Taking A Lie Detector Test...

This was not a good idea. At all. So sorry. I promise I mean that apology.
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    Subscribe!! We're close to 5 MILLION :o

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    Never :)

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    no spells no



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    @gogyfox E

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    I was subbed when I first saw this channel ngl

    CRIMSON DD55 minuta më parë

    Its funny when tommy said his sexuality is gay

  • Hinata_theaccident
    Hinata_theaccidentOrë më parë

    “He’s an idiot!”

  • Haidee Coste
    Haidee CosteOrë më parë

    My dude trying so hard not to laugh 😂

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    I swear I pissed myself when tubbo slapped tommy

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    Lol it is true I subbed yesterday and I am now not!!

  • •itsjustcarlie•
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    Tubbo:can we hug it out? Hugs Looks at each other Tubbo:slaps

  • N0t_.s1pmx
    N0t_.s1pmx3 orë më parë

    Tubbo : how would u describe your sexuality Tommy:gay It true Me : dying of laughter 😂

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    I'm literally lmao 😆😆😆

  • Damien Carl Ocop
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    Everyone gangsta til Tubbo slaps Tommy

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    Ayo lie detector be lying, tommy dosent use his subbies for money its for content! :(

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    Lol the slap at the end tho.

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    Tom say gay - 2:39

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    That slap tho 😫✊

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    We all thought tommy was joking about the gay one but now....

  • Josaphat Saril
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    That lie now is getting better

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  • Christine Hannah Maylinda Ameyna KS
    Christine Hannah Maylinda Ameyna KS7 orë më parë

    I just love the fact that Tommy censored Ranboo eyes so Ranboo doesn't do the eyes refeal:) I respect you Tommy:)

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  • XxLankyBtsxX UwU
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    I love how the sign just says "WARNING:LIE DETECTORS TELL THE TRUTH"

  • bob
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    LMAO WHEN TUBBO SMACKED YOU I LAUGHED SO HARD- Also I hope you got better-

  • Remko van de Nieuwenhof
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    We need part 2 man

  • a_lonely_freak
    a_lonely_freak11 orë më parë

    The ending was super funny😂😂😂 But why did Tubbo give you a slap?

  • a_lonely_freak
    a_lonely_freak11 orë më parë

    Someone asks me : Are you a girl? Me: No Are you a boy? Me:No. Then what are you? Me: I am..... An IDIOT

  • salportalgaming
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    dream is bullied

  • «'.Simping«'.
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    Not tommy having a identity crisis during this video

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    Tommy innit face is like he is gonna cry :C

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    that slap sounded hella painful

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    Hi Tommy idk if you’d ever reply but I want you to know I love your videos and you make my day brighter :3 ignore your haters- they don’t have a life so we don’t need them

  • Malymalo
    Malymalo15 orë më parë

    Tommy: Ranboo is “*handsome with the mask*” Later Ranboo: Do you think I’m handsome without the mask? Tommy: *at this moment he knew he messed up*

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    Love how everyone’s asking stupid questions and ranboo is really serious

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    skinnyinnit foodnotfound dreamnotachived

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    Dream lives in all your minds rent free

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    I want to make a episode of me doing this

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    Dream watching this video be like Dream: TOMMYINNITTTTTTTTTTTTT

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    WTF is all this

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    Is he GAY WTF

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    @Clown Detector LMAO CLOWN DETECTOR 💀

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    "I don't lie..." -TommyInnit Last famous words from the angry karen king... 😔

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    tubboinnit xd

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    Bro dreM would be so mad I he herd tommy say he doesn't like his music

  • Glitch_bitch
    Glitch_bitch20 orë më parë

    The reason they think he lied when saying Ranboo is “ugly” was because I think he got surprised and his blood pressure went up 🙃 I kinda feel bad for him-

  • Poké the chespin
    Poké the chespin20 orë më parë

    *when Tommy and tubbo hugged* Me: awww *when tubbo slapped tommy* Me: :0

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    Tommy was never the same after this video

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    Walibur is very col

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    That slap tho👀

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    The end was fucking funny

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    tommy's gay and so am i :]

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    ARE U gAY?

