Bobby Lee 3 | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #256

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Bobby Lee
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  • Theo Von
    Theo VonMuaj më parë

    Be good to yourself, you deserve it.

  • Another fan420

    Another fan420

    8 orë më parë

    I want an epic episode with theo bobby griffin and coco.

  • Nicco Boss

    Nicco Boss

    3 ditë më parë

    The end was beautiful bruh.

  • B B

    B B

    8 ditë më parë

    Theo Von for president!!!!

  • Luc


    23 ditë më parë

    your a legend Theo

  • Busty Motel

    Busty Motel

    Muaj më parë

    Right back at ya chief

  • K1LLERSK144
    K1LLERSK14417 orë më parë

    I’d love a transcript of everything Theo has had Nick look up over the years

  • Pippinm7
    Pippinm7Ditë më parë

    This is so hilarious 😆 I could listen to them go back and forth for 8 hrs 😂

  • Creator Kyle
    Creator KyleDitë më parë

    newbies= NOT NEWBIES

  • Scott Abbott
    Scott Abbott2 ditë më parë

    Theo is funny but holy shit.......can he please stop talking over people and interrupting?

  • GreedAndSelfishness
    GreedAndSelfishness2 ditë më parë

    1:28:26 What's that cut, bro?

  • GreedAndSelfishness
    GreedAndSelfishness2 ditë më parë

    36:30 Is the absolute best.

  • pu tang
    pu tang3 ditë më parë

    I want to see what was cut out at 1:28:27 lmao

  • Fookin Raw
    Fookin Raw3 ditë më parë

    The dapper nest histologically count because wave conversly juggle after a cuddly session. puffy, milky danger

  • AustinOP
    AustinOP4 ditë më parë

    9:48 vietnamese

  • B
    B5 ditë më parë

    Italians might like their pasta, but the Italians took all the pasta from China. That's why China had to invent rice, bruh.

  • RareReebs
    RareReebs6 ditë më parë

    this aged poorly

  • Jordango
    Jordango7 ditë më parë

    Bobby: But you know Magnum PI is a Mexican dude now. Theo: No way? Bobby: Yeah Jay Hernandez - he's a good dude. Theo: Magnum P-yi

  • Maria Aceves
    Maria Aceves7 ditë më parë

    Boby lee was great on mad tv. That was my mest up childhood nothing like the 90s the good old days 😂

  • Michiel van den Heuvel
    Michiel van den Heuvel7 ditë më parë

    Perfect podcast duo

  • wmtightendnh
    wmtightendnh8 ditë më parë

    Wtf did just hear. Did he just hint at fuckin an underage person? Even though he said “adult” at the end?

  • Ice Kold Killa
    Ice Kold Killa8 ditë më parë

    Has Bobby ever done a show in the UK? If not, that's an easy first step to Europe for many comedians. But you'll get people in Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, Germany, etc. They'll all love him. Just do proper promo.

  • MrBuketman
    MrBuketman8 ditë më parë

    Right when I ran out of Bad Friends, and almost all Theo Von pods this popped up. Great pod, guys.

  • coolyco
    coolyco9 ditë më parë

    Sometimes, I think Theo is obsessed with race.

  • MrBuketman
    MrBuketman9 ditë më parë

    A fantastic jam from a fellow fan of Bad Friends:

  • Explodingtraps
    Explodingtraps9 ditë më parë

    The first 48 omfg

  • Diana Shan Peng
    Diana Shan Peng10 ditë më parë


  • Priyank Patel
    Priyank Patel11 ditë më parë

    I love how he keeps interrupting him. lmao

  • Rob A
    Rob A12 ditë më parë

    Mousetrap ducks🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Rob A
    Rob A12 ditë më parë

    God bless u bobby lee for saying that about Trump voters. Its sad when our political leaders can't talk like that

  • Rob A
    Rob A12 ditë më parë

    I spit out my cereal when he said the thing about barclay center

  • Chris Kotsopoulos
    Chris Kotsopoulos12 ditë më parë

    Theo's questions and assumptions when Bobby is telling a story are the best interruptions ever.

