8 Year Old Pranks Father 不不不





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  • Shaban Beqiri
    Shaban Beqiri25 minuta m禱 par禱

  • K
    KOr禱 m禱 par禱

    Uhhh, how does he even get away with that??

  • meow meow 梗
    meow meow 梗2 or禱 m禱 par禱

    U r lucky kid if your dad was anything like mine you would be out on the streets by now

  • shubham Joshi
    shubham Joshi2 or禱 m禱 par禱

    If I did this, I would've been thrown out of house

  • Ayiri King Josh
    Ayiri King Josh2 or禱 m禱 par禱

    You will never ever try this in my home.

  • Phulamani Marndi
    Phulamani Marndi2 or禱 m禱 par禱

    After this joke....i would have been in Hospital as well 打

  • April Garcia
    April Garcia4 or禱 m禱 par禱

    He pranked his dad? Really? Cuz it just looked like another ridiculously stupid video to me. Btw kids, ruining somebodys clothes and furniture is NOT considered a prank. It just a good way to land yourself in hot water

  • v m
    v m4 or禱 m禱 par禱

    Wow the father is laughing?

  • Love 39
    Love 395 or禱 m禱 par禱

    Did anyone else cringe at first the red paint on the WHITE hoodie and then on the WHITE couch?毋恫

  • Rahul Sen
    Rahul Sen5 or禱 m禱 par禱

    Aise bevkuf Bhi Hote Hain

  • Ajit Sahu
    Ajit Sahu7 or禱 m禱 par禱

    不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 very very funny

  • Share Ali
    Share Ali8 or禱 m禱 par禱


  • Naif
    Naif8 or禱 m禱 par禱

    Tara HardyMurphy llamas shut up Mc well that was the killer a caramel

  • Kawrani Cell
    Kawrani Cell11 or禱 m禱 par禱


  • setayesh_ARMY荊
    setayesh_ARMY荊12 or禱 m禱 par禱

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  • 堛 堥
    堛 堥14 or禱 m禱 par禱

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  • Leslie Propheter
    Leslie Propheter14 or禱 m禱 par禱

    Youre dead

  • just someone
    just someone17 or禱 m禱 par禱

    As Asian teen I would like to say if this kid went missing I wouldn't be surprised

  • Nequiesha Williams
    Nequiesha Williams20 or禱 m禱 par禱

    You're TO BE IN THE

  • Babasola Osikoya
    Babasola OsikoyaDit禱 m禱 par禱

    My Nigerian dad gonna kill me

  • Alamin Hossain
    Alamin HossainDit禱 m禱 par禱


  • Dr. Moushumi Gongopadhyay
    Dr. Moushumi GongopadhyayDit禱 m禱 par禱

    My mommy would have given me a good hiding... Please take this video off the ALthe you are setting an extremely bad example for other kids...

  • Mag Guy
    Mag GuyDit禱 m禱 par禱

    If I do this to my Haitian parents, the next day will be my funeral

  • Stefaniya Tarannik
    Stefaniya TarannikDit禱 m禱 par禱

    Where should I laugh??? Harsh english humor ? Wtf is this .拎拎

  • 媯堥塈堶 塈媟塈埵
    媯堥塈堶 塈媟塈埵Dit禱 m禱 par禱

  • fsan Mhmmdova
    fsan MhmmdovaDit禱 m禱 par禱

    Oha b 不不五五五

  • nudrat ara
    nudrat araDit禱 m禱 par禱

    Don't try this at home

  • Rohit Rohit
    Rohit RohitDit禱 m禱 par禱

    Is this for real If this was real I think the kid would have ended up in hospital

  • 媢堥堹塈堶堹 堶堹 媢堥
    媢堥堹塈堶堹 堶堹 媢堥Dit禱 m禱 par禱

  • JM Perez
    JM PerezDit禱 m禱 par禱

    Not funny at all


    Western countries .... Parents: oh no! my kid how can u do that ? K nice prank ,hahaaa 不 Meanwhile in asia...唐 Parents: what the hell did u just do? Did u miss my it's been many days right, Come on now clean it up or else u will be thown out from the house (100+slaps)....

  • Carat Suji
    Carat SujiDit禱 m禱 par禱

    Wall paint is not supposed to be used on the hands bc it's quite hard to wash it off and it's extremely drying too. Don't do this people!

  • K
    K2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Noooo~ Not the white sofa

  • Danny Quizote
    Danny Quizote2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Ang cute 弘弘 nya

  • Danny Quizote
    Danny Quizote2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

  • Khalid Hussain
    Khalid Hussain2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    S O fone

  • Maryiam Boc
    Maryiam Boc2 dit禱 m禱 par禱


  • UnclesLumbago
    UnclesLumbago2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    And guess who else had a red back that night!

  • Jared G
    Jared G2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    I love how everyone is concerned at the cost of the prank.

  • Monique UU
    Monique UU2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Funny? White furniture and red paint? Dripping said paint through the house........

  • cookie
    cookie2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    how funny

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    If I had done that I don't think my dad would have again told me I wasn't worth the lead it would take to shoot me. He would have emptied every bullet in every gun he had into my body.

