• Anita Hall
    Anita Hall8 ditë më parë

    I am much older then you and want you to know something . Some rejection is protections. You have out grow him no hard feelings. Wish him well. Big things is coming for you. Be bless my friend.

  • C A Dollar Sign
    C A Dollar Sign8 ditë më parë

    God bless u man. U got me dog. I see a couple of Corey shows and this my first time here and Man U got me rethinking my godam life. Lol I love this. This is REAL. REAL shit. This what I wanna see. That Corey shit cool and all but I can’t relate to that. I relate to real struggle. Love sir!!!

  • nora moss
    nora moss24 ditë më parë

    shit brought tears to my eyes.. big momma story.. everyone has a story.

  • Daisy Castillo
    Daisy Castillo26 ditë më parë

    I want to acknowledge your truth and all that you shared. There are not many beings who would share so much like you did in this show Zo. I acknowledge your truth, your Consciousness, your heart, and reflection. Reflection is a strong tool for growth. Thank you for modeling this for so many of us. I appreciate you and admire who you are. Sending unconditional love and abundance.

  • Clive Clivington
    Clive Clivington29 ditë më parë

    I remember zo telling the AK story

  • Rodney Spears
    Rodney Spears29 ditë më parë

    This ***** spittin

  • J
    JMuaj më parë

    Corey is bad energy. You need to stay away from him.

  • Think Formyself
    Think FormyselfMuaj më parë

    Zo Williams thanks for having the courage to speak this truth. I learned a lot from your example and your willingness to open up and share who you really are. While Corey is a funny comedian, I always get a little disappointed when I would realize you aren't on the show that week. You are definitely nobody's weak link. You inspire me to become a better version of myself. Keep growing and keep teaching!

  • blackmaxwell
    blackmaxwellMuaj më parë

    This brotha can preach divine and drop street level jewels.

  • The Black Marvel Fam
    The Black Marvel FamMuaj më parë

    Talk that shit OG... Love from the Bronx

  • Kevin Conyers
    Kevin ConyersMuaj më parë

    My brother it bothered me to see that ordeal unfold. I can say that you're a real man and true brother for the way you handle it. Ol boy is definitely not the brother I thought he was. Do your thing ZO!!!!!

  • Kevin Conyers
    Kevin ConyersMuaj më parë

    3rd grade? Zo you look 14 on that pic!🤣

  • Cloud 909
    Cloud 909Muaj më parë

    Bruh I talk to my brother weekly sometimes we talk for 2 or 3 hours about all kinds of stuff. We recently were discussing marital issues and I allowed him to vent, and I said to him your wife is like a mirror the things you don't like about her are the things we as men have to deal with inside ourselves. So when you said that it was like confirmation, synchronicity, or the spirits are speaking to dabothofus. I stopped the video to send this out when I heard you say that. 👍💯

  • Mal L.A. 225
    Mal L.A. 225Muaj më parë

    This is some of the most motivational stuff I ever heard... you should become a motivational speaker. #Epic

  • Brownsville BrookNam
    Brownsville BrookNamMuaj më parë

    Corey been, corny. The more he grew. The more blatant, he became. He don't see that, he is a stigma of blacks. And, it plays in favor of, the oppressors propaganda and agenda to keep blacks at odds. Fighting over nothing. And, believing that, a little success and money. Gives them authority. Or, puts them on a plane that, brings out the true nature of oneself. Due to their upbringing, struggles and experiences. And, climbing out of poverty. Now makes one, more of, what the money makes them to truly be. Do your thing and continue to drop gems. This seems to be a new direction for you. And, this narrative may be good for you and your platform. Love your truth. New sub in the building. Brooklyn, New York. Salute King. 💯💪🏾

  • Dexter Williams
    Dexter WilliamsMuaj më parë

    He did his thing on this show #Salute

  • Big55 Trucking
    Big55 TruckingMuaj më parë

    Im team ZO fuck cory i thought he was a stand up guy but i been seen that he was on some bullshit for awhile... so ZO keep grinding fuck the bs...

