What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?


  • Mateo Toro
    Mateo Toro4 minuta më parë

    CNBC, get a DeEssser... Thanks

  • Muhammad Hamza
    Muhammad HamzaOrë më parë


  • Eric SY
    Eric SY2 orë më parë

    how about some real pics of california. you know, blue tarp everywhere.

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Maximus Decimus Meridius2 orë më parë

    Let me see rent prices, property taxes, gun laws, Immigration, Wages that dont match Cost of living. Almost a million homeless people, Crime rate, traffic jams, I haven't watched this documentary nor have I lived in California but did I miss anything?

  • Trevchar Chartrev
    Trevchar Chartrev2 orë më parë

    When liberal progressives (aka communism lite) hold the reins of power, it's only a matter of time before they run things into the ground. When your world-view is based on a childish pipe dream, then rational, logical decisions go out the window

  • Krishna Tirunagari
    Krishna Tirunagari2 orë më parë

    Now there won't be any homeless people in california people will get houses for free.

  • Krishna Tirunagari
    Krishna Tirunagari2 orë më parë

    Now indians will come and live in california from India.

  • Austin Holm-McRae
    Austin Holm-McRae4 orë më parë

    The way their population thinks and votes is the issue, as they are determining who gets the power to craft their states political policies. You can't fix stupid

    CBFOO5 orë më parë

    Should of mention AB5. That bill is a disaster.

  • Nesto
    Nesto6 orë më parë

    The liberals. Final answer.

  • Paul
    Paul6 orë më parë

    Maybe the "mass exodus" will lower prices in Ca. Doubt it.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson7 orë më parë

    Stay woke Cali lol

  • Clayton Gunter
    Clayton Gunter7 orë më parë

    When are the repubs going to wake up here? Big corporations are the cause of most of our problems and the government is the scapegoat! YES! you should be taxing the big corporations big time! Bring it back to 32% instead of 28% I say. As far as which one has more power, corporations or the government? We hear about corporations bribing government officials but have rarely, if at all, heard of government officials bribing corporations. That tells who has the power here and Bidens plan to tax the corporations is dead on correct and right on target! His new plan can and will put America back on top! The astronomical profits U.S. corps now make as people are being murdered by trumptrash and the loser gop must be brought back in line now!

  • redwine65
    redwine658 orë më parë

    they just need to tax pelosie, the gov and la mayor 99.9% then google can pay the rest

  • El Beautiful
    El Beautiful9 orë më parë

    HP made 56600 million dollars on 2020....what you americans won't accept its that all of this companies and corps will continue going south or east out of USA just like the cloths and autoparts industry because this companies wont pay tax they want a free tax country but the thing is all of this mega corps and building need resources and by the way distribution you citizens from texas dont waste resources as much as this big buildings and corps once the majors of those 1 million people cities find out the amounts of contamination and waste of resources this buildings produce the same cycle start again tax go up and guess who wont pay for the maintenance of their own buildings and streets? the corps .... look at Indonesia almost free tax but how contaminated they are cuz of this major corps wont pay taxes and pay 1 penny per hour to Indonesians ?? but you'll see it ....ima be here in california watching people from texas complaining all over the media...

  • Eye of Horus
    Eye of Horus10 orë më parë

    The company my cousin works for is leaving california at the end of this month and is splitting to operate in nevada, washington, wyoming, florida, texas and tennessee. They offered him 10k to move to nevada and he's leaving today as a matter of fact.

  • President Brisbine
    President Brisbine12 orë më parë

    I started a new country on the west coast in 2014... the Irony is the new government runs instead by donation because taxation is theft. The result is the former government trying to maintain ignorance of that... while they tax the people to death.