    NAYAB KHAN3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

  • Tripti Singh
    Tripti Singh3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    If we did this with our father then we will definitely get one slap in india

  • Elvica Tilimoya
    Elvica Tilimoya3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    It's absolutely Fake

  • Tamaraz Hairstudio
    Tamaraz Hairstudio3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    In jamaica I would have died twice for this action

  • Charlene Rich
    Charlene Rich3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    I would have gotten beatten

  • Gbadamosi Adewumi
    Gbadamosi Adewumi3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Wtf is this? LMFAO! You're getting smoked in Nigeria

  • Omar Ahmad
    Omar Ahmad3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    He was caught red-handed

  • 婺堭堜 堧堮堭
    婺堭堜 堧堮堭3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    White people man 丹領儭

  • Jazmyn Franco
    Jazmyn Franco3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Not funny

  • 苠 苠
    苠 苠3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    it seems that it's time for someone to go to a children's school in Croatia

  • Journee._.Hinson
    Journee._.Hinson3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Ur couch

  • kuhaku
    kuhaku3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    If i did that i'd get kicked out of the house

  • Crazi Frogs
    Crazi Frogs3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    These can only be 突 parents!

  • Albalsam Kaliim
    Albalsam Kaliim3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Don't try this at home.

  • Aman Dash
    Aman Dash3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    India main kisi bacche ne esa kiya hota tho chapet pad jani thi

  • Arsheen Zahid
    Arsheen Zahid3 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    If it's a desi father,he will definitely got a "chappal" for this 不

  • Raju Bhai
    Raju Bhai4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

  • Rozsa
    Rozsa4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Klet us create

  • Waqar Ahmed
    Waqar Ahmed4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Totally scripted

  • Maya Nwamah
    Maya Nwamah4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Nothing funny about this

  • Jibin G B
    Jibin G B4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Its called 鉥鉥毯揪鉞鉥芹 not prank.

  • oniya oluwalonimi morenike
    oniya oluwalonimi morenike4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    He ruined the white sofa!唐唐唐

  • allstxr Kp
    allstxr Kp4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Just dumb儭

  • Kess Occena
    Kess Occena4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Somebody grounded.

  • Faith Peck
    Faith Peck4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    If I did that to my parents they would bring out the belt

  • Darren Dunaway
    Darren Dunaway4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Ive smacked someone for less

  • Dinaida Paladza
    Dinaida Paladza4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

  • Mont
    Mont5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Fake shit

  • eigow ou
    eigow ou5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    I love how 100% real this is and that the cameraman is invisible too wow

  • King
    King5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Imagine if I did this, I'd be dead the moment I tracked paint in the house. 唐唐

  • Nun Yuh Dam
    Nun Yuh Dam5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Im waiting in the mailman to deliver my laughter ..

  • nak nam fu cha
    nak nam fu cha5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    stupid prank

  • CamBoDiaNSs 510
    CamBoDiaNSs 5105 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    And Im still here wondering why people do stupid stuff for clout. Jesus Christ, stupid is as stupid does.

  • Guadalupe Rosado
    Guadalupe Rosado5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Jajjajajjajajajjajajajaja fater

  • Invader Rach
    Invader Rach5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    This isn't really a prank in my opinion...More just ruining clothes and a couch without a punchline

  • Brahma Bull
    Brahma Bull5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Bro people in the comments clearly dont know how to take a fucking joke

  • RandomGirl4 O_o
    RandomGirl4 O_o5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    That kid better get a job and fast-

  • Jillian S
    Jillian S5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    The shit they find funny is amazing to me cuz I promise you they not the ones cleaning up all that paint that dripped onto the floor

  • Eavy Muturuh

    Eavy Muturuh

    4 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Exactly my thoughts the maid ie help

  • Heather B.
    Heather B.5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Not funny

  • Villain Mean13
    Villain Mean135 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    How is this a prank??? That kid sucks

  • Adnan Kurti
    Adnan Kurti5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Fr T

  • Simply_cookies
    Simply_cookies 5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Some would say多e was caught red handed

  • Billy Morgan
    Billy Morgan5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Wow. That is completely wrong. Money to burn I guess. Not funny at all.

  • Abdulrahman Samaan
    Abdulrahman Samaan5 dit禱 m禱 par禱


  • Blessing !
    Blessing !5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    This totally was not even really funny at all

  • JustKeepFishing miss t
    JustKeepFishing miss t5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    That was Sofa abuse

  • Sreejith Siva
    Sreejith Siva5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    If I does something like that then my dad gonna kick me out of my house,...

  • biyao kiti
    biyao kiti5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

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  • Muhammad Muhib
    Muhammad Muhib5 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Agar me prank kar ta to bahi me gayi

  • s k.d
    s k.d6 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    This is not a prank and definitely not a healthy family. When a child does a mistake, it's the parents'role to make them understand that this is wrong and truly annoying. Just because you may have a lot of money doesn't mean that you can't be mindful. Truly annoying. Coming from a person who absolutely adores pranks....

  • Jello Ace
    Jello Ace6 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    I have a very good prank that you can follow. Give away your furnitures without telling dad!

  • Ms Dawngzuala
    Ms Dawngzuala6 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    Dis kid is kristian or not

  • s u c i e t a
    s u c i e t a6 dit禱 m禱 par禱

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  • aliss liou
    aliss liou6 dit禱 m禱 par禱

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  • Monique UU

    Monique UU

    2 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    And still wasn't a funny prank.

    CREEPER CRAFT6 dit禱 m禱 par禱

    He got caught red handed

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