RICH vs POOR Mod in Among Us

We add a NEW POOR Imposter in Modded Among Us!
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Mod By DoubleJump
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  • Zhongyuan LI
    Zhongyuan LI

    Hey ssundee! Good day mate! Congratulations on making this #1 on trending for gaming!🎉🎊🎉 Your content is Amazing keep up doing the great work! And never give up!

  • basebalkid22

    Thank you for posting ssundee i love watching your videos so keep posting

  • StuG III Tank Destroyer🇺🇦
    StuG III Tank Destroyer🇺🇦

    The part where Ian told to Garry to revive Pat only to shoot him again was hilarious. I died at that part

  • God Squad Family
    God Squad Family

    Keep up the great among us mods SSundee

  • Easi Jose
    Easi Jose

    Keep it up SSundee, your doing great!

  • GalaxyHiggs_Nuggie12
    GalaxyHiggs_Nuggie129 orë më parë


  • RZG Soldier
    RZG Soldier

    Mod Idea:Redditor

  • Aqif Naufal bin Muhammad Hanafi
    Aqif Naufal bin Muhammad Hanafi

    I like all of the among us mods, keep making more!!!!

  • Blaze

    Ian can't live without among us exploits huh

  • King Olly
    King Olly9 orë më parë

    "I'm literally doing the worm in front of a camera" ssundee 2021

  • Darrion Dass
    Darrion Dass

    I love your videos I am such a fan when I see your videos I feel 1qd% happy. Thank you!

  • Reaper

    I like how Henry said “they caught us” right after Ssundee and

  • DaGamerLX

    Let's all just appreciate SSundee he always make our day

  • Roman Kaminskiy
    Roman Kaminskiy

    Ssundee should keep doing more content like this it was really good and interesting

  • GamerBoi1354


  • Bella Rianna
    Bella Rianna

    Good Job Ssundee, This Is My Fav Mod You Made =D

  • ClashAnimate_

    Man these mods are good. Wish I played these mods some day

  • Caleb Ng
    Caleb Ng

    I love when he repeated “Cleaning the toilets, lick and floor”, I laughed so hard.

  • Lincoln duns
    Lincoln duns

    Ssundee keep it up with all of these great among us videos i watch you every day

  • The Horror Of Gaming
    The Horror Of Gaming

    Best among us mod by far, you need to make a sequel