  • Bobby Clem
    Bobby Clem13 orë më parë

    California is the perfect example of what the government wants to turn the entire country into. Everything our current government does is exemplified currently by the Democratic party. And the narratives by mainstream media and certain government and private institutions , over regulation and taxation , restrictions of our rights and freedoms . Every proposal and the false narrative show that everything they do is interrelated and geared towards a specific goal of government over reach and a consolidation of power. This exodus from California ,the election fraud in Arizona and the incessant media and political attacks against Texas is all connected . To allow lillegal immigrants to flood into these former Spanish and Mexican territories and displace Americans just as it happened in reverse with Americans displacing the Spanish and later Mexico. Because a divided population can be easily manipulated but a thoroughly mixed population is gaurenteed to be easily subdued. If the exodus continues, California will be mostly homeless and illegal immigrants who not only do not have the means to protect thier own freedoms but do not even know what American freedom actually means not even having the language to interpret them . Again making it easier for one party control , with over regulation and over taxation limitations of our 1st and 2nd amendments. Runaway inflation and lawlessness. The theme of the Democrats seems to be total Chaos , foreign languages disrupting communications and understanding ,civil unrest , entire segments of two cultures migrating and clashing. Further racial tension between not two but now three races. All of this of course is insanity on a massive scale. And now a virus that is at bust a distraction against everything else going on ,but also presents the perfect opportunity to cover and an excuse to further erode our Freedoms and allow for even more control and power by a certain and limited sector of that government.

  • Paul Vargas
    Paul Vargas13 orë më parë

    What people don't understand is that the Democrats see the exodus of people leaving is a plus to government coffers. Under Proposition 13 property taxes are 2% of sale price and can be raised 1% a year. So if someone bought a house.for $350,000 and sells it for $900,000 the property tax on that property basically will triple. That's all the government wonks care about.

  • Jake Mullins
    Jake Mullins14 orë më parë

    Stop voting Democrat! Their solved it

  • GreenEggs&Ham
    GreenEggs&Ham14 orë më parë

    Its the stench of all those Democrats...

  • Michael D
    Michael D14 orë më parë

    Do you have California on the West Coast and you have Connecticut on the East Coast, neither place is worth living, General Electric left to Massachusetts from Plainville Connecticut, Sikorsky chopper is interested in closing the doors or leaving the state, they are two awful states to live in, Connecticut has a mass exodus too, for every 6 family leaving 1 family comes in, based on a family of four, CT pop was 3.9 mill Now to pop is about 2.9 mill

  • keylimepie1234
    keylimepie123414 orë më parë

    Governorn instituted draconian lockdown while he went out to eat on the DL

  • Deviate 49
    Deviate 4914 orë më parë

    Well they keep voting the same way and wonder why nothing is changing lol. Isnt that pretty close to the definition of insane?

  • Monte Clark
    Monte Clark15 orë më parë

    In Stockton California, no money to fix potholes, but spend $4 million on free housing for homeless people who don’t want to get a job.

  • E D
    E D16 orë më parë

    Duhhhh! Your network is so out of touch it needs an expose on what everyone else has known for 10+ yrs. Pitiful...

  • Matt Couzens
    Matt Couzens16 orë më parë

    👋Good riddance Elon et al! 👏

  • John Doe
    John Doe17 orë më parë


  • Donnie Hill
    Donnie Hill17 orë më parë

    I Agree, For the people who voted for the Democrats . You are not welcome to Tennessee . You created the mess. Clean up your own mess. GET EDUCATED !!!!!!! On LIFE !!!!!

  • Agent Orange and Blue
    Agent Orange and Blue18 orë më parë

    For over 50 years we've been saying, "Don't Californicate Colorado" At 15:10 the man basically says, "Don't Californicate Texas"

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith18 orë më parë

    Supply and demand. California real estate is so expensive because everyone wants to live there. Red states are cheaper because nobody wants to live there. I said what i said.

  • Hayden Girardot
    Hayden Girardot18 orë më parë

    Democratic policies is what is killing Cali lmao

  • The EdgyTroll
    The EdgyTroll19 orë më parë

    Sorry but liberals aren’t welcome in Texas. They will just turn the state blue and get a blue governor and ironically wonder why they keep paying higher taxes each state they move to.

  • The EdgyTroll
    The EdgyTroll19 orë më parë

    Maybe stop voting democrat, they clearly are showing they don’t know how to run a state.

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee22 orë më parë

    No one from California or New York should be allowed to leave at least for the next 4 years due to covid risks. The waitlist should be 4 years.

  • Nadir Nazim
    Nadir Nazim22 orë më parë

    Funny how this video mentions nothing about 80% of the people moving to Texas: Indians.

  • Nadir Nazim
    Nadir Nazim22 orë më parë

    Remote work is a disaster for new hires and fresh graduates.

