Import vs Domestic CASH DAYS for $10,000 | New Mexico

Makina dhe automjete

We found our way down to the New Mexico streets once again for some INTENSE street racing! Just about 40 cars came to compete and the level of competition was nuts as well as the diversity of the cars there! Who were you rooting for?
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  • Matthew Hicks
    Matthew Hicks15 orë më parë

    Say if a deer just run out right in front of them though..

  • Dapper Tofu
    Dapper TofuDitë më parë

    A wild Karen 😂😂 17:53

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2dayDitë më parë

    Wow da twin turbo camera wins by fender

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2dayDitë më parë

    Da green GTR WITH 2000 BHP. BEAT DA BENZ E 63 , even after it jump . No comparison at all . Green GTR SHOULD BEAT ALL CARS BUT DA OTHER GTR SHOULD COMPETE

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2dayDitë më parë

    Da GTR IS STOCK OF MUCH GOODIES . MAYBE HAVE DA ALPHA 12 in it . Yeah it’s fast

  • Darius Anderson
    Darius AndersonDitë më parë

    Stock GTR🤣🤣

  • Storm trooper SI sorryano
    Storm trooper SI sorryanoDitë më parë

    GTRS are on another level.

  • Ryan Long
    Ryan LongDitë më parë

    "That test pass put him on the trailer" - line of the night lol

  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi CleanDitë më parë

    What’s under the hood of that nova? She sound mean

  • John DiMartino
    John DiMartinoDitë më parë

    Wow ,great racing! Those GTRs are really piranhas in a bowl full of goldfish....those cars are high end big dollar cost as much as the average Americans house. What’s impressive to me is the fox body w junkyard 5.3 made it to the finals ....he was just outmotored by the GTRs....

  • Mike B
    Mike BDitë më parë

    Amazing night of racing hell yea!

  • cougar7n10
    cougar7n102 ditë më parë

    Shout to the guy in the green jacket foot racing the s10 with the floor delete. Also, all the guys with the cam worth more than their yunkyard ls, you are my people.

  • Zic Ky
    Zic Ky2 ditë më parë

    Gotta love the Ortega’s jerky GTR

  • Manuel Bou
    Manuel Bou2 ditë më parë

    Did they mean BUY run? I'm confused lol

  • The Best Silver Stacker
    The Best Silver Stacker2 ditë më parë

    Dam Bro you have never seen a triple chin on the back of the neck before or is that muscles 😂 ...lov you work big respect gos out to sheepeyrace ..Stay Safe & Stay Awesome. ...@silvervaper. ...UK England.

  • R3N g
    R3N g2 ditë më parë

    That Grey R35 is wicked quick💯❤

  • Stovebolt LVR
    Stovebolt LVR2 ditë më parë

    They need a drone at the finish for every race.

  • cedric wade
    cedric wade3 ditë më parë


    RYXZVKI3 ditë më parë

    jesus thats dangerous place to race

  • son nguyen
    son nguyen3 ditë më parë

    I feel bad for the 3rd place gtr. He seemed like a nice guy. To bad he jumped.

  • Derek Church
    Derek Church3 ditë më parë

    56:29 dude on the right , his face..... lol

  • Derek Church
    Derek Church3 ditë më parë

    You're telling me that a "stock"gtr is aheaqd of one of the fastest gtr's out there?

  • Levi
    Levi4 ditë më parë

    It's ok 300. I still love you. Your still my dream car.

  • Tracy Johnston
    Tracy Johnston4 ditë më parë

    waste of time there on that street ,,, dig the racing ,,find better road

  • P J
    P J4 ditë më parë

    That GTR ain't bullshytin!

    ZEPRAT GERNODT4 ditë më parë

    Want to be secluded... drive to Lon, New Mexico. Now, that’s secluded.

  • Jeancharles Rabaux
    Jeancharles Rabaux5 ditë më parë

    Y love the courses is the casch days is soo good

  • Paul Fallon
    Paul Fallon5 ditë më parë

    At the end of th video I kept saying to myself "don't forget about the oil cap"

  • Charles E. Marshall
    Charles E. Marshall5 ditë më parë

    this was bad ass nice vid

  • Sergio Castillo
    Sergio Castillo5 ditë më parë

    Would love to see both those gtr’s going at it.

