What the HELL is Caroline? (A TERRIBLE Coraline Ripoff)


This is one of the WORST RIPOFFS I have ever seen. Why ripoff Coraline?! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!
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  • Saberspark
    Saberspark13 ditë më parë

    No joke, this one really hurt to watch lmao

  • PlayerJayden 2000

    PlayerJayden 2000

    15 orë më parë

    Saber, can you review The series called “Trollhunters:rise of Arcadia” it’s on Netflix and I personally like it.

  • Noel Sanchez

    Noel Sanchez

    4 ditë më parë

    Hey SaberSaberSpark, Did you read the book Coraline was based off of?

  • dead lbc

    dead lbc

    6 ditë më parë

    Hey Buddy im spanish myself and brujerías means witchcraft on spanish

  • Not a Western Spy

    Not a Western Spy

    6 ditë më parë


  • Katherine Ellsworth

    Katherine Ellsworth

    7 ditë më parë

    If you haven’t seen it, you should consider watching/reviewing “Marona’s Fantastic Tale.” I thought it was really good and I’d be interested to hear your take on it (especially the animation).

  • ·Liz·
    ·Liz·28 minuta më parë


  • Cj Garcia
    Cj Garcia2 orë më parë

    I watched that when I was younger but I thought it was good

  • XxxVeronika_playzxxX
    XxxVeronika_playzxxX2 orë më parë

    It's Portuguese not spanish!

  • Purple_Chowder
    Purple_Chowder2 orë më parë

    Top 10 characters that could defeat thanos 1. Singing snails

  • beefwe
    beefwe3 orë më parë

    Someone make a caroline danganronpa execution i need to see that

  • Rf Laflame Rich Forever
    Rf Laflame Rich Forever3 orë më parë

    When I was younger I hated Coraline but now I love it

  • Cat Hunt
    Cat Hunt4 orë më parë

    read the book it is greusom bc uR just probaly a wimp theres blood

  • guilherme portela
    guilherme portela4 orë më parë

    brujerías? Im pretty sure its not portuguese....I mean... I'm from Brazil...never heard of that word before ps: bruFARIRAS?

  • Daniel Coker Jr.
    Daniel Coker Jr.4 orë më parë

    Check the Halloween family pls

  • Bianca Pescar
    Bianca Pescar5 orë më parë

    Hey Saber check out the new Animaniacs reboot , its amazing and it will be on hulu.Please check it out!!

  • xsoftyx _xmikux
    xsoftyx _xmikux6 orë më parë

    I feel like I was the only one who wasn’t scared of Coraline as a child- I-

  • MuffinMan Dreh
    MuffinMan Dreh6 orë më parë

    You should review “Pets United” it is... interesting

  • Horse lover45 Ultra
    Horse lover45 Ultra7 orë më parë

    react to monster family

  • Jaci Aaron
    Jaci Aaron8 orë më parë

    This doesn't seem like a rip off at all...

  • pretty spectrum xxx
    pretty spectrum xxx9 orë më parë

    The creepy guy had NO reason, no backstory, no motives to be in the movie. Besides be following a younger child around that the movie hints for romance. Just to see they are left alone in the movie. I am to occupied hearing *police sirens* to really like any of them

  • Sandra Rodríguez Vega
    Sandra Rodríguez Vega9 orë më parë

    Hi! I’m from Spain. “Brujería” means witchcraft, like, potions, witches and that stuff

  • Kick Bucket
    Kick Bucket9 orë më parë

    You realize that your giving them money bye mentioning them

  • Furbait
    Furbait10 orë më parë

    Bruh only the name is the rip-off part. The movie is not even close to that of Coraline.

  • Ad Lockhorst
    Ad Lockhorst10 orë më parë

    Saberspark DOES look like Velma from Scooby Doo 😳 I never noticed.

  • JB V
    JB V10 orë më parë

    03:35 that information is in 'Galician' (i think) which is very similar to portuguese. 04:00 now that is spanish. 'Brujería' means 'witchcraft' in spanish.

  • smiling toaster boy
    smiling toaster boy10 orë më parë

    I remember watching coraline at age 4 I didnt have a good time

  • Mint Tea
    Mint Tea10 orë më parë

    It might be Spanish?

