Dhar Mann Holiday Special: 4 Stories That Will Change Your Life

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    The fact that they got a girl from a 1% only thing is crazy

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    Oh my gee! Ive been dreaming to be an actor but when i saw this video yeah i so love the idea that we just don’t tell stories, we change lives. So short but so powerful mantra I’ve been dreaming to be an actor that will inspire people by showing inspiring films and it could be an honor and a privilege that i could be a part of these films 😍😍😍 love lots from the philippines 🇵🇭 😍😍😍 this is so amazing

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    I swear in this video, Laura doesn’t look or sound like sssniperwolf but she is her. At first I thought it was a different person.

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    Mann, you got me again. And I am so thankful for these beautiful life messages.

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    when the girls where saying free food go right in my house over there HOW DID THEY NOT THINK it waS kidnapping? i would never trust them its like incuraging people to accept kidnapping kids facts

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    Elizabeth i felt so bad i had a 2 min silence that was nice to share :)

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    16:55 i feel bad for his grandpa

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    So you see I really love you guys! I can’t find words to tell you how much I appreciate all of you guys!

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