Why BUY a sailboat and WEAR CLOTHES! 😏 (Expedition Drenched S1 Ep.77)

Edited by Molly
Instagram: mollylouisaj
Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor. From our humble beginnings as inexperienced sailors, we’ve come a long way, and are learning more and more every day, especially in terms of anchoring.
After sailing from the Russel Islands, we’re now on our way to the stunning Mary Island, properly known as Mborokua. An uninhabited, jungle-covered, extinct volcano, lying exposed in open water between Russell Islands and Marovo Lagoon.

We were unsure what to expect, and we were in for a surprise when our anchorage turned out to be our most dangerous yet, somewhere once upon a time we wouldn’t have dared sail into.
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0:00 Against the Red Sky by Walt Adams
5:13 Albatross by Thad Kobec
7:03 Easy by Sam Westhoff
9:43 Old Oak by Roland Lewis
13:12 Love run free by Upstate
15:30 Hawaiian Conquistador by Joe E Lee


  • Dominique Tamer
    Dominique TamerDitë më parë

    I can understand clothes on a boat if it's cold, but I don't see the utility of swimsuits and the plesure it can bring to wear them.

  • Jules Scholten
    Jules Scholten20 ditë më parë

    All your videos feel so real. I am sure sometimes it is hard to realize you are living your dream; but you are. Following your heart doesn’t mean you feel good every day. I love you guys for showing that. Enjoy to the fullest! Mucho love you pirates!

  • david ouellette
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  • Chronic
    Chronic27 ditë më parë

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  • OneClick 3
    OneClick 329 ditë më parë

    wow you guys are awesome. hope you guys had so much fun in the Solomon's sea.. go nude and feel the ocean breeze is super dupe..

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    brooke LarkinMuaj më parë

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    Ben ParksMuaj më parë

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  • Ken Hughes
    Ken HughesMuaj më parë

    Guess a fish hook in the nose comes in handy on a boat

  • Thomas Mcrae Copland
    Thomas Mcrae CoplandMuaj më parë

    Hi there, I would like to come over for a sailing adventure with you all, what is the cost of a trip with you!. I have one good thing to add, I am a retired marine engineer, And I just repaire engines that no one else can fix. My only problem is I like to keep my clothes on, trunks anyway, at 73 I am a bit shy that way. you all have a great time, Ps Got my own 23 footer ketch. so send you a photo later. Tom Ayr Scotland.

  • Robson Nunusa
    Robson NunusaMuaj më parë

    wow you guys are awesome. hope you guys had so much fun in the Solomon's sea.. go nude and feel the ocean breeze is super dupe..

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    Thomas D HarrellMuaj më parë

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    Ross BielemaMuaj më parë

    The dude with the headband reminds me of Billy Zane in "Dead Calm!" P.S. Don't watch that movie before sailing....

  • Mick
    MickMuaj më parë

    Rick Moore block outs. Funny.

  • Jon Plopp
    Jon PloppMuaj më parë

    Plenty of images & videos of death, disaster & destruction on youtube; yet nakedness is pixelated??!! who decides this stuff?

  • Falbert Forester

    Falbert Forester

    27 ditë më parë

    ALthe, which largely falls under USA law - and likewise prejudices.

  • Space Cowboy
    Space CowboyMuaj më parë

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  • Steve Bigfoot
    Steve BigfootMuaj më parë

    Life is not fair. These women are insanely beautiful, and even the men are gorgeous.

  • Happy Texan
    Happy TexanMuaj më parë

    Chloe has a magical spirit about her. " I bless you all".

  • OneClick 3

    OneClick 3

    29 ditë më parë

    When the going gets tough, the tough get naked. That's my motto!

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  • Lucky Travel Team
    Lucky Travel TeamMuaj më parë

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    Aloha TV NetworkMuaj më parë

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  • cash talks
    cash talksMuaj më parë

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    Ralph SmithMuaj më parë

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    Aloha TV NetworkMuaj më parë

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    gbplay10sMuaj më parë

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  • Timothy Schuhrke
    Timothy SchuhrkeMuaj më parë

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  • funnyglow
    funnyglowMuaj më parë

    Sailing and Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!

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    Dani PMuaj më parë

    Not sure why this was recommended to me, but I’m grateful ⛵️🐠🦈🐬🌈💚. You guys are living a lot of people’s dreams. I hope you continue in good health, calm seas, and friendly acquaintances. My husband and I lived in Florida for 11 years, and had an 18 foot boat we fished a little offshore, and intercoastal. I also lived in Alaska as a teenager, and had one truly nightmarish ocean experience near Kenai Fjords when we were caught in the scariest waves of my life. Ever since, even with our boat in Florida, I get anxious thinking of bad weather 🌩🌬🌊. My coworker at the time had spent about 10 years in the Florida Keys and Caribbean sailing with her husband. They gave it up when their first child was school age. I always envied her stories, and have wondered what it would be like. Seeing your channel for the first time brings all those stories back to my memories. I will have to learn more about you guys. Does anyone know which of their videos explains how everyone got involved, their goals, etc.?