  • Toca Studio
    Toca Studio11 orë më parë

    brujarias means witch craft :D

  • Joshua De Vries
    Joshua De Vries11 orë më parë

    I mean, I don't speak jiberish

  • Joshua De Vries
    Joshua De Vries11 orë më parë

    Sorry, I don't know slanish

  • Erin Sinnott
    Erin Sinnott12 orë më parë

    As someone who watched “Frozen Land” it’s a ripoff of Frozen in name only. It actually has it’s own plot and characters

  • Mimikyu 17
    Mimikyu 1717 orë më parë

    They just switched o and a in the name

  • Meccentric
    Meccentric18 orë më parë

    Here is a suggestions for a foreign animated movie! It's not terrible either but it's very german. It's called Lissi and the wild Emperor and I think you can only watch it with subtitles. But treat yourself to some german accents :D Dunno if it is still popular but I think it was a BIG hit in germany.

  • TrapperJarrett
    TrapperJarrett19 orë më parë

    Is no one ever gonna point out that the opening music sounds like sci show opening music?

  • Liam Barnes
    Liam Barnes19 orë më parë

    Coraline:the good brand Caroline:off brand

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco19 orë më parë

    All they did was change one letter.

  • Carolina Nucci Alcala
    Carolina Nucci Alcala20 orë më parë

    Next time you have a problem with Spanish I can help you 😌

  • bright dreams films
    bright dreams films21 orë më parë

    i'm latino, so i'm going to help you with the "brujerias" thing. Brew - her - ee - ass

  • Sir Sayaka Miki the 3rd
    Sir Sayaka Miki the 3rd22 orë më parë

    I never see anyone talk about this movie, and I know this is a long shot, but you need to see Freddie as FR07. Its the weirdest animated film ive ever seen, stars Ben Kingsley, and I thinks its one of the biggest box office bombs ever.

  • Private 404
    Private 40422 orë më parë

    Sounds like something I'd make If I were 12

  • mateo Fernandez
    mateo Fernandez22 orë më parë


  • Luna kirana
    Luna kirana22 orë më parë

    Try watching the swan princess a royal family, it was pretty bad

  • German Dong
    German Dong23 orë më parë

    The dude with Caroline looks like he's trying to dress up like Goku

  • A Fish
    A Fish23 orë më parë

    Saberspark should do a Kiara the Brave movie review, that would be amusing to watch.

  • Novak Decan
    Novak Decan23 orë më parë

    It's ok that You don't know whats brujerías is cause i'm a spAnish boy myself si brujerias is like witch stuff

  • Novak Decan

    Novak Decan

    23 orë më parë

    And no i don't have a Twitter cause i'm 10 year old with a Brian of like a 13 or Even 15 year old people

  • Brady Osborne
    Brady Osborne23 orë më parë

    I have a move idea For you no review The cat in the hat

  • Abril C. Acosta
    Abril C. Acosta23 orë më parë

    3:55 As a LatinoAmerican viewver, i laughed so damn loud HAHSHA BRU-JE-RIAS

  • Midnight Obscurity
    Midnight ObscurityDitë më parë

    3:54 brujerias is witch crafts in spanish

  • Mr. Guy
    Mr. GuyDitë më parë

    The meaning of Caroline is that she has step parents and they are the bitten eyes that want there step kid (coraline) to live with them

  • Meao Chan
    Meao ChanDitë më parë

    I was gonna say I see your channel updates t not your new videos, what the heck? But then I realized I wasn’t subscribed. All fixed.

  • ChromeClad
    ChromeCladDitë më parë

    Maybe consider going over the animated music video that is K/DA-MORE and K/DA- Popstars!

  • JonahBoris
    JonahBorisDitë më parë

    Have you done a video on the Movie "Food Fight" yet? I've heard that movie looks REALLY BAD!

  • Lilac The Kitty Dog
    Lilac The Kitty DogDitë më parë

    My grandma bought that 👁💧👄💧👁

  • CisneMagicWORLD
    CisneMagicWORLDDitë më parë

    The original title was Brujerías that mean witchcraft.