  • Fish R Relaxing
    Fish R Relaxing5 ditë më parë

    Best cars got dq early on the light.. that tells me you need a better light guy..

  • fres#2 death
    fres#2 death6 ditë më parë

    Man that GTR IS NASTY AF!!!

  • Alan Perucki
    Alan Perucki6 ditë më parë

    Is their such things as Cops

  • Jesse Gregory
    Jesse Gregory6 ditë më parë

    Can anyone please tell me what oil cap that stock gtr is running? Gonna need one of those 😂

    GREEK GAMING6 ditë më parë

    GRAY GTR look like how i be on NEED FOR SPEED when i launch lmao

    GREEK GAMING6 ditë më parë


  • J M
    J M7 ditë më parë


  • Anthony He
    Anthony He7 ditë më parë

    not even lying, I was so hyped to watch the gray GTR's last race. Too bad he jumped it. I really think he would of won the whole thing.

  • Kevin Kieel
    Kevin Kieel7 ditë më parë

    god damn grey gtr should have won.... jumping the light on his 3rd pass wtf!..... great race

  • Cedmo N
    Cedmo N7 ditë më parë

    More fun to watch than anything on tv

  • Brian Heiden
    Brian Heiden7 ditë më parë

    Nissan gang beotch !!! Yeeeahh! Z32 All day for life, beastmode 300ZX TT !!!!

  • Nola0187 H
    Nola0187 H8 ditë më parë

    All the “imports” running American v8s other then the “stock” gtr

  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez8 ditë më parë

    Somebody tries to rob him 😤 try to catch his asssss

  • Niger Mcgauley
    Niger Mcgauley8 ditë më parë

    Boy them dAmn ricers.........

  • Rodney Peterson
    Rodney Peterson9 ditë më parë


  • hbgriss
    hbgriss9 ditë më parë

    When the nova can’t keep it in the lane of course the track hawk has to sit and wait next to it before it got smoked by tech

  • Rocko Ruiz
    Rocko Ruiz10 ditë më parë

    Wtf is up with all the bye runs???

  • D. Cash
    D. Cash10 ditë më parë


  • Denis
    Denis10 ditë më parë

    I was sort-of following the channel. Been watching your videos for like 6+ years. Turns out, I wasn't subscribed lmfao. And I was wondering why there's nothing left to watch on YT. Now I've got some videos to run through. Thank you guys so much for those videos!

  • Vegaman66
    Vegaman6610 ditë më parë

    That first or worst call was wrong, NHRA stage first or worse a red light comes on is first like you said yes,but crossing the line is worse! NHRA you lose every time you cross that line.

  • Quang Minh
    Quang Minh11 ditë më parë

    I feel bad for the 3rd place gtr. He seemed like a nice guy. To bad he jumped.

  • Robert Mistretta
    Robert Mistretta11 ditë më parë

    Hold onto that big ass steering wheel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 100-200matter
    100-200matter12 ditë më parë

    what do they pour on the ground before a burnout?

  • Spazmanlee#1
    Spazmanlee#112 ditë më parë

    It’s crazy what a LS will do in a light import! Want one now! Kinda of always been a purist! Except GTR! The Vett is my fav! Chevy through and through!

  • Spazmanlee#1


    12 ditë më parë

    Also! These people are very smart and intuitive! I work in my own stuff but man to have a car just to race! What a cool hobby!

  • tennaj
    tennaj12 ditë më parë

    GTRs had a great night in Ne Mexico ! And so did Covid -19 !! Smh

  • 405 Hooligans
    405 Hooligans12 ditë më parë

    Ok don't get me wrong, guy with the grey gtr seems like a super nice guy, but what the fuck ever happened to dudes building their own street cars? Not sending it off for a year and a half and paying for a whole shop to do it and now it goes fast.

