The Story of Diablo 1 & 2 told by Deckard Cain

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Deckard Cain tells the story of Diablo 1 & 2.
Audio from Deckard's Journal that was once available on the Blizzard website.
All credits go to Blizzard and various artists for the artwork.
(I had to blur a few parts of the video to avoid any copyright issues with artwork that isn't within Blizzard's copyright domain)
4k footage was obtained with the Diablo 1 Belzebub mod. Diablo 2 was recorded with Sven's Glide Wrapper.
If you are planning to play Diablo 1 or 2 again, check out The Hell 2 mod for Diablo 1 and
Median XL for Diablo 2. These are awesome mods and improve the gameplay significantly.
I have seen complaints about audio balancing, use headphones for the best experience and check volume balance in your audio settings.
00:00 Diablo 1 - Intro
05:50 Diablo 1 - The Butcher
07:24 Diablo 1 - The Skeleton King
09:50 Diablo Lore - The Great Conflict
16:42 Diablo - Arkaine's Valor
17:12 Diablo Lore - The Sin War
18:24 Diablo 1 - Zhar the Mad
19:31 Diablo 1 - Horazon's Sanctum
23:24 Diablo Lore - The Horadrim
24:56 Diablo 1 - Lazarus
26:04 Diablo 1 - The Lord of Terror
29:33 Diablo 1 - Outro
32:26 Diablo 2 - Act 1
51:53 Diablo 2 - Act 2
1:15:38 Diablo 2 - Act 3
1:23:34 Diablo 2- Act 4
1:39:54 Diablo 2 - Act 5
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    The sound cuts out around 1:15:30

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    Yes, but you might wanna look at your audio. The places it spikes are very loud.

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    @معارج حسن those are from the vids themselves

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    This video would be better without the distracting background music.

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    Does anyone know how his Diablo 1 looks like that with that resolution? Mine is still really small, like 640

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    Either look for the The Hell 2 mod, or Tchernobog.

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    Damn there's seem to be a video in your ads

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    this version of the game is different.. I never recall a portal to fight the butcher

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    how did you get the game to zoom out with such good graphics

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    9:15 I don't suppose anyone happens to know the name of the song playing at this part. I've checked the game's soundtrack but have had no luck.

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    Its from the D3 Reaper of Souls soundtrack.

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    what verssion of diablo 1 is this? i dont remember having green items?

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    Diablo in cinematic: Lumbering giant Diablo in game: Fucking demon cheetah

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    Non of this was made by BLIZZARD you should know..

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    With how many ads are on this video I am so happy to have blocker

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    *Heaven's Light* *Mighty Sceptor* !

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    Nihlithak... On Hardest Difficulty was *HARDER* Than *DiablO!*

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    21:25... "Horazon's Sanctum" in DiablO-1!!! What Version of DiablO had that "SideQuest"?!? "GrimSpike" ?!? I Played DiablO-1 Over 1000 Times, & Never Played That "Quest"! (Was that on "HellFire" or Something?)

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    OMG... I'm Jonze'n To Play some DiablO! (After Seeing That EpicArmor Drop!)

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    I just Installed DiablO-1 on My Current LapTop...& TheColor is Wacky, & I Can't Score a "Patch" from Blizzard. 😢

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    Maelthael...You Son of a Bitch!

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    "SomeWhere Down There, I Ain't Too Sure...But SomeWhere, There's a Whole *Pile O'Gold!* Just *Gleamin'&Shine'n,* just Waiting For SomeOne to *Get It!"* Farnham "TheDrunk"

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    PlayStation-1 DiablO had The "Librarius Ex Horadrim" that A *LOT* of DiablO Fans Never Heard, Unless They Played PS-1 DiablO. (I Never Understood Why Blizzard Didn't Put The "Horadrim Library" in The ComputerVersion of DiablO.)

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    666k views.... Hmmmmmm

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    I only ever played the first two Diablo games in german. Only now do I realize what a horrible experience that was, the english voice actors are so much better...

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    I opened this up to like 20+ ads. I watched 3-4 then one more when I skipped to the end to get rid of them I'm sorry man. The first 3 were in the first 10 times man one was a double ad

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    Tyrael, how far they made you fall 🥺

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    This was a great walk down memory lane...thank you!!

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    Cain is like if Sean Connery played Obi Wan Kenobi trying to out-riddle Gandalf

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    What's the name of the anime

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    Wait... did Thrall voice Leoric?

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    Blizz have loads of voiceactor crossover

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    Poor Deckard Cain. Kileld by a fairy in D3 lmao

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    59:00 ... Mengsk?

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    more fear from the first diablo scream of horror than anything else they make these days.

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    Sit a while and listen... Why yes, yes I will...

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    I wanted to watch this cuz it seems interesting, but constantly needing to raise and lower my volume because the sound effects were so loud but the voices so quiet was kind of annoying and I couldnt sit through it for very long because of that. would be good if you work on the sound balancing. ::edit:: okay so actually skipping ahead a bit, it seems like its just the early parts of diablo 1 that has this problem. the rest of the video seems to sound fine.

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    Heard this complaint before, best experience is with headphones and volume balancing enabled in your audio settings.

  • Andrei Beltcov
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    Still, after 25 years of first released of D1, still my blood is chilling each time I hear the main theme music multiple by Decard's Caine voice... Still sweating like I'm under fever, thanks to 90th, now there is no sign of a such state of art lore and story, and I'm not whimsical type of person...yet still I do hope that coming new parts will be dignity continuation of the previous ones

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    Damn dude you put some work into this! I guess I'll stay a while and listen!

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    1:23:15 Paladin: "Was there something else I was supposed to do before entering hell? I think I recall something about a special rock... spirit stone? soul boulder? Eh, It probably isn't important."

