24 Hour LAST TO LEAVE POOL Challenge ft/ Lilly K vs Txunamy

Chicken Girls star Txunamy challenges Dance Moms prodigy Lilly K in an epic last to leave the pool competition. The winner gets to open a mystery box! To win AirPods Pro you must subscribe, comment and turn on notifications! 200K likes for a HUGE prize next week!

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Video by Sandy Chase
Underwater video: Onur Battle
Assistant Editor: Jake Doolittle

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Music licensed through Epidemic Sound

Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!


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    vicki jordan

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    I would love to have them I have no head phones for school I'm in sixth grade and my teacher get mad bc I dont have enough for head phone

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    Hi Jordan I love your videos they’re so funny every time I watch them I Laugh

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    Taxi is really good at swimming

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    I think I’ve been there

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    hey jorden i am a huge fan and love your photography

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    Imagine seeing Jordan with the goggles on talking to the camera when you’re heading into the Apple store to get an iPhone

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    Lily was not. Doggy paddle she jump

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    I love you so much

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    omg i do love chicken girl fav character txunamy

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    Jordan, since you were so mean to those little girl, you have to pay of by doing all of Lilly K 's contortion moves

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    The end was soooo funny 🤣🤣🤣

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    I really want the AirPods is because I’ve never had a giveaway and I’ve always wanted those but If you don’t want to pick me it is okay with me and the other person gets it I’m happy for them and yeah and I really love your videos

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