  • christian clark
    christian clark12 ditë më parë

    39:52 my exact prediction and I rooted for em

  • Jeff Monroe
    Jeff Monroe12 ditë më parë

    I wonder how may people would sign up for training, on how to run a flashlight?

  • steven francis
    steven francis12 ditë më parë

    I like the blog the racing the builds the process

  • indicaud
    indicaud13 ditë më parë

    Getting bumped in, is so stupid.

  • D Thor
    D Thor13 ditë më parë

    Don't mess with godzila

  • holsten
    holsten13 ditë më parë

    I saw his face at this moment 56:51 🙂

  • Thomas Wright
    Thomas Wright13 ditë më parë

    "leaf spring suspension car" ... that point i knew he was going to get clapped ....

  • Smackledorf Mcsween Sr.
    Smackledorf Mcsween Sr.14 ditë më parë

    Fred: I'll Long point on Camaro to try to start it. 👉

  • Robert Tinsey
    Robert Tinsey14 ditë më parë

    Lol these idiots running next to razor wire

  • Glen Hesketh
    Glen Hesketh14 ditë më parë

    These guys are modern day gladiators. Sheeesh.

  • fauckitgarage
    fauckitgarage14 ditë më parë

    What's the guy with the twin turbo Camaro Instagram?

  • Artzzo YT
    Artzzo YT14 ditë më parë

    The dude in the Grey Gtr is so wholesome

  • ucnhtmenow1
    ucnhtmenow115 ditë më parë

    28:10.. Man does it stuck to lose like that, especially when you were ahead. That has to eat at some people's mental.

  • ucnhtmenow1
    ucnhtmenow115 ditë më parë

    27:00.. Left lane by a headlight? More like left lane by a clear coat. If t he car was primered, he would've lost.

  • Jose Brito
    Jose Brito15 ditë më parë

    That's fucking scary and exciting at the same time

  • Desert Reefer and Son
    Desert Reefer and Son15 ditë më parë

    Hey I know that stretch of highway 117 in the intro! I love cruising that road day or night it’s an awesome drive!

  • Tom Moriarty
    Tom Moriarty15 ditë më parë

    Why did the Spanish dude drive in the stock Camaro with twin turbos look high as balls 🏀😔🤣😔🤔😳

  • Manny 1245
    Manny 124515 ditë më parë

    Not one mask

  • Jeancharles Rabaux
    Jeancharles Rabaux16 ditë më parë

    Please il y a quelqu'un qui peut me dire si c est possible de monter sur un gros big blok v8 one compresseur one kit nos is the twin turbo yes o no please

  • Anthony French
    Anthony French16 ditë më parë

    Good video dirty as hell but not a good title of Imports vs Domestics...huge misnomer

  • camaroguy 66
    camaroguy 6616 ditë më parë

    Man the firebird was on the brake way too long! I'm thinking the dude in the Mustang did that shit on purpose? I wish Beater Bomb was there! Or someone like Ryan Martin in the fireball!!! He's probably got about the same amount of money in his car as they have in those gtrs, then them foriegn f%$s would see what's up! Or Chief, and I know he don't have half into his car as those rice burners. Hell even Tricia in the Heifer!!!

    ART EFX16 ditë më parë

    I bet the same amount of money as the prize was on that last race with a friend In cents

  • zxzrp0
    zxzrp016 ditë më parë

    NM living like its CA in the late 90's

  • Ricky hawkins
    Ricky hawkins16 ditë më parë

    direction to race wars, then we'll talk

  • Anthony Valenti
    Anthony Valenti16 ditë më parë

    To the guy with the 300zx, what kind of headlights are those, brightest I've ever seen 💯

  • Francisco Navarro
    Francisco Navarro17 ditë më parë

    what they are racing on is asphalt that’s why it’s coarse like that

  • TheReal Bland
    TheReal Bland17 ditë më parë

    That foxbody dude is a douchebag.. The only guy in this video burning people down... Edit: Then the tool bag has the audacity to act like he didn't mean to and acted hella sad boy for the camera 😂

  • Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood
    Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood17 ditë më parë