  • Michael Armstrong
    Michael ArmstrongDitë më parë

    Sabre: Satons not that bad God, Jesus and everyone living in heaven in their afterlife: So you have chosen death...and hell Sabre: Ah son of a bi- (dies)

  • Ariya Murray
    Ariya MurrayDitë më parë

    i watched 10 seconds of this video and immeetetly subscribed

  • SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter
    SpalshyBoiWilmer YeeterDitë më parë

    8:48 "iKr tHeSe gUyS fOlLoW mE eVeRyWhErE aNd aRe aNnOyInG" well you know whi else follows you? That guy that LITERALLY TRACKED U DOWN but hey hes also annoying so we have two of those types

  • Ariya Murray
    Ariya MurrayDitë më parë

    5:50 my sister in public then my sister at home/in the car

  • rahnal21
    rahnal21Ditë më parë

    Review jungle tales

  • Halo 5 Death
    Halo 5 DeathDitë më parë

    Can you cover season 3 of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts?

  • Jim Shaw
    Jim ShawDitë më parë

    Brujeria is Spanish for "witchcraft," which makes sense since "brujer" is "witch" in Spanish. So... Witchcrafts?

  • Priscilla Gracia
    Priscilla GraciaDitë më parë

    I thought it was a DREAM so this movie nock off was REAL??😭😭

  • Teresa Bushnell
    Teresa BushnellDitë më parë

    The original name of Caroline is actually witchcraft in Spanish not Portuguese Edit:I D K what language you said and I'm sorry if I was very straight forward about the title being in Spanish 😐😕

  • Link
    LinkDitë më parë

    Omg this gave me flashbacks when I was like 2 or 3 I watched this and since I was stupid I thought it was good 😂 it's trash

  • Kingyoshi 27
    Kingyoshi 27Ditë më parë

    Brujerias means witching or witches we mostly say Brujas

  • Sofia La Vinagreta
    Sofia La VinagretaDitë më parë

    "Brujerias" Basically witchcraft, or spells. It doesnt have an exact translation

  • Michael Baratz
    Michael BaratzDitë më parë

    I know you get requests a lot, but PLEASE do Above The Moon. They got Netflix on board, so they had WAAAAAAAAAAY to large of a budget. They spent it on the cast and the Earth scene, and kinda forgot about the story. And it’s bad.

  • Turtles are Great
    Turtles are GreatDitë më parë

    Just for the record, someone watched Car's Life (the original and the re-make) and Frozen Land, and they're both terrible. (according to him, the video was called "I watched every disney rip-off i could get my hands on" or something.) Frozen Land isn't even originally named Frozen Land! It was originally called "Legend of (something i can't remember)". i don't know about this Leo the Lion, but I don't have hope in it. Also, don't watch "The Illusionauts" ("Fantastic 4orce", UK; "Freedom Force", USA; "Max Heroes", Japan) or it'll immediately rot your braincells. I found it on Vudu as "Freedom Force" and I watched the first few seconds of it to make sure it was what I thought it was (I thought it was "Fantastic 4orce", I was right) and I swear 14 of my braincells died on the spot- *I don't even know what it's a rip off of...* *Saberspark, watch at your own risk if you haven't already.*

  • Alex
    AlexDitë më parë

    Not knowing many languages doesn't make you dumb.

  • AMWeirdoVlogs
    AMWeirdoVlogsDitë më parë

    I saw Caroline on recommended after watching Coraline (for the thousanth time) and I was like..this is too similar to Coraline. Same hair and clip, clothes patterns, cat, name, (other things about the storyline I cant remember)

  • Trashie73
    Trashie73Ditë më parë

    wowzers satan begone!!