  • DIYworld Productreview
    DIYworld ProductreviewMuaj më parë

    Heavy... its hard zo just found out he homie been jealous of his potential. When I heard Cory say," Zo gone go far. He's a producer . He has the ability to remember and recall everything he reads.. " when Cory said this.. .. i said there it goes... not only is zo mind amazing. But hes delivery is flawless.. .. in entertainment this is a triple threat... photographic recall the ability to Wright and the ability to delivery well.. .. zo was stunting his growth over there. Like many people said he was the Intellectual balance to the goofy.. like how sports announcer would be paired with the color commentator and the straight man..

  • Michael Allen
    Michael AllenMuaj më parë

    You are clean with everyone and god brotha

  • Bro. Logan
    Bro. LoganMuaj më parë

    This is the best ALthe video that I’ve heard in a VERY long time.🙏🏾✊🏾

  • Peacemaker J
    Peacemaker JMuaj më parë

    See zo you a leader you don't deserve to be someone who thinks they better then u

  • Peacemaker J
    Peacemaker JMuaj më parë

    Can't Iie I love zo he's only human

  • Non Dscript
    Non DscriptMuaj më parë

    Whos the speaker at @1:07:00 ?

    DERWIN SEXTONMuaj më parë

    Everything has a reason and a season but you handled things like a man. Much respect

  • George Frazier
    George FrazierMuaj më parë

    Grown man shyt

  • Conquistador r
    Conquistador rMuaj më parë

    Corey ain't got nothing on Zoe💪 corey don't walk that talk👎!!!

  • relljohnson22
    relljohnson22Muaj më parë

    You should apologize to aries spears

  • Nathaniel Williams
    Nathaniel WilliamsMuaj më parë

    Zo my Brother this is beautiful, I remember pushing a brother I thought fouled me while our sons was looking at us. I never forgot that incident and many years later, I apologized to this man and his son. The funny thing about it was he forgot about the incident but it stayed on my heart. I'm glad I had a chance to apologize to him.

  • Yung Renny
    Yung RennyMuaj më parë

    The ppl will make u bigger than him eventually

  • Shaq Gravey
    Shaq GraveyMuaj më parë

    Zo deep story

  • BroThatsDJ
    BroThatsDJMuaj më parë

    Give it time guys.. they will make peace.

  • Cj Trill
    Cj TrillMuaj më parë

    This was classic zo u literally just showed me how to be a better man

  • Lamar Anderson
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  • Me
    MeMuaj më parë

    Corey fucked up this time. Big time.

  • Professional Salesman
    Professional SalesmanMuaj më parë

    Wow, this is some guuud shit man!

  • Samantha Holloman
    Samantha HollomanMuaj më parë

    I will invest in your class to better myself❤💯

  • Samantha Holloman
    Samantha HollomanMuaj më parë

    After listening to you I see why you were under Corey. Corey talks of women like your mom that you can't say. That hurt you when you went back home to your mom. I believe counseling to confront your past will remove the heaviness and darkness that's over you. You're very smart and wise but refuse to face the past. Stand in greatness or just look great🤷

  • RJ Jones
    RJ JonesMuaj më parë

    Every time you speak you teach me something and I got much respect for you, Zo. That relationship dismount book is the truth, too 💯.

  • Kendrick Griffin
    Kendrick GriffinMuaj më parë

    YOU CANNOT JUMP IN , AND OUT OF ROLES. you are either the SINNER or the SAINT if you wish to be the "teacher". otherwise you're JUST LIKE US.

  • Nell Nell
    Nell NellMuaj më parë

    Zo you was 100% right. I see now, Corey is a snake 🐍.

  • Sy Baldwin
    Sy BaldwinMuaj më parë

    Take Care I know your good work. We did shows together.

  • Sy Baldwin
    Sy BaldwinMuaj më parë

    Sy Baldwin here. Love u man. I with u.

  • CJ ThaBrave88
    CJ ThaBrave88Muaj më parë

    Zo you should have never stood against a man's personal feelings towards another man. You knew very well the type of man you were dealing with. He showed you, clearly, with Grady. And listening to your story you clearly have just as many issues as Corey.. The difference, Corey is known for being that type of person.

