aqui de novo

  • Adam Vemp
    Adam Vemp5 orë më parë

    Got billion virwssss

  • kyle
    kyle5 orë më parë

    queen queen queen me thinks!

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle6 orë më parë

    Eh, once you're a millionaire, obedient plastic is cheap and recyclable...

  • Chris Sydnor
    Chris Sydnor6 orë më parë

    Well done

  • Linda Baptiste
    Linda Baptiste6 orë më parë

    I am back...can't get this song out of my mind...

  • bye
    bye6 orë më parë

    2:16 YES 🔥

  • Non- Duplicate
    Non- Duplicate6 orë më parë

    Real 🔥🔥🔥

  • Desmond Tutu
    Desmond Tutu6 orë më parë

  • Revitalized Woman of God
    Revitalized Woman of God6 orë më parë

    God help our children, allowing the enemy to exploit our youth sexually. She has a beautiful voice, but this is very unfortunate. What profits a man to gain the world 🌎 but LOSE HIS/HER SOUL. Prayers not applauses!!!!

  • chanelle


    5 orë më parë

    girl pls shut up 😭

  • Kathryn Palmer
    Kathryn Palmer6 orë më parë

    Am I tripping or is Tina Knowles in that car with the sunglasses?

  • Aliyah FORD
    Aliyah FORD6 orë më parë

    I can't stop watching thissssssssssssss! my idol!!!! i'm going back to blonde goddess loc!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Carol Chikwa
    Carol Chikwa6 orë më parë

    Keep saucing baaaayybbbbeeee 💅

  • 1k.nani14
    1k.nani147 orë më parë

    I cant get into her maybe because I lived through the Beyonce era and she trying but it aint working

  • Cindy Lou
    Cindy Lou7 orë më parë

    Wheres this demonic imagery ppl are complaining about? I'm not seeing it. And this colorism shit... how can you account for how much of her success is talent vs. having a "marketable" skin tone? And the sexualization of black women... are the majority of female artists not putting out sexualized content regardless of their color?

  • chanelle


    3 orë më parë

    @Cindy Lou literally she’s just performing good

  • Cindy Lou

    Cindy Lou

    4 orë më parë

    @chanelle lol no worries. Fair questions though, right? I don't understand what all the fuss is about.

  • chanelle


    5 orë më parë

    @Cindy Lou omg i replied to the wrong comment i’m so sorry 😭

  • Cindy Lou

    Cindy Lou

    5 orë më parë

    @chanelle I think you misunderstood me... I'm questioning the opinions and comments of others. Those are not my opinions. I disagree with them and was looking for a genuine response.

  • Rosareda Pino
    Rosareda Pino7 orë më parë

    She is a combo of Ciara and Beonce

    RUTHY ASSOMUH8 orë më parë

    I've watched this an unhealthy number of times😷

  • Ankit Suren
    Ankit Suren8 orë më parë

    2:06 pause here. Lord truly have mercy 🤤

  • Angel Latimore
    Angel Latimore8 orë më parë

    Shit was real dope. Good fuckin job

  • michelle williams
    michelle williams8 orë më parë


  • Pricelessxniyah
    Pricelessxniyah8 orë më parë

    What y’all mean is finally there’s another performer with Beyoncé talent and creativity cause sis been like this before Beyoncé discovered her this her personality

  • i i
    i i8 orë më parë

    2:21 the horns.....

  • chanelle


    5 orë më parë

    what horns

  • Mateus Canindé
    Mateus Canindé8 orë më parë

    Essa música é perfeita 😍🥰🥰🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤❤❤❤

  • чибупели
    чибупели8 orë më parë

    мне нравится

  • Marvel Hasiholan
    Marvel Hasiholan8 orë më parë

    is that Beyonce????

  • Kreamycherrypie
    Kreamycherrypie8 orë më parë

    Κουδουνίστρα χωρίς class

  • xrrxy vvoi
    xrrxy vvoi9 orë më parë

    The part where she said “you can’t get this thickness out of yo mind” had me going crazy 😩💞

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams9 orë më parë

    Dat body is bangin

  • Mika Marie
    Mika Marie9 orë më parë


  • joshua sutherland
    joshua sutherland9 orë më parë

    she is medusa 😂😂😂😂💕👌👌

    The NIGHT TIME NAIL TECH9 orë më parë

    She is gorgeous!! Her body is so beautiful this is what real looks like!

  • xrrxy vvoi

    xrrxy vvoi

    9 orë më parë

    I ate go lie she killed that no cap........😌😌😌

    FA.ME_ZW OFFICIAL10 orë më parë


  • nandi's top12
    nandi's top1210 orë më parë

  • 大王様
    大王様10 orë më parë

    Wow who is she?

  • Lari Dias

    Lari Dias

    7 orë më parë

    Chloe bayley

  • Repentance Movement
    Repentance Movement11 orë më parë

    God be protection and a guide to those who need you in this hour. To whoever needs to hear this stay strong God has a purpose for you. Dont give up or give in continue to live laugh and love. YOU ARE SOMEBODY AND ONE OF A KIND..

  • ICY KINGS entertainment
    ICY KINGS entertainment11 orë më parë

  • Zintle Kewana
    Zintle Kewana11 orë më parë

    There are young men missing in America and this ha.a very wrong watch again.... 🤔

  • Varsha Gajbhiye
    Varsha Gajbhiye12 orë më parë

    "Introduce me to his Papi" my fav line 😂

  • ramuni
    ramuni12 orë më parë

    she’s still trending yesss

  • Brimme Fox
    Brimme Fox12 orë më parë

    2:41 Shocked they didn’t edit her slapping/rubbing her semi-exposed vagina O.O I’ve seen a lot of sex-empowered (and sexualized) women in the industry do some wild sh*t in their vids but that was one of the most vulgar things I’ve ever seen in a female music vid. She did start singing from a really young age, and even with all her hard work, she’s not really well-known as a singer. I’m sure she needed this one to go viral by any means necessary (especially with her recent sponsorships). I hope she gets what she really wants from this

  • TheFairestInTheLand
    TheFairestInTheLand12 orë më parë

    The concept is givin very medusa

  • Shunn Gun
    Shunn Gun12 orë më parë

    Ik dats Rii Chole

  • Chillout Music ♪
    Chillout Music ♪13 orë më parë

    It's so relaxing ahhh TwT I'm a big fan myself, and so I love listening to it during class or in song :) Thanks a lot~!

  • Kpop Beebee
    Kpop Beebee13 orë më parë

    I ate go lie she killed that no cap........😌😌😌

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