  • Anil Nair
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    Tubbo:How would you describe your sexuality Tommy:GAY Tommy:wait Me:HE IS GAY!!😲

  • 6Crystal Pz9
    6Crystal Pz9Ditë më parë

    Me: *trying to find a comment that doesn’t try and save Tommy from getting beat from Ranboo because he said his face sucks and trying to help Tommy save him from the ‘lies’ he told by saying a lie detector test is not that accurate because a big strike of a heartbeat doesn’t just mean it’s a lie it means it’s a very private and or personal question. *trying to find a comment that isn’t trying to say that Jack is not a normal person because neon always people asks normal question but he said, ‘I have developed romantic feelings for your mother-‘. Trying to find a comment that isn’t referred to when Tommy said he was GAY.*

  • 6Crystal Pz9

    6Crystal Pz9

    5 orë më parë

    Me: *also trying to find a comment that isn’t about how weird ranboo basically just ran off screaming because tommy had romantic feelings for someone on the room

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    If we all know th krew we would know the glitch it true because rainbow never unsubscribed but she looked and found her self unsubscribed

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    i subbed

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    Beggining "I dont lie" Second question "Lies"

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    I don't lie True

  • xSosad
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    Tubbo: how would you describe your sexuality? Tommy: “Gay.” *THAT’S TRUTH.*

  • Duck Chan 🦆
    Duck Chan 🦆Ditë më parë

    Why is there a cat in the background music

  • Pix_e1ated
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    7:53 Top 10 anime betrayals

  • lewis harris
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    dream is typing

  • ItzFrost
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    Jack: Y U HATE ME :( Also Jack: I'll marry ur mum.

  • Møshi
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    that part tho- Tubbo: What's your sexuality? Tommy: Gay- WAIT NO NO NO NO NO The man : True. Everyone: **shocked**

  • 3E
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    I'll look at tommyinnit in a diffrent way for the rest of my life 2:42

  • The fftmn
    The fftmnDitë më parë

    I cry so hard bc when the ramboo said am I ugly without glasses and mask and the lie dictator said no

  • jonathan nertney
    jonathan nertneyDitë më parë

    I don't know why I laughed so much at this.

  • x Crystalite x
    x Crystalite xDitë më parë

    I rewatched that one clip Like 20 TIMES “Hey, hey. Are you sitting on a chair?” No sorry

  • Carmoments12
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    I love tommys huge ego

  • Mohd Iman
    Mohd ImanDitë më parë

    poor ranboo🤣

  • King Alice
    King AliceDitë më parë

    i feel so sorry for Ranboo WE LOVE YOU BIG MAN!

  • FireWolf1523
    FireWolf1523Ditë më parë

    The sequel of this should be an eye detector where it detects where your eyes move. Please do this.

  • Cat girl
    Cat girlDitë më parë

    Ranboo I love you

  • ꧁𝚅𝚒𝚛𝚐𝚘꧂
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    Tubbo’s apology be like: ” Can we hug it out?” * Hugs* * Tubbo slaps Tommy in da face *

  • Aubree Sluder
    Aubree SluderDitë më parë

    The poor lie detector guy tommy: yeah get your nasty grin b$tch

  • Imaginary Cøøkie
    Imaginary CøøkieDitë më parë

    Tommy × Ranboo

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    you lie to much tom

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    Dream watching this: ☹️really tommy?

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    4:44 I guess jacks new name is daddymanifold

  • Brayden Gee

    Brayden Gee

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    For tommy

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    Russ appreciation week

  • Nalij Rogers
    Nalij RogersDitë më parë

    When ranboo said "so you really do think that? it sounded like he was about to cry I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM!!😢😭😫🥺😖

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    U like ranboo

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    XXGalaxy.NikoXXDitë më parë

    At least Tommy has a little bit of a sweet side

  • What is sleep?
    What is sleep?Ditë më parë

    Wilbur:Ayeeeee hes an idiot Me:but don't you have to go to a special college to be a citified idiot?

  • Randomgirldoesrandomyoutubes Ranomgirl
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    Me and tommyinnit seem the same we have a knife

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    Damn he lied abt rannboos looks :(

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    “Sigh, smacks aggressively”- tubbo I was like aww how sweet they’re such good friends and he just smacks tommy

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    O O ___

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    ranboo is nice tom

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    "Divorce exists so does murder" HAHAHAHAH

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    Warning: Lie detector Tell The Truth

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    2:43 sus

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    Tubo I forgive you Tommy cool Tubo thinks what to do Tommy stares Tubo slaps tommy

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    why was he so mean to the lie detector dude

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