  • CJ ThaBrave88

    CJ ThaBrave88

    Muaj më parë

    @TheZoWhatShow funny I literally was doing that 🤣 MAN NO DISRESPECT to you Zo. I like you and I've watched you and Corey Soo much.. I can honestly say that my responses are in response to the comments and how it seems so one sided. But after reading everyone's comments I'm willing to admit that it's black and white. Very easy to pick the side that you started on. And I was honestly a Corey fan. So Im trying to understand and remind myself that nun of what others say should deter my personal feelings about the situation. Tho it shouldn't matter to you. I respect you and I literally was just telling my lady how I think you don't do this for the money. I feel like you genuinely do it for your ppl and if the money comes then that's fine too. I just wished you had let it go when he kept going on about Grady because I seen your frustrations with Corey when the Grady situation poured over into the next week. Tho it will look like it, I can tell you weren't picking sides but simply just didn't want to do another show talking about the situation. All love ZO!!! butyoushouldhavejustletthemuthafuckatalkshitaboutgrady (in my Corey E-40 voice) 🤣🤣 BEST WISHES AND LOVE. YOU'RE A REAL 1

  • TheZoWhatShow


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    You can only hide knowledge from fools and those who seek to remain ignorant by putting it in a book! You should’ve proof read your statement!

  • S.L. Perion TV
    S.L. Perion TVMuaj më parë

    Fuck Corey

  • Yahya Raz
    Yahya RazMuaj më parë

    Yo!! This is for me one of the greatest testimonials, speech, sermons, truth I've ever witnessed!! Thank you!

  • Chuck Williams
    Chuck WilliamsMuaj më parë

    “...Truth is subjective, the ultimate Truth is not”. #Bars

  • The Butterfly Garden
    The Butterfly GardenMuaj më parë

    Zo. Get your money right. Pay Corey the $20K--add interest. Cut him off. Debt settled.

    ROBERT PINKMuaj më parë


  • UVC-Lite
    UVC-LiteMuaj më parë

    That was a SAD Day in the Brother Hood! For Corey to disrespect his Brother this way, says a lot about Corey. Corey accused Zo of not being in control as a Voice of Reason, relating to this Spears guy. But Corey broke the number 1 code in the Brother Hood, which is I will whisper wise council, and any grievances to my Brother and all that we discuss will be kept within our breast. In Masonry, Corey could be brought up on Masonic charges and FACE a Masonic Trial. His Brother-Card can be pulled as a result of his actions!

  • River
    RiverMuaj më parë

    Just don't forget he gave you your start... And forget him and his platform moving forward... It's gonna be hard to listen to him now... But I'm gonna try.. truthfully!

  • Paul Wiley Sr.
    Paul Wiley Sr.Muaj më parë

    Mr. Zo Williams ancestors strength. We love you for this. From places that only tears know ✊🏾 👊🏾 🤲🏾 🖤 💯

  • Blu Grass
    Blu GrassMuaj më parë

    always remember you test metal's with fire don't allow fire to burn you into ashes as if u were rubble... you are 5150 family, much love ...

  • Shango Oya
    Shango OyaMuaj më parë

    Zoe you’re way too good for the 5150 show. Much respect brother✊🏿

  • Danny Gibson
    Danny GibsonMuaj më parë

    Wise words Zo❤️🖤💚 corey gone stay on stupid. corey was outta pocket for how he expressed himself

  • FynePr1nt Williams MUS1C
    FynePr1nt Williams MUS1CMuaj më parë

    Keep being a blessing brotha‼ We respect you💯💯💯‼

  • Josue Gonzalez
    Josue GonzalezMuaj më parë

    That argument was between friends & we should not get emotionally attached. Respect to both . 💯✊🏿

  • Micah Binns
    Micah BinnsMuaj më parë

    Great info, I love pyscology and studying mental health in my spare time. I remember Jim Rohn said, "some people major in minor things"

  • Micah Binns
    Micah BinnsMuaj më parë

    why are ppl suprise Corey is negative..He always talks about ppl in general. His show shits on numerous ppl, a person like that is not generally a happy person and that embodies parts of his character.

  • Antoine Brown
    Antoine BrownMuaj më parë

    I appreciate the wisdom Zo 👍🏿

    GEECHEE MANNMuaj më parë


    GEECHEE MANNMuaj më parë


  • Ottavian T.
    Ottavian T.Muaj më parë

    Your platform is going to surpass Corey. Dude was super disrespectful.

  • Cee Dagr81
    Cee Dagr81Muaj më parë

    Definitely think Corey was foul for saying what he said on the show , shows no respect for you on his part . You Zo are the bigger man for taking accountability for your part in this which i believe is 0 frfr but thats neither here nor there.