  • Per Johansson
    Per Johansson22 orë më parë

    Still California is attracting huge amounts of skilled Internationals. I doubt they would make the move from abroad to Texas or Idaho. When Bidens more immigration friendly policies come into play and Covid-restrictions end California will start growing again. It is a special place

  • Nadir Nazim
    Nadir Nazim23 orë më parë

    Funding services for illegal immigrants result in high state taxes. As simple as that. Of course there is also the funding needed for maintaining high quality roadways and highways. People moving to Texas soon realize that Texas has come up with unique ways to collect taxes including extremely high property taxes, high water bills and horribly maintained highway/roadway system. Most people moving to Austin are Indians who are usually more flixible in moving than others. Eventually Texas will turn blue and regulations will rightfully increase (no more ammonium nitrate factories next to highschools blowing up). Housing is already very expensive (same pricing as california from 2006). Reason corporations move to Texas is because of ease of workers to move to Texas. No one wants to move to California.

  • jh76
    jh76Ditë më parë

    Happiest States: 6. California 22. Texas Fewest Work hours: 5. Calfornia 47. Texas

  • My Canada
    My CanadaDitë më parë

    HEY, that's a great idea, let's leave our state and move to a state that has INFLATED real estate values because of US, PAY MORE than anyone else, settle in till it's time to move somewhere else. Going to run out of places to go (RUIN)

  • Shek Bake
    Shek BakeDitë më parë

    Taxes to Texas

  • Versusdelyxe
    VersusdelyxeDitë më parë

    I relativly left and a Friend of High Taxes, strong Regulation and a unamerican Socialsystem. But even i see early from afar how sooner or later everything would fall apart in Californien. The State, the Economy and the Social-System must be in a Balance. And the Wannabe-Progressivses are just destroying the Balance. They did pretty much everything the wrong Way and dont see that everything breaks apart.

  • NotaBRZ NotaMiata
    NotaBRZ NotaMiataDitë më parë

    Simple answer is liberal/progressive tax and law enforcement policies propagated on the masses by propogandists like MSNBC and the elected officials they helped put in place, IMHO.

  • J M
    J MDitë më parë

    Answer:Socialism and crazy democrat policies

  • tlouise
    tlouiseDitë më parë

    The rent is higher than giraffe's ass. Can't afford to live indoors

  • David Bourdages
    David BourdagesDitë më parë


  • Melchior AO
    Melchior AODitë më parë

    One word: democrats.

  • Drobert882
    Drobert882Ditë më parë

    Well I can't speak for anyone but me and when it takes everything I earn just to pay the rent and utilities (46 hr work week) it's time to get out

  • Madison One
    Madison OneDitë më parë

    It’s a one party state like Russia. Without competition nothing really works. @thedemocrats turned LA, San Francisco etc into shitholes without hope. California has to vote differently so they can have tax & government regulation reform. Otherwise game over and the Democrats are responsible for it & they have to fix it 🙄

  • Danny v
    Danny vDitë më parë

    Ultimate gas lighting, its Democrats literally only Democrats

  • mathermp
    mathermpDitë më parë

    Failed liberal policies and progressive taxes. Keep voting democrat. Idiots

  • Shaun X
    Shaun XDitë më parë

    California rest in peace. Simultaneous release.

  • Jt Tee
    Jt TeeDitë më parë

    Once businesses are turned off and disgusted, there is no going back

  • pihuamo83
    pihuamo83Ditë më parë

    Californians going to turn Texas on a new California they don’t like taxes but they vote BLUE

  • T M
    T MDitë më parë

    California is way too dangerous with Covid. Every citizen should be required to remain inside their homes and wear mask unless there is a critical need for to them to be outside the home. Until California reaches a 95% vaccination rate, requirements should not be lifted, and schools and businesses need to remain closed.

  • 5VOLT S
    5VOLT SDitë më parë

    I left CA beacause of TRAFFIC, RENT, TAXES AND CORRUPT COPS (AKA COCKROACHES). But, CA has the best coastal lines and beaches... not necessarily clean.

  • Justice 4 All
    Justice 4 AllDitë më parë

    Why is it so hard for people to figure this out. It is simple grade-school economics. And don't give me that line of BS about the school system.

  • Second Cumming
    Second CummingDitë më parë


  • Kevin Rad
    Kevin RadDitë më parë

    Me watching this video now just a few weeks before moving to San Francisco 😂 Each situation is different, for me tech compensation and opportunities still outweighs the higher cost of living...

  • mike9657
    mike9657Ditë më parë

    Moron for a governor.