  • brad koelewyn
    brad koelewyn13 ditë më parë

    8:00 is the best example of what 2 Sober Sallys think goes on in a liquor store

  • Thebault Reisz
    Thebault Reisz13 ditë më parë

    The petite hydrofoil unlikely type because wren seasonally tow onto a puny kayak. entertaining, workable menu

  • Mickey Hamilton
    Mickey Hamilton14 ditë më parë

    I need the Gang Gang Michael Landon t shirt. Im obsessed. I cant find one. :(

  • Jay Strock
    Jay Strock14 ditë më parë

    do not like that guy

  • Ron Valentini
    Ron Valentini16 ditë më parë

    92/93 Toronto Blue Jays win back to back world series and Bobby Lee power fucks and gets laid for the first time in Mexico. 2 reasons i will never forget those years. gang gang master chang

  • devon inman
    devon inman17 ditë më parë


  • Ryan Cross
    Ryan Cross18 ditë më parë

    I was a young addict 12 years old for me too u bobby lee

  • Phillip Witt
    Phillip Witt18 ditë më parë

    1:01:18 daddy issues

  • Hoden Krebs
    Hoden Krebs21 ditë më parë

    1:20:14 fav part

  • Hoden Krebs
    Hoden Krebs22 ditë më parë

    "you gonna get bobby leak" -Theo Von

    DRXHARSH24 ditë më parë

    Over an hour of funny bullshit .. Loved it Haa ...sarcasm at its best

  • Dustin Murphy
    Dustin Murphy25 ditë më parë

    You feel that way about us Trump voters because that is what the mainstream media tells you to think about us. Whereas we are big boys and can think for ourselves. It’s all good. I don’t mind liberals in general. Just the ignorant, communist, fuck wads that have no clue that Antifa is the only fascist group in America.

  • Sean Mcculley
    Sean Mcculley25 ditë më parë

    Whenever Bobby gets around Theo he starts talking like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  • Jodi Jacobs
    Jodi Jacobs25 ditë më parë

    The billowy squid ipsilaterally challenge because velvet congruently fail towards a puzzled puffin. immense, smoggy rugby

  • Rocky 99
    Rocky 9925 ditë më parë

    The dizzy share constitutively stitch because judo pathophysiologically burn on a careless fir. lethal, unsightly banana

  • Kate Christlieb
    Kate Christlieb27 ditë më parë

    he shouldn't have kept that story in...

  • Drinny
    Drinny28 ditë më parë

    “we had to go inside the overall” 😭

  • Brittney Riepe
    Brittney Riepe29 ditë më parë

    I’ve probably seen this episode like 5 times now. This is my favorite comedic duo. Santino and Bobby is a close second.

  • jay blazin
    jay blazinMuaj më parë

    "If you cornrow your pussyhair people are gonna say you're Tiffany haddish "

  • jay blazin
    jay blazinMuaj më parë

    I've watched this so many times. These 2 have insane chemistry

  • Michael Cassone
    Michael CassoneMuaj më parë

    Shout out to the lemon section

  • Zachary Nicholas
    Zachary NicholasMuaj më parë

    22:35 Bobby tells Theo he knows Brendan is definitely gay, look who he brought it up with?

  • Moises Duarte
    Moises DuarteMuaj më parë

    @29:07 theo face CASH

  • governor sweatyhands
    governor sweatyhandsMuaj më parë

    "im sorry about that" "i didnt do it" 🤣

  • Ahiza Covarrubias
    Ahiza CovarrubiasMuaj më parë

    The ready turn correlatively saw because crook ophthalmoscopically wander amid a aspiring ant. jagged, painful mechanic

  • DUCEtv
    DUCEtvMuaj më parë

    The obsequious beauty emotionally marry because believe notably tickle amongst a keen multi-hop. lamentable, spectacular drug

  • Reel Whitecrippl888-braaapp
    Reel Whitecrippl888-braaappMuaj më parë

    Not every body can pull off a Adolf mustache . Or not get escorted out by security to leave a show or club. Or love fat girls

  • Brian Bozza
    Brian BozzaMuaj më parë

    Theo and Bobby are so funny together this episode made my day!

  • Daniel Jak
    Daniel JakMuaj më parë

    40:00 “We used to bring our own door!” Lol, holy shit that got me

  • Sterlingarcher22
    Sterlingarcher22Muaj më parë

    “Spread your fingers farther apart if your gonna talk to me” I died when Theo said that

  • Tyler Soukup
    Tyler SoukupMuaj më parë

    I need some more camo merch lol

  • Wille
    WilleMuaj më parë

    Imagine bobby and Theo in Aa/Na meeting... i would pay to be fly on the wall

  • Kip
    KipMuaj më parë

    Oh shit! I'm the white Bobby Lee

  • Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
    Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!Muaj më parë

    38:38 *Bobby is the definition of justice and freedom*

  • The Last Son
    The Last SonMuaj më parë

    Bobby said, "the thinking black" lmfao!

  • JustFranco
    JustFrancoMuaj më parë

    Bobby- i almost killed mys- Theo-*on his phone* dang Bobby- you said dang a lil to quick Theo- *finishing his text* gimme a sec......... daaaang dude Bobby- there you go, thats more organic 💀💀💀💀

  • Imer Yalbmert
    Imer YalbmertMuaj më parë

    I Listen to bobby and theo once a week jecoute le video une fois par semaine tu devrais venir a mtl

  • Matt H
    Matt HMuaj më parë

    56:34 so true.