  • Blake Ladnier
    Blake LadnierDitë më parë

    Coraline was based off of a book

  • Kacper XT
    Kacper XTDitë më parë

    I also know two languages: - English - and Polish

  • Misty Dreams
    Misty DreamsDitë më parë

    Imagine the film would be called "Other Mother F*cking Caroline" 😂

  • Misty Dreams
    Misty DreamsDitë më parë

    *"Ho, ho, ho!"*

  • Z Lunare
    Z LunareDitë më parë

    This sounds like a hoodwinked rip off dashed with coraline

  • Doodle Fox
    Doodle FoxDitë më parë

    You should review igor! Its a bit of an old movie but its really stuck with me for a while, and its just kinda charming in its own way dhdjjgg

  • The Battlesword
    The BattleswordDitë më parë

    Am I the only one who watched so much Caddicarus that I keep thinking that after that introduction, he’s gonna fake us out and tell us it’s good?

  • Yakko Warner
    Yakko WarnerDitë më parë

    You should check out a movie called Tellur Aliens. Absolute garbage.

  • Knick ly
    Knick lyDitë më parë

    brujeritias means little witches in english

  • cole pfeiffer
    cole pfeifferDitë më parë

    ... No comment.

  • DarkStream Gaming
    DarkStream GamingDitë më parë

    This movie sounds like Hoodwinked 2 lmaoooooo

  • Miguel Albuquerque
    Miguel AlbuquerqueDitë më parë

    4:02 you mean spanish

  • TheNobodyGuy
    TheNobodyGuyDitë më parë

    I love seeing one of my favorite ALthers praise a movie that I love so damn dearly. Thank you!

  • Jaedon Vassell
    Jaedon VassellDitë më parë


  • Catita Olmos
    Catita OlmosDitë më parë

    Hi, I'm Chilean. I know Spanish. Brujería is witchcraft in Spanish

  • Mad stickman
    Mad stickmanDitë më parë

    This isnt actually too bad

  • gabriela carrera ocampo
    gabriela carrera ocampoDitë më parë

    Plz do the new movie called over the moon on Netflix plzzzzzzzzz😅🥰

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan MillerDitë më parë

    Their heads are shaped like tictac boxes

  • Smart Gamer Giel
    Smart Gamer GielDitë më parë


  • scribble time animation
    scribble time animationDitë më parë

    I love this movie

  • Mint Egg
    Mint EggDitë më parë

    Please review the danish classic "Help! I'm a fish". I remember it being so dark, creepy and just weird. I'm actually genuine surprised that you haven't watched / reviewed it yet

  • Skyler Jet
    Skyler JetDitë më parë

    Can you review Heavy Metal from 1981?

  • Jon Dutchman
    Jon DutchmanDitë më parë

    "If any of you guys know Spanish or Portuguese" James Marriott is typing...

  • Quintin Allen
    Quintin AllenDitë më parë

    That went from singing snails to MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY waaaaaay too quickly.

  • Luis Campa Higuera
    Luis Campa HigueraDitë më parë

    brujaries in Spanish is witches knight

    JAMES STARTERDitë më parë

    Have you watched the boy with a coocoo clock heart

  • Faritt X
    Faritt XDitë më parë

    I just can't stop thinking about briferrias (brujerías)

  • Steve Lagun
    Steve LagunDitë më parë

    in Portuguese is bruxarias not brejeíras.

  • DJ SaKkuRaii
    DJ SaKkuRaiiDitë më parë

    Hola yo ablo espanol (Translation) Hello, I speak Spanish.

  • Alebrije Moderno
    Alebrije Moderno2 ditë më parë

    For the people who doesn´t know. "Brujerías" (Wich is pronnounce bru-hé- ree-ass) you could tell it was decision to help the sellings... I don´t know why the product ended like that, the team has very talented people with a lot of talent was involucred in the movie, i´m asumming they just tried to gain some money with this. Animation it´s not that bad in Spain, no, even here in Mexico you could make amazing projects so i don´t exactly know what went in their minds

  • RobowilOFFICIAL
    RobowilOFFICIAL2 ditë më parë

    The movie looks like a very poorly-optimized Unreal Engine 4 game on the lowest graphics settings possible.

  • ANL092396
    ANL0923962 ditë më parë

    you should react to KIRIKOU AND THE SORCERESS

  • Léo le boss

    Léo le boss

    2 orë më parë

    However he would have to censor almost every character !

  • crickets
    crickets2 ditë më parë

    Y’all really, *really* , tried it

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