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    stu SMuaj më parë

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    Andrew BuchananMuaj më parë

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    Jake from State FarmMuaj më parë

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    Vall BonaventureMuaj më parë

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    Bryon EnsmingerMuaj më parë

    You can take a piece of plywood about 4ft by 1 1/2 ft and drill a hole on all 4 corners and them use epoxy sealer and water proof it well then tie a peice of line to all for corners and then tie all 4 to a single line in the center you want the board to hand about 4 ft below the center line then drop your anchor or tie off to a morning that attach a line to the anchor chain like 15 to 20 ft from the boat and attach that line on a winch on the stern use the winch to turn the boat sideways to the swell attach the line from the board to the end of your boom swing the boom out the opposite side of the anchor and stern line 45 ° degree angle to the boat then tie off the boom to the stern and the Bow Wow so it can't swing throw the board over board and let it hang from the boom about 10 to 15 ft at least if the water is deep enough but as low as posible with at least 6 ft minimum from the bottom below the water and as the boat rolls the board will sink and as it rolls back the board will catch resistance from the water and it will slow the roll and minimize the amount of the roll and you'll sleep better cause the boat will roll less and slower

  • Shaun Murphy
    Shaun MurphyMuaj më parë

    Sailing with a pig? Nice to have a fresh source of bacon. Try sailing with a giraffe.

  • Ynech
    YnechMuaj më parë

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    ron rossMuaj më parë

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    Bruce BasilMuaj më parë

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    FANATIC FORAGERMuaj më parë

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    californiakayaker N6GRGMuaj më parë

    Love this title lol. The first boat to figure out and use better methods of navigating into places where Charts could be wrong and Maps are kah kah was Nanji (in my experience) and the use a program, I think it was called Orpheus or something like that, and what it did was put a chart and a satellite photo together on a chart plotter so you could navigate using the better satellite photo to keep you out of trouble. I couldn't get it going on a windows laptop so perhaps I missed the platform, perhaps it was an apple platform ? Sometimes the entrances to "Atols" in the worst parts of the charting areas are completely in the incorrect place. On boat found itself scraping or coral because of that and was nearly aground ! The satellite showed just how far off it was ! It also showed where they had actually gone which and they were very lucky !

  • realulli


    Muaj më parë

    Actually, sometimes at least sand bars shift, so what might have been correct a few months ago would be totally wrong today. I wonder if it's possible to set up a drone to overfly the area and produce a geo-referenced vertical image of the location. Then overlay that on a moving map display and try to navigate with that. At least, that way the picture is really recent... :-)

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    Neville RodriguesMuaj më parë

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    Alan ScottMuaj më parë

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    David CMuaj më parë

    Another fun adventure of expedition drenched with awesome diving footage. Great job on the editing Molly. Thanks!

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  • grancito2


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    Roy GilbertMuaj më parë

    Wondering if you visited Rendova Island in the Solomon’s? My Mother’s first husband was killed on that island by the Japanese during WWII. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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    6r4metromanMuaj më parë

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    Neville Rodrigues

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    Neville Rodrigues

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  • grancito2


    Muaj më parë

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  • Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY
    Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIYMuaj më parë

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  • Bob D
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  • Traktor Bauer
    Traktor BauerMuaj më parë

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    yann DESDEVISESMuaj më parë

    Discovering this channel. Nice! Sorry to be a bore but you should never work an anchor chain bare feet, though.



    Muaj më parë

    @grancito2 and you have never been on a boat mate.

  • grancito2


    Muaj më parë

    @yann DESDEVISES So you don't know how to walk or function properly. You are probably a gringo.



    Muaj më parë

    @grancito2 i have been sailing all kinds of boat since I was born actually. You need footwear for many, many reasons in boats of all sizes. If your paint gets damaged from wearing shoes, it’s time to replace the paint or you did not apply it well in the first place. You need shoes/footwear because the deck is full of fittings that can hurt your toes if you slip when the deck gets flushed with water. You need shoes when you handle a heavy chain because there is very high chance it will fall on your toes at some point. You need shoes for extra grip, you need shoes when it gets cold. I mean your comment makes no sense, just open a sailing gear website and you will find page after page of boots/shoes/sailing footwear. You don’t drown with shoes on, believe me. You don’t need shoes on all the time but there are many times you need them, one of them being when you lift a heavy chain, it’s an absolute classic! Your comment suggest you have not done a lot of sailing. It does not matter but just don’t insult people who have. Oh and if you question someone’s intelligence, make sure you can spell “intelligent”...

  • grancito2


    Muaj më parë

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    Muaj më parë

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  • Joe


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  • Joe


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