    I've learned my lesson about cash day type of events old men who haven't raced in decades and kids show up with cars they just bought with barley any track experience and never actually beeen on the street making pass's in 700+hp setups. On November 8th we had small little 11 car race only rules where 28x10.5w's or smaller and have to drive a mile or two to the spot from the shop parking lot 200$ buy in. I sold my small tire turbo 99 Camaro (race car) in December 2019 as a roller to a friend to finish my 03 GMC Sierra single cab 1500 thats been sitting with no motor or trans but everything else is in there like swim wear 5 lug swap and strange coil over swap up front calvert leafsprings and caltracs relocated strange double adjustable shocks factory 10 bolt filled with the best parts I could afford it's still 6 lug out back and 2" front and 4" rear drop basically its my dream single cab build, it got the turbo 400 and holley efi setup from my Camaro and a 403 ls2 based budget setup its got a k1 4" crank and summit ls pro rods and pistons 12 to 1 compression, stock LSA heads that have been went through and cleaned up stock ls3 intake Bosch 210s simple setup its got a Huron speed single t6 kit with a Garrett gt5591 its pretty damn stout for what it and in s 4080 pound truck and been finished almost 6 months and barely dialed in its my baby and in the semis in our little race a kid in a 1100 hp coyote Stang that was a bad bitch who ever he bought it from knew what they where doing but the 19yo kid basically did a police pit maneuver on me 200 foot out put me in a deep ditch bent both 17" alumastars up front and more shit got the core support a arm and coil ober up front and got one of my RTS s77 beadlock 15x11s and obviously beat the bed up very sad its gonna come back but its gonna be awhile its getting backhalfed ladder bars 25.5 setup but for the mean time i bought my roller Camaro back from my buddy to dick around with

  • Pumpkin Face
    Pumpkin Face17 ditë më parë one got shot by the end? Are you sure this was filmed in New Mexico?

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith17 ditë më parë

    It's all stock other than the oil cap 😆

  • David Dean
    David Dean18 ditë më parë

    27:28 "He won by a catfish nose" lol

  • APO6
    APO618 ditë më parë

    when internet commentators get more butthurt than the people in the video who actually lost a race..

  • Z1Hellrider
    Z1Hellrider18 ditë më parë

    No arguing.....OMG thank you guys, I can't stand those minge face whining twats !!

  • Long2757
    Long275718 ditë më parë

    Would have loved to see both GTR's go up against each other for a grudge match.

  • Robert Pullin
    Robert Pullin19 ditë më parë


  • eclypse3d
    eclypse3d19 ditë më parë

    Problem I have is dudes buying 125+K cars putting butt loads of money into them (let me clarifying, having someone else do the work out of state) and then them showing swinging their dicks around dudes with junk yard motors. Seems a bit one sided. lol I am not fyi saying it gives them an advantage but there is something to be said for the guys that are doing it on a budget and not showing off.

  • Eduardo J
    Eduardo J19 ditë më parë

    those RWD cars need more ballast to get more traction and power down

  • Jeancharles Rabaux
    Jeancharles Rabaux19 ditë më parë

    The Nissan r35 numbers one the motors the six cylindres is soo good six cylindres

  • Bryan Rothe
    Bryan Rothe19 ditë më parë

    Really that is not concrete that is asphalt you out of everybody should definitely know that two completely different surfaces and anyone who drag races knows that's why all of the biggest most famous drag strips have a complet concrete quarter mile, and most modern drag strips have at least half track of concrete.

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two19 ditë më parë

    To quote it’s just a six gtr’s are cheat codes

  • Jeremy Eubanks
    Jeremy Eubanks19 ditë më parë

    The firebird was held on the chip way to long against the mustang

  • Jeremy Eubanks
    Jeremy Eubanks19 ditë më parë

    Seemed like a great group of guys... I bet yall had a blast

  • Jeremy Eubanks
    Jeremy Eubanks19 ditë më parë

    That's not concrete dude..

  • Jay Slays
    Jay Slays19 ditë më parë

    I bet these dudes will regret being too cool for earplugs

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