  • chltmdwp
    chltmdwpDitë më parë

    The next Detroit

  • mioryder on CGN p
    mioryder on CGN pDitë më parë

    the Dems in California state have ruined that , enjoy ur failing economy.

  • Jay Lopez
    Jay LopezDitë më parë

    "Higher quality workers at lower salaries" Translation: let's outsource

  • dsboli
    dsboliDitë më parë

    Simple answer, democrats! They've had iron fisted control of the state since 1994!

  • John Fayard
    John FayardDitë më parë

    Liberals...literally liberals lmao that's why everyone's leaving NY as well

  • Harry Pujols

    Harry Pujols

    14 orë më parë

    People are leaving NY and CA because it isn’t fun to pay $2500 a month for a 500sq ft apartment. That’s fine, because California has too much money and population, it’s okay if some of it overflows outside.

  • nadia onnen
    nadia onnenDitë më parë

    Democrats are ruining your cuties, dummies

  • Moose Garner
    Moose GarnerDitë më parë

    Montana's full, go home!

  • Robert Childers
    Robert ChildersDitë më parë

    My comments get cutting off! Am I being censored? Or what! Unlike most of my friends leaving Calif. I decided to stay! When I decided to move to paridise cal. It caught fire just as I arrived and

  • Angela Langston
    Angela LangstonDitë më parë

    We moved out of California in 2012, thinking North Carolina would be cheaper & better- we where sooooooo wrong!! Thank god we moved back to California in 2019 and we will never leave again! Love California- the people, food, mountains, rivers, gorgeous hiking trails, universities, job opportunities and great salaries; no longer California dreaming, we’re home☀️

  • BlueLightBandit


    Ditë më parë

    You're saying NC is more expensive to live in than California? That California Bud must be epic!

  • 3Storms
    3StormsDitë më parë

    Reality check: if you think they're fleeing, know that they're laughing at you behind their backs. They're social and political seeds sent to spread the "California style" of hard left social and political norms across the country (especially Texas, which Democrats want bad). The party is sending white California ultra-leftists to Texas and elsewhere while also doing the same distribution to the worse of lowlifes from Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and elsewhere. They flee nothing; they're doing their jobs.

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean ThompsonDitë më parë

    California. The Great Democrat Experiment.

  • The Courier
    The CourierDitë më parë

    Don't california my texas

  • Aubrey
    AubreyDitë më parë

    Housing prices.

  • Hydross :
    Hydross :Ditë më parë

    It's a democrat shathole, it's spreading unfortunately

  • Dahvood
    DahvoodDitë më parë

    i recently left san jose for nevada. it has become very stupid in california. making 100k a year in san jose is not enough. disgusting policies and overreach by the state laws

  • Right Passage
    Right PassageDitë më parë

    Texas is not owned by Chin*. Open borders, and no jobs. The new Mexicali? Union of the State? Glad I live in Alaska!! Don't forget the release of 176,000 prisoners?

  • allgoo 19
    allgoo 192 ditë më parë

    Taxes haven't changed much. It's the rent and the housing prices that keep going up. I predict it's only a matter of time the rent in Texas start going up.

  • John Sartain
    John Sartain2 ditë më parë

    I think it needs more taxes

    AQUARIUS VODOLEI2 ditë më parë

    Not a single word on the water crisis. Who cares about income and taxes if there is no drinking water?

  • nubzz
    nubzz2 ditë më parë

    The culture creates the economic situation more than the economics create the culture.

  • stanley yelnats
    stanley yelnats2 ditë më parë

    Taxes, overly crowded with rude people, expensive houses that look like crap and in need of repairs, and smog

  • D. E. Kirkbride
    D. E. Kirkbride2 ditë më parë

    California governor Gavin Newsom, the one with the slick-back hair, smirky smile, and dressed in a $3,000 shark suit, is the nephew of Nancy Pelosi. California is officially “Gavinized”.

  • Siewlai Tan
    Siewlai Tan2 ditë më parë

    The big one ( the greatest earthquake ever ) will hit LA !.

  • malouke mallouke
    malouke mallouke2 ditë më parë

    Taxes+electricity cost + housing .... all negative points.

  • Tom Dalton

    Tom Dalton

    2 ditë më parë

    At least they don't have $20,000 light bills like in Texas

  • George PPS
    George PPS2 ditë më parë

    MSM is one of the factors. You are one of the MSM outlets!