  • svanablak
    svanablakMuaj më parë

    yo, in all my years listening to podcasts this is one of the few occasions that i've sat thru TWO HOURS of a broadcast! bruh, you hit a home run with this!

  • Eric Sanders
    Eric SandersMuaj më parë

    I Like This Brotha. He Str8 Kool. Since When Does Material Things Make A Man Better Than Another Man. Only The Weak Minded Believes That Stupid Crap. This Guy Has Wisdom Something Corey Holcomb Will Never Ever Have. FACTSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  • Reggie Nobles
    Reggie NoblesMuaj më parë

    Strongest link my brotha. Keep doing what you do!

  • svanablak
    svanablakMuaj më parë

    zo, keep doing you. cream rises to the top.

  • Dontay Smith
    Dontay SmithMuaj më parë

    I’m 5150 side of the game. Duck who was wrong go make that money y’all dynamic together is fire. Watching Corey with niggas who only agree is boring and weird and watching you solo is like hearing Biden give a speech. But together y’all niggas cold af. I need my 5150 squad back. I’m barely getting here in 2019 and I’m not ready for it to end. Please bring y’all asses back together before I get hot and start showing up at both of your shows and steal shit. We miss you Zo.

  • RealIsh7
    RealIsh7Muaj më parë

    Zo sometimes you flamethrower fools like a Bar bQ short ribs! Corey cant rock on God king level

  • Pharaoh Macankh
    Pharaoh MacankhMuaj më parë

    I feel you zo... As a Man u felt this was needed... I hope it will bring you peace... As a homie Im from Palmer Park... Hometown of Sugar ray leonard but nationwide niccas have no sympathy nor empathy towards where u from or where u going if it doesnt benefit them. YOU SOLID MY G AND YOUR BOOKS GOT JEWELS

  • James Henry
    James HenryMuaj më parë

    Real talk! Clowns on that other show.

  • Rae Henderson
    Rae HendersonMuaj më parë

    Zoe thank you I am a woman and I needed to hear this as well

  • dean ivan
    dean ivanMuaj më parë

    Zo you a good dude, Corey was wrong to call you a weak link but please stop pushing the "I got anger issues" and "I was from the hood so I had to learn how to fight" narrative. When you "beat up" Aries, it was clear for the world to see that you can't fight for shit and that's ok, not everyone is a fighter my G.

  • Joel Shalom

    Joel Shalom

    Muaj më parë

    @dean ivan That's how I saw it lol

  • dean ivan

    dean ivan

    Muaj më parë

    @Joel Shalom Bruh stop it!😂🤣

  • Joel Shalom

    Joel Shalom

    Muaj më parë

    I think he just really didn't want to hurt him

  • Danté M. El
    Danté M. ElMuaj më parë

    Self Mastery.



  • Sunny Ture
    Sunny TureMuaj më parë

    "For many men, fear does the vetting when they haven't healed past trauma" 56:00

  • Sunny Ture
    Sunny TureMuaj më parë

    "Can you be a leader if you haven't embraced your shadow self?...because you are not leading if fear or ego are advising." WISE WORDS FAMILY

  • Street Gossip News
    Street Gossip NewsMuaj më parë

    The reality of the situation. When you owe a person 20k and didnt attempt to pay any money. A person will Question a friendship. Not even 100.00 dollars🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • bhampleton92
    bhampleton92Muaj më parë

    I just switch over zo , Corey was hella disrespectful to you and real bro's dont act that way , I don't understand why Dee stayed after all that . but salute to you bro .💯✊

  • Malkia Ra

    Malkia Ra

    Muaj më parë

    I understand why she stayed... no honor or integrity within her. It explains why every year is her "last year," and she hasn't left yet.

  • IDF
    IDFMuaj më parë

    8:00 lool

  • Kissey Tsosie
    Kissey TsosieMuaj më parë

    Man, you cool and all but leaving your dude to pay 20k for your mistakes dodging the lawyer isn’t. Pay 💰 the homie back his money.

  • Joel Shalom

    Joel Shalom

    Muaj më parë

    @Kissey Tsosie Lol damn you harsh, shit does somebody owe you money???? Let me hold $2.27 I promise I'll give it back on fri lol

  • Kissey Tsosie

    Kissey Tsosie

    Muaj më parë

    @Joel Shalom Fuck that! He should have been working on it instead of trying to fucking stay haha and keekee with ol' dude. He now falls into the "Overly Spiritual yet always Broke Nukka" category. What a Shameful disgrace he is and deep down, he knows it!