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    The ads on this site are fucking rediculous. im done

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    1:34:40 "Not even death can save you from me." "Die." Paladin had the greatest comeback, and I never knew it until now.

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    In Diablo 2 the number pad on your keyboard is a variety of different emotes!

  • Al B Damned
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    damn i remember this back in the day. I really liked the narrative aspects of video games back in the day. They added all these elements around the game itself, to supplement the technology. I use to stare at the artwork in the manuals (Blizzard had great manuals in the 90s). Of course there are some horrible supplements but they needn't be mentioned (clearly) cough cough mario bros the movie cough cough....

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    0:40 JUMPSCARE :D

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    Wow, I actually understand the story of Diablo now. Cool

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    Why does this Diablo 1 looks so different? I don't remember going through any portal to find the Butcher

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    That Paladin has got to have the funniest walk cycle I have ever seen. The move around like they have their own soulstone shoved into the wrong place... Loved the video by the way. As someone who has only played D3, getting the story beats from the previous two games in such a well encapsulated 2 hours is very helpful and enjoyable.

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    I have only played D3 as well but I knew about it for the longest time. Always wanted to play it though but for some reason couldn't. I played the hell out of dungeon siege and torchlight. Those 2 games ultimately led me to diablo 3. For a casual gamer these games can be too deep sometimes although D3 as easy to get into for playing story mode which is what I usually do. Also couch Co Op on PS3 with my cousin was the most enjoyable gaming time period in my life

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    These ads suck

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    I finished Diablo 3, already 10 years ago ! I remember when people were eager of D3 and it was just a dissapointement in terms of gameplay (but with a better story)... however D2 had become good only after the Expansion. Now, i always wondered what happened to the Diablo2 champs

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    Me and my cousin played couch Co Op on PS3 and we really enjoyed the story. We both love seeing how the game or movie can tell an engrossing story.

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    The remaster better be true to D2...just sayin.

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    The fact that the video doesn't start with "Stay a while and listen..." is a disgrace... the creator should edit it in just so the video could be "lore friendly"

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    Diablo 3 got me into Diablo. I eventually played Diablo 1 & 2 but still have a soft spot for Diablo 3. I was TERRIFIED of The Butcher in the third game when I was younger. But the sounds of the first two games gave me nightmares 😂

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    "Please, listen to me. The Archbishop Lazarus, he led us down here to find the lost prince. The bastard led us into a trap! Now everyone is dead...Killed by a Demon he called the Butcher. Avenge us! Find this Butcher and slay him so that our souls may finally rest..."

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    WTF happened with the Butcher? What is this portal? He was supposed to come running at you as soon as you opened the door!

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    I used the HD mod Beelzebub, for some reason they changed the butcher room. I made the choice to use the HD footage anyway. I know it isn't true to the original Diablo, which I kind of regret now.

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    Love this but holy hell the ad’s! Haha

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    I’ve watched it a bunch of times on my pc and on mobile and different browsers but no change in ads haha but all good love the video regardless 🤙

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    Depending on browser and OS, there are numerous ways to avoid the ads.

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    Even if we killed Mahgda I still want deckard cain back

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    So diablo 3 is fan fiction?

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    I hope so

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    There is content here for 2 movies 😍😍 maybe one day...

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    Why has this not been made into a major motion picture? The stories alone are breathtaking! 🙏

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    I must have missed it but who the angel with the punk wings? I don't remember a female arch

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    There is a Diablo anime??? 😱😱😱

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    I was so sad when Adria turned out to be evil... when I was a kid, I was so happy to see a character claim the title 'witch' and not be stereotypically evil and boring.

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    Diablo 2 remake, Here we come ! xD

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    whose here to brush up on lore before resurrected? Diablo and socom my child hood, thousands of hours easily but i hardly paid attention to the story back then i just wanted to pvp on my amazon.

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    *So who can't wait to see this video redone in Glorious 4k, Diablo 2 Resurrected!!!*

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    Definitely going to do that!

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    The cloaked story teller isnt Deckard tho... is it?? Isn't it Jered?

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    "Tyriel, Archangel of Justice" THATS MY BOIIIIIIIIIIII!

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    After all these years I still find these cutscenes impressive.

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    I just recently noticed the SFX of the soul stone being pulled by Marius, similar to a cork when pulled.

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    I like the story yet at the same time way to many ads

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    Hearing Akara's opening monologue about Andariel is the most nostalgic thing ever.

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    0:45 oh God my fucking ear drums

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    What was that Diablo 1 mod you had? The animation was so fluid.

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    Stay awhile, and listen

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    played this game for almost 2 decades...never knew where any of these names/places came from except for a handful of obvious ones...thanks so much for this

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    Holy shit 0:40 made my dog go ballistic. Thank god I wasn't wearing headphones or I'd go deaf. Those diablo clips could really use some loudness equalization. It's much louder than Deckard's voice

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    Damn how am I just now finding this. Excellent work!

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    This really makes me want to play D2 again! I reinstalled D1 this morning and played for all of 15 minutes before going, "Enough nostalgia for one day" lol.

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    Gosh I remember the good old item duper in this game.

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    There is no sound from 1:13:01 onwards, great video tho, i was really enjoying it until that happened

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    Sound is now broken at 1hr 13mins. A shame. Appears lots of work when into this compilation. Wonder if Activision sent an audio takedown.

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    I can’t hear anything after like 1:12:00 :/

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    Why does half the video have no audio?

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    Awwwwww, didn't show true d1 gameplay. Butcher was way scarier in original. Anyone else freak out the whole time the paladin was walking around talking to townsfolk instead of bugging the andariel quest?

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    If you are interested about multiplayer experience there is decent community for that, there are also few veteran players that know everything about the game and its mechanics.

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