  • Karthik Puvvula
    Karthik Puvvula2 ditë më parë

    Does this mean democrats will win Texas in the next elections ?

  • Bingo Sun Noon
    Bingo Sun Noon2 ditë më parë

    I don't mind if they move here as long as they don't bring their cars. We have more than we can use already.

  • Alex Ya
    Alex Ya2 ditë më parë

    The reason is Democrat party

  • Lola Blakeslee
    Lola Blakeslee2 ditë më parë

    No doubt their excrement is up to their necks

  • Ocia Yng
    Ocia Yng2 ditë më parë

    Over paid public employees including benefits until the day they each die. Hamburger flippers, single parents and those not even born yet and someday working in even well paying private sector jobs are being taxed to death to pay into a tax base in order to pay those high wages and benefits of the recent retired and the 90 year old public employee whether it be local, state or federal.

  • Jonathan Carver
    Jonathan Carver2 ditë më parë

    It's too blue there. But please don't California my Florida!!!

  • Tom Dalton

    Tom Dalton

    2 ditë më parë

    Florida has been America's sewer for 40 years, no thanks

  • libhater651
    libhater6512 ditë më parë

    Leave it to Democrats to ruin everything good.

  • Tony Furtado
    Tony Furtado2 ditë më parë

    This is all part of a broader agenda. Human migration has consistently been the donkey chasing the carrot. It's like the commercial with the dollar being dangled on a fishing line just out of reach. After listening to the presentation listen again and if you are not aware that this just a narrative consider buying a mobile home.

  • Andrey Lukashev
    Andrey Lukashev3 ditë më parë

    One word answer: socialism!

  • Tom Dalton

    Tom Dalton

    2 ditë më parë

    Not even close

  • SnackCakes
    SnackCakes3 ditë më parë

    My job had our headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. They said the rent for the office was $1 million dollars a month. We did not renew our lease for any offices we have. We're strictly work from home now.

  • NotaBRZ NotaMiata

    NotaBRZ NotaMiata

    37 minuta më parë

    @My Canada Except that the company moving probably at least broke even, or cut and ran at a loss, selling to the mythical company "relocating to California" and will in the long run profit from leaving. Companies don't move unless it is profitable to do so. By the way, that mythical company will not relocate to California because it is not a wise financial move. Put down the Kool aid. Companies are leaving for a reason, and companies are also not moving there for a reason. No large company in their right mind moves to California because their investors expect the prospect of profit. WTF are they teaching you nitwits in college now?! Jeebus.

  • My Canada

    My Canada

    Orë më parë

    GREAT, some new company relocating to Cali will appreciate that building THEY built In the mean time as they move out of state to save millions, it will cost them millions, BRILLIANT !

  • NotaBRZ NotaMiata

    NotaBRZ NotaMiata

    Ditë më parë

    Yeah 2020 and covid changed things a lot. If there is a plus side a lot of us have that opportunity to work from home if our jobs permit. To be specific companies looked at the real estate cabbage vs. letting people work from home, did the math, and voila, it's cheaper in the long run even if we do the bare minimum at home. High end clothing is probably taking a hit for a while since a lot of us can be the 'Big Lebowski' at home now. The downside is we can turn into self centered assholes with no social skills.

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez3 ditë më parë

    Took our family from CA to ID. & it was the best decision we've ever made (3yrs ago).

  • Tom Fuelery

    Tom Fuelery

    2 orë më parë

    @Alex D. Good. Stay in California.

  • Alex D.

    Alex D.

    16 orë më parë

    @Tom Fuelery lol what? What do you mean by California style? You sound pretty stupid to me!

  • Tom Dalton

    Tom Dalton

    2 ditë më parë

    @Tom Fuelery People can vote how ever the hell they like

  • Tom Fuelery

    Tom Fuelery

    2 ditë më parë

    If you still vote California style, I'm sure that Idahoans, I'm sure they're just thrilled.

  • exponent mantissa
    exponent mantissa3 ditë më parë

    Taxes and Democrats are what crushed California. The worst part is those that get left behind watch the per capita debt take a jump. Many of California's democratic governments bet the house that a growing population would be able to handle the large debt - WHOOPS!

  • Kenny Laughon
    Kenny Laughon3 ditë më parë

    God is no respecter of persons!

  • Kenny Laughon

    Kenny Laughon

    3 ditë më parë

    Romans 2:11-16 download...His Story!

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