  • Joel Shalom

    Joel Shalom

    Muaj më parë

    He already said he will


    You get what you say. No more and NO less

  • Chicago AL
    Chicago ALMuaj më parë

    Zo it's time for you to capitalize on your altercation with corey like he is right now Mr spilled the beans

  • Darren Frasier
    Darren FrasierMuaj më parë

    POWERFUL!! I’m Sorry For That BS The Most Disloyal Thing I’ve Seen On ALthe Since I’ve Been On Here & It Jus So Happen To Be A Brotha! Zo I’m A New Subscriber Fuck Corey Show Cant Watch No Disloyal Nigga Fuck 5150

  • Kris X
    Kris XMuaj më parë

    This is what happens when bad feelings fester & are not addressed when they first appear. This was powerful & Zo gets much respect ✊🏾 for this. Shows principle & integrity unlike Corey who’s being petty & little. We all have flaws but brothers like Zo are needed.

  • Oluwaseun Simpson
    Oluwaseun SimpsonMuaj më parë

    I did not know Zo was from Chatt and AP was tough.

  • realbeautyness25
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  • Antonio Massey
    Antonio MasseyMuaj më parë

    I think zo should have kept his thoughts to himself or told corey that in private. I've noticed others on corey show (with the exception of zo) keep their mouth shut or just laugh without commentary. Everyone knows corey never like to admit he's wrong or like being confronted on his short comings... especially in front of everybody.

  • Antonio Massey
    Antonio MasseyMuaj më parë

    Corey and zo have problems. Throughout the years when corey holcomb attacked numerous fellow comedians and so called " brothers and sistas" on his show, zo williams was alongside him making his jabs too supporting corey. But when the tables turned... Zo williams say corey is this and that...blah blah blah. I get corey's side tho. When that aries spears fiasco went down, corey suffered irreversible damage regarding hollywood and could have easily dissociated himself from zo. Also corey never spoke publicly against zo and even paid his legal fees. Therefore corey feel zo should return the favor by continuing to support him even if he's wrong...sad to say. I get zo side too. I think it went left when corey minimized zo willaims contribution to the team and went somewhat as a man.

  • reason18
    reason18Muaj më parë

    I seen this coming years in advance bcuz Corey NEVER respected Zo. Plus, Corey is a coward, so he throws shots and then hides behind being a comedian. He been throwing shots at Zo for YEARS... trying to say that Zo is "lesser than a REAL man". From clowning on skin shade, voice tone, physical size... to bringing up that Aries shit every other week for the last couple years. Problem is, all you people around Corey keep making excuses "Oh, that's just corey being corey". Well, this is STILL corey being corey... that's who he was, is, and will be.

  • Dee Spikes

    Dee Spikes

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    1:39:15 WTF WAS THAT SOUND🙃



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    Great move my brother, God nah sleep 😴

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    1.Zo Williams 2.Kraig Facts 3.5150



  • IG: bris_the_braveheart
    IG: bris_the_braveheartMuaj më parë

    Man I rock heavy with Zo but I rock heavy with Corey too. I definitely see where Zo is coming from but I also see where Corey is coming from. Corey’s fans now talking bad about Zo are dead wrong and Zo’s fans talking bad about him are wrong too. Y’all two grown men had a falling out, it happens but now move forward TOGETHER

  • Christopher Farmer

    Christopher Farmer

    Muaj më parë

    Hella facts homie, its a lot of weak muthafuckas in the comments. Niggas really dont understand stick n stone concept. I rock wit both Corey and zo and hopefully after awhile they can make peace

  • Abdoulaye Balde
    Abdoulaye BaldeMuaj më parë

    This the type of content I wanna see from Zo. Straight fire. Who would have thought that the devil would be big momma's Angel

  • Dewane H
    Dewane HMuaj më parë

    Thank You ZO!

  • Mr Barbados from birth One love
    Mr Barbados from birth One loveMuaj më parë

    I know u will be great bradda one love

  • UAM Beats
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    You from the home town so im rockin with ya..!!!!!.Chatt-Town..!!!!

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