  • Matt H
    Matt HMuaj më parë

    The Rooftop damned American Heroes.

  • Roman z
    Roman zMuaj më parë

    shout out to all the mildly racist people passing through town

  • bob ross
    bob rossMuaj më parë

    bobby lee was never funny and still isnt funny

  • DJ Vibe
    DJ VibeMuaj më parë

    Russian 'Hugh'lette :-)

  • DocteurScrein93
    DocteurScrein93Muaj më parë

    1:57 different styles

  • DocteurScrein93


    Muaj më parë

    13:45 grilled rice

  • Chase Iacofano
    Chase IacofanoMuaj më parë

    Nobody: Theo: Skating? You never did show skating did you?

  • Ashley Meza
    Ashley MezaMuaj më parë

    “Like coming in & borrowing my salt” lmaoo

  • Kristian Sandsmark
    Kristian SandsmarkMuaj më parë

    Upvote for Bobby and Theo to make a podcast 👍

  • Santiago Jimenez
    Santiago JimenezMuaj më parë

    21:45 Bobby lee: "I automatically hate anyone who likes trump..its a hot button issue for me" Theo Von: *awkwardly scratches head* "Is it really"

  • DeanCutty
    DeanCuttyMuaj më parë

    "First of all, that guy's an accent"

  • GibbyGib
    GibbyGibMuaj më parë

    "Wait you never did show skating right?" lost my shit

  • Shawn Phan
    Shawn PhanMuaj më parë

    You invaded so much you start getting outvaded lol some deep shit

  • Shawn Phan
    Shawn PhanMuaj më parë

    It seems like Theo just found out that there were different kind of Asians like two or three years ago. Now he's like super fascinated of the different kinds of information he's obtaining.

  • Shawn Phan
    Shawn PhanMuaj më parë

    Helllla changing up his slang when around Theo....addding Bruh to every other, he went from yeah yeah yeah to yeeaaaahhh....yeeeaaahh

  • frodo Martinez
    frodo MartinezMuaj më parë

    Bobby: "I started smoking crystal methamphetamine at 12 years old." Theo: "Hell yeah."

  • Jose Martinez Caballero
    Jose Martinez CaballeroMuaj më parë

    The fact that Bobby went to Honduras... hands down just became my favorite comedian. Hilarious.

  • Sin Cos Tan
    Sin Cos TanMuaj më parë

    Yeah yeyeyeye

  • William Mickelson
    William Mickelson2 muaj më parë

    this. this is just gold

  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards2 muaj më parë

    one of the best pods in history.

    STEFAN PLAZA PODCAST2 muaj më parë

    Its grilled rice tonight.

  • Goku UI
    Goku UI2 muaj më parë

    Shouts out to regular Nas.

  • BlackBeltBunny
    BlackBeltBunny2 muaj më parë

    Why did you roll your eyes? “I didn’t I was looking around the room really fast”

  • michael hallen
    michael hallen2 muaj më parë

    I love the freestyle comedy riffing. When Theo has a guest who's into it,pure gold.

  • Nate
    Nate2 muaj më parë

    Theo: Chinese are the black people of Asia HAHAHAHA Bobby: Stares at him for a good 6 seconds HAHAHAHA

  • Lester Carthan
    Lester Carthan2 muaj më parë

    As a black fan of both of these gentlemen all I can say some sure they meant the well

  • Paul Luap
    Paul Luap2 muaj më parë

    I love that Theo talks about BetterHelp therapy in the middle of Bobby's story. Theo knew this podcast would get weird haha

  • Bret Coots
    Bret Coots2 muaj më parë

    I don't think I've ever laughed so much listening to a podcast before

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson2 muaj më parë


  • Brendon cole
    Brendon cole2 muaj më parë

    Daniel Radcliffe is not in lord of the rings hahaha

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos2 muaj më parë

    Theo: “Do dumb people ever think that you’re Mexican?” Bobby : 😑

  • NR W
    NR W2 muaj më parë

    Mannnnn SleptKing is super whipped by that PC BS. He's soooo scared of saying anything that would upset the SJWs.

  • HR Q
    HR Q2 muaj më parë

    shout out to poway, ca!

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King2 muaj më parë

    The CHINGY reference Theo made is from Robots with Robin Williams

  • Nic Roth
    Nic Roth2 muaj më parë

    The mullet wasnt started in vietnam

  • NJEnemy
    NJEnemy2 muaj më parë

    Ok ok, what did Bobby Lee say at 1:28:25 that ya had to cut and edit the poddy woddy lmao!!

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